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Letter From Benjamin Franklin Hall to Wife Amanda Elizabeth Farr Hall - June 5th 1863
Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin January 22, 2006

Wartrace, Tenn                                                    June 5th 1863
Dear Amanda,
It has been 12 days since I last wrote you. I sent it to Raymond by
seventh of Vburg in care of Frank Hall.  I trust you have received
it  I learn now the mail is open at Clinton, but I will direct this
to Edwards Depot perhaps it may go through.  I will not write much
however until I know that you will get my letter which I hope will
not be too long.  this leaves me well, thank God though my heart has
been sad since the Yankees have been in Hinds County.  I tremble for
the safety of V.burg.  i trust to Almighty God that we may yet hold
the place to drive Grant back from whence he came.  I trust God that
the Yankees have not visited you yet but I fear they have and and
taken away your provisions, that is what grieves me.  If I only knew
that they have not robbed you of what you had to eat as they have
done many others I would be more contented.  I know it is impossible
for you to send me a letter at this time.  I know that you will write
as soon as you have a chance to send one.  I have not received one
from you since you wrote 5th May so you see it has been one month
today since you wrote the last letter I got.  I thought perhaps there
was some on the way before the Yankees got to Jackson but I reckon
not or they would have come to hand before this.  i have saved old
letters which I keep to read.  I am glad now that I kept them.  I
want to see you and Emma, Buddy and the______more than I ever did
before.  Oh, what would i give to be with you for one short hour.
May God speed the time when I can see you all.  We must continue to
pray often and constantly for Godís blessing-no sick upon us.  I can
not think V.Burg had been surrendered nor do i think it will be.  I
see that Gen. Pemberton had pledged his life and all who are with him
for its safety.  Gen. Breckenridge has gone down to Miss.  I hope he
will reach there in time to do good.  There is no news of a fight
here soon.  We have been called out twice to meet the enemy lately
but they did not come out to give us a fight.  I learned that they
are waiting for us to attack them at Murfreesborough which I think we
will not do.  It is thought that Rosecroft has reinforced Grant at
V,burg or else he would attack and I would be glad if he did not move
on us as we could not be sent to Mississippi.  I wanted to go to Miss
to fight them before it was too late and then I would have a chance
of seeing you which would beworth more than worlds to me.  Remember
me in your prayers.  i forget not to pray for you and the little ones
at home each day.  i wrote you a letter by Mr.Eroin which i presume
you have received before now in which i give some advice in case the
Yankees should come.  We were paid off today. 2 months pay.  I
received $34.00.  I now have $110.00.  I try to be saving with my
money.  I get $17.00 per month as Sergeant.  I have lost all hope of
getting any assistance from you soon as our communication is cut
off.  you must try and mail letters outside the Yankee lines and then
I can get them.  I need nothing now but to see you and the children.
I hope that you will not Suffer for something to eat, that is my only
fear.  let me hear from you as often as you can.  may God bless you
and protect you from our enemies.  Lord grant that we may soon meet
face to face is my prayer.  Farewell to Amanda, Emma & James Hall
from you ever devoted husband & Father.  Kisses to you all.  B.F. Hall

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