John Armstrong Obituary

Contributed: November 2005

Submitted by Janice Roden

Obituary from unknown newspaper

“John Armstrong -- died, January 19th, 1859. John Armstrong, aged 63 years, 2 months and 126 days.

Bro. Armstrong was born in Clark county, State of Georgia. At eleven years old he emigrated with his father, to Wilkerson county of the same State. In this County he married Sarah Hawthorn, sister of Elder Hawthorn of Mobile, Ala. Thence he moved to Monroe County, Miss. Here he was baptized into the fellowship of the Liberty Baptist Church by Elder Greenberry Waldrop.

After living here a few years, he moved to the western portion of Itawamba County, where he lived until his death. He was one of the constituent members of the Mt. Piagah church. He was elected Deacon by this church and was ordained by Elders Lee Compers and William C. Thomas. He was also in the constitution of the Verona church. Bro. Armstrong was strictly honest in all of his business transactions. No man disdained a mean act more than he. He was a man of few words and destitute of show. You must know him to appreciate him.

He was a kind husband, an indulgent father, an obliging neighbor and a humane master. All his children are members of the church, except his youngest son. We hope this son will regard the death of his dear father as a warning voice from his Maker and will turn and “seek the Lord while he may be found, and call upon him while he is near.”

In the death of our brother, the community has lost a good citizen, and the church one of its substantial members. We sincerely sympathise with our beloved sister in her great bereavement, and pray that she may have grace to sustain her. We mourn his loss, but not “as those who have no hope.”