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The Bible of John Eurilius Walker Houston

Submitted by Martha Cofield; Past President The Lafayette County Historical and Genealogical Society

Published by H. & E. Phinney Cooperstown, N. Y. 1847


John E. W. Houston and Louisa J. Morrow was maried the 4 day Nov. 1846

John E. W. Houston and Emaly Cook was maried the 24 day May 1859

J. W. Houston and Fannie Waren was maried February the 17, 1886

W. B. Moon and M. A. J. cook was maried the 8 October 1863

W. W. Hall and M. E. Cook was maried on the 10 September 1868


John E. W. Houston was born the 9 Decem 1818

Louisa J. Houston was born the 7 Decem 1822

James Aaron Houston, son of J. E. W. and L. J. Houston was born the 16 Day of Nov 1847

Mary Jane Houston, dauter of J. E. W. and L. J. Houston was born the 11 December 1849

David Alexander Houston, son of J. E. W. & L. J. Houston was born the 25 August 1852

John Walker Houston, son of J. E. W. and L. J. Houston was born the 28 October 1854

Jabez Marion Houston, son of J. E. W. and E. Houston was born 31 March 1862

Emaly Cook was born the 12 May 1819

Franklin L. Cook was born the 26 June 1843

Marthy A. J. Cook was born the 4 July 1845

John T. Cook was born the 17 July 1848

Mary E. Cook was born the 29 March 1851

James W. Cook was born the 7 October 1853


Louisa J. Houston Died on the 15th October 1858

Mary Jane Houston Died on the 27 March 1868

J. E. W. Houston Died the 27 day of August 1881

Jabe M. Houston died the 23 of June 1882

J. E. W. Houston Died the 27 Day of October 1881

(J. E. W. Houstonís death is listed twice with two different months named, August and October. His tombstone and his fatherís Bible both say September.)

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