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Westville Guards, otherwise known as Company B, 16th Mississippi Regiment
Contributed by Jymie Carol Ford Inmon  January 7, 2006

This is a reprint of the column "This and That" written by the late Bee King of Mendenhall which appeared in the  Simpson County News on December 23, 1937.
The Westville Guards left Westville on May 29th, 1861, to join the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. It will probably be of interest to many to tell the names of the men composing the Westville Guards, otherwise known as Company B, 16th Mississippi Regiment.
The Captain was Dr. G.J.D. Funchess; the Lieutenants wre Sam N. Caston, C.B. Banks, and Wm. J. Douglas; the Sergeants were Harry Smith, I.F. Alexander, A.B. Caston, E.C. Sandifer and R.H. Harper; the Corporals were H.S. Arnold, G.G. Jones, G.W. Weathersby, S.D. Robinson and H.C. Gibson. The Privates were A.F. Bettersworth, B.F. Brown, James D. Bishop, J.N. Bishop, J.H. Bishop, H.J. Banks, William Barnett, D.D. Benson, Sebron Brush, Coday Burns, Jasper Bass, Tom W. Bass, George Box, C.G. Brinson, J.A. Barber, D.J. Barron, W.J. Berry, A.G. Berry, J.P. Bullock, J.R. Bridges, R.L. Bridges, J.E. Buckley, J.M. Buckley, T.D. Bush, H.H. Berry, V.P. Chandler, W.J. Crain, John Conley, S.W. Dampeer, J.R. Drummonds, J.F. Dear, S.T. Dampeer, E.F. Everett, and W.J. Everett, J.P. Ford, Colon Floyd, Ervin Floyd, Wm. Giles, W.J. Gibson, Joseph Garrett, H.R. Gibson, F.B. Gibson, W.N. Gibson, A.T. Gerard, F.M. Grubbs, T.G. Hilton, G.W. Hilton, J.Z. Hicks, G.T. Hemphill, Wm. Johnson, W.H. Jones, Sam Hennigan, Sam B. Howell, A.D. Keen, A.J. Lee, Sr., A.J. Lee, Jr., William Lucas, J.A. Lamb, R.J. Morris, R.S. Magee, Joe May, Robert Mangum, S.E. Millis, J.F. Massey, A.M. Massey, Isham McClendon, S.J. McBride, G.J. McIntosh, D.L. Newsom, I.H. Newsom, J.F. Newsom, J.M. Norwood, J.J. Norwood, German Peacock, F.L. Riley, D.L. Rushing, B.F. Robinson, C.H. Robinson, J.B. Rogers, J.T. Shorter, A.G.W. Smith, Joe Sandifer, Wm. Taylor, H.B. Taylor, W.H. Turner, E.C. Shivers, John Spurlock, H.H. Toler, D.J. Waltman, T.B. Weathersby, Owen Weathersby, Joe C. Ware, P.A. Walker, J.B. Walker, Willis Walker, E.T. Yelverton, S.L. Young, and Elijah Young.
Of these men, G.W. Weathersby, A.J. Lee, Sr., German Peacock, A.G.W. Smith and J.B. Walker were killed in the battle of [2nd] Manassas. D.J. Barron, C.H. Robinson, and Elijah Young were killed in the battle of Richmond. J.H. Bishop, J.R. Bridges, J.M. Buckley, J.R. Drummonds, J.P. Ford, Sam Hennigan, John Spurlock and E.T. Yelverton were killed in the battle of Sharpsburg, and George Box, S.E. Millis and Willis Walker were killed in the battle of Chancellorsville. These men died in the prime of life. How bravely and nobly they fell! No wonder the world loved its soldiers. No wonder we love the true and the brave.
Many of the names have ties to Hinds and Copiah Counties as many of their men had kinsmen in those counties. The Captain, Dr. George John Daniel FUNCHESS, was the brother of my r-gr-gr-grandmother, Rebecca Rachel FUNCHESS FORD.
One of the Lieutenants, C.B. BANKS, was a brother-in-law to Dr. George J.D. FUNCHESS. C.B. BANKS was later promoted to Captain.
Three of the Privates, W.J. BERRY, A.G. BERRY, and H.J. BERRY, were kinsmen of Dorcas Berry FUNCHESS. Dorcas was the mother of Dr. George J.D. FUNCHESS and Rebecca Rachel FUNCHESS.
Private J.P. FORD was the older brother of my gr-gr-grandfather, George Bryant FORD. He had actually transferred to Company C of the 16th to be with his brother, George, shortly before he was killed.
The LEE, NEWSOM, and ROBINSON names also have ties to Hinds Co, MS.

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