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Deaths, Obituaries and Birth Notices
"Greene County Herald"

Compiled by Janet Walters Eubanks, November 2004

Note:  These are abstracts; the full obituary or death notice may be found on microfilmed copies of the Greene County Herald using the dates given. One roll of microfilm of this newspaper is available at the Lucedale-George County Library in Lucedale, MS. Others may be available elsewhere.

July 13, 1906

The Brewer Tragedy--Charles W. Brewer killed his wife and her mother Mrs. L. C. Talbert, wounded Mrs. J. A. Countryman, the aged mother of Mrs. Talbert, and Raymond, his baby boy, and then shot himself through the head on Monday, July 2, 1906. Mrs. Talbert buried in Lucedale; Brewer's body shipped to Clark Co., AL.
Long article with details of shooting.

September 14, 1906

Mrs. Ben Shepard died Sept 8, 1906 and buried in Adams Cemetery following day.

November 2, 1906 Obituary

Stella McLeod--Died at her home on Kuhlman Hill Boerne, Tex. Oct. 16, 1906. Remains shipped to Leakesville and buried in family cemetery. Long obit with poem.

February 1, 1907

In Memoriam/Death in Log Ramp Mrs. Ben Hillman, born June 26, 1884; died Jan. 6, 1907. Survived by husband, 4 children and mother. More details in article written by her niece Mrs. M. B. Carr of McLain, MS.

W. B. Douglas, crushed to death by logs Friday, January 25, 1907 near State Line, Greene Co., MS. Survived by wife and two young children. Brother-in-law is W. R. Murray.

February 8, 1907

Account of the Burning/In Memoriam Miss Lillie Taylor, of Lucedale died January 29, 1907 when her clothing caught afire. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Taylor. Article written by David Monroe Eubanks of Mullett, Miss.

March 1, 1907

Death Mullett, Miss. 2-25-'07--We are sorry to note the death of Mr. Eubanks, "Uncle Dick" as he was generally called, which occurred Friday night last (Feb. 22, 1907).

February 14, 1908

Cowart Dies of Cramps
Charles C. Cowart--This reprint from the Laurel Chronicle reports the death of Charles C. Cowart of Jackson Co., MS. Died February 1, 1908 in Laurel, MS. Survivors include: a son Shannon of Laurel, G. H. Cowart, a brother of Merrill, MS; Mrs. H. W. Hinton, a sister of Lucedale, Mrs. Weldy, a sister at McLain; Mrs. Ira Moffett, a sister at Shipman; his mother Mrs. Gaines P. Cowart and Joe C. Cowart, a lawyer of Prentiss, MS, and member of the legislature of Jeff Davis County. Buried at Cross Roads in Jackson County beside his wife.

March 27, 1908 Deaths

Nat. Dunnam of Johnathan, Greene Co, MS, March 26, 1908.

Mrs. Jennie Carter Byrd, wife of Erastus Byrd, of Janet, Greene Co., MS March 15, 1908, daughter of D.L. Carter of Ellisville, Buried in Bynum Cemetery. Longer article.

April 3, 1908 Deaths

Capt. W. W. Mills died March 18, 1908 at home in State Line, Greene Co., MS. Buried in Baptist Cemetery. Survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. F. F. Clark and one brother Mr. Lang Mills of Fruitdale, AL. More details given and a second article follows the first.

April 17, 1908 Deaths

Nathaniel A. Dunnam, age 75, Confederate veteran, buried in Mutual Rights Cemetery, brother of Rev. E.M. Dunnam. Long article.

May 22, 1908 Deaths

B. B. Rhinehart, died May 18, 1908 at Hillman, MS, father of Mr. W. P. Rhinehart, and Fletcher Rhinehart. Buried in Sweetwater Baptist Church Cemetery by Masonic fraternity. Long detailed article.

Thomas W. Brannan, died May 16, 1908 at his home in Brushy, Greene Co., MS. Survived by sons and one married daughter, Mrs. Allman. More details in article.

May 29, 1908 Deaths

Lavonia Williams, two-year-old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. H. E. Williams, May 23, 1908 at home of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Paterson in Leakesville. Buried in Sweetwater Graveyard.

Mrs. M. E. Grey, widow recently moved from North AL, died May 24, 1908 at her home near Mohoba, Greene Co., MS. Survived by several grown sons, two married daughters Mrs. H. C. Lister and Mrs. Sam W. Lister, and a sister Mrs. W. T. Lister.

Thomas W. Brannan, Born Feb. 2, 1848; died May 16, 1908; Survived by his second wife, a Miss Mason, four children, six brothers. Pallbearer were L. B. Welford, A. E. Whatley, Lewis Sheperd, and I. M. Brannan. Two articles with more details.

June 3, 1908 Deaths

Infant Elliot, son of Mr. And Mrs. Cleveland Elliott in Leakesville, June 27, 1908. Buried on East Side.

William Sammie Beard, eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. W. S. Beard, died at Providence Infirmary in Mobile, AL, June 30, 1908. His aunt was Mrs. M. A. Clark, wife of Jepsy Clark. Buried in Sweetwater Baptist Church Cemetery. Details of illness in article.

Mrs. M. E. McLean, born at Baltimore, MD, June 31, 1828; died at her home at Adamsville, Greene Co., MS.

Wife of Captain J. F. McLean, mother of six. More details in article written by grandson Jacob F. Green.

Mrs. Mary E. Knight McClean, died June 13, 1908, wife of Capt. Jacob Fry McClean. Born in Baltimore, MD, resident of New Orleans, LA for 18 years. More details in item written by her daughter Mamie.

July 10, 1908 Obituaries

Mrs. Bud Davis, thirty-seven-year-old mother of six children, died July 6, 1908 near Moss Corner, Greene Co., MS Buried in Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery on July 7, 1908.

Mrs. Argent Breland, age 67, wife of John C. Breland died July 2, 1908, Buried in Breland Graveyard near Buffalo Church. Long article written by W. J. Scanlan of McLain.

William Sammie Beard, age 12, died June 30, 1908 in Providence Infirmary in Mobile, AL; son of Mr. And Mrs. W. S. Beard. Long article written by cousin Ila Byrd.

July 17, 1908 Deaths

William Jasper Neel, died July 12, 1908 at home of his son Wm. J. Neel, Jr. Survived by three living daughters, namely: Mesdames C. Pink Smith, George H. Smith, and Dave Sullivan. Three deceased married daughters Mesdames Raz Merritt, Alex McDonald and John Ball. Sons are Billie Neel and the late George Neel.

July 24, 1908 Obituary

Abigil Welford died at home of son Henry Welford, June 17, 1908; Born June 24, 1814, in Greene Co., MS. Mother of 12, six whom survive her. Written by grandson Henry Welford of Shipman, MS.

William Jasper Neel died July 12, 1908 at home of his son W. J. Neel. Born in West Florida about 1830. Long detailed article written by Lizzie Neel of Adamsville, Greene Co. MS Second article follows first written by granddaughter Lela Smith.

July 24, 1908 In Memoriam of Sammie Beard

Sam Beard, eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. Wm. S. Beard of Leakesville, MS Very long article about young Sammie Beard written by one of his teachers Miss O. T. Dunning of Hermanville, MS.

August 21, 1908 Obituaries

Mrs, W. T. Richardson of Janet, Greene Co., MS, died Aug. 7, 1908 in Hattiesburg, Miss., Buried in Wade, Miss., her old home. Longer article

Sweyn McLeod died August 20, 1908, Services held at Presbyterian Church, burial in Dan McLeod Burial Ground. Long article, and two others appeared in later issues.

Mrs. Missouri Freeman died July 26, 1908; born Nov. 25, 1859; wife of Alex Freeman

August 28, 1908

In Memory of Sweyn McLeod. Written by E. W. Breland, this is another long article filled with details of Sweyn McLeod.

September 13, 1908 Obituaries

Delos A. Blodgett died Sept. 1, 1908 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his home. Senior member of the Blodgett Co., Limited who have large interests in Greene County, MS.

Mauree Harrison died Aug. 29, 1908, two-year-old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. B. P.Harrison. Buried in McInnis Burial Ground adjacent to the M. E. Church South yard. Long article

October 2, 1908 Deaths/Obituaries

Mrs. E. B. Loper died Oct. 2, 1908 . Survived by husband Bedie Loper and 7 children, daughter of Josh and Mary Evans Beech. More details given.

Mrs. Belle West died Sept. 21, 1908; born Sept. 1873; daughter of Mr. And Mrs. John Avera. Married Mr. Lee West August 1907 Longer detailed article

Mr. Sweyn McLeod Died Aug. 20, 1908 at Leakesville, MS; Born Oct. 23, 1827 Greene Co., MS. Married Miss Rachel McInnis May 27, 1858, daughter of Judge John McInnis Written by A. G. Ferguson, his pastor, filled with details.

October 28, 1908 Obituaries

John Jefferson Ball, age 56, Born May 26, 1843, died Oct. 6, 1908. Son of late James S. Ball. Married Miss Piety A. Hunt Feb. 28, 1867 Long article full of details.

Mrs. Aurora Montroy McLeod, age 22, wife of Ben W. McLeod of Leakesville, MS died October 20, 1908 in Mobile, AL. Sister of Miss Parepa Montroy Buried in Dan McLeod Burial Ground. Long detailed article.

November 20, 1908 Obituary

Aurora Emeline McLeod, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. G. W. Montroy, born July 11, 1885, Coahoma County, died Oct. 20, 1908 Written by her sister Cordia Chapple and first appeared in the Wesson, Miss. "Enterprise"

December 4, 1908 Deaths/Obituary

Arthur Elliott died Dec. 1, 1908 in Greene Co., MS, son of Mrs. Sim Elliott.

Mrs. Mary Robinson Beard, age 78, widow of late Preston Beard, Sr. and daughter of Sam Robinson. Survived by three children, Mrs. Mallissa Clark, wife of Jepsey Clark, Wm. S. Beard and Miss Betty Beard, an unmarried daughter. The first wife of Mr. Jepsy Clark was also her daughter. Her grandchildren, her stepsons, Pres., James, Sr., and Tom J. Beard. Longer detailed article.

January 8, 1909

Willis W. Cochran Accidently Killed. Willis W. Cochran Killed Christmas Day, 1908 in hunting accident. Buried Dec. 27, 1908 in Wayne Co., Full details of accident in article.

January 8, 1909 Deaths

H. M. Eubanks died at home in Eubanks Gap Jan. 7, 1909 of kidney trouble. Survived by three Eubanks brothers D. C. Eubanks, Steve Eubanks and Will Eubanks.

John D. Lewis Still, age 27, died Jan. 7, 1909 Son-in-law to Henry Goff of Jackson County, buried in Jackson Co., MS. More details given.

Hattie Alford, two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ebb Alford of Leakesville, MS. Buried at Mr. Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery Dec. 28, 1908.

Mrs. Ann Breland died December 25, 1908, eighty-year-old mother of Medames Hugh and Lizzie McInnis and Tobe Churchwell of Leakesville, MS. Served meals for years at the courts in Leakesville.

January 15, 1909

In Memoriam of Mary Robertson Beard Mary F. Robertson Beard age 77 yrs, 11 month, 3days, died Dec. 3, 1908, the second wife of Preston Beard, sister of Mrs. Mandy Byrd Longer article

January 15, 1909 Deaths

Mrs. Phebe Black from "Mobile Register" wife of Rev. W. C. Black, died in Mobile, AL., Jan. 11, 1909. Longer article with survivors listed.

January 22, 1909 Death

A. J Beasley died Jan. 19, 1909, in Merrill, MS. Buried in Merrill Cemetery Jan. 20, 1909. Survived by wife and children.

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