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Abbey, James Young, Nancy 12 Aug 1828
Barlow, Christopher Columbus Austin, Jane 23 Aug 1888
Blackburn, William G. Martin, Mary A. 14 Sep 1859
Boles, William H. King, Mary  18 Jan 1842
Boswell,  General Jackson Washington, Annie 17 Apr 1915
Boswell,  George Tims, Addie 20 May 1918
Boswell, Richard Freeman, Emma 18 Dec 1875
Brock, Moses Calvit, Margaret Six 15 Feb 1838
Calvit, Joseph H.  Reed, Savannah  13 Apr 1859
Calvit, Joseph H.  Slater, Martha 05 Jul 1855
Chatham, William Middleton Thornton, Mary Ann 25 Feb 1858
Coasy, Jerry Cummings, Caroline 10 Mar 1868
Cosey, Warren Cumbridge, Lydia 15 Jul 1866
Cosey, Wash Dixon, Laura 22 Jan 1891
Couch, Geo. W.  Johnson, Mary E. 11 Oct 1866
Cox, George W. Calender, Elizabeth 16 Apr 1866
Crow, Mansfield Burnaman, Mary 07 Feb 1838
Crysler, Blanton  Porter, Juliann 04 Oct 1832
Elliott, Josiah Herren, Martha Ann 09 Sep 1859
Firth, Albert R. Richardson, Martha Mary 29 Jun 1889
Foster, John J.  Clark, Sarah Elizabeth 02 Jan 1840
Godfrey, William H. Dunn, Mahala 19 Jun 1844
Granberry, George Richmond Warner, Mary Ann 07 Oct 1847
Grantham, Franklin Fortner, Rosa 06 Jun 1894
Hall, John R. Dillard, Sophia S. 25 Dec 1844
Harris, Ormond Owens, Harriet M. 10 Feb 1838
Hawkins, John B.  Hendley, Clarissa 30 Mar 1835
Hendley, Cyrus H. Ellis, Nancy 16 Feb 1832
Henley, William Wells, Ivey 02 Jan 1830
Herren, Owen Hull Matthewson, Mary 20 Jun 1846
Hobbs, James McGowan, Sarah            1881 
Hobbs, James Augustus  Wyatt, Bettie 17 Sep 1873
Hobbs, James Augustus Wyatt, Elizabeth Caroline 17 Sep 1873
Howell, Malachia Bratton, Mary  20 Dec 1831
Jones, Gabriel Crow, S. Jane 23 Dec 1857
Kethley, R.B.  Holt, Ida     May 1896
Martin, A.J.  Stewart, C.A. 23 Jun 1859
Martin, Charles Russell, Nancy L. 12 Aug 1846
Martin, F.M.  Riser, Catherine A. 12 Sep 1861
Martin, F.M. Russell, Mary 20 Dec 1851
Martin, Francis Russell, Mary 25 Dec 1851
Martin, Joseph Ford, Laura C.  13 Dec 1850
Martin, Thomas Clements, Eliza 23 Aug 1839
Martin, Thomas Clements, Eliza 20 Jun 1839 
McCann, James Hendley, Elitha 23 Jun 1836
Moore, Robert Hendley, Sarah 06 Nov 1848
Morgan, A. D. Thurman, Miss Allee?? 31 Jul 1905
Murphy, H.R.  Hendley, Nancy    Nov 1836
Nanerths, Johan Michael Hendley, Mary 24 Dec 1844
Phillips, William Stought  Bonnell, Elizabeth 20 Mar 1838
Porter, George Washington Owen, Mrs. Martha E. 17 Aug 1866
Porter, Sr, William*see note Lawson, Mrs. Gracey 29 Jan 1826 
Sisson, J A  Goodrum, F H 30 Jan 1878
Smallwood, John T.  Wall, Henry Mae  16 Sep 1880
Spencer, Andrew Jackson  Phillips, Louisa Jane 25 Nov 1838 
Stamps, Louis Ford, Carrie 12 Dec 1889
Stone, John Beverly Robb, Virginia 03 Dec 1890
Stone, William Patrick Ragan, Amanda Susan 06 Nov 1838
Thornton, Reuben H. Chatham, Bethany 06 May 1855
Tinnin, Thompson McDill, Sarah J. 26 Dec 1841
Wall, David Henry Foster, Emma Pauline 23 Dec 1856
Weigandt, Charles  L'Hommedieu, Emma 24 Jul 1860
Wells, James Broom(E), Lillie Belle 24 Mar 1900
Wells, Spiva McAlpin, Margaret 23 Nov 1846
Wiggins, Blake Cabanis, Eddie 08 Feb 1888
*NOTE: Although the marriage for William Porter Sr., and Gracey Lawson is listed in the Hinds County marriage    database above, David McBride has sent me the marriage license for the above couple showing they were married in Franklin County.

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