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Slave Record from the Bible of Aaron Houston b 1790 NC–d 1845 MS

Martha Glenn Stephens Cofield

Births of coulored people belong to A. Houston May 29th 1837

Hannah Born in the year---------1802

Her children Addaline born September 1830

Tilly born August 1832

Ben Sikes born July 1834 Died July 1894

Ellon Born 3 February 1836 Died 24 June 1845

Amos Born 14th of May 1838

Alaxandrew Calvin Born September 29th 1845

Jane Born August 11th 1847

Easther Luransa Born 19th May 1849

Tilla her children Blan was Born Aug 12th 1849

Willson was Born May 24th 1857

Juda was Born April 1853

Entries made by Aaron Houston most likely until 1845. Aaron died in 1845. I have tried to copy exactly as written which includes some probable misspelling. I have been told that Alexandrew, Jane, and Easther are full brother and sister. Also it has been said that the father was an Indian.

The white Houston family came to MS from South Carolina in 1840. They were farming land in the Catawba Indian Land in Lancaster Co having moved there from Mecklenberg Co NC about 1822. We can assume that the black Houston slaves were with the white family for lack of other information.


From Estate Papers of Aaron Houston December 21 1845

Jim, Hanah, & Infant Ellick Calvin

Aaline aged about 16 years

Tilly aged about 14 years

Sikes aged about 12 years

Amos aged about 8 years

Doctor Bill in papers listed medicine for Ellon and also her death

A. A. Houston’s Bible AAH was the son of Aaron Houston.

Charlottes Child b 19th June 1852 d 25 July 1852

Green Marten b July 20 1854

William P. H. b March 11 1856

Sikes & Charlotte

Milton b Sept 29 1859

Ella Aug 1862

Green died Ft. Smith 1887 (88) {May have used Goolsby for last name}

Vina Houston d 15 Nov 1898 About 74 years old

Milton died Friday 15 June 1855

Patsy died Thursday 10 May 1862 Her baby Patsy b 25 April 1862 on Friday and died 6 weeks afternoon

The ages of Milton & Vina’s Children

Vica Jane B July 11 1848 {may be Vina Jane}

Doctor Berry 31 Mar 1850

Andrew B 11 Jan 1852

James Whitefield B 8 May 1854

John Wesley Dec 19 1858

Mc Roark Feb 8 1860, d July 25 1879 19 years 7 months 17 days

Vina’s child Elbert B. Mar 27 1868

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