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Archibald McManus was born in SC about 1785, the son of John McManus who died in 1838 in Edgefield County, SC. Archibald married Rebecca Osena Collins, daughter of Moses Collins and Hannah Willis about 1810 in Georgia. He came west to Mississippi through the Creek Lands with his wife and her father Moses Collins and his family in 1811. Archibald and Rebecca settled along the Pascagoula River in what is now Greene County/Jackson County area of Mississippi. Archibald served with the 17th Regiment from Jackson County in the War of 1812. He was a successful merchant in the area for several years with his store, McManus Mercantile, which was located in Jackson County. He served as a Justice of the Quorum Court in 1819. He also served as the first Postmaster for the now extinct Town of McManus, MS. He owned land in Jackson and Greene Counties. He was the District Attorney for Jackson County for a while and also served in the Mississippi State Legislature as a Representative of Greene County. He later moved to Hinds County, MS where he opened two stores, one in Raymond, MS and one in Clinton, MS. He died on September 21, 1841. His wife Rebecca, died 5 days later on September 26, 1841. Archibald and Rebecca were the parents of 3 children:

Elizabeth Ann - married Henry A. Vaughan
John Lewis - married Mary Ann McPherson Bradford
Sarah Henrietta - married Job Gilham Selph (Job was a master silversmith)


Account List for  McManus Mercantile

of McManus Post Office, Greene County, MS

for the period covering Feb.12, 1820 to Dec. 29, 1821

ABNER     John S.

ARD     Reuben


BALL     Edward


BALL     James


BALL     William


BARNARD     Robert


BLACK     Malcomb


BREELAND     Elisha


BREELAND    Samuel


BROWN     Harrison


BURNS     Joseph


BYRD     Elam


BYRD     George


BYRD     John


BYRD     Sherwood


CHATHAM   Claiborne


CHILDERS     Bartlett


CHILDERS     William


CLARK     Archibald


CLOUDYS     John


COCKRAM     Allen


COCKRAM     Burrell


COCKRAM     Henry


COCKRAM     William


COWART     Edward


COWART   Ezekial Jr.


COWART    Needham


COWART     Samuel


CROFT     Stephen




DAMERON  George B.


DEARMON  Benjamin


DEARMON    Thomas


DEASE     John


DEBURK     James


DENNY     Walter


DICKERSON     Joseph

DWIRE     Daniel


ELLIOT     John

EUBANKS     Charles

EUBANKS     James

EUBANKS     John, Jr.

EUBANKS    John, Sr.

EUBANKS     Joseph

EUBANKS     William

EVANS     William

FAIRLEY     Duncan

FAIRLEY     Neil

FIGLEY     James

FINLEY     Duncan

FINLEY     Neil

FLORRY     Henry

FOUNTAIN     Henry

GARY     Robert

GEORGE     John

GOFF     Edmund

GRAVES     Jesse

GRAVES     Richard

GRESHAM  Benjamin

GRESHAM    Wheeler

GUNN  William (James)

HALL     John M.


(*Free Negro)

HARRISON     John H.

HART     Hugh

HAVARD     Charles

HAVARD     Jeremiah

HAVARD     John

HAVEN     John


HODGE     Hezekiah

HOGAN     Cordell

HOLDER     Willis

HOLLAND     William

HOWELL     Caleb

HOWELL     Thomas

HUBBARD     Thomas

HUDSON     George

JOHNSON    Minor W.

LANDRUM    Meredith

LAWLER     John

LEE     Whitfield

LEE     William

LITTLE     John R.

LITTLE     Neil

LOCKHART     James

LYLE     David

LYLE     Maher

MASON     Benjamin

MATHESON     James

MCCALISTER   Archibald

MCCARTY     Robert

MCCARTY   Robert & Co.

MCCARY     Isaac




MCCLOUD     Peter

MCDUFFY     Allen

MCINNIS     Angus

MCINNIS     Daniel

MCINNIS     Neil

MCLEAN     John

MCLEAN     Thomas

MCMANUS    Thomas

MEASLES     David

MEASLES     Josiah

MERRITT     Obadiah

MILLER     William


MOORE     Thomas R.

MOORE     William



MURRAY     Joshua

NED   (a negro)  

NEILY     Wilkey

PIERCE     Joseph I.

RAILEY     Abram

RAILEY     Samuel

RAINEY     William

ROBERTS     James

ROBERTS     Axum

ROUSE     Burrell

ROUSE     Daniel

ROZAR     C.

RYAN     Felix

SEWELL     Pleasant

SIMPSON     Thomas

SMITH     Allen

SMITH     Dreadwell


STOKES     Sterling

STONE     C.C.

SWEATMAN   William

TAYLOR     Malcomb

THOMPSON Archibald

TOPLEY     Ephraim

TURNER     Enoch

TURNER     John

TURNER     Mary

TURNER     William

VANCE     William

WARD     Daniel

WARD     Henry

WARD     Patrick

WARD     Tarleton

WILLIAMS     James

WILLIAMS     William


WOODWARD     Elisha

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