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Old Tyme bargain prices 


Real Bargains From 1911
Vivian Combs Moon sent this to the KyCombs List
Taken from Middletown News-Signal, Middletown, Ohio

(We can get an idea of what our grandparents paid for goods)

Friday, January 20, 1911

445 East Third Street
Middletown, Ohio
Phone 62

Elgin Creamery Butter, brick form, lb 35c

Pure Buckwheat in 10-lb sack, worth 40c (The old-fashion kind) special 10-lb sack 28c

Chocolate Cream Drops, our own make, 15c regular Saturday 10c

Flour Winter patent, high grade, 80c sack, regular Saturday 24 1/2-lb sack 65c

Oranges, "Flordia Sweets" dozen 15c  20c and 30c

Cake, Chocolate Layer, our own make in carton "Country Club" brand, each 10c

Beans, hand picked Navy, special, 6-lb for 25c

Rice, Japan Head, worth 8c-lb, special, 6-lb for 25c

Eggs, Country, guaranteed fresh, dozen 34c

Oleo, Marigold, one-half Creamery, Kroger's price, lb 25c
Oleo, Monarch, high grade, worth 25c, Saturday lb 20c

Syrup one-half gallon cans, 20c everywhere, Koger's 15c

Vanila Wafers 20c, everyweher, Kroger's 11c

Peaches, fancy, evaporated, lb 10c  20c

Bananas, goldren fruit, Saturday dozen 15c

Peroxide, indispensible in the medicine cabinet, special bottle 7 1/2c

Oysters, in sanitary cans 35c everywhere, Saturday special can 25c

Apples, fancy Baldwins and Wine Saps, peck 45c

Picnic Shoulders, delicious little picnics lb 14c

Lard, absolutely pure 14c

Chickens - We will handle chickens on foot every Saturday for our customers, nice fat ones lb 12c

Brooms - Hand made, bamboo handles, fancy, each 30c
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