Collins Family

Submitted by Kaylan Collins

1. William Collins b. 1814-1816 Ga. D. aft 1880 Tx.
    Married Harriet ? b. abt 1818 Ga d. bef 1860 Ms.
    children: Isaac N. Collins b. abt 1840 Alabama
                 Amanda Collins b. abt 1840 Ms.
             2. Robert Jasper Collins b. 1844 Ms. d. 1892 Bell Co., Tx
                 Christopher Columbus Collins b. abt 1845 Ms
                   1st Marriage Sarah A. Walker b.abt 1847 d. bef 1880
                   2nd Marriage Lidia ? b. abt 1859
                William H. T. Collins b. 1849 Ms

2. Robert Jasper Collins
    1st marriage Nancy ? b. abt 1850 Alabama d. bet 1873-1875 Woodruff County, Arkansas
     children:  William Collins b. abt 1867 Ms or Arkansas d. bef 1880
                    Etta Collins b. abt 1870 Arkansas d. bef 1880
                3. John Ruffin Collins b. 12/19/1873 Woodruff Co., Arkasas
                                                 d. 10/23/1946 Norman, Cleveland Co., Ok

   2nd Marriage Martha J. Noah b. abt 1854 Alabama d. 1894 Bell Co., TX
   Children:  Minnie Collins b. 11/1/1877 Arkansas d. ?
                     Married ? Hensley
                   Joseph R. Collins b. 10/31/1883 Bell Co.,Tx d.?
                     Married Etta ?
                   Edna Collins b. 7/24/1888 Tx d. ?
                   Nancy E. Collins 3/30/1890 Bell Co., Tx d. ?
                     Married ? Hensley
                   Robert J. Collins b. 6/22/1893 Bell Co., Tx

3. John Ruffin Collins
    Married Ethel Pearl Howard b. 5/3/1877 Bell Co., Tx d. 6/28/1952 Norman, Cleveland Co., Ok
    Children:  4. Irron Raymond Collins b. 1/18/1895 Bell Co.Tx d. 3/31/1954 Davis, Murray Co., Ok
                       Edgar William Collins b. 7/30/1897 Bell Co.,Tx d. 8/3/1982 Norman,Cleveland Co., Ok
                          Married Ethyl Mae Doughty
                       (Male) Collins b. 8/3/1903 d. 8/3/1903
                       Thomas Elmer Collins b. 7/28/1907 Bell Co.,Tx d. 6/26/1976 Norman,Cleveland Co., Ok
                          1st Marriage Mildred Hulsey
                          2nd Marriage Viola Marek
                       Laura Pearl Collins b. 9/8/1915 Martha, Jackson Co.,Ok
                          Married Arron Lafaytte Miller

4. Irron Raymond Collins, Sr.
    Married Lillian Fletcher Asbury b. 10/7/1895 Falls Co., Tx d. 12/25/1984 Norman, Cleveland Co., Ok
    Children:  Maurice Elton Collins b. 6/11/1916 Hester,OK d.4/10/1918
               5. Clarence Alvin Collins b. 3/5/1919 Martha,OK d.1/4/2001 Norman, Cleveland Co., Ok
                   Marvin Earl Collins b. 1/25/1921 d. 3,1987 Norman,Ok
                       Married Anna Lela Elrod
                    Irron Raymond Collins, Jr. b 1/18/1928 Norman, Ok
                        Married Betty Joyce Cagle

5. Clarence Alvin Collins
    1st Marriage Lois Elizabeth Sargent b. 4/2/1920 Kansas d. 2/4/1980 Norman, Ok
     children:  2 sons and 3 daughter (all are living)
     Clarence and Lois divorced in 1945
     2nd Marriage Denzel Adell Brown marriage was annulled because he was still married to Lois
     child:  Donna Sue Collins b. 6/22/1944 d. 6/22/1944
     3rd Marriage Still living
     Children:  2 sons and 1 daughter (all are living)