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Missing In Action

The following is from a list of MIA's from Mississippi in the Korean Conflict. As some of you may have heard, remains of US Soldiers have been recently recovered from Korea.  The Department of Defense is requesting our help in locating living relatives of these men in order to do DNA matches to identify the soldiers.

Hinds County (Jackson & Raymond)

Born: Jan 22, 1919. Black
Date of loss: November 27, 1950. MIA
M Co 24th Inf Rgt 25th Inf Division

 List of Vererans from Several Wars
from the Utica Community in Hinds County
Compiled and contributed by Mary Collins Landin July 8, 2005

List of veterans in the 20th Century (beginning with Spanish American War) from the Utica Community (Southwest Hinds County).  In 2000, the Utica Heritage Society built and dedicated a large granite, brick, and marble Utica Community Veterans Memorial (about 50 x 50 ft with 4 benches and a memorial wall, plus a killed-in-action stone and a prisoner of war stone).  The bricks came from the walls of old antebellum homes and our wonderful old school building that were torched by arsonists in 1999 and 2000.  The names of veterans to that date (11 November 2000) were installed within the granite shaft at the center of the Memorial.  At that time there were 2, 753 names on the list. Note that the federal Privacy Act prevents the VA from giving out veterans names past 1955, so the names from that time forward were voluntary, letting us know they are veterans.  There are a LOT of names of men and women, most of whom are now dead, that will be of interest to genealogists, especially for Afro Americans because they got drafted in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.   Many of the names for WWI were in the Home Guard, equal to the National Guard now.   They were drafted and reported for duty, then assigned to Home Guard rather than sent to Europe.  My grandfather Thomas E. Collins Sr. was one of those, and he was in his 40s when that happened, as was his brother in law Hilton Lacy Smith.
Mary Collins Landin, Utica

First compiled 11 November 2000; updated July 2005
The Privacy Act prevents VA from releasing names of veterans beyond 1955 so this list is incomplete

PVT Charles F. Baldwin, USA
PVT James A. Barrett, USA
SGT Simon Beall, USA
PVT Benjamin W. Benson, USA
PVT Charles A. Billin, USA
PVT Conrad R. Brock, USA (also WWI)
PVT Felix F. Brown, USA
PVT Otto Burks, USA
PVT Henry A. Casper, USA
1st SGT Abram L. Chapman, USA
2LT Alvin L. Chapman, USA
PVT Percy H. Collier, USA
CPL William K. Cook, USA
PVT Augustine L. Dabney, USA
PVT Charles L. Dietze, USA
PVT Robert E. DuMont, USA
PVT John W. Ervin, USA
MUS Louis R. Ferguson, USA
PVT Homer H. Flanagan, USA
PVT John P. Foote, USA (also WWI)
PVT Crawford D. Gibbes, USA
WAGONER Sim Richard Godwin, USA (also WWI)
PVT Evelyn S. Hamilton, USA (KIA 1898
PVT John E. Hill, USA
PVT John W. Hilton, USA
PVT Sherwood C. Lyons, USA
SGT Andrew V. Mallett, USA
PVT Charles N. McNair, USA
PVT Joseph L. Mitchell, USA
PVT Elam W. Nixon, USA
PVT Charles G. Ousley, USA
CPL Robert P. Phipps, USA
PVT Lee R. Puckett, USA
PVT William B. Thigpen, USA
PVT James M. Watson, USA
PVT Clarence Q. Weeks, USA
QMSGT John Whelan, USA
CPL Simon M. Yates, USA

    WORLD WAR I  (1387)

HGD Arnold Archibald Adair, USA
PVT Frank Adams, USA
PVT Henry Adams, USA
PVT John Adams, USA
PVT Sherman Adams, USA
PVT Tom Adams, USA
PVT Winston Thomas Adams, USA
PVT Hampton Alexander, USA
PVT Seymour Alexander, USA
PVT Alonzo Allen, USA
PVT Denis Allen, USA
PVT Eddie Allen, USA
PVT Ellie Allen, USA
PVT George Allen, USA
PVT Henry Allen, USA
PVT Hobson Allen, USA (also WWII)
PVT Horace Allen, USA
PVT Isiah Allen, USA
PVT James Monroe Allen, USA
PVT Oscar Allen, USA
PVT Robert Allen, USA
PVT Wilson Allen, USA
PVT Louie Allred, USA
PVT Robert Allred, USA
HGD Bob Irving Anderson, USA
PVT Corrie Anderson, USA
PVT Dock Anderson, USA
PVT Edwin Anderson, USA
HGD George Dewey Anderson, USA
HGD George Walter Anderson, USA
HGD Hicks Ellis Anderson, USA
PVT Osime Anderson, USA
S1C Sam Leonard Anderson, USN
PVT Solomon Anderson Jr., USA
HGD Theophilus William Anderson, USA
PVT Tucker Anderson, USA
PVT Wilberson Anderson, USA
PVT Willis Anderson, USA
PVT Elven Andrews, USA
PVT Ernest Andrews, USA
PVT Samuel Armistead (Armster), USA
HGD Robert Aden Armitage, USA
HGD Willie Dean Armitage, USA
PVT Sam Atkins, USA
PVT Quincy Ayers, USA
CPL Kennith Thigpen Bacot, USA
PVT Aldridge Bailey, USA
PVT Nelson Bailey, USA
PVT William Bailey, USA
PVT David Baker, USA
PVT Eliga Baker, USA
PVT Esco Baker, USA
HGD Franklin P. Baker, USA
PVT Lonzo Baker, USA
PVT Bill Balan, USA
HGD John Henry Baldwin, USA
PVT Andrew Vaughan Ballard, USA
PVT H. F. Banes, USA
PVT Moses Banks, USA
PVT Sam Banks, USA
PVT Sweetie Banks, USA
HGD William Thomas Barber, USA
PVT Ance Barlow, USA
MSGT Ernest Luther Barlow, USA (also WWII)
HGD Frank D. Barlow, USA
HGD John Shelby Barlow, USA
HGD Thomas Cicero Barlow, USA
PVT Jesse Barnes, USA
PVT Calvin Beacham, USA
PVT Jim Beacham, USA
HGD Carey Brown Beasley, USA
HGD Daniel Robert Beasley, USA
HGD Edward Beasley, USA
HGD S. N. Beasley, USA
PVT Walter Clifton Beasley, USA (also WWII)
PVT Alonzo Beauchamp, USA
PVT Sam Beauchamp, USA
PVT Elzey Bell, USA
PVT Levy Bell, USA
PVT Willie Bell, USA
HGD Ben Dewey Berryhill, USA
PVT Daniel Thomas Berryhill, USA (also WWII)
HGD James Robert Berryhill, USA
HGD Robert Arthur Berryhill, USA
HFDWilliam Terrell Biggs, USA
PVT Dixie Bingham, USA
PVT James Bingham, USA
PVT James Bingham, USA
PVT Alonzo Birks, USA
PVT David Bland, USA
PVT Howard Bland, USA
PVT Peter Bland, USA
PVT Albert Blintson, USA
PVT Mims Blunt, USA
HGD Eugene L. Boggs, USA
2LT Downing M. Bolls, USA
PVT Henry Bolls, USA
PVT Lonnie Bolls, USA
CPL Paul Jones Booth, USA
HGD Archie C. Boyd, USA
HGD Earl M. Boyd, USA
HGD Edgar W. Boyd, USA
HGD Cellie Preston Boyd, USA
PVT George Boyd, USA
PVT Isia Boyd, USA
PVT James Boyd Jr. USA
HGD James Edward Boyd, USA
HGD James Young Boyd, USA
HGD Jesse A. Boyd, USA
HGD Louis E. Boyd, USA
PVT Robert Boyd, USA
PVT Vergial Boyd, USA
HGD William Edward Boyd, USA
PVT Alf Bracy, USA
PVT John Bracy, USA
PVT William Bracy, USA
CPL Armond Benjamin Breeden, USA
HGD Eugene H. Breeden, USA
HGD Shelton David Breeden, USA
PVT Lonnie Bride, USA
PFC Nathaniel Briscoe, USA
PVT West Briscoe, USA
HGD Ernest W. Broadwater, USA
HGD Henry Grady Broadwater, USA
HGD Thomas A. Broadwater Jr., USA
PVT Andrew V. Brock, USA
PVT Conrad R. Brock, USA (also SpAmWar)
PVT Collins Eugene Brock, USA (also WWII)
HGD George Mark Brock, USA
HGD Jesse Everett Brock, USA
HGD William Carroll Brock, USA
HGD Ben Mathew Broome, USA
PVT Clarence Broome, USA
PVT Cleveland Broome, USA
PVT Eugene Broome, USA
HGD Eugene M. Broome, USA
PVT George Washington Broome, USA
PVT James Dewey Broome, USA
PVT Norman Broome, USA
PVT Spurgeon Broome, USA
PVT Talmage Broome, USA
HGD William Rutherford Broome, USA
PVT Charly Brown, USA
PVT Clinton Brown, USA
PVT Eddie Brown, USA
PVT Eugene Brown, USA
PVT George Brown, USA
PVT Harry Brown, USA
PVT Henry Brown, USA
PVT Isaac Brown, USA
PVT Isadore Brown, USA
HGD Noble Ernest Brown, USA
PVT Shilo Brown Sr., USA
PVT Abraham Bryant, USA
PVT Anthony Bryant, USA
PVT Ernest Bryant, USA
HGD Henry Russell Bryant, USA
HGDLuther Carroll Bryant, USA
HGD Pink Asia Bryant, USA
HGD Francis Pinkerton Bufkin, USA
HGD Daniel Webster Bufkin, USA
PVT Frank Buford, USA
PVT Herman I. Buford, USA
PVT Oscar Buford, USA
SGT William J. Buford, USA (also WWII)
PVT Colonel Bunly, USA
PVT Alonzo Burks, USA
PVT Eli Burks, USA
PVT Tom Burks, USA
PVT Eugene Burnet, USA
PVT James Rufus Burnet, USA
PVT Eugene Burnside, USA
PVT Ernest Burnside, USA
HGD Robert Ray Bush, USA
HGD John Morrison Bush, USA
HGD James Frank Bush, USA
HGD John Alexander Bush, USA
PVT Austin Butler, USA
CPT Dr. Clarence Mitchell Butler, USAMEDCORPS
PVT Judge Butler, USA
PVT Jessie Byrnes, USA
PVT George Cabbage, USA
CPL George Judson Cain Sr., USA
HGD Hugh Vannamen Cain, USA
HGD James Robert Cain, USA
HGD Thomas Dowe Cain, USA
PVT Elijah Aaron Caldwell, USA
PVT William Camer, USA
HGD Joseph Albert Campbell, USA
PVT London Canada, USA
HGD Charley Russell Cannada, USA
PVT Rollie Capers, USA
PVT Charlie Griffin Carlisle Sr., USA
PVT John C. Carlisle, USA
PVT Oscar Carlisle, USA
HGD Bolivar Hutchins Carmichael, USA
HGD Clarence Lucian Carmichael, USA
PVT Ernest Carmichael, USA
HGD John Daniel Carmichael Jr., USA
HGD Robert T. Carmichael, USA
PVT Marshall Carr, USA
HGD Archie Eugene Carraway, USA
HGD Edward Brown Carraway, USA
HGD Ezekial White Carraway, USA
HGD Richard White Carraway Sr., USA
HGD Perry Jones Carroll, USA
HGD R. J. Carroll, USA
HGD Sam Pickron Carroll, USA
PVT Wallace Carroll, USA
PVT Henry Carse, USA
PVT Harris Carson, USA
PVT Albert Carter, USA
PVT Boy Carter, USA
PVT Doc Carter, USA
PVT Nepolian Carter, USA
PVT Prince Carter, USA
PVT Sam Carter, USA
PVT Son Carter, USA
PVT Will Carter, USA
PVT Alonzo Caston, USA
PVT Alonzo Caston, USA
PVT Bill Caston, USA
PVT Cal Caston, USA
PVT Date C. Caston, USA
PVT Eddie Caston, USA
PVT Erastus Caston, USA
PVT Isaac Caston, USA
PVT John Caston, USA
PVT Judge Caston, USA
PVT Monroe Caston, USA
PVT Sammy Caston, USA
PVT Jesse Slym Cessna, USA
HGD Joe Alexander Cessna, USA
HGD John L. Cessna, USA
HGD William Colbert Cessna, USA
PVT Charlie Earl Chapman, USA
PVT Ellie S. Chapman, USA
Ernest Thomas Chapman, USA
Eugene Denis Chapman, USA
Ira Hall Chapman, USA
John Andrew Chapman, USA
PVT Judge Chapman, USA
Mahlon Dabney Chapman, USA
Walter Edward Chapman, USA
PVT Lish Charleston, USA
PVT Jim Chase, USA
PVT Earl Child, USA
PVT George Christian, USA
PVT Frank Clark, USA
PVT Guy Clark, USA
PVT Jessie Clark, USA
PVT Preston Clark, USA
PVT Richard Clark, USA
PVT Teddie Clark, USA
PVT Will Neill Clark, USA
PVT William Hartford Clark, USA
Douglas R. Clarke, USA
Robert Lee Clarke, USA
PVT John Clay, USA
PVT Samuel Clay, USA
PVT Walter Clay, USA
PVT Lawyer Cleveland, USA
PVT Dods Coldsman, USA
PVT Rudolph Cole, USA
PVT Charles Coleman, USA
PVT Francis Marion Coleman Jr., USA
PVT Henry Coleman, USA
PVT Jasper Coleman, USA
PVT Milton Coleman, USA
CPL Sherwood Edwin Coleman, USA
PVT Steve Coleman, USA
PVT Willie Coleman, USA
PVT Alton Collins, USA
PVT Chalmers Allen Collins, USA
PVT Charlie Collins, USA
PVT Garteice Collins, USA
PVT Johnny Collins, USA
PVT Joseph Edington Collins, USA
PVT Kirby Selser Collins, USA
PVT Nuge Collins, USA
CPL Roy Parker Collins, USA
PVT Solomon Collins, USA
PVT Sylvester Collins, USA
Thomas Edward Collins Sr., USA
PVT Walter Collins, USA
William Howell Collins, USA
William Thomas Collins, USA
PVT Hosea Colter, USA
PVT William Conner, USA
Andrew Baldwin Cook, USA
Armistead Barton Cook, USA
Augustus Hopkins Cook, USA
Jesse Eugene Cook, USA
PVT William Cook, ISA
PVT Eddie Cooper, USA
PVT James Cooper, USA
PVT John Cooper, USA
PVT John Cooper, USA
PVT Paul Cooper, USA
Tim Ervin Cooper Jr., USA
James Edward Craft, USA
PVT Lewis Craft, USA
Marjaman Sidney Craft, USA
PVT Marjaman Sidney Craft Jr., USA
PVT President Craft, USA
Albert Benjamin Crawford Sr., USA
James L. Crawford, USA
James Walter Crawford, USA
John H. Crawford, USA
PVT Lonnie Crawford, USA
PVT Alvin Crisco, USA
James Dunton Crisler, USA
PVT Will Criss, USA
PVT McClure Crites, USA
PVT Frank Crockett, USA
PVT Isiah Crum, USA
PVT Ralph Crum, USA
PVT Willie Crum, USA
Albert Bascum Cudd, USA
PVT Fred Culberson, USA
PVT Alex Currie, USA
Elbert Henry Currie, USA
George Lewis Currie, USA
Hamlet Baviett Currie, USA
Marshall Lamar Currie, USA
Noland Ray Currie, USA
Rollin Virgil Currie Sr., USA
Tilford Kelley Currie, USA
PVT T. L. Currie, USA
PVT Turner Currie, USA
HGD Alston L. Curtis, USA
HGD Ansley C. Curtis, USA
PVT Calvin Curtis, USA
HGD Charlie Westry Curtis, USA
HGD Ethel Powell Curtis Sr., USA
HGD Henry Fulton Curtis, USA
HGD Jack Powers Curtis, USA
HGD James H. Curtis, USA
HGD James Washington Curtis Jr., USA
HGD Otis Lamar Curtis, USA
PVT Reginald A. Curtis, USA (also WWII)
PVT Robert Kent Curtis, USA
PVT Thomas Oscar Curtis Sr., USA
PVT William Curtis Sr., USA
PVT William Curtis Jr., USA
PVT William Thomas Curtis, USA
PVT Willie Curtis, USA
PVT Caleb Price Daley, USA
PVT Emmit Nathan Davenport, USA
PVT John Davenport, USA
PVT William Davenport, USA
PVT Calvin Davis, USA
PVT Collie Davis, USA
PVT Clifton Davis, USA
PVT Edd Davis, USA
PVT Eugene E. Davis, USA
PVT Frisby Davis Jr., USA
PVT Frank Boyd Davis, USA
PVT Herman H. (Shine) Davis, USA
PVT John Davis, USA
PVT John Davis, USA
PVT John Wise Davis, USA
PVT Marion Ferrell Davis, USA
PVT Robert Lee Davis, USA
PVT Samuel Davis, USA
PVT Spellman Davis, USA
PVT Vernon Terrell Davis, USA
PVT Walter Green Davis, USA
PVT William Davis, USA
PVT Willie Davis, USA
PVT William Parramore Deal, USA
PVT Albert Dean, USA
PVT William Dean, USA
PVT Jessie Diamond, USA
PVT Jim Dickson, USA
PVT Peter Dickson, USA
PVT Walter Howell Dickson, USA
PVT D. Y. Dixon, USA
PVT David Dixon, USA
PVT Dixie Dixon, USA
PVT Elzie Dixon, USA
PVT Frank Dixon, USA
PVT Henry Dixon, USA
PVT Isiah Dixon, USA
PVT Lacey Dixon, USA
PVT Peter Dixon, USA
PVT Pleasant Dixon, USA
PVT William Gayle Dorroh, USA
PVT Dempsy Dotson, USA
PVT Joe Dotson, USA
PVT John Edward Dotts, USA
PVT Frank Douglas, USA
PVT Ernest William Downing, USA
PVT James Charlton Downing, USA
PVT Marion Dabney Downing, USA
PVT Henry Wilbourne Drake, USA
PVT George Dread, USA
PVT Alonzo Dudley, USA
PVT Benjamin Franklin Dudley, USA
PVT James Bolls Dudley Jr., USA
PVT Terrell Dudley, USA
PVT William Hinds Colbert Dudley, USA
PVT Archie Duke Jr., USA
PVT Walter Ed DuMont, USA
PVT Gilmore Duncan, USA
PVT Shelby Duncan, USA
PVT Edd Dudley Dungan, USA
PVT James Isaac Dungan, USA
PVT Frank H. Dunning, USA
PVT Hugh Ralston Dyche, USA
PVT James Walter Eatmon, USA
PVT John Eatmon, USA
PVT Johnnie L. Eaton, USA
PVT Joe Edwards, USA
PVT Caesar Edwards, USA
PVT Charlie Edwards, USA
PVT Clifton Edwards, USA
PVT John Edwards, USA
PVT Sellars Edwards, USA
PVT William Ellsberry, USA
PVT Dan Emrick, USA
PVT Charles G. Ervin, USA (KIA 1918)
PVT Ernest Winston Ervin, USA
PVT Eugene Clifton Ervin, USA
PVT Henry Guy Ervin, USA
PVT Noel Essex, USA
PVT Burnet Clifton Ewell, USA
PVT Ned Farish, USA
PVT Charles Ervin Ferguson, USA
PVT George Robert Ferguson Sr., USA
PVT Henry Sumrall Ferguson, USA
PVT Thomas Echols Ferguson, USA
PVT William Lewis Ferguson, USA
PVT William Baker Field, USA
PVT Hughie Fields, USA
PVT Jake Fields, USA
PVT Robert Fields, USA
PVT Sam Fields, USA
PVT Squire Fields, USA
PVT Tollie Fields, USA
PVT Walter Fields, USA
PVT Arthur Edward Luster Fisher, USA
PVT Emery Franklin Fisher, USN (also WWII)
PVT Frank Addison Fisher, USA
PVT Jasper Fisher, USA
PVT Jeff Fisher, USA
PVT Lawyer Fisher, USA
PVT Walter Russell Fisher, USA
PVT Eligah Flagg, USA
PVT Gideon Washington Flagg, USA
PVT Horace Flagg, USA
PVT James Flagg, USA
PVT Jessie Flagg, USA
PVT John Flagg, USA
PVT McKinley Flagg, USA
PVT Walter Flagg, USA
PVT Burl Franklin Flanagan, USA
PVT Jessie Monroe Flanagan, USA
PVT John Thompson Flanagan, USA
PVT William Martin Flanagan, USA
PVT Alex J. Flanders, USA
PVT Harrison Flanders, USA
PVT James Flanders, USA
PVT William Flanders, USA
PVT James Henry Flewellyn, USA
CPL Joe N. Flewellyn, USA
PVT Tom Henry Flewellyn, USA
PVT Carlow Adren Flood, USA
PVT Sam Flood, USA
PVT Bryon Flowers, USA
PVT Caldwell Flowers, USA
PVT Charles Newman Flowers, USA
PVT Clarence L. Flowers, USA
PVT Clinton Flowers, USA
PVT David Wiley H. Flowers, USA
PVT Edwards Gibbes Flowers, USA
PVT Ernest Flowers, USA
PVT Joseph Barnes Flowers, USA
PVT Judge Flowers, USA
PVT Luster Flowers, USA
PVT Oda Flowers, USA
PVT Oscar Homer Flowers, USA
PVT Russell Flowers, USA
PVT Walter Edgar Flowers, USA
PVT Tom Flows, USA
PVT Essie Floyd, USA
PVT James Floyd, USA
PVT Morgan Floyd, USA
PVT Prentiss Floyd, USA
PVT Samuel Floyd, USA
PVT Wilbert James Floyd, USA
PVT William I. Floyd, USA
PVT John P. Foote, USA (also SpAmWar)
PVT Andrew Ford, USA
PVT Charley Crisler Ford, USA
PVT Daniel Emsley Ford, USA
PVT David Ford, USA
PVT Ernest Ford, USA
PVT Ernest Ford, USA
PVT Haley Daniel Ford, USA
PVT Homer E. Ford, USA
PVT James Edward Ford, USA
PVT Lucian A. Ford, USA
PVT Russell W. Ford, USA
PVT Solomon Ford, USA
SGT Thomas S. Ford, USA
PVT William Laurin Ford, USA
PVT James B. Foster, USA
PVT Jesse Hubert Foster, USA
PVT Alonzo Franklin, USA
PVT Clarence Franklin, USA
PVT Huddie Franklin, USA
PVT Percy Franklin, USA
PVT Phil Franklin, USA
PVT Robert Franklin, USA
PVT Kelley Frazier, USA
PVT Love Frazier, USA
PVT Otis Frazier, USA
PVT Ott Frazier, USA
PVT Ozell Frazier, USA
PVT Page Frazier, USA
PVT Paris Luster Frazier, USA
PVT Percy Frazier, USA
PVT Smith Daniel Frazier, USA
PVT Sullivan Frazier, USA
PVT Tom Frazier, USA
PVT Wardell Frazier, USA
PVT Joe Nathan Fulgham, USA
PVT Norris Broome Fulgham, USA
PVT Silas Webb Fulgham, USA
PVT William Clarence Fulgham, USA
PVT Carl Funches, USA
PVT Charlie Funches, USA
PVT Edgar Funches, USA
PVT James Funches, USA
PVT John Funches, USA
PVT Luther Funches, USA
PVT Paul Funches, USA
PVT Percy Funches, USA
PVT Robert Funches, USA
PVT Robert Funches, USA
PVT Simpson Funches, USA
PVT Tom Funches, USA
PVT Richard Gaines, USA
PVT Augustus Gallaway, USA
PVT Eddie Bious Garner, USA
PVT Ernest Lenora Garner, USA
PVT Kelley Dee Garner, USA
PVT Charlie George, USA
PVT Henry Dessasure Gibbes Jr., USA
PVT John Lake Gibbes, USA
PVT Isaac Gibson, USA
PVT Ned Gibson, USA
PVT Walter Beasley Gibson, USA
PVT John Westley Gilbert, USA
PVT Austin Ginson, USA
PVT Rush Givens, USA
PVT Thomas Fletcher Gladish, USA
PVT Murray Paul Godwin, USA
PVT Berry Charles Godwin, USA
PVT Frank David Godwin, USA
WAGONER Sim R. Godwin, USA (also SpAmWar)
PVT I. C. Gonia, USA
PVT Hugh Tracy Gonia, USA
PVT Joseph Tollie Gonia, USA
PVT Carl Fred Goodrum, USA
PVT Grover C. Goodrum, USA
PVT Walter Prescott Goodrum, USA
PVT John Augustus Russell Goodwin, USA
PVT Allie Grafton, USA
PVT Ben Grafton, USA
PVT Willie Grafton, USA
PVT William Grafton, USA
PVT Alonzo Graham, USA
PVT Ray Graham, USA
PVT Richard Graham, USA
PVT Thomas Young Grant, USA
PVT Loyd Myers Graves, USA
PVT Will Gray, USA
PVT George Green, USA
PVT Homer Green, USA
PVT Walter Hillman Green, USA
PVT Westley Green, USA
CPL Willie E. Green, USA
PVT Ephriam Greenlee, USA
PVT Robert Greenlee, USA
PVT James Nathaniel Greer, USA
PVT Robert L. Greer, USA
PVT Alexander Grissom, USA
PVT Johnnie Grissom, USA
PVT J. W. Grissom, USA
PVT Earl Sharbrough Hackler, USA
PVT Ivy Thompson Hackler, USA
PVT Raymond Myree Hackler Sr., USA
PVT William Warren Hackler, USA
PVT Richard Hailles, USA
PVT Casper Hale, USA
PVT George Hall, USA
PVT Eddie Hamilton, USA
PVT Elmer Lee Hamilton, USA
PVT Willie Hamilton, USA
PVT Willie P. Hammond, USA
PVT Allen Hampton, USA
PVT Fred Hand, USA
PVT Goldie Hankins, USA
PVT Neal Hannon, USA
PVT John Hardy, USA
PVT Dan Harper, USA
PVT James Wesley Harper, USA
PVT Milton Jackson Harper, USA
WAGONER Lucian L. Harrell, USA
PVT Robert Harrell, USA
PVT Columbus Harris, USA
PVT Edward Harris, USA
PVT Frank Harris, USA
PVT Grant Harris, USA
PVT Henry Harris, USA
PVT Jarmel Harris, USA
PVT Lee Harris, USA
PVT Nath Harris, USA
PVT Willie Roy Harris, USA
PVT Willis Harris, USA
PVT Calhoun Dorsey Hart, USA
PVT Thomas Theodore Hart, USA
PVT William Alney Harvey, USA
PVT Chester A. Hatchie, USA
PVT Goldie Hawkins, USA
PVT McKinley Hawkins, USA
PCT Walter Hawkins, USA
PVT Frank Hayes, USA
PVT Lewis Leon Heard, USA
PVT Samuel Cicero Heard, USA
PVT Talmadge Homer Heard, USA
MECH Joseph Eugene Hembree, USA
PVT Rochester Henry, USA
PVT James Ferrell Herren, USA
PVT Richard Franklin Herren, USA
PVT Reginald A. Herrin, USA
PVT Maurice Francis Herring, USA
PVT Frank Hickman, USA
PVT Alonzo Hicks, USA
PVT Elisha Hicks, USA
PVT Frank Amos Hicks, USA
PVT Hernando Desoto Hicks, USA
PVT Isaac Hicks, USA
PVT Isom Hicks, USA
PVT Henry Isaac Hicks, USA
PVT Johnie Hicks, USA
PVT Lewis Ervin Hicks, USA
PVT Marion Vernon Hicks, USA
PVT Milton Reed Hicks, USA
PVT Phil Hicks, USA
PVT Sebastian Hicks, USA
PVT Walter Hicks, USA
PVT Walter Bernard Hicks, USA
PVT Wilton Hicks, USA
PVT James Higgins, USA
PVT Douglas F. Highlender, USA
PVT George Hill, USA
PVT Orville Hill, USA
PVT Sam Hill, USA
PVT Thomas B. Hilton, USA
PVT Henry Wilson Hines, USA
PVT Hulon Hunter Hines, USA
PVT Vernon Loveless Hines, USA
PVT Lonnie Hodge, USA
PVT James Arthur Hodge, USA
PVT Henry Holden, USA
PVT George Lamar Holliday, USA
PVT Frank Lester Holliday, USA
PVT Oliver Marion Holliday, USA
PVT Richard White Holliday, USA
PVT Sam Hollis, USA
PVT Henry Holts, USA
PVT McKinley Holts, USA
PVT William Holts, USA
PVT Robert Lee Horton, USA
PVT James Houston, USA
PVT William Houston, USA
PVT Simon Hopkins, USA
PVT Walter Brown Howard, USA
PVT Charles Wallace Hubbard, USA
PVT Esco Hubbard, USA
PVT Eligah Hubbard, USA
PVT Lewis Hubbard, USA
PFC Malcolm M. Hubbard, USA
PVT Shelby M. Hubbard, USA
PVT Sidney Allen Hubbard, USA
TSGT Sidney James Hubbard, USA (also WWII)
PVT Lish Hudson, USA
PVT Alfred Hunt, USA
PVT Levi Hunt, USA
PVT George David Hunt, USA
PVT Cecil J. Hunt, USA
PVT Eddie Hunter, USA
PVT Emerson Hunter, USA
PVT George Hunter, USA
PVT Isaac Hunter, USA
PVT Isaiah Hunter, USA
PVT James Hunter, USA
PVT Romeo Hunter, USA
PVT Fenton Lafayette Husbands, USA
PVT Jesse Milton Husbands, USA
PVT William Ernest Husbands, USA
PVT James B. Hutchins, USA
PVT Luster Penn Hutchins, USA
PVT Morgan Hutchins Jr., USA
PVT Paul J. Hutchins, USA
PVT Samuel B. Hutchins Jr., USA
PVT Samuel Eugene Hutchins, USA
PVT Thomas Dillon Hutchins, USA
PVT Alonza Hutton, USA
PVT Durward Inabnet, USA
PVT Bullrey Jackson, USA
PVT Christopher Jackson, USA
PVT Henry Jackson, USA
PVT Jerry Jackson, USA
PVT Walter Jackson, USA
PVT Willard Jackson, USA
PVT William Jackson, USA
PVT Edward Jacobs, USA
PVT Ernest Jacobs, USA
PVT Frank Jacobs, USA
PVT Howell Jacobs, USA
PVT John Henry Jacobs, USA
PVT Lee January, USA
PVT Earmon Jasper, USA
PVT Theophilus Thomas Jasper, USA
PVT Robert R. Jemerson, USA
PVT Alfred Jenkins, USA
PVT Johnnie Thomas Jobe, USA
PVT Robert W. Jobe, USA
PVT Willie Jobe, USA
PVT Alex Johnson, USA
PVT Bennie Johnson, USA
PVT Ed Johnson, USA
PVT Eddie Johnson, USA
PFC Ira Johnson, USA
PVT Magnelia Johnson, USA
PVT Mike Johnson, USA
PVT Robert Johnson, USA
PVT Sylvester Johnson, USA
PVT Ulysses Simpson Johnson, USA
PVT Willie Johnson, USA
PVT Carter Jones, USA
PVT Floyd Jones, USA
PVT Henry Efron Jones, USA
PVT Isiah Jones, USA
PVT John Henry Jones, USA
PVT Louis Sumner Jones, USA
PVT Robert Jones, USA
PVT Rufus Jones, USA
PVT Sylvester Jones, USA
PVT Edgar Jordan. USA
PVT James Jordan, USA
PVT Phil Jordan, USA
PVT Jerry Jordan, USA
PVT Daniel Kelker, USA
PVT Grover Kelker, USA
PVT Louis Kelker, USA
PVT Samuel Kelker, USA
PVT Leon Kelley, USA
PVT James Kelley, USA
PVT George Kelly, USA
PVT Marshall Kelly, USA
PVT Robert Bynell Kelly, USA
PVT Edward Kilcrease, USA
PVT Oscar Kilcrease, USA
PVT Will Kilcrease, USA
PVT Luther Davis King, USA
PVT Oscar Arlington King, USA
PVT Bob Kinney, USA
PVT Eugene Folkes Kline, USA
PVT Julius Knight, USA
PVT Cass Landers, USA
PVT Henry Charles Landers, USA
PVT Horse Ready Landers, USA
PVT Charles Lanier, USA
PVT Lonnie Lanier, USA
PVT Mathew U. Larson, USA
PVT Charles Edward Latimer, USA
PVT Nathaniel Wilson Latimer, USA
PVT Robert Brown Latimer, USA
PVT Wilson Walden Latimer, USA
PVT Alonzo Lee, USA
PVT Daniel Lee, USA
PVT Ernest Lee, USA
PVT Fred Whitaker Lee, ___
PVT Fitzhugh Stuart Lee, USA
PVT James Lee, USA
PVT Leon Lee, USA
PVT Bemis Lewis, USA
PVT Benjamin Robert Lewis, USA
PVT Arthur Thompson Liddell, USA
PVT Jesse Thompson Liddell, USA
PVT Joel Liddell, USA
PVT John Rosemond Liddell, USA
PVT Joseph J. Liddell, USA
PVT Murean Liddell, USA
PVT William Ramsey Liddell, USA
PVT Zee Liddell, USA
PVT Claude Lighter, USA
PVT Eddie Lighter, USA
PVT Lonnie Linear, USA
PVT Austin Little, USA
PVT Edwin B. Little, USA
PVT William Kirby Little, USA
PVT Edgar C. Lloyd, USA
PVT Clifton Lofton, USA
PVT James Gordon Lott, USA
PVT Albert Sidney Lowe, USA
PVT Jim Lowe Jr., USA
PVT Learned Houston Lowe, USA
PVT George Walter Luster Jr., USA
PVT Jessie Luster, USA
CPT Dr. Miles J. Luster, USA MEDCORPS
PVT Miles Roddy Luster, USA
PVT Walter Barton Luster, USA
PVT Lawrence W. Lyle Sr., USA
PVT Joe Lyles, USA
PVT Sharkey Lyles, USA
PVT Felix Mack, USA
PVT Henry Mack Jr., USA
PVT Levi Magee, USA
PVT Arthur Mallett, USA
PVT Edd Mallett, USA
PVT Edd Mallett Jr., USA
PVT Eliga Mallett, USA
PVT Lee Mallett, USA
PVT Leon Mallett, USA
PVT Lonzo Mallett, USA
PVT Louis Mallett, USA
PVT William Mallett, USA
PVT George Manual, USA
PVT George Marshall, USA
PVT Lonnie Marshall, USA
PVT Walter Marshall, USA
PVT Robert Martin, USA
PVT Sam Martin, USA
PVT W. Y. Martin, USA
PVT Thurston Marion Mathes, USA
PVT Charlie Ross Mathews, USA
PVT Frank Myers Mathews, USA
PVT Excell Mathews, USA
PVT James W. Mathews, USA
PVT John D. Mathews, USA
PVT William McKinley Mathews, USA
PVT Thomas Moore Mattis, USA
PVT Burnie Mays, USA
PVT Charlie McArthur, USA
PVT Teddie T. McCall, USA
PVT Judge McCalip, USA
PVT Tom McCalpin, USA
PVT G. Lum McCay Sr., USA
PVT Robert B. McCay, USA
PVT John R. McCoy, USA
PVT Tom McCoy, USA
PVT Allen McDonald, USA
PVT Loyal McFarlin, USA
PVT Albert McGee, USA
PVT John W. McGee, USA
PVT Alfred McGrigg, USA
PVT Marvin McGrigg, USA
PVT Sam McGrigg, USA
PVT Albert Wise McGuffee, ___
PVT Guy Hutchins McGuffee, USA
PVT John Merry McGuffee, USA
PVT Clifton McKenzie, USA
PVT Reuben McKenzie, USA
PVT Love Shelby McKey, USA
LCDR Frank L. McLemore, USN (also WWII and   Korea)
PVT Harry Lawrence McNair, USA
PVT Vernon E. McNair, USA
PVT Charles McNeal, USA
PVT Joe McNeal, USA
PVT Oscar McNeal, USA
PVT Willie McNeal, USA
PVT Clarence McNeil, USA
PVT James McPherson, USA
PVT O. P. McPherson, USA
PVT Arthur Miller, USA
PVT Douglas Miller, USA
PVT Henry Miller, USA
PVT Isaac Miller, USA
PVT John Miller, USA
PVT Percy Miller, USA
PVT Tom Miller, USA
PVT Will Miller, USA
PVT Willie Miller, USA
PVT Robert Mims, USA
PVT Van Minnefield, USA
PVT Amas Mixon, USA
PVT Diamond Mixon, USA (also WWII)
PVT Ernest Lenwood Mixon, USA
PVT Willis James Mixon, USA
PVT Ben McClellan Mobley, USA
PVT Bryan Mobley, USA
PVT Carrie Vaton Mobley, USA
PVT Coleman Robert Mobley, USA
PVT Commadore Dewey Mobley, USA
PVT DeWitt Clinton Mobley, USA
S1 Floyd Mobley Sr., USN
PVT Gilbert Mobley, USA
PVT Marion Leon Mobley, USA
PVT Preston Lee Mobley, USA (also WWII)
PVT Walter Mobley, USA
MECH James Vernon Mohon, USA
PVT Shelley Mohon, USA
PVT John Wesley Moler, USA
PVT George Moody, USA
PVT James Moody, USA
PVT Grover Moody, USA
PVT Albert Lee Mooneyham, USA
PVT James Moore, USA
PVT John Moore, USA
PVT Mason Moore, USA
PVT Manual Moore, USA
PVT Phil Moore, USA
PVT Elige Morgan, USA
PVT John Morgan, USA
PVT Jack Morris, USA
PVT Lamar Morris, USA
PVT Webb Morris, USA
PVT Willie Morris, USA
PVT Daniel Percy Morrison, USA
PVT Daniel Thomas Morrison, USA
PVT Fred D. Morrison, USA
PVT Fred Douglas Morrow, USA
PVT Peter Malter Morrow Jr., USA
PVT Clarence Powell Moss, USA
PVT Leighton George Moss, USA
PVT Thaddeus Walker Moss, USA
PVT Sammie Myers, USA
PVT Richard Myles, USA
PVT Joseph Napoleon, USA
PVT John Napp, USA
PVT Allen Neal, USA
PVT Allie Neal, USA
PVT Cleveland Neal, USA
PVT Cooper Neal Jr., USA
PVT Cullie Neal, USA
PVT Dell Neal, USA
PVT Edward E. Neal, USA
PVT Eligah Neal, USA
PVT Henry Neal, USA
PVT James Everett Neal, USA
PVT Lewis Neal, USA
PVT Sam Neal, USA
PVT Seymour Neal, USA
PVT Eddie Neel, USA
PVT James Wesley Neel, USA
SGT Hamlett C. Neill, USA (KIA 1918)
PVT Clarence Nelson, USA
PVT Dalpus Nelson, USA
PVT Judge Nelson, USA
PVT Willie Martin Nelson, USA
ELC Otto Bernhardt Nelson, USN
PVT Spurgen Newell, USA
PVT Ben Franklin Newman, USA
PVT Charles Hooper Newman, USA
PVT Charly Newman, USA
PVT Hubbard Newman, USA
PVT Roger Newman, USA
PVT Talmage Newman, USA
PVT Willard O. Newman, USA (also WWII)
SGT Baldwin Mimms Newsome, USA
PVT George Washington Newsome, USA
PVT Harry Carson Newsome, USA
PVT William Helmer Newsome, USA
PVT Bolivar Nixon, USA
PVT Charlie Wall Nixon, USA
PFC Clark Randolph (Dudy) Noble, USA
PVT James Edward Noble, USA
PVT Charles Dudley Noble, USA
PVT John Lindsey Noble, USA
PVT Manlius Wirt Noble, USA
PVT William Leslie Noble, USA
PVT Louis Noel, USA
PVT Archie Nolan, USA
PVT Lonnie Nolan Jr., USA
PVT Pat Laden Owen, USA
PVT Walter Dougal Owen, USA
PVT William Monroe Owen, USA
PVT Christopher Owens, USA
PVT Arthur Page, USA (also WWII)
PVT Bill Page, USA
PFC Bluford F. Page, USA (also WWII)
PVT Dallas Mitchell Page, USA
PVT George Page, USA
PVT John Edward Page, USA
PFC Lucious Page, USA
PVT Luther William Page, USA
PVT Mark Page, USA
PVT Nelson Page, USA
PVT Clint Pain, USA
PVT A. G. Parker, USA
PVT Joseph W. Parker, USA
PVT Lucious D. Parker, USA
PVT Joseph Grady Parks, USA
PVT Miles Marvin Parks, USA
PVT Newton Berry Parrett, USA
PVT Raleigh Pendleton, USA
PVT Kennie Pernell, USA
PVT Ernest M. Perkins, USA
PVT Frederick Grady Peyton, USA
PVT Allen Lee Phelan, USA
PVT James Charles Mandeville Phipps, USA
HORSESHOER Arthur James Pickett, USA
PVT Fred Newman Pickett, USA
PVT Golie Lincoln Pickett, USA
PVT Robert B. Pickett, USA
CPL Thomas T. Pleasants, USA (also WWII)
PVT Aaron Pollard, USA
PVT Cornelius Vanderbilt Pollard, USA
PVT Dock Pollard Jr., USA
PVT Shea Pollard Sr., USA
PVT William Bryan Pollard, USA
PVT Samuel W. Powell, USA
PVT Cecil Powers, USA
PVT Frank Powers, USA
PVT Fred Powers, USN
PVT Johnnie E. Powers, USA
ENS Oscar C. Powers, USN
PVT Robert B. Powers, USA
PVT Sam F. Powers, USA
PVT Terrell Powers, USA
PVT Walter H. Powers, USA
PVT Amos Price, USA
PVT Archie Lee Price Jr., USA
PVT Errol Tom Price, USA
PVT Harry Eugene Price, USA
PVT Linton Earl Price, USA
PVT Reuben Dodson Price Sr., USA
PVT Solomon Colbert Price, USA
PVT Will A. Price, USA
PVT Ernest Eugene Puckett, USA
PVT Lenn McCrey Puckett, USA
PVT Oscar Hubbard Puckett, USA
PVT Mahlon Alexander Puckett, USA
PVT Eugene McAfee Ragan, USA
PVT Carl Rather, USA
PVT Claude Trawick Rather, USA
PVT John D. Rather, USA
PVT A. J. Ratliff, USA
PVT Sam William Ratliff, USA
PVT Curtis Rawls, USA
PVT Luke Rawls, USA
PVT Tom Rawls, USA
PVT John Reaves, USA
PVT Reed Redfield, USA
PVT Buck Eligah Reed, USA
PVT Charles Wesley Reed, USA
PVT Henry Milton Reed, USA
PVT Willie Shelton Reed, USA
PVT Sidney Luster Regan, USA
PVT John Silvey Rhodes, USA
PVT James Rials, USA
PVT James P. Richard, USA
PVT William Richard, USA
PVT Clem Richardson, USA
PVT A. B. Richmond, USA
S2 Robert Jacob Rick, USN
PVT Henry Benjamin Rigby, USA
PVT Benton Lawrence Riggin, USA
PVT John DeWitt Riggin, USA
PVT Marcus Kent Riggin, USA (also WWII)
PVT Robert Henry Riggin, USA
PVT Samuel Warren Riggin, USA
PVT Sidney Warren Riggin, USA (also WWII)
PVT Thomas Benton Riggin, USA
PVT Tony Roach, USA
PVT Willie Roach, USA
PVT Albert Robb, USA
PVT Efram Roberson, USA
PVT Joe Roberson, USA
PVT Oscar Roberson, USA
PVT Albert Robertson, USA
PVT D. T. Robertson, USA
PVT Willis Robertson, USA
PVT Arthur Robinson, USA
PVT Ed Robinson, USA
PVT Edgar Robinson, USA
PVT Eugene Robinson, USA
PVT George Robinson, USA
PVT Man Robinson, USA
PVT Milo Robinson, USA
PVT Oscar Robinson, USA
CPL Shelby Marshall Robinson, USA
PVT Walter Robinson, USA
PVT Will Robinson, USA
PVT William Robinson, USA
PVT Eugene Robison, USA
PVT Ethan Rosbun, USA
PVT Willie Rose, USA
PVT Aaron Roseman, USA
PVT Arthur Ross, USA
PVT Carson Ross, USA
PVT Ernest Ross, USA
PVT Eugene Ross, USA
PVT George Shelby Ross, USA
PVT John Tillman Ross, USA
PVT Kelley Ross, USA
PVT Lee Ross, USA
PVT Richard Ross, USA
PVT Sylvester Ross, USA
PVT Walter Ross, USA
PVT William Ross, USA
PVT Freddy Dowe Russell, USA
PVT Robert David Russell, USA
PVT Frank Sadler, USA
PVT Collie Sampson, USA
PVT Josiah Joseph Sampson, USA
PVT Mack Sampson, USA
PVT Nelce Sampson, USA
PVT Pink Sampson, USA
PVT Prince Sampson, USA
PVT Albert Sanders, USA
PVT Arthur Garfield Sanders, USA
PVT Henry Sanders, USA
PVT Louis Sanders, USA
PVT William Henry Sanders, USA
PVT William Harper Sarrett, USA
PVT Archie Scott, USA
PVT Cicero Scott, USA
PVT Clyde Clarence Scott, USA
PVT John Scott, USA
S2 Floyd Marion Scott, USN
PVT Norvell Robert Scout, USA
S2 Rob Roy Scott, USN
PVT Aaron Seaton, USA
PVT Dessie Seaton, USA
PVT Lewis Seaton, USA
PVT Robert Franklin Seaton, USA
PVT Clarence Sellman, USA
PVT Peter Sellman, USA
PVT J. Kellar Shaifer, USA
PVT Erwin Shears, USA
PVT James Shears, USA
PVT Joseph Shears, USA
PVT Clarence W. Shelton, USA
PVT Mabry G. Shelton, USA
SGT George Whitfield Simmons Sr., USN
PVT George Simpson, USA
SGT Eugene Sims, USA
PVT John Andrew Sims, USA
PVT Sam Edwin Skipworth, USA
PVT Alex Smith, USA
PVT Andrew Smith, USA
PVT Carl Smith, USA
PVT Clemmie Smith, USA
SGT Clifton Allen Smith, USA (KIA 1918)
PVT Cornelius Smith, USA
PVT Dr. David S. Smith, USA
PVT George W. Smith, USA
PVT Hilton Lacy Smith, USA
PVT Horace Smith, USA
PVT Luther D. Smith, USA
PVT Manual Smith, USA
PVT Samuel Smith, USA
PVT Shep Smith, USA
PVT William Smith, USA
PVT Will F. Smith, USA
PVT Newyless E. Snodgrass, USA
PVT Ivy Howard Stampley, USA
PVT Walter Luster Stampley, USA
PVT Boisy Stamps, USA
PVT Gus Stamps, USA
PVT James Stamps, USA
PVT John Stamps, USA
PVT Marcellus Stamps, USA
PVT Oscar Stamps, USA
PVT Richard Stamps, USA
PVT Thomas Stamps, USA
PVT Uggie Lewis Stamps Sr., USA
PVT William Stamps, USA
PVT William Ephraim Standifer, USA
PVT Dove Stapleton, USA
PVT Jack Stapleton, USA
PVT Hamic Steed Jr. USA
PVT Forest Stemage, USA
PVT John Stemage, USA
PVT William Robert Stephens, USA
PVT Albert Stevenson, USA
PVT Hugh Finley Stevenson, USA
PVT Reed Stevenson, USA
PVT Samuel Theodore Stevenson, USA
PVT David Stokes, USA
CPT Norris Girstle Story, USA
PVT Francis Davis Stovall, USA
PVT Alex Stroden, USA
PVT Charles H. Strong, USA
PVT Clifton Charles Strong, USA
PVT Fred Anderson Strong, USA
PVT George Guise Strong, USA
PVT Graves Kelley Strong, USA
PVT Jesse Everett Strong, USA
PVT Joseph W. Strong, USA
PVT Luther Alonzo Strong, USA
PVT Patrick Henry Strong, USA
PVT Robert B. Strong, USA
PVT Tommie Strong, USA
PVT Willis Strong, USA
PVT Wilmer Allen Strong, USA
PVT Rayford Stubblefield, USA
PVT Will Stubblefield, USA
PVT Clifton Joe Stubbs, USA
PVT Elon Anderson Stubbs, USA
PVT Henry Isaac Stubbs, USA
PVT John Allen Stubbs, USA
PVT William Harkley Stubbs, USA
PVT Clarence Sturges, USA
PVT Fred Stiles, USA
PVT Lake Stiles, USA
PVT Robert William Stiles, USA
PVT Sam Sublett, USA
PFC Elmer A. Summers, USA (also WWII)
PVT James Sutter, USA
PVT William Sutter, USA
PVT William Harry Sutter, USA
PVT Dick Sweezer, USA
PVT Andrew Taylor, USA
PVT Lonzo Taylor, USA
PFC Reginald V. Taylor, USA
PVT Alexis Holtzclaw Templeton, USA
PVT Everett Samuel Templeton, USA
PVT Fred James Templeton, USA
PVT Hugh Dickson Templeton, USA
PVT Jesse Elbert Templeton, USA
PVT Judge C. Templeton, USA
PVT Sie (Silas) Terrell, USA
PVT Thomas Terrell, USA
PVT Helan Terry, USA
PVT Jimmie Terry, USA
PVT Wallace Terry, USA
PVT William Terry, USA
PVT Alonzo Thomas, USA
PVT Charlie Thomas, USA
PVT Eddie Thomas, USA
PVT Grant Thomas, USA
PVT Henry Thomas, USA
PVT John Thomas, USA
PVT Lewis Thomas, USA
PVT Mathew Thomas, USA
PVT Robert Thomas, USA
PVT Robert Thomas, USA
PVT Seymour Thomas, USA
PVT Tom Thomas, USA
PVT William Thomas, USA
PFC Willie Thomas, USA
PVT Levie Thompson, USA
PVT William Carey Thompson, USA
PVT William Monroe Thompson, USA
PVT Durward G. Thornton, USA
PVT Robert W. Thornton, USA
SSGT Fowler Tinsley, USA
1st SGT Hugh B. Tinsley, USA
CPL Esco Tompkins, USA (KIA 1918)
PVT Frank Jacob Tompkins, USA
PVT Golie Tompkins, USA
PVT Grover Cleveland Tompkins Jr., USA
PVT Henry Bascom Tompkins, USA
PVT John Milton Tompkins, USA
PVT Oscar Owen Tompkins, USA (KIA 1918)
PVT Phip Torry, USA
PVT Calvin M. Turner, USA
PVT Clarence Turner, USA
PVT Emanuel Turner, USA
PVT Freeman Turner, USA
PVT Richard Turner, USA
PVT Will Turner, USA
PVT William Turner, USA
PVT Daniel Vaughan, USA
PVT James William Vaughan, USA
PVT John Roy Vaughan, USA
PVT Milton Clay Vaughan, USA
PVT Paul Vaughan, USA
PVT Walter Warren Vaughan, USA
USA Charles Wade, USA
USA Percy Wade, USA
USA Peter Wade, USA
USA Silas Wade, USA
USA Clarence Wallace, USA
PVT James O. Wallace, USA
PVT Jesse Thornton Wallace, USA
PVT Albert Washington, USA
PVT Emmett Washington, USA
WAGONER Harry Washington, USA
PVT Jesse Washington, USA
PVT Lee A. Washington, USA
PVT Monroe Washington, USA
PVT Clarence Watson, USA
PVT Ed Watson, USA
PVT Rich Watson, USA
PVT Ernest Watts, USA
PVT Lynch Watts, USA
PVT Robert Watts, USA
PVT Rembert Collis Webb, USA
PVT Robert Anderson Webb, USA
MCH Bland Weekley, USA
PVT James Terrell Weeks, USA
PVT Robert Bishop Weeks, USA
PVT Truly Weems, USA
PVT George Welch, USA
PVT Sam Welch, USA
PVT Arthur Wheatley, USA
PVT Will Wheatley, USA
PVT Ed Whitaker, USA
PVT Henry Whitaker, USA
PVT Isaac Whitaker, USA
PVT James Whitaker, USA
PVT Ashburn Reid White, USA
PVT Fred Perry White, USA
PVT Henry White, USA
PVT Willie White, USA
PVT Troy Leon Whittington, USA
PVT Walter Whittington, USA
PVT Lucas Wiggins, USA
PVT Austin Wilkerson, USA
PVT George Wilkerson, USA
PVT Ford G. Wilkins, USA
PVT Walter R. Wilkins, USA
PVT Wiley Barlow Wilkins, USA
PVT Albert Williams, USA
PVT Alford Williams, USA
PVT Anthony Williams, USA
PVT Ben Williams, USA
PVT Charlie Williams, USA
PVT Earnest Williams, USA
PVT Emmett Leon Williams, USA
PVT Frank Williams, USA
PVT Fred Williams, USA
PVT Graves Kelley Williams, USA
PVT Henry Williams, USA
PVT Henry Pellom Williams, USA
PVT Homer Williams, USA
PVT Ike Williams, USA
PVT Jesse Williams, USA
PVT Jessie Williams, USA
PVT Jim Williams, USA
PVT Joe D. Williams, USA
PVT Johnnie Williams, USA
PVT Josh Williams, USA
PVT Marshall Ney Williams, USA
PVT Nathan Williams, USA
PVT Robert Williams, USA
PVT Sam Williams, USA
PVT Samuel Isaiah Williams, USA
PVT Willie W. Williams, USA
PVT Anderson Willis, USA
PVT Doc Willis, USA
PVT Cicero Wilson, USA
PVT George Burwell Wilson, USA
PVT John Wilson Jr., USA
PVT Irwin Lewis Wimberly, USA
PVT Aussie Wince, USA
PVT Lester Wise, USA
PVT Warren Holliday Wise, USA
PVT Frank H. Womack, USA
PVT Johnnie Isaac Wood, USA
PVT Jesse Woodall, USA
PVT Orange Woodley, USA
PVT Percy Woodruff, USA
PVT Clarence Hulbert Woods, USA
PVT Clyde C. Woods, USA
PVT Jesse Woods, USA
PVT Armond Lloyd Worrell, USA
PVT Frederick Clifton Worrell, USA
PVT John Graham Worrell, USA
WAGONER Lawrence McNair Worrell, USA,   died of his wounds in 1929
PVT John Wright Jr., USA
PVT George Wyche, USA
PVT James Wyche, USA
PVT William Wyche, USA
PVT Sam Yancy, USA
PVT Arthur Gorman Yates, USA
PVT Henry Yates, USA
PVT Jerome Boneparte Yates, USA
PVT Joe G. Yates, USA
PVT Lester Yates, USA
PVT Stonewall Yates, USA
PVT Talbot Baldwin Yates, USA
PVT William Luster Yates, USA
PVT Albert Young, USA
PVT Flint Young, USA
PVT Henry Young, USA
PVT Lewis Young, USA

      WORLD WAR II (935)
NOTE: "___" = rank unknown

____James H. Adams, USA
____Marvin G. Abel, USA
____Fulton Ails, USA
____Robert Miles Ainsworth, USA
PVT Hobson Allen, USA (also WWI)
SSGT Arnold J. Ammons, USA
____Milton Applebaum, USA
____Henry Atkins, USA
____Floyd Baggett, USA
____Bennie Earl Baker, USA
____Thomas J. Banks, USA
____Curtis Bankston, USA
CPL Lumbley Miller Bankston, USN (also Korea)
PVT Willie Bankston, USA
MSGT Ernest Barlow, USA
____Johnie S. Barlow, USA
PFC Robert T. Barlow, USA
TEC5 Louis Samuel Barnes, USA
____Luther Barns, USA
S2 James Wilson Bass, USN
S1 Jeff Davis Bass, USN
____Albert M. Batton, USA
____William A. Baxley, USA
____Harry Lee Beacham, USMC
____Alfred Beale, USA
____Louie Beale, USN
____Ernest Milton Beasley, USA
SSGT Herman Beasley, USAAC (KIA 1944)
____Johnie C. Beasley, USA
____Kathryn Beasley (Lloyd), USA
____L. J. Beasley, USMC
____Lloyd R. Beasley, USN
____Murray Beasley, USA
PVT Walter Clifton Beasley, USA (also WWI)
PFC Henry W. Beaube Jr., USA
____Earl Beck Jr., USA
____Jasper Nelson Beck, USA
____Henry Mathew Beecham, USA
PVT Willie Beecham, USA
PVT Augusta Bell, USA
CPL Sam L. Bell, USA
____David Bennett, USA
CDR Frank E. Berry Jr., USN (also Korea)
____Allen Berryhill, USN
____Charles D. Berryhill, USA
PVT Daniel Thomas Berryhill, USA (also WWI)
____James A. Berryhill, USA
TEC5 Mathew Poole Berryhill, USA
____Hugh Wilson Berryhill, USN
____Arthur James Bingham, USA
____Gilbert Birks, USA
____Carl Dewitt Bishop Jr., USN
STM2 Sainte Claire Bland, USN
____John Riley Boldebook, USA
MSGT Roscoe (Rusty) Bolding, USA
____Roosevelt Bolls, USA
____Cason Booth, USA
____Clifton Jewel Booth, USA (KIA 1943)
____Percy Booth, USA
____Sidney Booth, USA
TEC5 Homer C. Boyd Sr., USA
MSGT James Benjamin Boyd, USA (also Korea)
____Joel A. Boyd, USA
____John Franklin Boyd Jr., USA
____Sam Boyd, USA
____Charles Robert Brady Jr., USA
____Marcus Eugene Bragg, USA
____Oliver Perry Brannon, USA
CPT Dr. R. A. Brannon, US MedCorps
CMDR Erle Breeden, USA (also Korea)
PVT Ernest H. Breeden, USN
PVT Hayward Breeden, USA
PVT Gordon Breeden, USA
PVT John E. Breeden, USA
LTC Melvin Joseph Breeden Sr., USAAC
CPT Nell Breeden, USWAC
AEM2 Ernest Hayward Breeden, USN
____Gorden Ben Breeden, USA
____M. L. Brewer, USA
____Allen Broadwater, USA
____Elmond Broadwater, USA
____Collins Eugene Brock, USA (also WWI)
____Jesse E. Brock Jr., USA
____John L. Brock, USA
CPL Zack Lamar Brock Jr., USAAC (KIA 1945)
____J. D. Broome, USA
____John L. Broome, USA
____Lamar Green Broome, USA
____Louis Watson Broome, USN
____M. L. Broome, USN
PVT Zack Broome, USA
____Alfred J. Brown, USA
CPL Ellis Woodrow Brown, USA (KIA 1943)
____Isiah Brown, USA
____Jessie Brown Jr., USN
____Jim Newton Brown Sr., USCG
QM Rev. John Lee Brown, USA
SGT John P. Brown, USA
PFC Shilo Brown Jr., USA
____Willie Brown, USA
____W. Howard Bryan, USA (also Korea)
____William J. Buford, USA (also WWI)
____Nute Bunch, USN
____Joe Burnett, USA
____Waller Ray Burnett, USA
____J. W. Burnley, USA
PFC Mark H. Burnley, USA
PVT William Burnley, USA
____Lee Burns, USA
____Willie Burns, USA
____Jessie L. Burse, USA
____Joe Lewis Burnside, USA
____L. D. Bush, USA
PVT Marvin E. Butts, USA
S1C Thomas Calvin Butts, USN
____William Earl Butts, USN
____Rev. Henry L. Byrd, USA
____Willie Byrd, USA
____James Cage, USA (POW)
____James Preston Cagle Sr., USA
____Thomas Cagle, USA
____William Leonard (Jim) Cagle, USA
____George J. Cain Jr., USN
A/S William Earl Cain, USN
S1 Horace Leslie Callender, USCG
SSGT Hubbard Lee Callender, USN (also        Korea and Vietnam)
____Robert Birchett Callender, USA
PVT Nelson Canada, USA
____William H. Canada, USN
CSFC Betty C. Bankston Carlin, USWAVES
____Gerald Bolton Carmichael, USA
____Archie Lee Carraway, USA
____Dayton Clifford Carraway, USA
____Hubert Fletcher Carraway, USN
____John Earl Carraway, USN
CPO Kermit Carraway Sr., USN (KIA 1941)
____Richard White Carraway Jr., USMC
____Thomas D. Carraway, USN
____Caston Carroll, USA
PVT Harris Carson Jr., USA
PVT Laws C. Carson, USA
PVT Louis Carson Jr., USA
PVT Charlie Raymond Carter, USA
PVT Edward D. Carter, USA
PVT John H. Carter, USA
PVT Leonard Carter, USA
PVT Levaughn Carter, USA
PVT Loyd Carter, USA
PVT Nathaniel Carter, USN
PVT Willie Carter, USN
PVT Leon Casey, USA
____Willie Andrew Casey, USN
____Robert B. Cassidy, USA
____Herman Lewis Caston, USA
____Jack Conway Caston, USA
PVT Eli Catchings, USA
____Eugene Cessna, USA
____Francis W. Cessna, USA
____James Colbert Cessna, USA
PFC Patrick Henry Cessna, USA
____Robert Cessna, USA
CSG3 Shelby Lamar Cessna, USN
____Lewis W. Chamberlain Sr., USN
____Joe Elbert Channell, USA
____Troy Willard Channell, USA
____Ira B. Chapman, USAAC
____Jesse Edmund Chapman Jr., USA
PVT Theron Inabnet Chapman, USA
____Sidney C. Chappell Sr., USN
____Hal Alexander Charles, USA
CPL Hampton Canoy Clark, USMC
____John L. Clark, USA
____John W. Clements, USN
____W. T. Coalter, USA
PVT Will Cole, USA
____Freddie Lee Coleman, USA
____Marion Templeton Coleman, USA
PVT Samuel Coleman, USA
____William Henry Coleman, USA
LT William Ray Coleman, USAAC
PVT Walter Collier, USA
CPL Carl Graves Collins, USAAC
S1C Haywood Collins, USN
____Joseph Thomas Collins, USA
PVT Moses Collins, USA
PVT Ned Collins, USA
PVT Oscar Collins, USA
____Rufus Robert Collins, USN
____Walice Field Collins, USA
S1C Willie Collins, USN
TEC5 William Stanley Collins, USA (KIA 1944)
PVT George Conner Sr., USA
PVT John Conner, USA
PVT William Conner, USA
SGT John G. Cook, USA (also Korea)
____Nathan Hawkins Cook, USA
SGT Russell F. Cook Jr., USA
____Sherwood Cook, USA
PFC Edman Cooper, USA
____Johnie B. Cooper, USA
____Robert Lee Cooper, USA
PFC Frank Edwin Coughran, USA
____Russell Glen Coulter, USA
____Eugene Narvele Coutch, USA
____James Coutch, USA
____Hugh Covington Jr., USA
____Nevitte Covington, USA
____Clyde Cecil Cox, USA
____Hugh Elmer Cranfield, USN
____Albert Benjamin Crawford Jr., USA
____Jeff D. Crisler, USA
PVT Johnnie Griffin Cross, USA
PFC Arnold Lamar Currie, USA
____Beverly Currie, USA
____Herman Tracey Currie, USA
PVT Rollin Virgil Currie Jr., USMC
____Ruffle Currie, USA
____Stephen Douglas Currie Jr., USN
____Zackie Currie, USA
A1C Elijah C. (Bud) Curtis, USAAC
____Jack W. Curtis, USA
PFC Leonard C. Curtis, USA
CPL Lee Jack Curtis Jr., USAAC
____Reginald Curtis, USA (also WWI)
PFC Robert Curtis Sr., USA
PVT Robert Eugene Curtis, USA
SSGT Harold Gene Dalhart, USA
PFC Wilbert Darty, USA
____Daniel Webster Davenport, USN
S1C Arthur Davis, USN
S1C Columbus Davis, USN
PVT Eddie Willie Davis, USA
PFC Essie Davis, USA
PVT James Davis, USA
S1C Joel Davis, USN
PFC Johnny A. Davis, USA
PVT John D. Davis, USA
SGT John Sylvester Davis, USA
CADET Lloyd Byron Davis, USAAC (KIA 1942)
PVT M. L. Davis, USA
____Milton Hardy Davis, USA
____Stanley L. Davis, USA
____Thomas Jefferson Davis, USA
____Tommie Benard Davis, USA
____Walter Lamar Davis, USAAC
PVT William Davis, USA
PVT Worley Lorenza Davis, USA
____Harvey E. Dean, USA
TSGT Max Henry (Jake) Dean, USA
____John Earl Dear, USA
SFC John Clifton Dendy, USA (also Korea and  Vietnam)
PVT James A. Dillon Jr., USA
PVT Andrew Dixon, USA
PVT Charlie Dixon, USA
PVT D. Y. Dixon, USA (also WWI)
PVT Elzie Dixon, USA
PVT Emmit Dixon, USA
PVT Ernest Willie Dixon, USN
PVT Herman Dixon, USAPFC J. D. Dixon, USA
PVT Jerry Dixon, USA
PVT Levy Dixon Jr., USA
TEC5 Marshall Dixon, USA
SSGT Mason Dixon, USA (also Korea)
SSGT Mims Dixon, USA
PVT Rollie Dixon, USA
PVT L. A. Dodson, USA (also Korea)
____Martin Doss Jr., USA
PVT Alvin P. Dowe, USA (POW)
____W. T. (Bill) Dowe, USA
PFC Charlie Downing, USA
____Clyde Eugene Downing, USA
____Ernest William Downing, USA
____M. L. Deberriere, USA
PFC Freddie Thomas Duncan, USA
____Johnnie Frank Durham, USA
S1C Leon W. Easter, USN
PVT Cleotha Easterling, USA
____Jesse Arnel Edwards, USA
____Brian W. Elkins, USA
____Bertis Delo (Jack) Ellis Jr., USN
S1C Caldwell Ellis, USN
____"Grizzo" Ellis, USA
MSGT Harvey Dewey Ellis, USMC
____Emmett, Griffin Emanuel, USA
____Dennis L. Epting, USA
____Calvin W. Ervin, USA
____Henry Malcolm Ervin, USMC
PVT Kenneth Ervin Sr., USA
____Ernest Tillman Ervin, USA
____Arthur Coleman Eubanks, USA
PVT Joe Eubanks, USA
PVT Grover Cleveland Evans, USA
PVT Joe Evans, USA
PVT Sainte Claire Evans, USA
____Aaron Calvin Ferguson, USA
SGT Gordon Pennington Ferguson, USA
PFC Laurin Stuart Ferguson, USAAC
PVT Dayton Fields, USA (KIA 1944)
____James W. Fields, USA
____John Wesley Fields, USA (KIA 1945)
PVT M. C. Fields, USA
PVT Shedwick Fields, USA
PVT Tyree Fields, USA
PVT Vernon Fields, USA
____Ben Fink, USN MedCorps
PVT L. C. Finley, USA
____Allen Fisher, USA
____Emery Franklin Fisher, USN (also WWI)
____Charlie Flowers Jr., USA
____Clifton Allen Flowers, USA
____Herbert Flowers, USA
____Lester Flowers, USA
PVT Watson Calhoun Flowers, USA
____Wiley Herbert Flowers, USA
PVT Abe Floyd, USAAC
____Charles Henry Floyd, USA
PFC Washington Floyd, USA
____Freddie L. Ford, USA
SGT Harvey Ray Ford, USA (KIA 1944)
PVT Lucious Ford, USA
PVT Odelle Ford, USA
____ Patrick (Pat) Ford, USA
TEC5 Reginald Leon Ford, USA
____Walter Eugene Ford, USA
PVT Rayfield Foster, USA
PVT Samuel Foster, USA
PVT Henry Frazier, USA
____Sybil Frisby, USA
____Joe Fulgham, USAAC
PVT Linnie Fulgham, USA
____Walter E. Fulton, USA
PFC Athen Lee Funchess, USA
PVT J. B. Funchess, USA
PVT Robert Funchess Jr., USA
____Walter R. Gandy, USA
TEC5 John Handy Garner, USA
____Edward Collette (Buster) Garrison, USA
S1C Robert Lee Gaston, USN
PVT Robert Green Gayle, USA
____Virgil L. Geiselman, USA
____Charles H. Gettis, USA
MAJ Walter H. Gibbes, USA
PVT Alex Gibson, USA
MSGT Alton Reavers Gibson, USA
____Ernest Gibson, USA
____Everett L. Gibson, USAAC
____M. C. Gibson, USA
SSGT Robert W. "Doby" Gibson, USA
____Norris Woodrow Gibson, USAAC
____Henry B. Gilbert, USAAC
____Leonard H. Gilbert, USAAC
S1C Charles Norman Gleason Jr., USN
CPL Colbert Fred Goings, USA
COL John R. Goodwin,USA
PVT Felix Grafton, USA
____Eddie Lamar Graham, USA
SP3 Ernest Murry Graham, USA
PVT John Wesley Graham, USA
TEC4 St. Luke Graham, USA
PFC Woodrow Graham, USA
____Wilson Grantham, USA
PVT Will Gray, USA
PVT Andrew Jackson Green, USA
PVT Ernest A. Green Jr., USA
PVT Jesse Green, USA
PVT Richard Green, USA
____Chester C. Greer, USAF
____James Greer, USA
____Rolly M. Greer, USA
____VanDyke Greer, USA
____Wiley B. Greer, USN
____Wiley George Greer, USA
QM3 Congressman Charles Hudson Griffin,USN
A1C Frank Griffin, USAAC
SGT Murray S. Griffin, USA
SC/1C Thomas Eugene Griffin, USN
____Herman Melville Haley, USA
____John C. Hamilton, USA
____Charles W. Hammond, USN
COL Robert Conrad Hammond Jr., USMC
CPL W. Eugene (Jeep) Hammond, USA
____Watson E. Hammond, USA
____A. John Hannon, USA
____Robert Hargrove, USA
PVT I. W. Harper, USN
PVT Willie Harper Jr., USA
PVT Sterling Harrell, USA (KIA 1944)
PVT Edward Harris, USA (also WWI)
PVT L. C. Harris, USN
PVT Nollie Harris, USN
PVT Robert Harris, USA
____William Conrad Harris Jr., USN
PVT Willis Harris Jr., USA
____Margaret Hubbard Harrison, Great Britain
____William A. Harrison, USA
____Otis Hawkins, USN
CPT George William Haynes, USMC
____Talmadge Homer Heard Jr., USMC
____Walter Hembree, USA
____O. C. Henderson, USA
MAJ Cecilia Marie Berry Hendrickson, USWAC
____Frank Howard Hennington, USA
SGT George C. Hennington Jr., USA (POW)
____Jerry Alfred Herren, USA
____Billy Herren, USA
____Henry Herren, USA
____Milton Edward Herren Sr., USA
____Ralph Herren, USA
SGT Richard D. Herren Jr., USA (also Korea)
LT Dr. Maurice Francis Herring Jr.,     USNMEDCORPS (also Korea and Vietnam)
SSGT William Percy Herring, USAAC
____Andrew Jackson Hicks, USA
____Aron Burr Hicks, USN
____Charlie Wallace Hicks, USA
____Hudson Hicks, USA
PVT Reubin McDaniel Hicks, USA
____Richard Hicks, USN
____Robert Hicks Jr., USA
CPL Thomas J. Hilton, USAAC
____Leon Dewitt Holliday, USA
____Louie Holliday, USN
____Robert Earl Holliday, USA
____Clarence Rice Hine, USN?
____Ervin Luther Hood, USA
____L. E. Hood Jr., USN
____Earl McCallie Hooke Jr., USA
____Charles Edward Hooker, USA
CPT Ruth Jean Horn, USWAVES
____George Robert Horton, USA
____William Harden Howell, USA
____Sidney James (Pete) Hubbard Jr., USA (KIA 1944)
____Thomas James Hubbard, USN
PVT Wesley Hubbard, USA
CPT Dr. Robert Percy Hudson, USAMedCorps
____Lee Grant Hunt, USN
____Robert Maple Hunt, USA
PVT Emanuel Hunter, USA
PVT T. S. Hunter Jr., USA
PFC James Eastland Hutchins, USA
____Wade Hampton Hutchins, USA
PVT Caleb Hutton, USA
____Paul Inabnet, USA
____Randolph Inabnet, USA
CPL Walter Everett Ivey,USAAC
PVT Charlie Jackson, USA
____Eugene Jackson, USA
PVT Lewis Jackson, USA
____Robert Lee Jackson, USA
____Troy Jackson, USA
PVT Walter Jackson, USA
____Willie E. Jackson, USA
PVT Willie Jacobs, USA
PVT William James Sr., USA
TEC5 Roosevelt Jamison, USA
PVT Charlie Jelks, USA
PVT Percy Jemison, USA
____Aaron Woodrow Jenkins, USA
____Troy Edwin Jenkins, USA
PVT Isaac Jett, USA
PFC Andrew Johnson, USA
____Curtis James Johnson, USA
PVT Jerry Johnson, USA
PVT Jessie Johnson, USA
PVT Marcus D. Johnson, USA
PVT Theodore Johnson, USA
S1C Burnice Jones, USN
PVT Cary E. Jones, USA
PVT Emmanuel Jones, USA
____James Jones, USA
____Wesley Jones, USA
PVT Willie Jones, USA
PFC Willie Jones, USA
PVT Willie Lee Jones, USA
PVT Edward Jordan, USA
PVT James Jordan, USA
PO2 John William Keith, USN
PFC Herbert Kelker, USA
CPL Nelson Kelker Sr., USA
PFC Samuel Kelker, USA
CPL Graves Wilson Kelly, USA
PVT Joe Kelly, USA
PVT Ned J. Kelly, USA
PVT Reubin M. Kelly, USA
S1C Narvel Kimble, USN
SGT Mid D. Kitchens, USMC
____Douglas Knight, USA
SSGT Everett Knight, USA
____Woodrow Knox, USA
SP6 Willard R. Landers, USAF
____Thomas Wiley Leach, USN
____Eugene Leavy, USA
____J. C. Caston Lee, USN
____M. C. Lee, USA
CPL Cary Leon Lewis, USA
____James B. Lewis, USA
____Jesse Julius Lewis, USA
PVT Leroy Lewis, USA
____William Joseph Lewis Jr., USA
S1C Willie Lewis, USN
____James T. Liddell Jr., USA
____Norman Liddell Jr., USA
PVT Willie Liddell, USA
PVT J. C. Lighter, USA
PVT Nathan Lighter Sr., USA
____Harold Bernard Little, USA
TEC5 Robert Dudley Little Jr., USA
____Allen Knox Lofton, USA
PVT Esthus Lofton, USA
PVT Mack Lofton, USA
COL Robert Allen Longmire, USAF (also   Korea and Vietnam)
SSGT Roy Harmon Longmire, USMC
SGT William Chapman Longmire, USA
PVT William Love, USA
____Henry E. Lovelace, USN
PVT Earnest Lowe, USA
PVT Ike Lowe, USA
____Jack Luckett, USAF
MAJ Troy V. Majure Sr., USA
____Charles William Mallett, USN
PVT Eddie Mallett, USA
PVT Eugene Mallett, USA
S1C Earnest Marberry, USN
____David T. Marshall, USA
TEC4 Ellie Hue Marshall, USA
PVT Vernal Marshall, USA
TEC4 Willie Everett Marshall, USA
PFC Ethel Hudson (Bud) Martin, USAF (also Korea)
____John E. Martin, USA
____Luther M. Martin Jr., USA
A/S2C Murray L. Martin, USN
____Ernest Liston Mashburn, USA
____Andrew Coltharp Mathews, USA
CPL Dan Mathews, USMC
CPL Carl Randolph Mathews, USA
____George Walter Mathews, USA
SSGT Joseph Parker Mathews, USMC
____Joe C. Mathis, USA
____Clemie Maxwell Jr., USN
____Willia Mayfield, USA
____Henry C. McAnally Jr., USA
PVT Archie Luster McBride, USA
PVT Colan Austin McBride Jr., USA (also Korea)
____Ira McCann, USA
____G. Lum McCay Jr., USAAC
____Thomas Jefferson McClure, USA
____Henry McDonald, USA
M3C Thomas McGaha, USN
____Charlie M. McGowan, USA
____Frank McGowan, USA
PVT James McGowan Sr., USA
PVT Willie McGowan, USA
SGT Edwin David McGriggs, USA
PVT Rev. Sampson McGriggs, USA
____Joseph T. McGuffee, USA
____Thomas Theodore McGuffee, USA
____Jack C. McIntyre Sr., USAAC
2LT Noel Killingsworth McKey, USA
TSGT William Clarence McKey, USAAC
____Robert W. McKeithen, USA
____Louis F. McLendon, USMC
____Henry L. McNair, USN
____Vernon Ellis McNair, USA
SSGT George McNeal, USA
____Q. C. McNeil, USA
____Robert Middleton Jr., USA
____W. W. Miley, USA
PVT Alley Miller, USA
PFC Earnest Miller, USA
PVT Eugene Miller, USA
PVT George Miller, USA
____Richard Miller, USAAC
____Rush H. Miller, USA
____R. L. Miller Jr., USA
PVT Booker T. Mims Sr., USA
PVT John Henry Mims, USA
PVT John Wesley Mims, USA
____Clyde Mitchell, USA
____Edwin Mitchell, USA
PVT James Mitchell, USA
PVT Diamond Mixon, USA (KIA 1944) (also WWI)
PVT Frank Mixon, USA
PVT L. J. Mixon, USA
____Alvin Mobley Jr. USA
____Bob Mobley, USA
____Bobby D. Mobley, USA
____Billy Mobley, USA
____Kenneth Mobley, USA
____John Russell Mobley, USA
PFC Preston Lee Mobley, USA (also WWI)
PFC R. E. Mobley, USA
____J. V. Mohon, USA
CPL Camie Montgomery, USAAC
PVT Harry Montgomery, USA
PVT Jerry Lee Montgomery, USA
____Eugene Moody, USA
____Harmon L. Moody, USN
____Ray Edward Moody, USN
S1C Robert Moody, USN (KIA 1941)
____Willie T. Moody, USN
____Charlie Mooneyham, USA
____Harry Mooneyham, USA
____Joe Lee Mooneyham, USA
PVT George Moore, USA
____Johnnie Carl Moore, USA
PVT Sherman Moore, USA
____J. D. Moreland, USN
____Billy Morris, USA
CPL David J. Morris, USA
PVT Johnie Morris, USA
____Emory Gene Morrison, USA
____Ernest Benard (Mike) Morrison, USA
____Jim Morrison, USN
____Johnnie H. Morrison, USN
____William D. Morrison, USAF
____Fred Douglas Morrow, USA
____Frederick William Moss Jr., USA
____Walter Leon Moss, USMC
PVT Albert Myers, USA
____Jimmie Myers, USN
PVT Johnie Myers, USN
____Willie Andrew Myers, USN
PVT Jessie Myles, USA
PVT Willie Myles, USA
____David Wesley Nail, USA
____William L. Nason Sr., USA
S1C Fred Neal, USN
____John L. Neal, USN
PFC Oscar M. (Billy) Neal, USA (KIA 1945)
PFC Wiley Bryan Neill Jr., USMC (KIA 1944)
PVT James B. Nettles, USA
PVT George Dewey Newman Jr., USA
____Hooker Dupree Newman, USA
CPT Lacy Gibbes Newman, USAAC
PVT Willard O. Newman, USA (also WWI)
____Jimmie Newsome, USA
____Luster B. Newsome, USA
TSGT William Helms Newsome Jr., USAAC
____Roy Newsome, USA
PVT Leander Newton, USA
PVT Wilburt Noah, USA
____German Nolen Jr., USA
PVT J. C. Obie, USA
____Arthur Eugene O'Brien, USA
TEC5 Ray Albert Odom, USA
____Carol Oglesby, USN MedCorps
____Fred J. Oleis, USAAC
MAJ Pat Lee Owen, USAAC
SGT Mike S. Owen, USAAC
____James P. Pace, USA
____Arthur Russell Paige, USA
____Louis Parker, USA
____Marvin Grady Parks, USA
____Will Roy Parrett, USA
____Joseph Burton Patrick, USA
____Volly Crisler Patterson, USN
____Roy C. Payne, USAAC
____Talmadge Peoples, USA
____John S. Peyton, USA
____Thomas G. Peyton, USA
PVT James Dewey Phillips, USA
SSGT John Bailey Phillips, USA
____Dabney Pickett, USA
PVT Marshall Ney Pickett, USA
____Marlie Reese Ping, USA
____Wilbur G. Pittman, USA
SGT Lindsey M. Platte, USA QMCORPS
____Isiah Poke, USA
____Willis Pope, USN
AO1 James Thomas Powell, USN
____Elbert Shirley P'Pool, USA
____Wayne R. Prevost, USAF
CWO Clifton (Pete) Price, USAAC
PFC Joseph Albert Price Jr., USA
____Jack Price , USAAC
MSGT Kenneth Price, USAAC
PVT Lucian Roy (Luke) Price, USA
____Percy C. Price, USA
____Powell Austin (Polly) Price Jr., USA
PVT Reuben P. Price, USMC
SGT Will Newman Price, USA (also Korea)
____William Ross Price Sr., USAAC
____Vernon Lee Pritchard, USA
PFC Alvin Leroy Puckett, USA
SGT Marvin H. Puckett, USA
PFC James Harvey Puckett, USA
____Johnnie Lee Quinn, USA
____Willie Collin Quinn, USA
____Clifton Carl Ramsey, USAF
TEC5 Robert Randall, USA (KIA 1944)
____William Arthur Ransome, USA
____Charles Buford Rather, USN
TSGT George Lucas Rawls, USA
____Russell Everett Reed, USAAC
2LT Willie Shelton Reed Jr., USAAC (KIA 1943)
____L. C. Richards, USA
PVT Allen Richardson, USA
____Arthur Richardson Jr., USN
____Levergill Richardson, USA
____Willie B. Richardson Jr., USA
CPL Van James Rigby Sr., USA
____Marcus Kent Riggin, USA (also WWI)
CPT William Kent Riggin, USMC
PVT Sidney Warren Riggin, USA
PFC Lee Richards, USA
PFC William M. Ritchie, USA
PVT Alfred Roach, USA
PVT Fulton Roach, USA
S1C Willie C. Roach, USN
____Robert Henry Roberson, USA
CPL Adie Earl Roberts Jr., USMC
PVT Samuel Elisha Roberts, USA
____William E. Roberts, USA
____Walter B. Robertson, USA
TEC5 Carl Eugene Robinson, USA
CPL Dan Robinson Jr., USA
TEC4 Dillard Robinson, USA
PVT Floyd Robinson, USA
PVT Gentle Robinson, USA
____James William Robinson, USA
____X. L. Rodgers, USA
PVT Levi Rogers, USA
SGT Eddie Ross, USA
PFC George Ross, USA
____James Earl Ross, USN
PVT Jerry Ross, USA
PFC Shelby Ross, USA
PVT Urice Ross, USA
TSGT Leonard Warren Rowe Sr., USA
____Lester Rushing, USA
MATE Ernest Ervin Russell, USN
____Clem Pink Rutland, USA
MSGT John J. Sanders, USA
PVT Perkins Sanders Sr., USA
PVT Robert Sanders, USA
____Alex C. Scott, USA
PVT Alphonse Scott, USA
PVT Anderson Scott, USA
SGT Claude Majors Scott Jr., USAAC
____Earl Scott, USA
SSGT Francis Leigh Scott, USAAC
____James Scott, USA
____Leo Z. Seale, USA
____Dessie Seaton, USA
____William L. Shappley, USA
____Lamar Cessna Shelby, USN
____Alexander Clifton Shelton, USA
____Morris Louis Shelton, USA
PVT Ohnie B. Shelton, USA
____Jimmie Sheriff, USA
____John Allen Sheriff, USA
____George W. Skates Jr., USA
____Herman J. Skates, USA
____William R. (Buddy) Skates, USA
MSGT Dewitt Talmadge Simmons, USA
SSGT George Whitfield Simmons Jr., USA
____Gordon Cooper Simmons, USA
____William Gordon Simmons, USN
____Wayne L. Simpson Sr., USA
____Albert Sims, USN
____Columbus Sims, USN
____Eugene Sims, USA
PVT Thomas J. Sisney, USA
____Herman Bankston Skates, USA
____Sidney Price Skipworth, USA
____Carroll B. Slater, USA
____E. K. (Buddy) Slaughter, USA
____George Smathers, USA
PVT Albert Smith, USA
PVT Eddie Henry Smith Sr., USA
____George Smith, USA
PVT Hubert C. Smith Sr., USA
____James Cannon Smith, USA
____Jesse Winkfield Smith Jr., USA
PVT John Henry Smith, USA
PVT Isaac C. Smith, USA
____M. C. Smith, USA
S1 Nicholas Randolph Smith, USN
____Otis Carruth Smith, USA
____Dr. Roy A. Smith, USA
CPL Sylvester Tillotson Smith, USA (KIA 1944)
____Thomas Edward Smith, USA
____Vernon Thomas Smith, USA
COL James A. Snow, USAAF
____Everett Price Sorrels, USN
S2 Armourn R. Stamps, USN
PVT Clifton Stamps, USA
PVT Hilary Stamps, USA
PVT Judge Fulton Stamps, USA
PFC R. T. Stamps, USA
____Albert C. Stephens, USA
PFC Samuel Leonard Stevens, USA
____Aaron William Steward, USA
PVT Leonard Stewart, USA
PVT David Stokes Jr., USN
PVT Jimmy L. Stokes, USA
S1C Levi Stokes, USN
____Carl Strong, USMC
____Jefferson D. Strong, USA
GMT Jesse L. Strong, USN
____Jewel Strong, USA
____John Earl Strong, USA
____Joseph T. Strong, USN
TEC4 Joseph William Strong, USA
____Kent Reynolds Strong, USA
____Lewis Strong, USN
____Luther B. Strong, USN
SSGT Lloyd E. Strong, USA
PFC Kent Reynolds Strong, USA
CPL Walter Norris Strong, USA
____Clifton A. Stubbs, USN
____Genie Bryant Stubbs, USA
S1 Henry I. Stubbs Jr., USN
____James Columbus Stubbs, USA
____James P. Stubbs, USN
CM1 Jesse H. Stubbs, USN
____Robert Pershing Stubbs, USA
____Ervin Alton Summers, USA
____Thomas Sweeney, USA
____Alphonse R. Taylor, USA
____Clifton Taylor, USN
____M. P. Taylor, USA
____Harvey Y. Taylor, USA
____Frank James Taylor, USA
____Powell Burnell Taylor, USA
____Reginald V. Taylor, USA
____Robert T. Taylor, USA
QM Tilford Taylor, USA
____Charles Woodrow Templeton, USA
1ST SGT Robert L. Templeton, USA
PVT J. P. Terrell, USA
PVT A. J. Terry, USA
PVT Lamar Terry, USA
PVT Richard Thigpen, USA
PVT Clifton Thomas, USA
PVT Cornelius Thomas, USA
PFC Dee L. Thomas, USA
SFC Elijah Thomas, USA
PFC Joe Thomas, USA
PVT L. C. Thomas, USA
PVT Lamar Thomas, USA
PVT Matthew Jimmie Thomas, USA
PVT Robert Thomas, USA
PVT Roosevelt Lowell Thomas, USA
____Russell Lowell Thomas, USA
____Ernest Buford Thompson, USN
____Charles W. Thornton, USA
 ___John Francis Tillman Jr., USA
SSGT Wilton A. Tillman, USA
____Henry Clay Tolliver, USA
____Calhoun Tompkins, USA
____Frank Eugene Tompkins, USA
____Henry B. Tompkins, USA
____Henry Neill Tompkins, USA
____J. D. Tompkins, USA
____Nevel Calhoun Tompkins, USA
PVT Owen S. Tompkins, USA (KIA 1944)
PVT Floyd Torry, USA
____Floyd Mathews Traylor, USA
PFC James Ramsey Tucker, USA
SSGT Rev. James L. Turnage, USA
____Henry Albert Turner, USA
SGT MAJ Herbert Turner, USA
PVT J. C. Turner, USA
PVT Judge Turner, USA
PVT Willie C. Turner, USA
____Alanson D. Vaughan, USA
____Donald Vaughan, USA
____Ellis Vaughan, USA
____Ray Vaughan, USA
____Virgil Vetsch, USA
PVT Luevet Vickers, USA
CPL Edward B. Walker, USA
____Joseph Walter Walker, USA
LT Joseph Pierce Walker, USAAC
SSGT Dr. Lee H. Walker, USAAC
USA Ambus Wallace, USA
____Junious Curtis Wallace, USA
PVT Johnnie Walters Jr., USA
____Edward Lee Walton, USMC
____M. I. Ward, USA
PVT Thomas John Ward, USA MedCorps
TEC5 Booker T. Washington, USA (KIA 1945)
____James Alton Washington, USA
PVT Jessie Washington Jr., USA
____Percy James Washington, USA
____William James Watkins, USA
____Elbert Marseille Watts, USA
PVT James Watts, USA
____Samuel Newman Weaver, USCG
PVT Mathew White, USA
____Russell Eugene White Jr., USAF
CPL Samuel Melvin White III, USAF
TEC5 Felix R. Wilder, USA
____Charles Ray Wilkerson, USA
____Xavier E. Wilkerson Jr., USA
A/S Hubert Wilkins, USN
____Charles Kenneth Wilks, USN
____Billy W. Willard, USMC
MSGT Charles G. Willard, USAF
PVT Curtis Williams, USA
S1C Eddie Williams, USN & USA (also Korea)
PVT Fantiual Williams, USA
PVT George Williams, USA
CMSGT Homer Thomas Williams, USA (also  Korea)
____Jasper Williams, USA
____Governor John Bell Williams, USAAC
S1C Isiah Williams, USN
PVT James B. Williams, USA
____George Jasper Williams, USA
PVT Kye Williams, USA
S1C L. E. Williams, USN
____Owen Williams Jr., USA
S1C Robert Williams Jr., USN
S2C Sainte Claire Williams, USN
PVT Armond Wilson, USA
PVT Horace Wilson Sr., USA
PVT Irvin Wilson, USA
S2C Pervis Wilson, USN
PVT Tom Wince III, USA
PVT Charlie Cecil Womack Sr., USA
PVT Cleotha Womack, USA
TSGT Clyde Douglas Womack Sr., USA
____Oswald Eugene Womack, USA
____Charles Cornelius Worrell, USN
S1C George Brooke Worrell, USN
____Joseph Murray Yates, USN
PVT Herman Young, USA
S1C Ira Young, USN
____Lee Amos Young, USA
PVT Sam Young, USA
TEC4 Joseph Stephen Zangla, USA

NOTE: "___" = rank unknown
The Privacy Act prevents VA from releasing names of veterans beyond 1955 so this list is incomplete

MSGT William Charles Alford Jr., USA
SP3 Eddie Allen, USA
PFC Robert Leron Allen, USMC
SP3 Clayton Barlow, USA
____Willie (Bud) Beale, USA
____Clarence Earl Beck Jr., USA
SP3 James E. Boles, USA
____George Clifton Bradley, USA
____Jessie Brown, USA
____Johnie L. Butler, USA
CPL Dayton C. Callender, USA
SGT Wilmer Edwin Callender, USAF
____Jim Carraway, USN
____Rexall Alexander Carraway, USAF
S1C Willie Andrew Casey, USN
____Francis W. Cessna Jr., USA
CPL James M. Clem, USA
SGT Jesse Clayton Collier, USMC
____Percy Covington, USA
____Pete Cranfield, USA
____Jack R. Crawford, USA
____Clyde Hudson Curtis, USA
____Albert Broadwater Davis, USAF
SGT Walter Lamar Davis, USAF
PVT Arereed Dixon, USA
PVT John Alvin Dodson, USA
PFC Marion L. Evans, USA
____George Robert Ferguson Jr., USA
____Morris D. Ferguson, USA
PVT Tollie Fields Jr., USA
____Henry James Fitzpatrick III, USMC
____T. M. Ford, USCG
PFC Mike Conner Fowler, USA
____Walter S. Gandy Jr., USA
____Julius Buford Gonia, USA
PFC Walter Leonard Graham, USA
____Charles L. Gray, USA
____Martin Terry Gray, USA
____Herman Herbert Greer, USAF
____Dan C. Griffin, USA
SFC Oscar Vernon Gunter, USA
____Sherwood Gunter, USN
PFC Benjamin Harper, USA
MSGT Henry Walls Herren, USAF
MSGT Ralph H. Herren, USAF (also Vietnam)
____Minor Hines, USA
____Robert Hollingsworth, USA
____Noel Holyfield, USA
____Calvin Hopkins, USA
____Urtice Hopkins, USA
____Robert Husbands, USA
CMSGT Joseph V. Johnson, USAF (also          Vietnam)
PFC Thomas Johnson, USA
____Sonny Kelly, USA
____Willie Addam Kinnebrew, USA
PVT Wilbur Lee, USA
PVT William Lee, USA
____Charles Lewis, USA
____Shelley Herman Malone, USA
PFC Ethel Hudson (Bud) Martin, USAF (also    WWII)
SP4 Larry Allen Martin, USA
PVT Harvey Jackson Mashburn Jr., USA
A1C George Ronald Mathes, USAF
LTC Houston Earl Mathes, USAF (also          Vietnam)
____John McAdams, USMC
____Colon Austin McBride Jr., USA (also WWII)
____H. B. McBride, USAF
TSGT James Porter McBride, USAF
LT Dr. Scott McCay, USN Medical Corps
____Louis F. McLendon, USA
PVT Lonnie B. Miller, USA
____Robert Ell Mobley, USA
PVT William L. Morgan, USA
____Otis Ray Morris, USA
LT Donald Butler Morrison, USAF
____Paul Samuel Morrison, USA
____William Dayton Morrison, USAF
PHM1 Thomas Howard Anthony Nail, USN    (also Vietnam)
PVT Henry Neal Jr., USA
PVT Houston Allen (Bobby) Neal, USA (KIA 1951)
E7 Rev. Joseph Newsome, USA (also Vietnam)
LT James Walter Newman III, USA
PFC Robert Thomas Newman, USA
PVT Edward Page, USA
____Augustus G. Paige, USA
____William F. Paige, USA
____Thomas R. Parker, USA
SSGT Thomas G. Peyton Jr., USA
SGT Will Newman Price, USA (also WWII)
CPT William Ross Price Jr., USAF
____Charles A. Rawls, USA
PVT Cleophus Rawls, USA
SGT Edward Eugene Roach, USA
SGT C. J. Roberts, USMC
PFC Hubert Roberts, USA
____William E. Roberts, USN
____Walter B. Robinson, USA
____William Leon Roland, USA
____Frank Sanders, USA
SSGT Rev. John Shearer, USA
SGT Harold Hutchins Simmons, USA
LT James Samuel Simmons, USAF
____George E. Smith Sr., USAF
SP3 Herbert F. Smith, USA
____William Lee Strong, USMC
AK2 Zackie E. Strong, USN
PVT Clarence D. Summers, USA
____Thomas Templeton, USN
SGT Rev. Curtis Terry, USA (also Vietnam)
____Henry T. Thornton Jr., USAF
CPL Fay Bedford Tinsley, USA
SGT R. B. Tinsley, USA
MSGT Earl E. Tompkins Jr., USAF (also Vietnam)
SGT MAJ Herbert Turner, USA (also Vietnam)
PFC Argusta Watson, USA
____Bill J. Williams, USA
S1C Eddie Williams, USN & USA (also WWII)
PVT Isaac Williams, USA
____Leonard Williams, USA
____Hubert Thomas Willis, USAF
____Eugene Wilson Jr., USA
____Charles Jerome Yates, USA
PVT Obadiah Yates, USA

     NOTE: "___" = rank unknown
 The Privacy Act prevents VA from       releasing names of veterans beyond     1955 so this list is incomplete

PVT Don Willard Agent Sr., USA
DT3C Linda K. Beasley, USN
RM2C Robert N. "Bob" Beasley, USN
____Glenn Bolton, USAF
A2C Willie Edward Bufkin, USAF
LCPL James Carl Burks, USMC
____Anthony (Tony) Cain, USAF
SP5 Ervin Lacy Collins, USA
SP4 Everette Hilton Collins, USA
COL Madison Travis Collins, USA
LTC Thomas Edward Collins III, USAF (POW)
PVT Steven S. Conerly, USA
PO3 Bert Powell Craft, USA
SSGT Larry Harmon Craft, USN
____Dan Crum Jr., USA
____Willie Crum, USMC
____Richard Albert Cudd, USA
____Ethel Powell Curtis Jr., USA
PFC Levy Dixon, USA
PVT John Finley Jr., USA (KIA 1971)
SSGT Tom Flanagan, USA (KIA 1967)
____Kenneth Hales, USAF
____Larry Hammond, USA
MSGT Martin Harrison, USA
____James Gerald Harvey, USA
____Harold Heard, USAF
____Marion Burch Heard Jr., USA
____Milton Edward Herren, USA
S2 McCurtis Hicks, USN
____Anthony Hubbard, USA
SGT Melvin J. Hubbard Jr., USAF
____Robert Hubbard, USA
A3C William Shelby Hubbard, USAF
CPT Henry Irving (Nick) Hooke, USAF
____Charles David Hudson, USA
CPL Clarence Larry Jacobs, USA
SGT Daniel Jennings, USA
A2C Tommie C. Kinnard, USAF
LT Larry Wade Kitchens, USA
CPT John David Landin Jr., USAF
SSGT Mike Lewis, USAF
E4 Joe Liddell, USA
____Hubert Maurice Little Jr., USA
____John Dorsey Longmire, USA
____Edward McGuffee, USA
PVT Rogers Williams Montgomery, USA
T5 Tom Moore, USA
____Jerry Morgan, USAF
SPEF C. P. Nelson, USA
____Clarence Eugene Osborn III, USAF
PFC William F. Paige, USA
LT Donald Wayne Martin, USAR
SGT Kenneth Mathews, USAF
S2 Bennie J. Middleton, USN
E3 James Dinton Phillips, USA
____Daniel Pickett, USAF
SSGT Frank Ross, USA
SGT Charles L. Shelton, USAF
SGT Billy E. Simmons, USA
SGT George Whitfield Simmons III, USAF
A3C Eugene Sims Jr., USAF
SP4 Shelley Gerald Smith Jr., USA
SP4 Cornelius Snow Jr., USA
CWO James Faulhaber (Jeff) Snow, USMC
SP3 Luther M. Stamps Jr., USA (KIA 1970)
SP4 Ulysses Stamps, USA
____Leon F. Stewart Jr., USCG
____David Everette Strong, USA
____Charles Richard Thornton, USA
SGT Johnnie J. Vessell, USA
PVT Troy Claude Vessell, USA
PVT Ellis Washington, USA
SGT Clyde Douglas Womack II, USA
____Lawrence McNair (Mack) Worrell, USA
____Robert P. Young, USAF

NOTE: "___" = rank unknown
The Privacy Act prevents VA from releasing names of veterans beyond 1955 so this list is incomplete

____Robert Anthony, USAF
SSGT Kenneth Broome Sr., USA (also Panama)
____Meredith Burns, USA
LTC Robert Anthony Cain, USAF/USAFR (also    Bosnia and Panama)
SGT MAJ Carolyn Cook Lum Chaney-Coale, USA/USAR
___Marcus G. Davis, USA
___ Rev. Gregory Divinity, USA
SGT Melvin Dixon, USA
CPT Bartley Rowe Fouchard, USAF
____Mike Lewis, USAF
SPC Forrest L. McCann, USA
SGT Otto Neal, USA (also Panama)
____Argle Pennington Jr., USMC
____Roderick Roach, USA
___James C. Watts, USA (also Panama)
____ Rev. Michael Womack, USA

      BOSNIA (1)
The Privacy Act prevents VA from releasing names of veterans beyond 1955 so this list is incomplete

LT Malcolm Wayne Martin, USN

     PEACE TIME (191)
NOTE: "___" = rank unknown
The Privacy Act prevents VA from releasing names of veterans beyond 1955 so this list is incomplete

____Penny Boyd Allen, USA
A1C Maury K. Anderson, USAF
PVT Jewel Andrews, USA
PVT Allison D. Barnes, USA
PVT Jimel Barnes Jr., USMC
A2C McArthur Beacham, USAF
____William Floyd (Billy) Beasley, USA
PFC Dorothy Conner Beauregard, USA
A1C Anthony B. Best, USANG
A1C Clyde A. Bishop, USAF
A1C Paul F. Bivens Jr., USAF
PFC Clarence E. Blackmon, USA
PVT Stephanie R. Bland, USA
PVT Paul Boatner Jr., USA
____Donald Ray Boyd, USA
____Larry Boyd, USA
A1C Marty M. Bracey, USANG
SGT Kenneth R. Bradley, USA
PVT Ernestine Y. Broome, USA
CPT Clifton Brown, USA
CPL Jesse Brown, USA
____Jim Newton Brown Jr., USA
CWO Raymond F. Brown, USA
____Robert Bruce Brown, USA
____Thomas Benjamin Brown, USA
____Paul Ray Bunch, USMC
SP4 Rex Burger, USA
A1C Michelle D. Burnett, USAF
PVT James Earl Callahan, USA
____Clarence Campbell, USA & USN
MAJ Dr. Joseph Warren Carraway, USAF
SP4 Debra D. Carroll, USA
PVT S. C. Carter, USA
____Cassandra E. Coalter, USN
PO2 Terri Coalter, USN
SP4 Phillip Collins, USA
____Steven S. Conerly, USA
A1C Russell F. Cook III, USAF
A1C Dallas Craft, USAF
____ Richard Wayne Curtis Sr., USA
A1C Scott Dalhart, USAF
PVT Marcus G. Davis, USA
2LT Gregory L. Divinity, USA
SP4 Leroy Divinity, USA
SP4 Robert J. Divinity, USA
PVT Lillie R. Dixon-Smith, USA
SGT David H. Dodson, USA
____ Ralph Dowe, USA
____ Robert Dowe, USA
CPL Ronnie D. Edwards, USMC
A1C Eugene Frazier, USA
SGT Andre L. Flowers, USAR
____Rodney V. Ford, USN
MAJ Robert Lewis Fouchard, USAF
AFC Fred N. Funchess, USAF
CPL Theodore Funchess, USA
PVT Michael T. Gandy, USA
S1 James Gregory Gilbert, USN
____ Ray Lamar Gilbert Jr., USN
SSGT Jerry L. Gilmore, USAF
2LT Robert E. Gilmore, USAF
____ Larry E. Godard, USA
____ Lake Gibbes Goodwin, USA
____ Charles L. Gray, USA
PVT Gabe Grear, USA
SP3 Harvey VanDyke Greer, USA
____Patrick J. Gregory, USMC
PVT Peter J. Gregory, USMC
SGT Jesse Griffin, USA
MSGT Wendall Griffin, USA
1C3 Frank McClure Gunter, USN
PVT John Thomas Hall, USA
LCOL Sadie McGibboney Hardy, USAF       MEDCORPS
PFC Earl D. Harris, USAR
____Walter Lamar Hennington Jr., USN
A1C Franklin T. Hickey, USAF
A1C Michael L. Higgins, USAF
PVT Mose Higgins, USA
____William Shelby Hubbard, USAF
PFC Karen P. Hunter, USA
CMSGT Arthur J. Irving, USA
PFC Hope L. Ivory, USA
PVT Earl Lee Jackson Jr., USA
PVT Darryl Jenkins, USAR
PVT Curtis D. Johnson, USA
SP4 Lewis L. Johnson, USA
____ Christopher Jones, USA
____ Max W. Jordan Sr., USAF
____ Bennie Noel Joyner Jr., USCG
SP4 Clifford B. Kelker, USA
PFC Kenneth R. Kelly, USA
A1C Darrell D. Kemp, USAF
AAP Timmie T. Kinnard, USN
____ Gregory Kitchens, USA
PFC Gloria Currie LaKanu, USA
____ Mike Lewis, USA
SP3 Harry Paul Liddell, USA
SGT Randall E. Lloyd, USAF
____ Nathan Lighter Jr., USAF
____ Michael Lindsey, USA
PFC Monica F. Lyons, USAR
PFC Robert G. Marbra Jr., USA
____ Delmas D. Martin, USAF
____ Otis E. Martin, USMM
____ Robert T. Martin, USN
SGT Melvin E. Mathes Jr., USAF
____John Riley McCurley III, USCG
CADET Callie M. McCraw, USA ROTC (d. age 17)
SGT William Clay McPherson Jr., USA
CPT Howard A. Middleton, USA
PVT Booker T. Mims Jr., USMC
SSGT Robert E. Mobley Jr., USAF
PVT Jimmie Moore Jr., USA
MAJ Daniel Morris, USMC
____ Stanley Morrison, USA & USAF
PFC Joyce M. Myles, USA
CPL Phillip Mark Nation, USCG
SGT Otto L. Neal, USA
MSGT Richard Fleming Nelson, USMC
MAJ Richard O. Nelson, USA
SSGT Joe L. Newsome, USA
SP4 Robert C. Paige, USA
CPT Charles E. Parks, USAF
CPL Vitto Daniel Patti Sr., USA
SP4 Kevin J. Payne, USA
T5 Roy Perkins, USA
A1C Daniel S. Pickett, USAF
SGT Shed Pollard Jr., USA
____ Harold Puckett, USA
____ Lawrence E. Puckett, USA
SP4 Jerry L. Ratliff, USA
A1C Tammy Kemp Rautio, USAF
A2C Andrew Richardson, USAF
____ Van James Rigby Jr., USANG
____ James Dare Roberts, USA
SGT Tom S. Robinson, USAF
____ Dennis M. Ross, Sr., USAF
SGT Thaddeus V. Ross, USAF
A1C Suzanne Simmons, USAF
MM3 Allen D. Smith, USN
PVT Keith A. Smith, USA
MAJ Stanley Sollie, USAF
____ Lauree Stokes, USA
____ Lenton W. Strong, USN
____ Luther B. Strong, USN
____ Donald Ray Stubbs, USN
____ Robert P. Stubbs, USA
A1C Edward Shane Sutterfield, USAF
____ Clyde Taylor, USA
2LT Curtis Taylor, USA
____ J. R. Taylor, USN
____ Powell Burnell Taylor Jr., USA
PFC Sherman Thomas Jr., USA
TSGT Jeffrey D. Tompkins, USAF
____ Trose Hudson Tompkins, USAF
PVT Rosie M. Tory, USA
PVT James A. Tucker III, USA
MSGT Luther C. Turner, USAF
SP4 William Percy Vaughan, USA
____ Richard Warren, USAF
____ William Love (Billy) Warren, USAF
PVT James Alvin Washington, USA
PVT Doretha L. Weeden, USAR
A1C Cynthia Williams Whitaker, USAF
LT Lathessa A. Whitaker, USA
SPC Chad Jefferson White, USNG
A1C Frank Bruce White, USAF
SP2 Kenneth R. Wilkerson, USA
____ R. A. Wilkerson, USN
SP4 Beverly Washington Williams, USA
A1C Tyrone A. Williams, USA
PFC Dianne Wilson, USA
PVT Glenn Wilson, USA
PFC Shirley J. Wilson, USA
SGT Quillie Womack Jr., USA
____ John C. Wright, USA
____ Joe Yates, USA

190 peace


     IRAQ (ongoing list)
NOTE: "___" = rank unknown
The Privacy Act prevents VA from releasing names of veterans beyond 1955 so this list is incomplete

SGT Kenneth R. Bradley, USA (KIA, 2003)
MSGT Carolyn Cook Chaney, USA
____ Marshand Crisler, USA
____ Bart Fouchard, USAF
____ Charles Travis Griffin, USN
MEDCORP Murray Nicholas Griffin, USN
MSGT Martin Harrison, USA
CPT Malcolm Wayne Martin, USN

Congressional Medal of Honor Winners From Mississippi

Congressional Medal of Honor Winners From Mississippi
Contributed by: Ann Allen Geoghegan <anniegms@bellsouth.net>
Copyright. All rights reserved.

The following Mississippians have received the Armed  Forces'  highest
award  -  the  Congressional  Medal  of  Honor  -  for  gallantry  and
intrepidity at the risk of his own life, above and beyond the call  of
duty ...

Civil War - Union

Lt. Col. John C. Black, US Army
Born:  27 January  1839,  Lexington,Holmes County, Miss. On December 7, 1862, after two other regiments had been  driven  back, Lt. Col. Black was severely wounded at the head of his regiment  while charging and capturing the enemy battery.  A  native  of  Mississippi,  Black fought for the Union Army.

Landsman Wilson Brown, US Navy
On board the USS Hartford in Mobile Bay on December  31,  1864,  while attacking Ft. Morgan, rebel gunboats, and the ram Tennessee, Brown was knocked unconscious by a  shell  burst.  Regaining  consciousness,  he
promptly returned to his position and performed his  duties,  although four of the six men at his station had been killed or wounded by enemy fire. A native Mississippian, Brown fought for the Union Navy. He  was one of the first African-American Recipients of the Medal of Honor.

Martin Freeman May. 18, 1814  -  Sep.  11,  1894
Pascagoula, Jackson County, Mississippi Rank  and  Organization:  Pilot,  U.S.  Navy.  Entered   Service   At:
Louisiana. Born: 18 May 1814, Germany. G.O. No.: 45, 31 December 1864. As pilot of the flagship, U.S.S. Hartford, during action against  Fort Morgan, rebel gunboats and the ram Tennessee, in Mobile Bay, 5  August 1864. With his ship under terrific  enemy  shellfire,  Freeman  calmly remained at his station in the  maintop  and  skillfully  piloted  the ships into  the  bay.  He  rendered  gallant  service  throughout  the prolonged battle in which the rebel gunboats were captured  or  driven off, the prize  ram  Tennessee  forced  to  surrender,  and  the  fort
successfully attacked.

Indian Wars

Corporal Charles Albert Bessey, of the Third U.S. Cavalry, earned  the Medal of Honor on January 13, 1877, for his action during  the  Indian Wars. During a routine escort at  Elkhorn  Creek,  Wyoming  Territory, Bessey learned of a recent attack on nearby  herders  by  a  group  of Indians. With four others and himself, the group  was  ambushed  by  a band of 14 hostile Cheyenne. Although he and two of  his  men  became wounded, the Indians were forced to retreat. It wasn't until 23  years later that Bessey would receive the Medal of  Honor  for  his  valiant service to his men. The wound  that  Corporal  Bessey  received  would eventually lead to his death in 1909 of kidney failure.

Spanish-American War

Rank and organization: First Lieutenant, 3d U.S.  Cavalry.  Place  and date: At Mouth of Manimani River, west of Bahia Honda, Cuba,  23  July 1898. Entered service at: Mississippi. Birth:  Mississippi.  date  of issue: 21 June 1899. Citation: After 2  men  had  been  shot  down  by Spaniards  while  transmitting  orders  to  the  engine-room  on   the Wanderer, the ship having  become  disabled,  this  officer  took  the position held by them and personally transmitted the orders, remaining at his post until the ship was out of danger.

2nd Lt. Ira Clinton Welborn
US Army 2nd Lt. Welborn voluntarily left shelter near Santiago,  Cuba, and went, under fire, to the aid of a private in his company  who  was wounded during the Spanish-American War on July 2, 1898.


Lt. Cmdr. James J. Madison, US  Navy
Lt. Cmdr. Madison, commanding officer  of  the  USS  Ticonderoga,  was severely wounded during an attack by an enemy submarine on October  4, 1918. In spite of his wounds, Madison had himself placed in a chair on the bridge and continued to direct the fire and maneuver  the  vessel. Although the Ticonderoga  was  sunk  after  a  prolonged  and  gallant resistance, Madison's bravery saved thirty-two of the two hundred  and thirty-six on board.


Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Marine  Corps,  Commanding  Rifle Company, 2d Battalion, 9th Marines,  3d  Marine  Division.  Place  and date:  Fonte  Hill,  Guam,  25-26  July  1944.  Entered  service   at: Mississippi. Born: 11 February  1920,  Brandon,  Miss.  Citation:  For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of  his  life  above
and beyond the call of duty as commanding officer of a  rifle  company attached to the 2d Battalion, 9th  Marines,  3d  Marine  Division,  in action against enemy Japanese forces at Fonte Hill, Guam,  25-26  July 1944. Ordered to take that portion of the  hill  within  his  zone  of action, Capt. Wilson initiated his attack in mid-afternoon, pushed  up the rugged, open terrain against terrific machinegun  and  rifle  fire for 300  yards  and  successfully  captured  the  objective.  Promptly assuming command of other disorganized units and  motorized  equipment in addition to his own company and 1 reinforcing platoon, he organized his night defenses  in  the  face  of  continuous  hostile  fire  and, although wounded 3 times during  this  5-hour  period,  completed  his disposition of men and guns before retiring  to  the  company  command post  for  medical  attention.  Shortly  thereafter,  when  the  enemy
launched the first of a series of savage  counterattacks  lasting  all night, he voluntarily  rejoined  his  besieged  units  and  repeatedly exposed himself to the merciless hail of shrapnel and bullets, dashing 50 yards into the open on 1 occasion to rescue a wounded marine  Iying helpless beyond the  frontlines.  Fighting  fiercely  in hand-to-hand encounters, he led his men in furiously waged battle for approximately 10 hours, tenaciously holding his line and repelling  the  fanatically renewed counterthrusts until he succeeded in crushing the last efforts of  the  hard-pressed  Japanese  early  the  following  morning.  Then organizing a 17-man patrol, he immediately advanced upon  a  strategic slope essential to the security of his position  and,  boldly  defying intense mortar, machinegun, and rifle fire which struck down 13 of his men, drove relentlessly forward with the remnants  of  his  patrol  to seize the vital ground. By his indomitable leadership,  daring  combat tactics, and valor in the face  of  overwhelming  odds,  Capt.  Wilson succeeded in capturing and holding the strategic high  ground  in  his
regimental sector, thereby contributing essentially to the success  of his regimental mission and to the annihilation of 350 Japanese troops. His inspiring conduct throughout the critical periods of this decisive action sustains and enhances the highest traditions of the U.S.  Naval Service.

2nd Lt. Van T. Barfoot, US Army
On May 23, 1944, while his platoon was heavily engaged in  an  assault near Carano, Italy, 2nd Lt. Barfoot crawled to a machine gun nest  and neutralized it with a hand grenade, killing  two  and  wounding  three enemy soldiers. Before the day was over,  Barfoot  had  singlehandedly destroyed three machine gun nests, a tank, a  field  artillery  piece, and had killed or captured twenty enemy soldiers. He then assisted two seriously wounded comrades to safety over a half-mile away.

Pfc. James H. Diamond, US Army
During a six-day period in May  1945,  Pfc.  Diamond  killed  numerous Japanese snipers, assisted in evacuating his  wounded  comrades  under heavy fire, and secured an abandoned vehicle to transport  casualties. He then ran through a hail  of  enemy  fire  to  secure  an  abandoned machine gun. Though mortally wounded upon reaching  the  gun,  Diamond succeeded in drawing sufficient fire on himself so that the  remaining members of the patrol could reach safety.

Pvt. Robert T. Henry, US Army
Attempting the destruction of  a  nest  of  enemy  machine  guns  near Luchem, Germany, in December 1944, Pvt. Henry sprinted alone with  his rifle  and  hand  grenades  across  open  terrain  toward  the   enemy
emplacement. Henry was mortally  wounded  by  machine  gun  fire,  but continued his singlehanded attack and forced the enemy to flee.

TSgt. Jake W. Lindsey, US Army
During an enemy counterattack near Hamich, Germany,  on  November  16, 1944, TSgt. Lindsey destroyed two machine gun nests, forced withdrawal of two tanks, and effectively halted enemy flanking patrols.  Although
painfully wounded, Lindsey later engaged eight Germans in hand-to-hand combat, killing three, capturing three, and causing the other two to flee.

Cpl. James D. Slaton, US Army
As lead scout of an infantry squad  positioned  near  Oliveto,  Italy, Cpl. Slaton began a deadly assault on September 23, 1943, moving  over open ground and under constant fire, killing numerous  enemy  gunners.
Slaton immobilized three enemy machine gun nests during the onslaught, enabling his platoon to withdraw to covered positions and  again  take the initiative.

Pfc. Jacklyn H. Lucas,  US  Marine  Corps
While creeping through a treacherous ravine on Iwo  Jima  in  February 1945, Pfc. Lucas and three comrades were savagely attacked with  rifle fire and grenades. Lucas hurled himself  on  one  grenade  and  pulled another under him, absorbing the entire force of  both  explosions  in order  to  shield  his  companions  from  the  concussion  and  flying fragments.


Pfc. Jack G. Hanson, US Army
Pfc. Hanson, a  machine  gunner  with  the  1st  Platoon,  Company  F, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at  the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty in  action  against an armed enemy of  the  United  Nations.  The  company,  in  defensive positions on two strategic hills  separated  by  a  wide  saddle,  was ruthlessly attacked at approximately 0300 hours, the  brunt  of  which centered on the approach to the divide within range of  Pfc.  Hanson's machinegun. In the initial  phase  of  the  action,  4  riflemen  were
wounded and evacuated and the numerically  superior  enemy,  advancing under cover of darkness, infiltrated and posed an imminent  threat  to the security of the command post and weapons platoon. Upon  orders  to move to key terrain above and to the right of Pfc. Hanson's  position, he voluntarily remained to provide protective fire for the withdrawal. Subsequent to the retiring elements fighting a rearguard action to the new location, it was learned that Pfc. Hanson's assistant gunner and 3 riflemen had been wounded and had crawled to safety, and that  he  was
maintaining a lone-man defense. After  the  1st  Platoon  reorganized, counterattacked, and resecured its original positions at approximately 0530 hours, Pfc. Hanson's  body  was  found  lying  in  front  of  his emplacement, his machinegun ammunition expended, his empty  pistol  in his right hand, and a machete with blood on  the  blade  in  his  left hand, and approximately 22 enemy dead lay in the wake of  his  action. Pfc. Hanson's consummate valor,  inspirational  conduct,  and  willing self-sacrifice enabled the company to contain the enemy and regain the
commanding ground, and reflect lasting glory on himself and the  noble traditions of the military service.

Pfc. Mack A. Jordan, US Army
On  November  15,  1951,  Pfc.  Jordan,  a  member   of   Company   K, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and indomitable courage above and beyond the call of duty in action against the  enemy.  As  a
squad leader of the 3d Platoon, he was participating in a night attack on key terrain against a fanatical hostile force when the advance  was halted by intense small-arms and automatic-weapons fire and a  vicious barrage of handgrenades. Upon orders for the platoon to  withdraw  and reorganize,  Pfc.  Jordan  voluntarily  remained  behind  to   provide covering fire. Crawling toward an  enemy  machinegun  emplacement,  he threw 3 grenades and neutralized the gun. He then rushed the  position delivering a devastating hail of fire, killing several  of  the  enemy and  forcing  the  remainder  to  fall  back  to  new  positions.   He courageously attempted to move forward to silence  another  machinegun but, before he could leave  his  position,  the  ruthless  foe  hurled explosives down the hill and in  the  ensuing  blast  both  legs  were severed. Despite mortal wounds, he continued to  deliver  deadly  fire and held off the assailants until the platoon returned. Pfc.  Jordan's unflinching courage and gallant self-sacrifice reflect  lasting  glory upon himself and uphold the noble traditions of the infantry  and  the
military service.

MSgt. Hubert L. Lee, US Army
February 1951 - M/Sgt. Lee,  a  member  of  Company  I,  distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond  the call of duty in action against the enemy. When his platoon was  forced
from its position by a  numerically  superior  enemy  force,  and  his platoon leader wounded, M/Sgt.  Lee  assumed  command,  regrouped  the remnants of his unit, and led them in repeated assaults to regain  the
position. Within 25 yards of his objective he  received  a  leg  wound from grenade fragments,  but  refused  assistance  and  continued  the attack. Although forced to withdraw 5 times, each  time  he  regrouped his remaining men and renewed the assault. Moving forward at the  head of his small group in the fifth attempt, he was struck by an exploding grenade, knocked to the ground, and seriously wounded  in  both  legs. Still refusing assistance, he advanced  by  crawling,  rising  to  his knees to fire, and urging his men to follow. While thus directing  the final assault he  was  wounded  a  third  time,  by  small-arms  fire. Persistently continuing to crawl forward, he directed  his  men  in  a final and successful attack which regained the  vital  objective.  His intrepid leadership and determination led to the destruction of 83  of the enemy and withdrawal of the remainder, and was a vital  factor  in stopping  the  enemy  attack.  M/Sgt.   Lee's   indomitable   courage, consummate valor,  and  outstanding  leadership  reflect  the  highest credit upon himself and are in keeping with the finest  traditions  of
the infantry and the U.S. Army.

Sgt. John A. Pittman, US  Army
November 26, 1950 - Sgt. Pittman, distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty in  action against the enemy. He volunteered to lead his squad in a counterattack to regain commanding terrain lost in  an  earlier  engagement.  Moving aggressively forward in the face of  intense artillery,  mortar,  and small-arms fire he was wounded by mortar fragments.  Disregarding  his wounds he continued to lead and direct  his  men  in  a  bold  advance against the hostile standpoint. During this daring  action,  an  enemy
grenade was thrown in the midst of his squad endangering the lives  of his comrades. Without hesitation, Sgt. Pittman threw  himself  on  the grenade and absorbed its burst with his body. When a medical  aid  man reached him, his first request was to be informed as to  how  many  of his men were hurt. This intrepid and selfless act saved several of his men from death or serious injury and was an inspiration to the  entire command. Sgt. Pittman's extraordinary  heroism  reflects  the  highest credit upon himself and is in keeping with the esteemed traditions  of the military service.

2nd Lt. Henry A. Commiskey, US Marine Corps
September 20, 1950 - For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at  the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as  a platoon leader in Company C, in action against enemy aggressor forces. Directed to attack hostile forces well dug in  on  Hill  85,  1st  Lt. Commiskey, spearheaded the assault, charging up the  steep  slopes  on the run. Coolly disregarding the heavy enemy machinegun and small arms fire, he plunged on well forward of the rest of his  platoon  and  was the first man to reach the crest of the objective. Armed only  with  a pistol, he jumped into a hostile machinegun emplacement occupied by  5 enemy troops and quickly disposed  of  4  of  the  soldiers  with  his automatic pistol. Grappling with the fifth, 1st Lt. Commiskey  knocked him to the ground and held him until he could  obtain  a  weapon  from another member of his  platoon  and  killed  the  last  of  the  enemy
guncrew.  Continuing  his  bold  assault,  he  moved   to   the   next emplacement, killed 2 more of the  enemy and  then  led  his  platoon toward the rear nose of the hill to rout the remainder of the  hostile troops and destroy them as they fled from their positions. His valiant leadership and courageous fighting spirit served to inspire the men of
his company to heroic endeavor in seizing the  objective  and  reflect the highest credit upon 1st Lt. Commiskey and the U.S. Naval Service.


LCpl. Roy Mitchell Wheat, US  Marine  Corps
August 11, 1967 - For conspicuous gallantry  and  intrepidity  at  the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. L/Cpl. Wheat and 2 other marines were assigned the mission of providing  security  for a Navy construction battalion crane and  crew  operating  along  Liberty Road in the vicinity of the Dien Ban  District,  Quang  Nam  Province. after the marines had  set  up  security  positions  in  a  tree  line adjacent to the work site, L/Cpl. Wheat reconnoitered the area to  the rear of their location for the possible  presence  of  guerrillas.  He then returned to within 10 feet of the  friendly  position,  and  here unintentionally   triggered   a   well   concealed,   bounding   type, antipersonnel mine. Immediately, a hissing sound was heard  which  was identified by the 3 marines as that of a burning time fuse. Shouting a warning to his comrades, L/Cpl. Wheat in  a  valiant  act  of  heroism hurled himself upon the mine, absorbing the tremendous impact  of  the explosion with  his  body.  The  inspirational  personal  heroism and extraordinary valor of his unselfish action saved his  fellow  marines from certain injury and possible death, reflected  great  credit  upon himself, and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the
U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

Ed W. Freeman
Born  20  Nov.  1927, Neely, Greene County, Mississippi.
Captain Ed W. Freeman, United States Army,  distinguished  himself  by numerous acts of conspicuous gallantry and  extraordinary  intrepidity on 14 November 1965  while  serving  with  Company  A,  229th  Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile).  As  a  flight leader and  second  in  command  of  a  16-helicopter  lift  unit,  he supported a heavily engaged American  infantry  battalion  at  Landing Zone X-Ray in the Ia Drang Valley, Republic of Vietnam.  The  infantry unit was almost out of ammunition after taking some  of  the  heaviest
casualties of the war, fighting off a relentless attack from a  highly motivated, heavily armed enemy  force.  When  the  infantry  commander closed the helicopter landing zone due to intense direct  enemy  fire, Captain Freeman risked his own life by flying his  unarmed  helicopter through  a  gauntlet  of  enemy  fire  time  after  time,   delivering critically needed ammunition,  water,  and  medical  supplies  to  the besieged battalion. His flights had a direct impact  on  the  battle's outcome by  providing  the  engaged  units  with  timely  supplies  of ammunition critical to their survival, without which they would almost surely have experienced a much greater loss  of  life.  After  medical evacuation helicopters refused to fly into the  area  due  to  intense enemy  fire,  Captain  Freeman  flew  14  separate  rescue   missions, providing life-saving evacuation of an estimated 30 seriously  wounded
soldiers -- some of whom would not have survived had he not acted. All flights were made into a small emergency landing zone  within 100 to 200 meters of the defensive perimeter where  heavily  committed  units were perilously holding off the attacking elements. Captain  Freemanís selfless  acts  of  great  valor,  extraordinary   perseverance,   and intrepidity were far above and beyond the call of duty or mission  and set a superb example of leadership and courage for all of  his  peers. Captain Freemanís extraordinary heroism and devotion to  duty  are  in keeping with the highest traditions of military  service  and  reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States.

Hilliard A. Wilbanks
Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Air  Force,  21st.  Tactical  Air Support Squadron, Nha Trang AFB, RVN.  Place  and  Date:  Near  Dalat, Republic of Vietnam, 24 February 1967. Entered  service  at:  Atlanta, Ga. Born: 26 July 1933, Cornelia, Ga.
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. As a  forward  air  controller Capt. Wilbanks was pilot of an unarmed, light aircraft  flying  visual reconnaissance ahead of a South Vietnam  Army  Ranger  Battalion.  His intensive search revealed a well-concealed  and  numerically  superior hostile force poised to ambush the advancing rangers. The  Viet  Cong, realizing  that  Capt.  Wilbanks'  discovery  had  compromised their position and ability to launch a surprise attack, immediately fired on the small aircraft with all available firepower. The enemy then  began advancing against the exposed forward elements  of  the  ranger  force which were pinned down by devastating fire. Capt. Wilbanks  recognized that close support aircraft could not arrive in  time  to  enable the rangers  to  withstand  the  advancing  enemy,  onslaught.  With  full knowledge  of  the  limitations  of  his  unarmed,  unarmored,  light reconnaissance aircraft, and the great danger imposed by  the  enemy's vast firepower, he unhesitatingly assumed a  covering,  close  support role. Flying through a hail of withering fire at treetop level,  Capt. Wilbanks passed directly over the advancing enemy and  inflicted  many casualties by firing his rifle out of the side window of his aircraft. Despite  increasingly  intense  antiaircraft  fire,   Capt.   Wilbanks continued to completely disregard his own safety and made repeated low passes over the enemy to divert their fire away from the rangers.  His daring tactics successfully interrupted the  enemy  advance,  allowing the rangers to withdraw to safety from their perilous position. During his final courageous attack to protect the withdrawing  forces,  Capt. Wilbanks was mortally wounded and his bullet-riddled aircraft  crashed between the opposing forces. Capt. Wilbanks' magnificent action  saved numerous  friendly  personnel  from  certain  injury  or  death.   His unparalleled concern for his fellow man and his extraordinary  heroism were in the highest traditions  of  the  military  service,  and  have reflected great credit upon himself and the U.S.  Air  Force.  Burial: Fayette Methodist Cemetery, Fayette,  Jefferson  County,  Mississippi, USA

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