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Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin  March 19, 2006

Daniel Adams  1852-1856
T.J. Catchings  1856-1859
J.M. Hawkins  1865, 1866, 1867
Livingston Mims 1859-1863
William Yerger 1863, 1864
Fulton Anderson 1863, 1864
W .P. Anderson 1854, 1857, 1858
J. M. Dotson 1865, 1866, 1867
George W. Harper  1852, 1854, 1876, 1877
J. M. Hawkins 1858
C. E. Hooker  1859, 1860, 1861, 1862
L. Hudson  1865, 1866, 1867
Amos R. Johnston 1836, 1837
M. W. Moffatt 1854
R. H. Purdom  1859, 1860, 1861
J. T. Rucks 1863, 1864
I. N. Selser 1852
W. L. Sharkey 1856, 1857
J. J. Smiley  1859, 1860, 1861
W. H. Taylor  1863, 1864
R. White 1848, 1856

George Poindexter, 1778-1853, a native of Virginia who moved to Natchez in 1800, 2nd governor of the State of Mississippi, served 1820-1822, Mississippi's   first U. S. Congressman in 1817, and resigned after being elected governor in  1819 following the first governor, David Holmes.  Poindexter served as a Territorial Judge, Congressman, Senator, Governor, Soldier, and  Mediator.

Abraham Marshall Scott, 1785-1833, a native of South Carolina who moved to Wilkinson County before 1810, 7th governor, served 1832-1833, and died in office.

Charles Lynch, 1783-1853, a native of South Carolina who moved to  Monticello in Lawrence County before 1820, 11th governor, served 1833 as acting governor after the death of Governor Scott, and elected in 1836-1838, he  unfortunately presided during the ?Mississippi Bubble? financial disaster.

Alexander Gallatin McNutt, 1802-1848, a native of Virginia who  moved to Jackson/Vicksburg in 1824, 12th governor, served 1838-1842 following  Charles Lynch into office, during a time of downfall of both national and state  banks, and no US currency, with gold as the only trustworthy money, and the  state was $8 million in debt at the end of his term.

Albert Gallatin Brown, 1813-1880, a native of South Carolina who moved to Copiah County in 1823, elected at age 30 (youngest governor), 14th governor, served 1844-1848, and gave up his seat as governor to be re-elected to U. S. Congress from Mississippi.

John Isaac Guion, 1802-1855, a native of Adams County (first native-born governor), 17th governor, was never elected governor, but served as acting governor in 1851 when Governor Quitman resigned. William Lewis  Sharkey, 1798-1873, a native of Alabama who moved to Natchez in 1803 and to  Warren County in 1825, was Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court  beginning in 1832, was appointed  provisional governor of Mississippi in  1865 by President Andrew Johnson over elected Governor Clark following
the Civil  War, but was forced out of office by the U. S. Congress.

List of City Officials
From Jackson"s Early History" and "28 Years of Municipal Progress" by W.F. Powell" Tucker Printing House, Jackson Mississippi
Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin  June 6, 2006

1834 OR 1835? PRESIDENT, Thomas H. Dickson

1836    SELECTMEN, J. P. Oldham, C.C. Miller, C.H. Manship, James Smith,  James Allen.

1840    MAYOR, H. R. McDonald.  ALDERMEN, William Yerger, F. S. Hunt, H. L. Dickson, C. D. Learned, Thomas         Green, Charles Dudley, CONSTABLE, W.  H.  Woodley

1841    MAYOR, J. P. Oldham. ALDERMEN, Thomas Green. William Yerger, F. S. Hunt, H. L. Dickson, Charles Dudley.  CITY CLERK, W.W. Yerby ( The clerk received salary of $100 per year.)

1842    MAYOR, James H. Boyd.  ALDERMEN, B. A. Ludlow, Charles Dickson,  H. H. Smith, C. H. Manship, Robert McKee. CONSTABLE, J. W. Fite.

1843     MAYOR, J. H. Boyd.  ALDERMEN, Thomas Green, Charles Dudley, C. H. Manship, H. H. Smith, J.C. Carpenter, C. A. Parker. (In this election C.A. Parker and F. S. Hunt tied in number of votes and not caring to serve Mr. Hunt withdrew.  (H. H. Smith died of smallpox soon after election)

1844     MAYOR, J. P. Oldham.  ALDERMEN, William Morris, J. M. Boarman,  Thomas Green, R.L. Dickson, ________Speer, William J. Brown.

1845     List of officers not found but notice of a committee on the Pearl River  Bridge question  in the Southron Newspaper of Dec 3, 1845 lists
              E.W. Amos, James  Smith and H. Hilzheim on the committee.

1846      MAYOR, J. P. Oldham.  ALDERMEN, Amos, Hilzheim, Morris, Smith.   CITY CLERK, William Oakley.  SUPERINTENDENT OF ELECTIONS,  1847, William Lewis.  INSPECTORS, J. M. Townes, Marcus Hilzheim, J.
               M. Moore.

1847     MAYOR, J. P. Oldham. ALDERMEN, H. Brown, D.W. Adams, Thomas Green, E.M. Avery, J. H. Boyd, Alex Virden.  CITY COUNCILOR, J. H. Haughton.

1848      MAYOR, J. P. Oldham.  CITY CLERK, C.H. Manship. (On april 28, 1848,  three members of the Board of Aldermen resigned to test the sentiment  of the people on the Pearl River Bridge question, but what three is not

1849-1853--Do not have information on these years.

1853      MAYOR, William H. Taylor

1854      MAYOR,Richard Fletcher. ALDERMEN, C.  R. Dickson, R.M. Hobson, C. A. Moore, W. D. Bibb, S.P. Baley, J. W. Shaw.

1855      MAYOR, William H. Taylor, ALDERMEN, E. M. Avery, James T. Rucks,  W.H. Donnell, R. Hatcher, W. W.  Langley,  S. B. Baley

1856      MAYOR, William H. Taylor. ALDERMEN, E. M. Avery, W. H. Donnell,  S.P. Baley, , W. W. Langley, R. Hatcher, J.T. Rucks

1857       MAYOR, William H. Taylor. ALDERMEN, O. Barrett, W. H. Donnell, L. V. Dixon, Thomas Green, S. P. Baley, H. Hilzheim.

1858      MAYOR, James H. Boyd.  ALDERMEN, J. T. Rucks, Joseph Bell, C.H. Manship, D. N. Barrows, W. M. Estelle, T. W. Caskey.

1859      MAYOR, R.C. kerr. ALDERMEN, D.N. Barrows, C. A. Moore, W. M. Estelle, C. H. Manship, L. Julienne, H. Spengler.

1860       MAYOR, R. C. Kerr. ALDERMEN, L. Julienne, C. H. Manship, C. A. Moore, J. H. Bowman, W. M. Estelle, Joseph Bell.

Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin  June 6, 2006
From Jackson"s Early History" and "28 Years of Municipal Progress" by W.F. Powell" Tucker Printing House, Jackson Mississippi

The Legistlature of 1822 had granted the town of Jackson in perpetuity "not less than two nor more than five acres" on each side of Pearl River for the use of a ferry.  The date of the first ferry established is not known but in 1836 Town President S. P. Baley reported that there was a claim against Mr. Billingsly and his securities  for rent of the town ferry in 1834.  Mr. Pridgen operated the ferry for many years with an Indian as assistant.  They lived in a log cabin onth river bank and one evening heard the "halloing" of a traveler on the other side who wished to be ferried across.  This traveler stayed with them for several days and proved to be David Crockett later hero of the Alamo.

The first bridge over Pearl river was bilt about 1848 by the town.  the Legistlature authorized the town to charge the following rates for passage over it:
    "For each and every person on foot, five cents.
    For man or woman and horse, ten cents.
    For cattle, horses and mules in a drove, five cents per head.
    For sheep, goats and hogs, two and a half cents per head.
    For each four wheeled pleasure carriage and two horses, thirty cents. Carriages with four horses, fifty cents--and the same with one horse, twenty cents.
    For each two wheeled pleasure carriage, twenty cents.
    For wagons and teams with more than two horses or one yoke of oxen, forty cents.
    For wagons with one yoke of oxen or two horses, thirty cents.
    For all vehicles not enumerated in this act forty cents, except one horse market wagons and carts which shall pass at twenty-five cents.

This bridge was destroyed by the Federals in 1863 and a pontoon bridge was then built.

The Political Graveyard

This page names:

Politicians who were born in Hinds County
Bolton: Bennie G. Thompson 1948
No city given: Burrill Bunn Battle 1838
Jackson: Oscar G. Johnston 1880 Julian Power Alexander 1887
Rhesa Hawkins Barksdale 1944
William Haskell Alsup 1945
Raymond: John Bell Williams 1918
Near Utica: Charles Hudson Griffin 1926

Politicians who lived in Hinds County
Baldwin: R. H. Allen - J. B. Tyson
Bolton: J. H. Gearhart - Bennie G. Thompson
Brownsville: G. C. Adcliff
Clinton: Lorenzo Madison
Lived in Jackson, 1800-1849: David Dickson
Lived in Jackson, 1850-1899: Charles E. Hooker - Ethelbert Barksdale - Frank Johnson - James Z. George
Lived in Jackson, 1900-1949: L. B. Moseley - Perry W. Howard - L. K. Atwood - J. Jay White - S. D. Redmond - J. W. Hair - Henrietta Mitchel - Rush Knox - Viola Lake - J. H. Howie - Francis Harmon - W. Calvin Wells - M. H. Daily - Ellen Woodward - Julian Power Alexander - Greek L. Rice - Charles B. Cameron - T. P. Brady - Josie Burns - T. Burns, Jr. - J. T. Brown - Robert W. Collins - Dan Fenn - Willia DePrater - M. Potter - J. Ed Franklin - H. P. Hearn - Mrs. George Wallace - Edgar Misterfeldt - Mrs. D. C. Lea - E. L. Patton - A. M. Redmond - Sennett Conner - Dick D. Quin - S. W. Miller - W. E. Gore - H. M. Fraser - Ed Lewis - W. L. Mhoon - John T. Risher
Lived in Jackson, 1950-1999: Perry W. Howard - S. W. Miller - Allen C. Thompson - Mrs. A. M. Redmond - Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. - Mrs. Matthew Harper, Jr. - Heber Ladner - Joe Patterson - Charles Clark - James Arden Barnett - Mrs. Charles M. Hills - Gene Wirth - B. B. McClendon, Jr. - W. V. Westbrook, Jr. - Joe E. Marion - William Johnson, Jr. - Mary I. Bryant - Danny E. Cupit - Brad Dye - W. P. McMullan, Jr. - R. L. T. Smith - Willie T. Allen - Fred Banks, Jr. - Stephan Brophy - Ally Mack - Louise Owens - Thad Cochran - Hal Carter - Bettye Gilmore - William F. Winter - Reuben Anderson - John Baker - Tim Ford - Neal Fowler - Tomie T. Green - Vallena J. Greer - Alice V. Harden - Johnnie P. Patton - Gloria McQuagge - Kathy L. Sykes - Harvey Johnson, Jr.
Lived in Jackson, 2000-2005: Vallena J. Greer - Alice V. Harden - Johnnie P. Patton - Harvey Johnson, Jr. - Gary Anderson - Earle Banks - Emma D. Sanders - Cindy Ayers-Elliott - Zelma Carson - William Chandler - Sean Perkins - Brad Pigott - Charles Tillman
Raymond: John Bell Williams
Politicians who died in Hinds County
Clinton: Felix Walker 1828
Jackson: George Adams 1844 Franklin E. Plummer 1847 John Isaac Guion 1855 William Wirt Adams 1888 Wiley Pope Harris 1891 Francis Marion Gregory 1899 William Dunbar Holder 1900 Robert Lowry 1910 J. A. P. Campbell 1917 Henry L. Whitfield 1927 Andrew Houston Longino 1942 Earl Brewer 1942 Thomas L. Bailey 1946 Sennett Conner 1950 Aaron Lane Ford 1983 W. Arthur Winstead 1995 Frank Smith 1997 Ellis Barkett Bodron 1997 John B. Perkins 2000 Richard L. Livingston 2000 Floyd Spence 2001
Near Jackson: Charles Lynch 1853
Mt. Salus: Walter Leake 1825
Raymond: Stephen Decatur Miller 1838
Near Raymond: Randal William McGavock 1863
Near Terry: Albert Gallatin Brown 1880

Cemeteries and Memorial Sites of Politicians in Hinds County
Private or family graveyards
Near Clinton Mead Family Cemetery
Jackson Cedarlawn Cemetery
Jackson Greenwood Cemetery
Jackson Lakewood Memorial Park
Jackson Terry Cemetery
Raymond Raymond Cemetery

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