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                   RECEIPT FOR DIRECT TAXES

This is to Certify, that A. Snipes has this day paid to the undersigned
the sum of Seven Dollars and ninety two cent that being the amount in
full for taxes, penalty, interests, and costs charged under the Act of
Congress entitled " An act for the collection of direct taxes in
insurrectionary districts within the United States, and for other
purposes, "approved June 7, 1862, upon the following tract or lot of
Land, situate in the County of Hinds, and State of Miss. And described
as follows:

W 1/2      SW 1/4      15      of      2 is    80
E 1/2       NE 1/4       21      "       "        80
W 1/2      NW 1/4      22      "       "        80

Witness my hands, at Jackson, this 21st. day of Febry, A. D. 1866.
Robert W. Whaland } Commissioners of Direct Taxes for Miss.

Hinds Co., Agricultural Taxes - Anderson Snipes

Tax  In  Kind.
Form  No.  2       Estimate  No.  244

Estimate and Assessment of Agricultural Products which are taxed in kind, agreed upon by the assessor and the tax payer, and the value of the portion thereof to which the Government is entitled, in accordance with the provisions of the Acts of Congress, " to lay taxes for the common defence and carry on the government of the Confederate States," and an act to amend said act approved Feb. 17th., 1864. Said estimate and assessment to be returned to the District Quarter master on or before the 1st. day of January of each year.

Corn:  Gross Qty -500 bu;  Deductions-150 bu;  Quality-ordinary;  Tithe or One-Tenth-35 bu;  Value of Tenth- 74.20

Corn (Short)
Rice (Rough)
Irish Potatoes
Cured Fodder:  Gross Qty -1000 lbs;  Quality-ordinary;  Tithe or One Tenth-100 lbs; Value of Tenth -2.05

Molasses (of Cane)
Molasses (of Sorghum)
Ground Peas

Total Value, $    76.25

A. Snipes of the County of Hinds and State of Mississippi do swear that the above is a true statement and estimate of all the agricultural products above named by me during the year 1864 which are taxable by the provisions of the above stated acts, including what may have been sold or consumed by me, to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that during the Hog fattening season of the year 1864 I expect and intend and am prepared to raise and fatten for pork, and not to be sold on the hoof Eighteen (av 166) Hogs, and that to raise and fatten them One Hundred and fifty Bu. corn will be necessary, I therefore claim that such portion of my crops be excepted from the estimate of my produce subject to tax in kind.

Anderson Snipes     Tax Payer

Sworn to and subscribed before me, the 28th., day of Dec. 1864 and I further certify that the above estimate and assessment has been agreed upon by said  A. Snipes  and myself as a correct and true statement of his crops, and that the value of the portion to which the government is correctly stated.

W. J. Cowan

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