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Letter From Emma Hall to her mother Amanda 1872
Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin February 23, 2006

Letter from Emma Hall to her mother, Amanda Elizabeth Farr Hall written while Emma was in school at the Brandon Female College. Uncle Jessie is Jesse Barton Hall, half brother of Benjamin Franklin Hall, father of Emma.  Tennie, Eliza and Lelia are Jesse Hallís children. Emma Hall, born Dec 1, 1855 daughter of Benjamin Franklin & Amanda Hall
Brandon, Mississippi
March the 9th, 1872

Dear Mother,
     I received your welcome letter yesterday and was glad to hear that all were well, and very glad to hear that Pa succeeded so well in getting hands.  Cousin Tennie and myself have just come from
downtown,  they are just receiving a large lot of Books.  I am going to get the two Books I need here.  the clerk told me he would send them up early Monday morning as they had not had them in when I was there this morning.  Things are such exorbitant prices here.  I will tell you every thing I have bought since I have been here and the price of it.  I have bought four Books.  they came to ten dollars.  I have bought one pair of leather shoes at $2 and a half,  one sundress $1.75. one pair of gloves $1.75.  I bought some foolscap paper this morning one quire to write exercises and compositions as I have so much writing to do at School.  I wish you would send me my Compositions as soon as possible.  There was a baby strangled to death in town yesterday with the whooping cough. the whooping cough is very bad here and it is reported that the Small pox is coming in
town.  I go to preaching two or three nights in every week.  Cousin Tennie was confirmed last Tuesday night by Bishop Green.  That was the first time I ever was in an Episcopal Church.  Ma, Cousin Kate or
Cousin Tennie, one or the other of them are going to Vicksburg in a few weeks and I have five dollars left after buying my books.  They say if they were in my place they would get a Peaque Basque and
overskirt.  What must I do about it.  If I do I will not have any money left to buy me some Spring Calico dresses.  The most of the people dress very fine here.  Eliza dresses very fine but Lelia dresses very common.  Eliza wears plaid dresses to school every day. She never thinks of wearing a calico dress.  Calico is plenty good for me to wear to school.  It is as good as I want.  I would like very much to have that Peaque.  I have done just as you told me to do with my money.  We are all very well except Uncle Jessie.  He is looking dreadful bad.  I donít think he will live very long.  I am going to commence taking music lessons under Cousin Tennie next week.  cousin Tennie is going to get married in Sept.  She told me to tell you but not to say anything about it.  Give my love to all and
receive a large portion for your self.  Nothing more.  Write soon and longer letters.  I remain as ever your affectionate daughter. Kiss the Children for me

                                                                                                                                   Emma H.

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