Letter from B. Dorsey to Andrew Dorsey

Contributed: January 2007

Submitted by Diane Ethridge

This letter was written to my 3rd gr grandfather, Andrew Dorsey in White Co. GA, from his brother, B. Dorsey, who at that time lived in Marion Co. AL. I am very interested in learning more about the Dorseys of Itawamba Co.

Dorsey letter


Marion Co. Ala, Aug 17, 1852

Dear Bro. Andrew,

I have thought often of writing to you but have neglected it longer than I ought to have done. I received a letter from you about three weeks since that had been written some time last spring. My reason for not writing sooner is just this, I have been rather up a quandary for some time where I should locate myself or rather settle myself. It has been my determination to move from where I now live. I have now decided the point and have bought land in Itawamba Co. Miss, 21 miles west of where I now live on what is called Jim's Creek. I am to pay off $1,400.00 first Oct. I am very well pleased with my bargain. I get some stock and other little tricks necessary about a farm. Well, I can say I have been doing very well since I left Geo. This country is poor and so is Habersham but I had a good deal and would rather live here. The settlement where I am going to move is a settlement of pretty good land and down the creek is very good land.

There are more ways there a man can turn his hand to make money in this country than that of Geo. There is going to run or supposed to run very near my land a road. It is marked off and people are taking up stock right ahead and it is to run from New Orleans to Cincinatta. We will get the Orleans trade water navigation in ten miles of my land This road they are taking up stock from head to tail are aiming to have it all completed as near at me as possible. William lives in Neshoba Co, Miss when he is home though him and his wife are up here now and will remain up here until Oct and will then go home and spend the winter. Then move up and settle with me on Jim's Creek. We are going to carry on a shop together when we are not engaged in the field. D. J. Gettry (maybe Guttry), son of Henry Gettry, Carroll Co. GA, if not dead, was on his back and took sick in Pontotoc Co. Miss. He went off with a load he was peddling and word was brought back that he had the congestive chills. Three individuals have gone to him, one of which is our school teacher. Wilton (?) is teaching during his absense. I am looking for them back constant. Can't tell whether he is dead or alive. He professed religion since he came to this county. I hope if his body is in the grave that his spirit is in Heaven. Our church is not prospering at present for the surrounding churches are old. It was on Jim's Creek last week we had a most excellent meeting. A quarterly meeting at the church that will be nearest me which is 3 miles from where I am going to move. Some 75 or 80 members belong to that church. We are all in good health. Nancy is enjoying as good health as I ever saw her. Write when you get this and let me hear from you occasionally. I do not wish you to be negligent about writing because I am. For you know I cannot write well. I would just say when I get moved I will then consider myself settled. I will close,
Your Brother,

B. Dorsey

To Andrew Dorsey

Diane Ethridge
3rd gr granddaughter of Andrew Dorsey of White Co. GA