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Will of William Porter, Sr.
Submitted by David McBride <himself1948@alltel.net>
September 19, 2004

October Term 1834
State of Mississippi Hinds County

     Whereas I William Porter Sr. being seriously afflicted in body but of sound & disposing memory doth make and publish this my last Will & Testament hereby revoking all others.

First I do give will & bequeath unto my beloved wife Gracy a certain negro woman named Clara about twenty years old and her girl child named Eliza about six months old and a certain negro woman named Lucy between forty & fifty years old to have & to hold the same during her widowhood & no longer-and in case of her intermarriage with another the said negros I wish equally divided amongst my legal heirs.
I likewise give will & bequeath to my wife a horse saddle & bridle  upon the same terms & conditions above specified.
I likewise give her two hundred dollars worth of household and kitchen furniture forever allowing her to select such furniture as she may choose & then have the same valued by appraisers- I likewise give unto my wife forever one third part of my stock meaning cattle hogs goats etc.  I likewise give unto my wife during her lifetime one third part of my lands to be laid off according to law & to include the dwelling house & to exclude the Gin.

Second: I give will & bequeath unto my step son  John S. Lawson a horse saddle & beidle to be worth one hundred dollars and one half eighth of land which was entered by Josepj Pervis upon condition that he the same John S. Lawson shall deed to my heirs a certain half eighth of land entered by him and adjoining to the plantation I now occupy-
To my step son Isaac Lawson  I give will & bequeath  a horse saddle & bridle to be worth one hundred dollars- 
To William H. Lawson my other step son I give will & bequeath a horse saddle & bridle to be worth one hundred dollars.  To my beloved step daughter Mary Ann D. Lawson I give will & bequeath a horse saddle & bridle & to the aforesaid W.H. Lawson on his becoming of age and to the aforesaid Mary Ann on her becoming of age I give each one eighth of land  to be entered by my executors for them. And to the said Mary Ann I also give a bed & bedding to be valued at fifty dollars and two cows and calves to be worth twenty dollars to be paid when she becomes of age.
To my beloved daughter Julia Ann Nitty[Ritty?] the wife of Blanton Chrisler I give will & bequeath a certain little negro girl aged about three years named Charlotte and likewise an equal part with my other heirs after paying all my lawsful debts.  The remainder of my property I give will and bequeath to my children to be equally divided by lottery as is the custom in such cases.

And I William Porter Sr. do hereby appoint my beloved son William Porter Jr. my lawful executor and require him to carry the foregoing will into effect so soon as the debts are paid to effect which if necessary he will keep the horses together & raise another crop.
And I do further appoint my beloved wife Gracy guardian to the minor heirs of my estate and charge her of the love she bears me to deal justly by them.  My body I commit to the care of my family & friends to be decently intered and my soul to him who gave it the great author of our being.

        In testimony whereof I have here unto affixed my hand & seal this 23rd day of August 1833 in the presence of the subscribing witnesses      William Porter {Seal}

August 23rd }
    1833    }
witness--  Samuel M. Puckett}
            Thos. Shippe    }


October Term 1834
                          The State of Mississippi
                          Hinds Probate Court Oct. 1834
                                  Hinds County

Personally appeared in open court the above named Samuel M Puckett who made oath that the said William Porter Sr. Signed the foregoing will as his last will & Testament that said Porter was there of disposing mind and memory and that he subscribed his name in the presence of said Porter and by said Porters' request  And that the other subscribing witness signed his name in the presence of said Puckett & said Porter.
                            Samuel M. Puckett
                      Sworn to in Open Court
                        this 27th Oct. 1834
                           A.G. MooreP.S.H.C.[Seal]


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