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Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin
November  27, 2008

The second Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi was organized on September 25, 1894.  The West Side Presbyterian Church was the name chosen by the Presbytery of Central Mississippi.  There were twenty-eight charter members of the church:
Mrs. Sarah A. Lemon, Miss Elizabeth Lemon, George Lemon, I.L. Gordin, Mrs Ella Gordin, Mrs. M.J. Gordin, Mrs. Rebecca J. Lonnegan, Mrs. Emma J. Calhoun, Mrs. Irene Stuart, Miss Florence Addie Calhoun, Mrs. Emma French,Miss Emma French, Mr. Jesse Drake, Mrs. Mary Lewis, Mrs Mattie Stuart, Miss Annie Stuart, Mrs J.C. Dodds, Mrs J.F. Bowden, Miss Idah McPherson, Mrs Kate Tatum, W.C. Smith, Miss Una Bell Gordin, Miss Rosa Calhoun, Miss Minnie Gordin, Mrs. Jessee Drake, James Ewing,Mrs. Lula Ewing and Albert G. Lewis.
The first person to join on professionof faith 10/27/1894 was Susie May Gordin who also became the first bride.  She married Hugh Magee.  Later, Miss Annie May Lewis (Mrs. W.E. Pleasants) and Miss Annie Lemon (Mrs. Fred Sullens) joined the West Side Church.
The first location was purchased on the corner of West Capitol and Adams Streets.  This was  a cotton field with not one house on Adams Street.  By December 1, 1898 the church building was completed.  December 11, 1898 the first sermon was preached and the Church was dedicated on January 8, 1899.
On June 17, 1909 the name was changed to Central Presbyterian Church.
The church was moved to a new location on West Capitol on June 14, 1923.  In 1953 this structure was changed to the Education Building and a New Sanctuary , church offices and several classrooms were added.
In 1992 the Central Presbyterian Church closed its doors and the remaining members joined other Presbyterian churches in Jackson.


MRS. J.F. Bowden
Mrs. Emma Calhoun, Mother
Miss Addie Calhoun-daughter
Miss Rosa Calhoun-daughter
Mrs. J. C. Dodds
<r/ Jesse Drake
Mrs. Jesse Drake
Mr. James Erving
Mrs. Lula Erving
Mrs. Emma French-mother
Miss Emma French-daughter
Mrs. M. J. Gordin- mother of I. L. Gordin
Miss Minnie Gordin-sister of I.L. Gordin
Mr. I.L. Gordin
Mrs. I. L. (Ella) Gordin
Miss Una Bell Gordin (Vance) daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Il L. Gordin
Mr. George Lemon
Mrs. George (Sarah H.) Lemon
Miss Elizabeth Lemon (Sugg) daughter of Mr. 7 Mrs. George Lemon
Mr. Albert Lewis
Mrs. Mary L. Lewis-sister of Gorge Lemon
Mrs. R. Lonnegan
Miss Idah McPherson
Mr. W.C. Smith
Mrs. Irene Stuart
Mrs. Mattie L. Stuart-sister of Mr. George Lemon
Miss Annie Stuart- daughter of Mrs. Mattie Stuart
Mrs. Kate Tatum

Note from Frances:  this information was taken from  an old cookbook "Serving Abundantly" by Central Presbyterian Church Women. Central Presbyterian Church was located at 11 West Capitol Street in Jackson. It closed it's doors in 1992 and members went on to join other churches.

Mrs. Mary Ann Mobley Collins -great granddaughter of Mrs. Irene Stuart Mary Ann was baptized there and learned her catechism there.

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