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Genealogy Classifieds

Brian Nichols has just started a website at www.genealogyclassifieds.com and would like
to see if anyone would like to list any old genealogy books or publications they would like to sell.  Its free and hopefully someone may have a book or society magazine
someone else needs as well as putting some of the original cost you incurred back into your own pocket for new genealogical books or publications purchases.

All off for Gordon's Station:
A History of the Early Hattiesburg, Mississippi Area
 by Andrew English

This book details some aspects of early life in the area - the exploration, and settlement of the Hattiesburg, Mississippi Area from the colonial years until the World War One years.  This book has app. 14 pre 1919 photos and is app. 114 pages long.
$24.99 - One copy
$20.00 - Three or more copies
Additional discount on orders of ten or more.
 Mail inquiries to:
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm English
 2815 Laramie Circle
  Hattiesburg, Misssissippi

I have written 9 books and am working on others on Hinds County cemeteries, history, genealogy, etc., and on Clay County and Jasper County, MS. Most are out of print. The SW Hinds County history book (249 pp) and Hinds County Cemeteries (566 pp) are in print and are $15 each + $3 mailing.
I put together over 45 years of cemetery records I recorded in Hinds County and published  the cemetery book in 1988. If anybody wants their own copy (highly recommended), it contains  over 25,000 gravestones, 309 cemeteries, nearly 600 pages, and other info. They can be obtained from: The Old State Capitol Museum Book Shop, Cane Ridge Antiques in Utica, MS, and from me, Collins Farms, 3084 Tom Collins Road, Utica, MS 39175. $15 + $3 mailing.

I am in the process of reprinting a few copies by request of the 433-page Collins and Travis Families and Their Allies: The Interrelationships of 25 Southern  Colonial Families, first published in 1982, if anybody wants one. They will be $40 and available from Utica addresses only. I have intended for years to update the Collins and Travis book, and since I still work for a living, have simply not had time, hence the few more copies in a 4th reprinting. Chapter surnames are Collins, Odom, Toney, Willis, Zachary, Catchings, Criddle,  Thompson, Riser, Hollingsworth, Smith, Ashley, Lacy, McNair, Randolph, Carter, Nicholas, Travis, Stafford, Granberry, Merrill, Ellis, Cooley, Welch, and Bounds, plus all the maternal lines of  these surnames.
Mary Collins Landin

60 Years of Glenwood Funeral Home Records
Martha and Grady Leese, 108 Williams Road, Vicksburg, MS 39180, 601-636-2989, gramar@canufly.net , have published a fourth book on Glenwood Funeral Home records in west central Mississippi (Claiborne, Hinds, Warren, Copiah, Sharkey, Issaqueena counties primarily). These are wonderful genealogical records for the 20th century and the late part of the 19th century. They have gone through the funeral homeís records, and from the about 1940 deaths on, have listed by surname and given name, ALL of the people listed in the statistical records for a deceased person: name of deceased, dates and locations of birth and death, parents of deceased, siblings, children, spouse of deceased, and other important information, including MAIDEN names of most of these females. It is astounding how much info is crammed into these books. This gets a lot of the people who have never put up gravestones in our area. You can buy the books directly from Martha and Grady at the above address, OR, from the Old Capitol Museum Book Shop in Jackson, MS, or at the Old Court House Museum Gift Shop in Vicksburg, MS. The Rolling Fork (Sharkey and Issaqueena) and Utica (Hinds, Copiah, Claiborne) books are $25 each. The Vicksburg (Warren, Claiborne, Issaqueena) book is $30. The Port Gibson (Claiborne, Jefferson, Copiah, Hinds) book is $35. Prices are based on how many pages and records are in each. Donít forget to send about $3 each for postage.
Mary Collins Landin

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