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Mississippi Rifles
(Old) Co. A (New) Co. D, 10th Mississippi Regiment
Contributed by Tim Harrison August 2, 2006
The following information is extracted from the book, Military Annals of Mississippi Confederate (pp. 84 – 110), by John C. Rietti.  The book was originally published in 1895, and reproduced in 1976 by The Reprint Company, Publishers, Spartanburg, SC.  John Rietti was a member of the 10th Mississippi Regiment throughout the war.

[Biographical Information:  According to his son, Charles, John C. Rietti was born August 7, 1841 in Hoboken, New Jersey.  His father, Charles Rietti, was born in Italy about 1810 and his mother, Jane, was born in New York about 1825.  The family moved to Jackson, Mississippi in 1843, where John spent the remainder of his life except for his time in the Confederate Army.  His father died between 1850 and 1854, and his mother remarried (first) James P. Parker on May 4, 1854 in Hinds County, and after his death in October 1854, (second) James Overman on April 9, 1858 in Hinds County.  On February 8, 1872 John married Mary E. Francioli, born in Hinds County in 1853, the daughter of Joseph (born in Switzerland abt. 1810) and Mary (born in France about 1826) Fransioli.  John and Mary were blessed with six children: Mary (1872), Charles (1876), Josie (1878), Ellen (1881), John (1884) and Francis Ruth (1893).  He was a member of the Gem Fire Company, the Robert Smith Camp No. 12, United Confederate Veterans, and the Catholic Knights of America.  In 1895 he published his book, Military Annals of Mississippi Confederate, which sold for fifty cents a copy.  He died August 29, 1896 and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Jackson.  His widow, Mary, lived until 1946 and is buried beside her husband.]

(Old) 10th Mississippi Regiment

Original Regimental Field and Staff Officers.

S. M. Phillips, Yazoo City, Colonel.
Joseph R. Davis, Canton, Lieutenant-Colonel.
E. H. Gregory, Columbus, Major.
H. Powell, Yazoo City, Adjutant.
T. H. Dixon, Yazoo City, Sergeant-Major.
William French, Jackson, Bugler.
David H. Dickson, Jackson, Drill Master.
P. Rivinac, Leader Band.

Regimental Commanders—S. M. Phillips, R. A. Smith and James Walker.

Battles—Attack on Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island, Three Days Bombardment between Fort Pickens and Forts Barrancas and McRae and Navy Yard at Pensacola.

Promotions—Colonel S. M. Phillips having died in camp two months after organization of the regiment, and Lieutenant Colonel J. R. Davis being promoted as Commander of a Legion in the Virginia Army by President Davis, another election was ordered by Gen. Bragg to fill the vacancy, which resulted in the following selections:

Robert A. Smith – Colonel.
L. G. Bullard – Lieut-Col.
E. H. Gregory – Major.
W. G. Paxton – Adjutant.
T. H. Dixon – Sergt-Major.
Wm French – Bugler.
P. Rivinac – Leader Band.

The Tenth Mississippi Regiment of Volunteers was made up of the first troops of the organized militia of the State leaving Mississippi for service in the Confederate States Army, to fill the first requisition of Governor J. J. Pettus, for fifteen hundred infantry, to serve twelve months at Pensacola, Florida; and together with the Ninth Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which after arrival from Mississippi Went into camps at Pensacola Bay Lighthouse, and was organized and mustered into the Confederate States Service by order of Gen. Bragg on the 13th day of April 1861, composing a part of the Pensacola Troops, occupying the City of Pensacola, Warrenton, U. S. Navy Yard, Barracks and Forts Barrancas and McRae—a federal force being in possession of Fort Pickens, situated on Santa Rosa Island, on the opposite side of Pensacola Bay, commanding entrance by channel to Bay and Pensacola.
The Ninth and Tenth Mississippi Regiments were encamped together between Fort Barrancas and McRae, and after organization were formed into a Mississippi Brigade, numbering two thousand men, Colonel James R. Chalmers, Commanding, and plced in Gen. Ruggle’s Division.
After eleven month’s service, time about expiring, Gen. Bragg issued a circular requesting his army to re-enlist for three years or the war, the men to receive 30 day furloughs with privilege of forming new companies.  A large majority of the Tenth Regiment re-enlisted and left Pensacola for their homes during January.  After recruiting all new companies to their full number, they received orders to rendevouz and report at Corinth, Miss.  Those failing to re-enlist were discharged at expiration of service, returning home, and joining other commands.
During the month of February 1862 Pensacola was evacuated, and the Grand Old Army of Pensacola was ordered to Corinth, Miss., where Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston and Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard were organizing the Army of Mississippi.

MUSTER ROLL of the [Old] Tenth Mississippi Regiment

Mississippi Rifles—Company A.

At Pensacola, Fla.

(Re-enlisted = re-enlisted for three years or the war in George Dobson’s Company D, formed at Pensacola January 1862.)
(Discharged = discharged at Corinth May 1862 after expiration of twelve months service, and joined other commands.)

Commissioned Officers

Robert A. Smith, Captain – re-enlisted.
James Barr, First Lieutenant – re-enlisted.
N. F. Barksdale, Second Lieutenant – discharged.
W. R. Daniels, Third Lieutenant – re-enlisted.

Non-commissioned Officers

W. N. Wright, 1st Sergeant – discharged.
Mat. F. Ash, 2nd Sergeant – discharged.
David French, 3rd Sergeant – re-enlisted.
J. B. Cadwallader, 4th Sergeant – discharged.
Lewis Burt, 5th Sergeant – discharged.

John Farrell, 1st Corporal – re-enlisted.
W. R. Hunger, 2nd Corporal.
Jesse Maples, 3rd Corporal.
John W. Fite, 4th Corporal – re-enlisted.


Adler, Moses – discharged.
Abraham, John – discharged.
Abraham, Jordan – discharged.
Anderson, John – discharged.
Barr, Horace V. – re-enlisted.
Ball, John – re-enlisted.
Ball, Thomas.
Ball, Colin – re-enlisted.
Bean, James – re-enlisted.
Bell, Hyram, K. – re-enlisted.
Bode, William – discharged.
bode, Augustus – re-enlisted.
Bolougna, A. – discharged.
Boswell, William – re-enlisted.
Bradford, J. B. – discharged.
Brown, Edward – discharged.
Brown, William – discharged.
Bryant, William R. – discharged.
Carpenter, S. R. – discharged.
Chrisman, W. D. – discharged.
Clayland, C. – re-enlisted.
Cooper, W. – discharged.
Davis, Mike.
James, P. – re-enlisted.
Charles, Lud – discharged.
Cox, George W. – re-enlisted.
Clingan, John W.
Denson, James J – discharged.
Donnell, Samuel – discharged.
Davidson, Robert – re-enlisted.
Dobson, George – re-enlisted.
Doty, Ad. – discharged.
Denham, Martin V. – re-enlisted.
Downing, E. R. – re-enlisted.
Dotson, James M. – re-enlisted.
Farrell, Matthew – discharged.
Farrell, John – re-enlisted.
French, William – re-enlisted.
Fontaine, Lamar – discharged.
Fowler, Joseph – re-enlisted.
Fitzgerald, William F. – re-enlisted.
Fragiacomo, Lawrence – re-enlisted.
Fulmer, H. C. – discharged.
Furguson, L. – discharged.
Frazier, George W. – discharged.
Gudici, F. – discharged.
Griffith, C. R. – discharged.
Goodman, A. – discharged.
Gunn, John A. – discharged.
Harper, Benjamin F. – discharged.
Hinckle, Christopher – re-enlisted.
Hopson, Albert – discharged.
Hogsett, Charles – discharged.
Hollingsworth, Robert – re-enlisted.
Hamilton, [T. B.] – re-enlisted.
Harbach, Louis – re-enlisted.
Isler, Robert – re-enlisted.
Johns, Cal. – discharged.
Johnson, J. B. – discharged.
Johnson, J. C. – discharged.
Jones, J. A. – discharged.
Ligon, B. T. – discharged.
Lewis, G. M. – discharged.
Malvaney, Eugene L. – re-enlisted.
Manship, Charles – discharged.
Moore, A. G. – re-enlisted.
Mosley, Joseph F. – re-enlisted.
Murry, George W. – re-enlisted.
McGill, John – discharged.
McElderry, Robert – discharged.
McCartney, John – discharged.
McKneely, J. K. – re-enlisted.
Nash, Benjamin R. – re-enlisted.
Nash, Oscar – discharged.
Nagle, Richard – discharged.
Nutt, W. H. – discharged.
Oliver, C. M. – discharged.
O’Brien, Daniel – discharged.
O’Sullivan, J. F. – discharged.
Pace, Thos. D. – discharged.
Philan, Robert D. – discharged.
Price, Nat. C. – discharged.
Puckett, T. B. – discharged.
Rietti, John C. – re-enlisted.
Richmond, M. B.
rowland, J. C. – discharged.
Savaca, A. – discharged.
Shackelford, Daniel – discharged.
Shackelford, G. W. – discharged.
Smith, Rufus – discharged.
Smith, Charles – discharged.
Strauss, Henry – discharged.
Strauss, Isaac – discharged.
Striker, John H. – re-enlisted.
Striker, George – re-enlisted.
Tidwell, W. W. – re-enlisted.
Wesley, John – re-enlisted.
Weil, David – discharged.
Cooper, William.

Whole number on company roll ....................111
Re-enlisted and recruited................................. 50
Number discharged.......................................... 60


R. A. Smith, Colonel 10th Miss. Regiment; James Barr, Captain Mississippi Rifles; W. R. Daniels, 1st Lieutenant; R. C. Griffith, 2nd Lieutenant.



Robert A. Smith, Jackson—Colonel.
L. G. Bullard, Fulton—Lieut. Colonel.
James J. Barr, Jr.—Major.
E. Turner Sykes, Columbus—Adjutant.
Wm. French, Jackson—Sergt.-Major.
Nick Landrum, Columbus—Bugler.
Adam Gass—Leader Band.

The Tenth Mississippi Regiment Volunteers, (composed of newly organized companies), the old Tenth Mississippi Regiment having served for twelve months service, and mustered out of service, was re-organized for active field service at Corinth, Miss., on the 15th day of March 1862, and together with the 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th and Blythe’s Battalion [later the 44th Mississippi] and the 52nd Tennessee Regiment, with Gages Battery, were formed into a Mississippi Brigade, Col. J. R. Chalmers appointed Brigadier-General and was attached to Major General R. Ruggles’s Division, Braxton Bragg’s Corps, Army of Mississippi, which was formed by the troops collected together from Columbus, Bowling Green, and Pensacola, commanded by Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston and Gen. [P. G. T.] Beauregard, Headquarters at Corinth, Miss.

During the four years of service in the field, the Tenth Mississippi Regiment participated with the High-Pressure Mississippi Brigade in the following named battles and skirmishes:

Sunday and Monday, April 6 & 7, 1862.  Battle of Shiloh.  Pittsburg Landing on Tennessee River, Hardin County, Tenn., 12 miles from Corinth, Miss.
Sunday, September 14, 1862.  Battle of Munfordsville, Louisville and Nashville Railroad, Hart County, River, Kentucky.
Monday, September 1862.  Battle of Perryville.  Bragg’s Campaign in Kentucky—Doyle County, Ky.
December 31, 1862.  Battle of Murfreesboro.  Rutherford County, Tenn.
January 1, 1863.  Battle of Stone’s River, Rutherford County.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 18, 19, 20, 1862.  Battle of Chicamauga.  Chicamauga River, Gordon’s Mill, Bradley County, Tenn.
Wednesday, November 25, 1863.  Battle of Missonary Ridge.  Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, Marion County, Tenn.
Saturday and Sunday May 14, 15, 1864.  Battle of Resaca.  Coosa County, Gordon County, Ga.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 1864.  Battle of New Hope Church.  Etowah Valley, Cobb County, Ga.
Friday, July 22, 1864.  Peachtree Creek Station, Fulton Co., Ga., Atlanta & Chattanooga Railroad.
Battle of Atlanta, July 28, 1864.  On Lick Skillet road leading to Chattahoochie River.
Wednesday, August 31, 1864.  Battle of Jonesboro.  Atlanta & Macon Railroad, Clay County, Ga.
Wednesday, November 30, 1864.  On Harpeth River, Williamson County, Tenn.  [Battle of Franklin]
Thursday and Friday, December 15 and 16, 1864.  Battle of Nashville.  Cumberland River, Davidson County, Tenn.

The Regiment participated in the following named important skirmishes at the following places:

Mickey’s Ridge, Tenn. April 10, 1863 [1862].
Farmington, Tenn., April 20, 1862.
Purdy Road, Tenn., April 25, 1862.
Monteray Road, Tenn., April 30, 1862.
Corinth, Miss., May 1, 1862.
Unionville, Tenn., January 13, 1863.
Dover, Tenn., March 8, 1863.
Cassville, Ga., May 19, 1864.
Rocky Face Ridge, Ga., June 10, 1864.
Marietta, Ga., June 20, 1864.
Russ Station, Ga., July 6, 1864.
Ripley, Miss., July 4, 1864.
Chattahoochee River, Ga., July 6, 1864.
Florence, Ala., July 15, 1864.
Shoal Creek,  Alabama, Nov. 5, 1864.

MUSTER ROLL of the [New] Tenth Mississippi Regiment

Mississippi Rifles—Company D.

Second Company Re-Organized At Corinth, Miss.

Commissioned Officers.

Captain George Dobson.—Organized company at Pensacola, Fla.; January 1862; re-enlisted for the war; commanded at Shiloh and Munfordsville captured and exchanged; commanded at Chicamauga and Missionary Ridge.  Discharged for disabilities and resigned March 4, 1862 [1864].  Residence; Jackson, Miss.
Horace V. Barr.—First Lieutenant; Engaged in Battle of Munfordsville; discharged for disabilities Oct. 25th 1863.  Jackson.
Joseph F. Moseley.—Second Lieutenant; Engaged at Shiloh; Killed at Battle of Murfreesboro leading company.  Jackson.
John W. Fite.—Third Lieutenant; Promoted 1st Lieut. Oct. 25, 1863; Promoted Captain March 4, 1864.  Wounded at Jonesboro and Franklin.  12 battles.

Non-Commissioned Officers.

Nat. C. Pierce—First Sergeant; Engaged in Battle of Shiloh; Discharged for disability at Jackson June 1862.
David French—Second Sergeant.  Engaged at Shiloh; Discharged at Bardstown, Ky. Sept. 2, 1862.
John Murphy—Third Sergeant; Recruit from Yazoo Rifles; in action at Shiloh; Killed at Battle of Munfordsville.
E. B. Hoops—Fourth Sergeant; recruit from Port Gibson Rifles, Detailed Div. Pro. Guard.  Present at surrender.
William D. Christman—Fifth Sergeant; Promoted Sergt Major 10th Miss; wounded at Shiloh and Murfreesboro; present at sur.
Charles Clayland—First Corporal.  Wounded at Battle of Shiloh.  Disabled and discharged at Knoxville, October 31st, 1862.
Jessie Maples—Second Corporal.  Pro. 4th Sergt; captured at Glasgow, Ky.; wounded at Chicamauga; detailed to Q. M. Dept.  Present at surrender.
J. C. Rowland—Third Corporal.  Wounded in action on Stone River, Jan. 2nd, 1863;  Died in hospital at Atlanta from wound.
E. R. Downing—Fourth Corporal; In three battles, captured at Chicamauga Station 1863; in prison 18 months.  Edwards Depot.


A. G. Allen, Conscript, in 3 battles; wounded at Franklin.  Discharged at Corinth Dec. 1864.  Hinds County.
John Barr, Recruit, detailed as Ordinance Clerk, captured at Atlanta, July 28, 1864.  Jackson.
Thomas H. Barnett, Recruit, left sick and captured at Shelbyville, June 27, 1864.  Newton County.
Hyram K. Bell, Captured at Jonesboro, Aug. 31, 1864.  Took oath of allegiance to U.S.  In 6 battles.  Jackson.
Hugh C. Bigbee, Recruit, in 6 battles, detailed in Com Dept.  Present at surrender.  Rankin County.
M. A. Boles, Conscript, enlisted at Knoxville, Oct. 31, 1862, died in hospital from disease, Jan. 17, 1863.
C. Oliver Bosbyshell, Recruit, enlisted Meridian, Feb. 5, 1865.  Present at surrender.  Jackson.
William B. Boswell, In action at Shiloh, detailed Ambulance Driver, discharged for disabilities at Dalton, Ga.  Jackson.
Willis T. Brewer.  Conscript, enlisted Tullahoma, in 3 battles; Killed at Battle of Franklin.  Hinds County.
Benjamin H. Burge, Recruit, enlisted at Jackson, detailed as Regimental Drummer; wounded at Munfordsville, disabled and discharged at Shelbyville Feb. 20, 1863.
James H. Capell, Trans. to Port Gibson Rifles, thence to Regimental Band.  Clinton.
Mason P. Caskey, Recruit, enlisted at Jackson; in nine battles; Present at surrender; Jackson.
John W. Clingan, Appointed 1st Sergeant June ’62; elected Lieut. July 23, ’62; promoted to 1st Lieut. Feb. 20, ’63.  Engaged in 12 battles, wounded at Franlin; at home on wounded furlough at time of surrender.  Jackson.
George W. Cox, Appointed 3rd Corporal March 1st 1864; In eight battles, wounded at Jonesboro.  Present at sur.  Crystals Springs.
Walter R. Daniels, Wounded at Shiloh and Munfordsville.  Transferred.  Elected Captain Port Gibson Rifles.  Jackson.
James J. Denson.  In action at Shiloh, wounded and captured at Munfordsville, discharged at Missionary Ridge.  Jackson.
A. J. Denham, Recruit, In action and wounded at Shiloh; discharged for disability at Shelbyville, April ’63.  Jackson.
J. L. Denham, Recruit, enlisted at Jackson, present at surrender.
Martin V. Denham.  Detailed as Ordinance Clerk.  Appointed 4th Sergeant Nov. 29, 1863, promoted Color-Bearer 10th Miss., Killed whilst bravely carrying colors at Battle of Chicamauga.  Engaged in eight battles.  Jackson.
James M. Dotson, App. 4th Sergt. June ’62, pro. 1st Sergt. Aug. 1, ’63; elected Major 10th Miss., wounded at Jonesboro.  In eight battles, died since war in New Orleans.  Jackson.
Patrick Eagin, Recruit, In action and wounded at Shiloh, died from wound in hospital May 1, ’62.  Jackson.
Thomas H. Ellison, Recruit, Wounded at Murfreesboro and Chicamauga, killed at battle Atlanta, July 28, 1864.  Hinds Co.
John Farrell, Appointed 3rd Corporal, Aug. 1863.  In 8 battles.  Died from wound received in a skirmish at Chattahoochie River, July 8, 1864.  Jackson.
Thomas I Fite.  Recruit, enlisted at Dalton, May 1, 1861 [1864?].  In 3 battles, wounded Battle of Atlanta July 28, 1864.  Jackson.
William F. Fitzgerald, Transferred to 9th Bat. Sharpshooters, elected 1st Lt. Dec. ’62, promoted Captain S. S. [Sharpshooters].  Jackson.
Lawrence Fragiacomo, Re-enlisted in Captain George Dobson’s Co. D at Pensacola, Fla.  Engaged in eight battles.  Taken prisoner at Battle of Nashville, Dec. 16, 1864.  Jackson.
Franks Frank [Francis Franks].  Recruit from Yazoo Rifles.  Was wounded at Battle Chicamauga, was killed at Battle of Atlanta.  Yazoo City.
George Fugal, Recruit from Yazoo Rifles, In action at Shiloh, Wounded at Munfordsville, appointed Color-Bearer.  Yazoo City.
William French.  Appointed Bugler and Sergeant-Major, and promoted Adjutant 10th Miss.  Wounded at Marietta and Franklin.  Present at surrender.  Jackson.
Joseph Fowler, In 7 battles.  Killed at Battle Atlanta, July 28th, 1864 carrying regimental colors.  Jackson.
Henry B. Gunn, Recruit.  Detailed as Hospital Steward, in 6 battles, present at surrender.  Brandon.
John Gilbert, Recruit, Died from disease in hospital.  Hinds Co.
A. Gilcrease, Recruit, Detached service.  Captured at Nashville.  Hinds County.
C. R. [Richard C.] Griffith, In action and wounded at Shiloh.  Appointed 1st Lieut. C.S.A. and transferred.  Jackson.
A. Goodwin, Recruit, discharged from service, and died.
Louis Harbach, recruit, Appointed 4th Corporal, wounded at Chicamauga, and in hospital from wound.  8 battles.  Jackson.
Richard D. Hardy, Recruit, transferred to Regimental Band.  Discharged for disability April 1862.  Jackson.
T. B. Hamilton, Transferred to 9th Battalion Sharpshooters.
Thomas H. Hawkins, Recruit.  Transferred to 9th Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters.  Discharged for disability.  Jackson.
Christopher Hinckle.  Appointed 3rd Corporal Nov. 28th, 1862, 1st Corporal April 1864.  Wounded at Battle of Atlanta, July 28th 1864.  In ten battles.  Discharged August 1864.  Jackson.
Phillip Howard, Recruit, Wounded at Battle of Atlanta, July 28, 1864, died from wound in hospital at Columbus, Ga.  Jackson.
Robert Hollingsworth.  Transferred to Regimental Band.  Captured at Resaca May 15th, 1863.  Mobile, Ala.
Robert B. Isler, Transferred to Regimental Band as Drummer in 1862.  Engaged in 6 battles with company.
Thomas J. Jackson, Recruit, Captured at Munfordsville, and exchanged; captured and wounded at Battle of Atlanta, July 28th, died from wound in prison at Marietta, September, 1864.  Summit.
James A Jones, Detailed as Quarter-Master Sergeant at Corinth, Miss. 1862.  Clinton.
Patrick Kays, Recruit from Yazoo Rifles; in action and wounded at Shiloh, Discharged December 1862.  Yazoo City.
Robert Lanier, Recruit, Transferred 9th Battalion Sharpshooters.
Nick Landrum, Recruit from Columbus Southrons, Transferred to Regimental Band, appointed Bugler.  Columbus.
James Leonard, Recruit from Yazoo Rifles.  In action and captured at Munfordsville and exchanged.  Killed at Battle of Chicamauga.  In 6 battles.  Yazoo City.
John R. Ligon, Recruit.  Sent to hospital and discharged.  Summit.
George W. Maxey, Recruit, Sent to hospital and died.  Summit.
E. L. Malvaney, Wounded at Shiloh.  Discharged at Tupelo.
A. G. Moore, Appointed 4th Corporal. Wounded at battles of Shiloh and Chicamauga.  Engaged in eight battles.  Present at surrender.  Jackson.
Henry Moode, Recruit, enlisted at Jackson, Feb. 20, 1862.  Appointed Regimental Color-Bearer at Dalton, 1864.  Wounded at Battle of Atlanta, July 28, 1864, carrying regimental colors.  Discharged.  Engaged in seven battles.  Jackson.
James M. Moseley, recruit, Enlisted in Tenn.  Discharged.
George W. Murrey.  In six battles.  Killed while asleep under his stretched blanket in the trenches before Atlanta.  Jackson.
Henry Myers, Recruit from Rankin Rifles.  Transferred to Regimental Band.  Brandon.
Robert McElderry, Appointed Ordnance Sergeant 10th Miss.  Present at surrender.  Jackson.
Daniel McClure, Recruit from Yazoo Rifles, Wounded at Battles of Chicamauga and Franklin.  Detached Service.  Yazoo City.
J. King McKneely, In action and wounded at Shiloh, disabled and sent on detached service.  Hinds County.
Benjamin R. Nash, In action and wounded at Battle of Shiloh, carrying Regimental flag; wounded at battle of Murfreesboro; Discharged June 1862.  Clinton.
William H. Nutt.  Wounded at battle of Shiloh.  Chunky Sta.
Frank M. Owens, Conscript, left sick and captured at Franklin.  Hinds County.
T. A. Patrick, Recruit, enlisted at Meridian, Feb. 1, 1865.  Present at surrender.  Jackson.
Robert D. Philan.  In action and wounded at battle of Shiloh.
David C. Rietti, Recruit from Alcorn’s Sixty Day Troops at Columbus, Ky., enlisted at Corinth, 1862.  Detailed on Infrimary Corps.  Engaged in 6 battles with company.  Jackson.
John C. Rietti, Detailed with Austell’s Battery formed with captured guns at Munfordsville, Sept. 17th 1862, rejoined company at Knoxville, Oct. 31, ’62; appointed 3rd Sergeant Nov. 28, ’62; promoted 1st Sergeant May 1, 1864; elected 3rd Lieutenant at Dalton in Georgia Campaign, failed to pass Examining Board; was the last Orderly Sergeant of Co. D; engaged in 12 battles; and present at the surrender of Johnson’s Army.  Jackson.
George W. Shackelford, Discharged for disabilities at Corinth, April 1862.  Hinds County.
James Sixs. Recruit, enlisted at Jackson; In six battles; Discharged at Shelbyville, on account being under age.  Jackson.
William Simpson.  Enlisted 1862.  Died from disease in hospital.
Andrew Smith.  Recruit from Port Gibson Rifles, In four battles.  Port Gibson.
William L. Smylie.  Recruit, enlisted at Jackson, Feb. 20, 1863.  In 5 battles.  Wounded at Battle of Chicamauga.  Jackson.
Samuel P. Steen.  Wounded and captured Battle of Shiloh.  Discharged at Shelbyville.  Jackson.
George W. Striker.  Re-enlisted.  In four battles.  Jackson.
John H. Striker.  In 3 battles.  Killed at Battle of Chicamauga.
Thomas M. Summers.  Conscript, Hinds Count.
William W. Tidwell.  In seven battles.  Killed in the trenches by a cannon ball passing through his body.  Newton County.
George W. Tolbert.  Recruit.  Enlisted at Corinth, May 28, 1862.  In 8 battles.  Present at surrender.  Jackson.
Jasper Weeks.  Recruit.  Wounded and captured at Battle of Stone River, Jan. 2, 1863.  2 battles.  Hinds County.
Zeb. Weeks.  Recruit.  Discharged Jan. 1863.  Hinds County.
John Weeks.  Recruit.  Transferred to Scott’s Cavalry.  Hinds County.
William Wells.  Wounded at Shiloh.  Killed at Battle of Atlanta, July 28, 1864.  In 7 battles.  Jackson.
Willie W. Wicker.  Recruit.  Enlisted at Corinth, 1862.  In 4 battles.  Wounded in a skirmish at Atlanta, August 1864, died in hospital from wound Aug. 25, 1864.  Summit.
John Williams.  Enlisted at Corinth, March 1862.  Discharged at Tullahoma, Nov. 1862.  Jackson.
Samuel B. Williams.  Enlisted at Corinth. Appointed Hospital Steward.  In 3 battles.  Summit.
John Wesley.  Re-enlisted 1862.  Jackson.
John York.  Conscript.  Died in hospital of disease.  Hinds County.


Commissioned Officers, 4; Non-Commissioned Officers, 9; No. Privates, 87; Whole number on company roll, 100 men; re-enlisted 46; Recruits 48; Conscripts, 6.  Total 100.
Resignations 2; Detailed Special Service 21; Transferred 11; Deserted 11; Captured 9; Discharged 25; Promotions to other commands 5; Killed in battle 12; Wounded 37; Died of wounds 7; Died of Disease 6; Present at surrender of Gen. Johnson’s Army in North Carolina, April 26, 1865—17 men.

Promotions—James Barr, Major and Colonel; James M. Dotson, Major; Wm. French, Adjutant; J. W. Fite, Captain; C. R. Griffith, 1st Lieutenant; John W. Clingan, 2nd Lieutenant; John C. Rietti, 3rd Lieutenant.

Grand Total Number of First and Second Companies A and D, Mississippi Rifles, 10th Miss. Regiment—166.


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