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Letter written by Amanda Elizabeth Farr to husband Benjamin
Franklin Hall
Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin January 18, 2006

Note from Frances: "Letter written by Amanda Elizabeth Farr to husband Benjamin Franklin HALL.  "Uncle Washes" referred to in letter was Washington Farr brother to James Wilson Farr, father of Amanda.  There is no punctuation or paragraphs in this letter.  The _____s are places I could not decipher.  Frances"

                                                                                                                              June 11, 1863

Dear Frank,
     I hear the office is open at Brownsville so will write to you. I hope you may get it for I know your anxiety is great to hear from home.  I have written to you once since the Yankes have been here.  I
sent it by a parole Prisoner. I have not heard from you since the 25th of April.  You know my anxiety and trouble. My separation from you is the worst of my trouble.  I would hate to see everything taken
away from me and my children suffer for something to eat.  When I think about it I feel very low spirited and trust in God.  There is a great many families left destitute.  When the Federal Army has
passed there is nothing left but desolation.  I never believed that a civilized people would be so heartless.  There is no Yankes on this side of the big Black only at the Hospital.  There is a
marauding ________ the river and do things that Savages would not think about doing.  They burnt Uncle Washes gin a few days ago and Mr. Reeds gin and Fodder and carried away some of his negroes and they were coming back after the others.  I do not think they will get back.  Our Calvary is near at hand.  There is a great many negroes going to them.  I wrote to yo about three of Papaís leaving.  I would give anything in the world to hear from you.  I have been greatly excited at times.  The yankes have threatened Papa and his place heavy if they ever reach it.  They say he has been feeding Scouts. Negroes tell them anything they want to know.  There have been some Negroes killed I hear by our Calvary.  _______ hold Vicksburg. I have heard so much cannonading it  _______ one sick at times.  It is just three weeks since _______ at Vicksburg.  sometimes it is all night long. Vicksburg is so quick and fast at times it  seems a few miles.  It is sad there has been a great many killed.  I hope it will be decided soon.  I must hear from you someway.  I donít want you to come home at the time for I know you  could not stay .  If you did I would be in dread all the time.  Best your letters to Brownsville.
We are all very well.  I wish you could see the Baby. He can crawl and has one tooth.  He eats peanuts whenever I let him have them. When I give him _______ he throws it away.  Emma and Buddy want to _______.  You must not be uneasy about me. Remember _________in your fingers.  Let us trust in Providence for all time I trust we may be spared to meet again.  I continue to _______money.  You should do the same.  Excuse the short ________.  I can hear from you and know that our ______ you a long one.  I will write weekly  ________ as long as I can send them to any office.  It does seem bad that I cannot see you or hear from you.  Let me tell you against be uneasy about me.  I hope there will be someway provided for me.  Write often.  I may get them sometime.  Goodbye.  A thousand kisses to
you.  Your wife until death claims me.         Amanda E. Hall


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