Estate of William Bowen

Contributed: January 1, 2007

Submitted by Marilyn Dickson

State of Mississippi                                                       Chancery Court
Itawamba County                                                            December Term 1889

To the Honorable Chancery Court of Itawamba County, Your Petitioner Richard Bowen, a resident citizen of Itawamba County, Mississippi would show unto your Honor as follows:

That on or about the day of _________ 1888 William Bowen (Sr.) departed this life, being at the time a resident of Said County and State. That said decedent died Intestate so far as your petitioner knows and believes.

That he left a personal and Real Estate living and having in Itawamba.
That them and same debts ______ owing from said decedent and that an administration on said Estate is necessary for the persons of collecting debts from said Estate and the indebtedness due and owing by Said Estate might be paid off and fully discharged. That the personal Estate is estimated by your Petitioner to be of about the value of $250.00 Dollars, committing of notes accounts was one mule, some cattle and various other articles of personalty. (Personal Property)

That said decedent left surviving him the following named heirs and disclaimants:

Mrs. Rebecca Bowen, widow of said decedent, Richard Bowen, William Bowen, J. Y. Bowen (sons), Mrs. Mary M. Brown, Mrs. Milly Wesson, daughters, resident citizens of Itawamba Co., Miss. Mrs. Elizabeth Wigington, daughter, a resident citizen of the State of Texas and has for her post office address, Coffman, Coffman County, Texas. Mrs. Vaney Ware, daughter and resident citizen of the State of North Carolina, Post Office address ( ).
William Bookout, J. L. Bookout, Minerva Bookout, Grandchildren and heir at law of Mrs. _________ Bookout, deceased daughter. (Julia Ann) John H. Hood, Grand Child and heir at law, deceased daughter, Mrs ______ Hood. (Minerva) (Both, Mrs. Bookout and Mrs. Hood had the name “Lavisa” in parentheses.) William H. Bowen (Jr.), Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. Martha Clayton, Henderson Bowen, James Y. Bowen (Jr.),
all resident citizens of Itawamba County, Miss. Mrs. Mary Dulaney, (Nancy V.) a resident citizen of the state of Arkansas and has for her Post Office address _______. Elias Bowen, a resident citizen of the state of Arkansas and has for his Post Office address _______, all grand children and heirs at law of Johnny Bowen, deceased son.

Your petitioner would further show unto your Honor, Mrs. Rebecca Bowen and Mother of your petitioner being very old and infirm and by nearing such age and infirmities, her mind has become somewhat infirmmed and that she is wholly and absolutely incompetent to assume the responsibilities and duties as administrator of Said Estate. that your Petitioner is a suitable and competent person to administrate in Said Estate and willing to accept the trust and be subject as suitable persons to appraise Said Estate.

Orlandar Cowden, David Clifton, John Burch, William Chamblee, & William ????.

Promises considered Petitioner before your Honor to meet his letters of administration in Said Estate upon his intentions met bound with sufficient sureties and taking the oath promised by law and that warrant of Appraisment issue and as in _____ bound will ever be ____ & cc.

                                                                             F. T. Johnson
                                                                             Seal for petitioner

Subscribed & Sworn to                                     R. H. Bowen (his signature)
Before me this 8th day                                      Petitioner
Of July, 1889
     A. J. Weaver clk.