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Benjamin Franklin Hall and Wife, Amanda Elizabeth Farr
Contributed by Frances Clark Cronin January 22, 2006


Benjamin Franklin Hall and Amanda Elizabeth Farr (grandma) were married December 13, 1854 at China Grove, Mississippi (grandma’s country home) Hinds County, seven miles north of Edwards, Mississippi.  the ceremony was performed by the Reverend John Sims.
The marriage certificate was signed by Jesse Barton Hall (grandpar’s half-brother and Rebecca Caffey.  Grandpa wrote a note to grandpa Farr asking that the ceremony be performed two hours earlier than planned as the minister was having to leave on some urgent mission. The request was granted.  Aunt Mary Jones has the letter that grandpa

Grandpa and grandma lived in grandma’s country home at China Grove, the first ten years after they were married (1854 to 1964) They then moved to Steen’s Creek in Rankin County near Florence, Mississippi, where they lived until 1869 when they moved back to
China Grove to live with Great Grandpa Farr.  Great Grandma Farr passed away January 10, 1860

I have many happy memories of my visits to the beautiful old colonial home in which grandma and grandpa lived.  The house was built by Great Grandpa Farr in 1857. (Note: I think this was a typing error think it was 1847)  It was a large t wo story house, painted
white with green blinds.  there were three bedrooms, a parlor, hugh hall, dining room, kitchen and pantry downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs.  The dining room, kitchen and pantry were built away from the other part of the house. A brick walk connected the two buildings.  This was the plan used in building many homes during that period.

It can well be said of grandma and grandpa that “they lived in a house by the side of the road and were a friend to man.”  Many were the relatives and friends who shared the hospitality of this grand old home.  Grandpa and grandma were both refined, cultured and well educated.

Grandma was a graduate of Hillman College in Clinton, Mississippi. There were eleven children.  Eight lived to be grown.  Leroy was the first to pass away of the ones who lived to be grown.  He was 54 when he died.

All the daughters except Aunt Mary Jones were married in the old home (China Grove).  The Reverend C. P. Colmary who was pastor of the Edwards presbyterian Church 50 years before he passed away performed the marriage ceremony for all the daughters except my mother.(Emma in the letters between B.F. and Amanda Hall) the Reverend Daniels,  a Presbyterian minister, performed her ceremony.  Aunt mary Jones was married at home in Bolton, Mississippi.

The original plantation on which the old home stood consisted of 1700 acres.  there was a cotton gin and blacksmith ship which served the plantation and adjoining places.  Great grandpa Farr left the plantation and home to grandma and two of her brothers (Uncle Bob and Uncle John)  Uncle Wes (Dr Farr) did not share in the land as a good sum of money had been spent on his education.  However, grandma and uncle Bob gave him 120 acres of the land left to them.  It was on this land that Uncle Wes built  a home and came to live after finishing medical school.  He practiced medicine in the neighborhood a number of years before moving to Bolton, Mississippi.  Uncle John Farr was a lawyer and lived in Lebanon, Tennessee

Note from gggranddaughter, Frances Cronin:
Benjamin Franklin Hall & Amanda Farr Hall were my great great grandparents. the biography was written by their grandaughter, Lulah Frances Anderson Clark who was my grandmother. Unfortunately we do not have a picture of the house but I can tell you the disposition of the house. Hiram Leroy Hall ,  (son of Benjamin Franklin and Amanda) bought the old place in the country in 1916. After his death his widow Kate sold it to Milton Farr . Members of the family who felt a deep attachment for the old place were glad that Milton bought it as they felt that his interest in the place was akin to their own, and too, it adjoined his plantation. The old home was sold by Milton to a Mr. Abernathy of Flora, Mississippi who dismantled it and moved it to his farm. It would be interesting to find out if the house still stands on Mr. Abernathy's place.

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