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Various Families of Hinds County
Source: History of Mississippi-The Heart of the South, Vol IV,
S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, Chicago, 1925. Abstracted by Cheryl Berthelsen, August 6, 1997

Thomas Palmer BARR b: 11 Aug 1857, Hinds Co, Jackson Postmaster
     Father: Horace V. BARR
     Married: Mary Etta CARRAWAY, 1879, Hinds Co
     2 daughters and 3 sons (2 died in infancy)

Robert Kennon JAYNE b: 1 Sep 1851, Jackson, Real Estate Agent
     Father: William McAfee JAYNE b: 30 Jun 1825, Jaynesville, Covington Co, MS
     Mother: Julia F. KENNON b: Tuscaloosa, AL
     Maternal Grandmother: Martha BUSH b: Augusta, GA
     Great Uncle (his grandfather's brother): Madison McAfee JAYNE
     Uncle (his father's brother): Joseph McAfee JAYNE
     Married: Elizabeth CULBERTSON, 21 Nov 1895 (She died July 1907)
          Father: from Covington, KY
          Mother: Martha BEGS
          Brother: Charles CULBERTSON
          Sister: Maud CULBERTSON
          Son: Willie McAfee JAYNE b: 21 Aug 1896 New Orleans, LA
          Daughter: Mrs. Thomas Pedrini: b: April 1898
          Son: Robert Kennon JAYNE, Jr. b: 4 July 1906

Monroe DUNN b: 12 Apr 1882, Hinds Co, Pharmacist
     Father: Newton Jasper DUNN
     Mother: Elizabeth E. COCKERHAM
     Married: Laura HUEY, 14 Oct 1914, Jackson
          Father: (Judge) Robert HUEY
          Mother: Alice POWELL
          Monroe DUNN, Jr.
          Alice Powell DUNN

George Harrison BUTLER II, b: 15 Oct 1877, Smithdale, Amite Co.
     Father: George Harrison Butler I
     Mother: Mary Elizabeth TARVER (father's second wife)
     Maternal Grandfather: E. L. TARVER of Amite Co.
     Father's First wife: Emily GRIFFIN of Amite Co.
     Half Sister: Emily WILLIAMS
     gg grandfather: George Poindexter BUTLER of Georgia
     gg grandfather: Roland WILKINSON
     gg grandfather: Josiah POWELL
     Married first: Ruth MIDDLETON, 1902, McComb, MS (she died suddenly day after wedding)
     Married second: Mamie Imogene GARDNER, 1904, McComb, MS
          Father: Eugene GARDNER
          Mother: Julia MOORE
          Maternal Grandfather: Thomas MOORE
          Mary Lyneille BUTLER
          George Harrison BUTLER III

Otis J. WAITE, b: Apr 20, 1850 near Boston
     Father: Lucius E. WAITE
     Mother: Lucy A. PIERCE
     Married First: Marion RICKERSON, 1874 (she died in 1899)
     Married Second: Alice B. LEMLY of Jackson, 1911

Franklin Wilkinson HERR, b: 1861, Cape Girardeau, MO
     Father: Ben F. HERR of Lancaster, PA
     Mother: Mary Ann WILKINSON, b: 1835, NC
     Married: Jessie Symmers McKAY, 26 Sep 1895 (She was b: 6 Aug 1872, Cadiz, OH.
          Father: John St. Clair McKAY, Jr., b: 3 Aug 1845, Glasgow, Scotland; d: 1 Nov 1895, Vicksburg
          Mother: Lucy M. CADY, b: 30 Apr 1849, Cadiz, OH
          Sister: Lucy St. Clair McKAY
          Ernest McKay HERR

Webster Millsaps BUIE, b: 6 Sep 1880, Vidalia, LA
     Father: Jospeh Paisley BUIE, b: 26 Nov 1827, Union Church, Jefferson Co.
     Mother: Sarah Eliza MILLSAPS, b: 2 Jan 1849, Pleasant Valley
     Paternal Grandparents: Gilbert and Katharine BUIE
     Maternal Grandparents: Reuben and Lavinia (Clower) MILLSAPS
     Maternal Uncle: R. W. MILLSAPS

Jeff COLLINS, b: 23 Nov 1881, SoSo, MS
     Father: Clay C. COLLINS
     Mother: Mary Elizabeth WOOD
     Paternal Grandparents: Vincent A. & Nancy COLLINS
     Maternal Grandparents: William & Elizabeth WOOD
     Paternal Great Grandfather: Simeon COLLINS
     Married: Mary Elizabeth SIMS, 20 Aug 1908
          Parents: H. & Emma SIMS
          Grandfather: Miles SIMS
          Mildred Amelia COLLINS
          Arthur COLLINS
          Jeff Lamar COLLINS
          Mary Louise COLLINS

Lamar Fitzhugh EASTERLING, b: 6 Sep 1880

Robert Harvey THOMPSON, b: 25 Aug 1847, Copiah Co
     Father: John Harvey THOMPSON, b: 1 Sep 1818, Marion Co
     Mother: Margaret Ann WATSON
     Paternal Grandparents: Jesse and Margaret (Harvey) THOMPSON of Hancock, GA
     Maternal Grandparents: John and Margaret (Mikel) WATSON
     Married first: Mary Louise COLEMAN, 1871 of Madison, MS (She died 1874)
     Married second: Mrs. Frances (Patterson) MYERS, 6 May 1876, Brookhaven (She died 1916)
          Father: Levin M. PATTERSON of Natchez, b: MD
          Mother: Caroline GRIDLEY, b: NY
          John Harvey THOMPSON (married Edith SHERMAN, d 1903)
          Robert Patterson THOMPSON (married Irene Daisy SMITH, 1902
          Gertrude Gridley THOMPSON
          Mildred THOMPSON
          Fulton THOMPSON
          Robert H. THOMPSON, Jr. (died at age one month)

William Gregg GILL, MD, b: 24 Sep, 1881, Clinton, MS
     Father: Americus Mitchell GILL
     Mother: Elizabeth Fredonia GREGG
     Paternal Grandfather: George GILL, Jr. b: NC
     Maternal Grandfather: William GREGG of VA
     Married: Sarah Frances HOLSTEIN
          Father: K. G. HOLSTEIN of Natchez; b: LA)
          Mother: Kate DONIPHAN, b: LA
          Frances Holstein GILL

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