First Service and First Funeral in the new building of New Chapel Methodist Church

Contributed: July 2007

Submitted by Sonya Williams Mims

I am transcribing this from written record of my grandmother, Mrs. G.W. (Theresa) Jobe (Sr.), who was on the building committee of the new church at New Chapel. All items in parentheses are mine.

Sunday January 22, 1956

Today, we met at 10:00 for Sunday School in our new church at New Chapel, for our first service. It was a cold, rainy day.

George W. Jobe (Sr.,my grandfather), Superintendent, directed the program. The first song sung in our new church was "Where He Leads Me, I'll Follow". Mr. Dudley Topp gave the devotional, and remarks on what the old church had meant to him and then statements on what the new one would mean to him. He then lead the group in prayer. After prayer, the classes met in their respecitve places.

Teachers of our Sunday School are:

Adult Class--Alton Morris
Young People--Marlin Fancher
Juniors--Mrs. Lunceford Riley
Beginners--Mrs. Farris Riley
Secretary and Treasurer--James I. Riley

The following people were present on this day:

Mrs. and Mrs. G. W. Jobe, Sr.; Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Riley; Mrs. and Mrs. Farris Riley; Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Topp; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Riley; Bill Wright, Gwinda and Robert Wright; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ridings; Mr. and Mrs. Alton Morris, Horace, Ruth Ann, and Jimmie; Mrs. (Mamie crossed out and Norbin added) Sumner; Mr. and Mrs. Charley Jobe; Carl Riley and Sam Riley; Virginia and Marlin Fancher; Mary Alice Morris and Lessie Fancher; Bill Beachum, sons, Jimmie and Billy. Gillie and James I. Riley; Clifford Fowler and children, Brenda and Joe; Mr. and Mrs. (Diane Jobe, my mother)Alfred Williams, and Sonya; Carroll Fancher; Mr. and Mrs. Lunceford Riley, Bill and Beverly; John Wayne Burt, Mr. and Mrs. T. Waycaster, Jan and Phil; Vera Nell and Mary Etta Riley; Keither Patterson and Yvonne.

The oldest person there was Charley Jobe age 72 yrs., and the youngest was Sonya Williams, 8 months, great neice of Mr. Jobe.

The pastor of our church is Rev. Roy Ryan, age 26, Jan. 28, 1956. He preached (his crossed out and the added) sermon on Sunday morning, February 5, 1956 at 11 o'clock in our new church.

The first funeral to be held was of Mrs. Jenney Monaghan (age 84) January 29, 1956 at 2 o'clock.

The funeral was conducted by Rev. Ike Berryhill of Tupelo, Miss. and the Rev. Sansing of Columbus. The singing was done by the Pinegrove Quartet, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sisk, Claud Attaway and a Mr. Hood.