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Letter From Benjamin Franklin Hall to wife Amanda Elizabeth Farr Hall
Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin January 19, 2006


Tulahoma, Tenn                                                                                                            Jan 16th 1863

Dear Wife,
     I will trouble you again with a few lines from me.  This is about the 4th letter I have written you in the last 10 days.  When I wrote you in  last I was a little complaining.  Since which time I have got well again and am now doing duty.  I hope this will fine you all well.  I am very anxious to hear from you as I have not heard from you in a great while not since Col. Charleton came back.  I canít account for it.  I have no more news than I have already written in previous letters. The reason I write so often is I have chances to send them by hand & I know that you get them.  No doubt everything you have seen from the papers our Co & C.  I  have been  offered a  sergeant Ship for my  bravery on the Battlefield at Murphreesboro.  I have no accepted as yet presume i will soon.  Mr. read has been promoted to 2nd lieut. for the same thing.  I find I cannot get a furlough yet.  I will apply as soon as I think there is a chance.  It is now snowing & has been since yesterday evening.  We now have tents _____.  My fingers are so cold canít hardly write.  You must excuse it and also its brevity.  Write every
opportunity for you canít tell how much it revived my drooping Spirits.  I want to see you and the children.  You know that I do & you know that I will not let an opportunity slip of coming home.  I am truly glad that we have been victorious at Vicksburg.  If we can hold that place I think you are safe from the Yankes.  I trust that our communications will not be cut off.  As long as I can hear from you & you from me i will be better satisfied with my lot.  We got Corn meal & pork mostly now which I think is more healthy than so much flour & beef. I would like to have a mess of Sweet potatoes.  They are very scarce up here.  what is your Pa doing with his cotton.  Will he make meat enough.  Will he have salt to save it.  How are you & the children off for Shoes & Clothing.  You must not suffer for anything.  If you have no money call on edwards of sell some cotton as you like.  Keep yourself and children well.  Should keep the children in out of the cold.  they must learn their books.  tell judge to write to me as I wrote to him last.  Continue to offer your prayers to a throne of grace for my welfare. I continue to pray for you all regularly to send  my testaments through again.  tell West to write.  I have
written to him.  Nothing more but remain your affectionate husband until death. good by  B.F.Hall


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