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Photos Collection of  Natalie Maynor

Galloway Memorial Methodist Church, mid 1940's
Probably a Sunday School Class

Poindexter Elementary School Baseball Team, Jackson, Mississippi, 1921
Clayton Maynor is the second from left on back row. His teammates are (not in order) Max Blackmon, Matt Walker, Frank Stewart, Swayze ?, George Bourgeois, Marshall Ferrell, Buster Smith, Paul Tolar, John T. Gober, and Butch Morgan.
Brownie Troup ca 1952  "Grade 3"
Note From Natalie:  The date, by the way, is almost certainly 1952.  When I pulled out the original, I saw that I had written on it "Grade 3" -- that means the 1951-52 school year.  The short sleeves on the two people not wearing their brownie uniforms suggest warm weather.  And I'm guessing we would
have been more likely to go on such an excursion near the end of the school year instead of in the early fall.  (Also, my friend Mary Jane -- the one on the far right second row -- was always a follower of style rules, even in the third grade, and would not have been likely to wear such a spring/summer-looking dress in the fall.)

Front row (l to r):  Stella Little, Paulette Smith, Roberta Caulfield, Cay Campbell, Rachel Sullivan, Katherine Webb

Second row (l to r):  Amanda McMahon, Nancy Sandifer, Natalie Maynor, Margaret Thomas, June Hines, Mary Jane Ray

Third row (l to r):  Mary Elise McWilliams, Joann Still, Helene Hewitt, Patsy Barnes, Dianna Steijen

In the back: Mayor Allen Thompson and Brownie Troop Leader Mrs. McWilliams

Class Day, Duling School, June 3, 1955
 Front row (l to r): June Hines, Diane Purvis, Bill Hunter, Cecil Dyer, Doris McRae, Becky Fowler, Preston Patton, Roberta Caulfield, Jack Einhaus, Mary Jane Ray, Charles Rogillio, Martha Ellen McCharen, Webster Buie, Joann Still, Bill Montgomery

Second row (l to r): Stella Little, Bill Mays, Ray Jones, Janice ebb,Alfred Butts, Judy Davis, Mike Eatherly, Rachel Sullivan
Third row (l to r): Ken Lackey, Patsy Barnes, Jimmy Carter, Dianna Steijen, Charles McCowan, Margaret Thomas, Roy McDaniel, Lee Jones, Jimmy Ricks, Scarlet Cooper, Leonard Peterman, Claudia Clark, Brad Howard, Paulette Smith, Bill Clay, Maida Fulgham, Bill Bradley, Carolyn, VanDevender, Roger Lyle, Ginger Bell, Maggie McLean

Fourth row (l to r): Jimmy Hudgins, Billy Huddleston, Natalie Maynor, Heber Ladner, Katherine Webb, Ricky Sneed, Nancy Carole Turner, Harry Watson, Elaine Russell, Rex Stallings, Cay Campbell, Tommy Windham, JoAnn Nettles, Bill Anderson, Gale McDonnell, Mike Cauthen, Sarah Cox, Charles Patton, Helene Hewitt, Kenny Lossett, Amanda Brown, Kent Strum,

in the back (l to r): Mrs. Katherine Koons, Miss Bessie Will Gilliland, Miss Margaret Edge

Fishing Camp    Robert Franklin Maynor  1876-1923  (far left), 
This is a picture of my paternal grandfather (who died in the early '20s) with a group of other young men at a fish camp.  I don't know where the fish camp was, but I would guess that it was in or near Hinds County.  There's a sticker on the back of the picture saying "West Jackson Book Store."  The numbers on the people suggest that there was a key identifying them, but unfortunately it's gone.  Can someone identify the other men?
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