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Centernay College in Shreveport, LA is a private four year arts and sciences college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Centenary College was first organized in Mississippi and located in Brandon Springs, Rankin County, from 1841 to 1845.  After its removal and merger with the College of Louisiana in Jackson, La, many of the students attending were from Mississippi.  The College was removed to Shreveport after 1894

The age given is the age the student was enrolled in the stated year.  The parentís name and place of residence are given next.

Andrews, Oscar Kearney  born Jackson, MS  age 8-1878
C,G, Andrews, Parent,  living in Jackson

Beauchamp, D.B.  born Raymond, MS  age 16-1856
G.E. Beauchamp, parent living in Spring Ridge, MS

Birdsong, George  born Hinds Co. MS   age 15 -1860
parent D.M. Birdsong, Brownsville, MS

Birdsong, Nathaniel R.  born Hinds Co   age 16 1881
parent S.J. Birdsong living in Edwards, MS

Birdson, Samuel t.  born Madison Co  age 17-1860
parent  D.M. Birdsong living in Brownsville

Bonner,  T.J.  born Hinds Co.  age 19-1852
parent James Bonner living in Raymond, MS

Cowan, James Matt  born Brownsville  age 21-1887

Dixon, Reuben A.  born Hinds Co.   age 15-1858
guardian James Henderson,  Byram Sta

Dixon, W.H.  born Hinds Co.  age 18-1857
guardian James Henderson living in Jackson, Ms

Drake, Benj. Magruder born Greenville age 13-1880
parent Mrs. A.G. Drake living in Jackson, Ms

Drake, J. P. Jr. born Woodville age 15-1894
parent Rev. J..P. Drake living in Edwards, Ms

Drake, Joseph Walton born Greenville age 12 in 1880
parent Mrs. A.G. Drake living in Jackson, Miss.

Drake, Wm Winans born Jeff. Co. age 10-1880
parent Mrs. A.G.Drake living in Jackson, Miss

Featherstone, Henry Pierce born Warren Co. age 16 -1877
parent Joseph H. Featherstone living in Bovina, Miss.

Fisher, Ernest A. born Hinds Co 17-1890
parent W.D. Fisher, living in Learned, Miss

Galceran, W.C. born Jackson, MS. 17-1890
Parent G.E. Galceran, living in Sturgis, MS

Gibbs, John J. born Raymond, MS 15-1883
Parent S.L. Gibbs, living in Raymond, MS

Harrington, Burt born Jackson MS. 14-18
Parent Rev W. Harrington living in New Orleans, LA

Harris, C. N. born in Hinds Co., MS 15-1866
parent Rev H.J. Harris living in Jackson, LA

Havens, J.D. born Jackson, MS 21-1892
Parent J.F. Havens living in Dry Creek, LA

Jackson, John born Hinds Co., 14-1880
Parent N.T. Jackson,lLiving in Edwards Sta.

Jelks, James F. born Hinds Co 17-1859
Guardian, Alex s. Keller, Jackson, LA

Lewis, J. E, born Hinds Co. 18-1858
Parent Irvine Lewis, living Spring Ridge, MS

Lewis, W.A. born hinds Co. 16-1858
Parent Irvine Lewis, living Spring Ridge, MS

Lewis, Wm. Hewnry born Jackson, MS  18-1886
parent Rev W.B. Lewis. living in Canton, MS.

Luster, Geo. Walter born Hinds Co.  17-1879
parent Dr. M.J. Luster, living in Cayuga, MS

Luster, T. Armand born Cayuga,  22-1890
parent Mrs. E.A. Luster, living in Cayuga, MS

Mallettt, James B. born Hinds Co  15-1853
guardian W.M. Jelks,  living in Kellerstown, MS

Mallett. Oscar R., born Hinds Co  14-1853
guardian W.M. Jelks,  living in Kellerstown, MS

Mallette, Frank Wesley born Hinds Co 19-1879
parent Wm. E. Mallette, living in Cayuga, MS

Nicholson, W.F. born Clinton, MS 17-1856
parent A. Nicholson, living in Shreveport, LA

Pope, Greene B. born Hinds Co, MS 17-1856

Quick, H. Vernon born Hinds Co. 15-1892
parent H. Quick, living in Miles, MS

Ratliff, James Walter born Edwards,MS 17-1884
parent J.W. Ratliff, living in Edwards, MS

Ratliff, Wm. Alonzo born AL 15-1880
parent J.W Ratliff, living in Edwards, MS

Rutherford, S /I born Jackson, MS 19-1852
guardian H. H. Fields, living in Westerville, MS

Scott, Calhoun born Jackson, MS 15-1856
parent/guardian living in Greenville, MS

Skates, John C. born Hinds Co. 18-1875
guardian J.B. Yates,  living in Hinds Co, MS

Smylie, James J. born Hinds Co.  25-1890
guardian J. J. Smylie,  living in Jackson, LA

Smylie, James Jesse born Hinds Co 18-1884
parent Mrs S E. Smylie, living in Meridian, Ms

White, G.E. born Hinds Co. 15-1857
parent Dr. Franklin White,  living in Vicksburg, Ms

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