This file transcribed and contributed by James Dunnam, who retains all copyright priviledges. It is posted here for your use and convenience. Further use for commercial purposes prohibited without permission.

1860 United States Census, Greene County, MS

House    Name             age Sex  Occu.     Val. Personal State
1. J. B. Dueitt             57m   Farmer     600.   1100.    SC
       Mary                 53f                              SC
       Alvin B              21m   Laborer                    MS
       Meriann              20f     "                        MS
       Oliver P             19m   Laborer                    MS
       Francis M            13m                              MS
2. A K Rhodes               31m   Laborer                    AL
       Lucinda              25f                              AL
       Henry B               6m                              AL
       James A               3m                              AL
3. M H Winburn              39m   Farmer    6000.   18270    NC
       Mary E               26f                              MS
       Oscar                 6m                              MS
       Rufus                 4m                              MS
       Ada                   2f                              Ms
4. James Williams           56m   Farmer     600.    3000    SC
       Mary                 49f                              MS
       Lud                  18m   Laborer                    MS
       James                16m                              MS
       George               13m                              MS
       Eliza                10f                              MS
       Elizabeth             8f                              MS
       Margaret Felps       70f   Boarder                    GA
5. William Williams         22m   Farmer     100.     400    MS
       Harriatt             22f                              MS
       George                2m                              MS
       Mary J                1f                              MS
       Sarah Williams       24f                              MS
       Nathan             9/12m                              MS
6. William Williams         63m   Farmer     540.    5670    SC
       Winey                42f                              MS
       Adaline              12f                              MS
       Malissa              10f                              MS
       Mary                  8f                              MS
       Nancy                 6f                              MS
       Sarah                 4f                              MS
       Elizabeth          8/12f                              MS
       Robert Cater         56m   Overseer                   MS
       Angeline             26f                              MS
7. Benj Williams            47m   Farmer    200       550    MS
       Mary                 37f                              AL
       Alexander            11m                              MS
       Volney                8m                              MS
       David                 3m                              MS
       (not named)        3/12m                              MS
8. J P Williams             23m   Farmer                     MS
       Sarah                19f                              MS
       Elizabeth             3f                              MS
       Ira                   1m                              MS
9. James Prentiss           20m   Farmer                     MS
       Sarah                19f                              MS
10. Benj Hora-vly?          30m   Wheelright  500     300    MS
       Mary                 30m                              MS
       Temphy               10f                              MS
       Samtha E              8f                              AL
       Francis               6f                              AL
       Catherine             5f                              MS
       Rebecca               4f                              MS
       Mahulda               3f                              MS
       Henry Realds         22m   Laborer                    MS
11. James Roberts           66m   Farmer                     SC
       Mary                 29f                              MS
       Harriat              24f                              MS
       Caswell               9m                              MS
       Ellis                 8m                              MS
       James, Jr             6m                              MS
       Catherine             2f                              MS
12. Margaret Roberts        31f                              MS
       Mary                 14f                              MS
       Manerva              12f                              MS
       William P            10m                              MS
       Isaiah                8m                              MS
13. Lud Williams            52m   Farmer    100       700    SC
       William              26m   Laborer                    MS
       James                24m     "                        MS
       John                 22m     "                        MS
       Isa                  20m     "                        MS
       Argent               18f                              MS
       Benjamin             14m                              MS
14. Axiom Williams          28m   Farmer              250    MS
       Mary                 22f                              MS
       Catherine             3f                              MS
       Julia                 1f                              MS
15. W A Cooley              27m   Farmer    120      1000    MS
       Eliza                26f                              MS
       James L               1m                              MS
16. Rebecca Caton           62f   Seamstress  58      370    SC
       Jane                 19f     "                        MS
17. T J Roberts             53m   Farmer    4000    30500    SC
       Lucy                 40f                              MS
       Martha               17f                              MS
       Lucy A               16f                              MS
       Sarah                14f                              MS
       Edward                8m                              MS
       Warren H              5m                              MS
       Viola                 4f                              MS
       Drucilla B            1f                              MS
18. Henry Caten             39m   Farmer     150      240    SC
       Sarah                40f                              MS
       Mary                 13f                              MS
       Albert               10m                              MS
       Maranda               8f                              MS
       Columbus              5m                              MS
       Bruce                 1m                              MS
19. F W Backstrom           56m   Farmer     150      575    Sweden
       Amy                  52f                              SC
       John H               18m   Laborer                    MS
       Franklin             16m     "                        MS
       John F               11m                              MS
       Jane                 23f   Seamstress                 MS
       Charles O             8m                              MS
       Rufus J               6m                              MS
       Zylphia Moody        90f                              SC
       M G Cochran          32m   Laborer   400     10945    MS
20. Martin Moody            60m                              SC
       Anna                 33f                              MS
21. James Green             45m   Tinner    600      3000    England
       Prissila             36f                              MS
       Samuel               18m   Laborer                    MS
       Thadius              16m     "                        MS
       William M            15m     "                        MS
       Lavenia              13f                              MS
       Frances              11f                              MS
       Zylphia A             9f                              MS
       Lucy M                7f                              MS
       Charles W             4m                              MS
       Prissilla             3f                              MS
       Joseph M              1m                              MS
22. John Daughdrill         43m   Farmer    300      2000    MS
       Sarah                41f                              SC
       Martha               17f                              MS
       John                 15m                              MS
       Manevra              12f                              MS
       Janet                 9f                              MS
       Viola                 7f                              MS
       William               4m                              MS
       Laura                 1f                              MS
23. J M Breland             48m   Tanner              100    GA
       Mary                 48f                              GA
       William              27m   Laborer                    LA
       Emeline              27f                              MS
       Jesse                21m   Laborer                    MS
       Andrew               19m   Laborer                    MS
       Marion               17m     "                        MS
       Mary                 15f                              MS
       Vesta                13f                              MS
       Hugh                 12m                              MS
       Paticents            10f                              MS
       Taletha               5f                              MS
24. Lewis Turner            37m   Farmer    380      2050    MS
       Winney               39f                              MS
       James                 8m                              MS
       Missouri              7f                              MS
       William               4m                              MS
25. Sweyn McLeod            32m   Farmer    250       260    MS
       Rachel               20f                              MS
       Catherine             1f                              MS
26. William Merritt         46m   Farmer     50       700    MS
       Sarah                43f                              MS
       Mary                 20f                              MS
       Martha               17f                              MS
       Anguish              14m                              MS
       Erasmus              11m                              MS
       William               8m                              MS
       John                  5m                              MS
       George                3m                              MS
       Sarah              7/13f                              MS
27. Elizabeth McKay         64f   Seamstress  1000  11000    SC
28. Jermiah Miller          54m   Farmer      1000   2129    SC
       Elizabeth            48f                              MS
       Jeremiah, Jr         21m                              MS
       Manerva              14f                              MS
       Louisa               12f                              MS
29W B Williamson            39m   Farmer        80    150    MS
       Sarah                28f                              AL
       Columbus             15m                              MS
       Susan                12f                              MS
       Edward                8m                              MS
       Americus              7m                              MS
       Theophilus            6m                              MS
       Tucker                4m                              MS
       Lewis                 1m                              MS
30. Michel Miller           24m   Farmlaborer                MS
       Eran                 27f                              MS
31. William Crawley         31m   Farmer      300     600    MS
       Martha               30f                              MS
       William F            11m                              MS
       Odelina               8f                              MS
       John A D              4m                              MS
       Edward                2m                              MS
32. James S Ball            60m   Farmer     1000    1000    GA
       Sarah                56f                              SC
       James                22m                              MS
       William              18m                              MS
       John                 15m                              MS
       Edward               13m                              MS
       Jesse W               9m                              MS
       Charlotte Ball       80f                              GA
33. T A Ball                27m   Farmer              360    MS
       Martha               22f                              MS
       Mary A                2f                              MS
34. R Z Cooley              33m   Farmer     300      500    SC
       Mary                 30f                              MS
       Sarah                 9f                              MS
       James W               7m                              MS
       Mary J                5f                              MS
       Susan C               2f                              MS
       Thomas E           6/12                               MS
35. K H Cooley              26m   Farmer              250    MS
       Nancy                21f                              MS
       James K               2m                              MS
       Robert E           6/12m                              MS
36. William Sampson         70m   Farmlaborer                NC
37. John McInnis            46m   Farmer     2000    2000    NC
       Reany                40f                              SC
       Randall              22m                              MS
       Effy                 20f                              MS
       Nancy                17f                              MS
       Daniel               16m                              MS
       Kenneth              12m                              MS
       Hyland               10m                              MS
       Neal                  8m                              MS
       John                  5m                              MS
38. C G Box                 56m   Wheelright 1500    1000    England
       Mariah               50f                              MS
39. E B Box                 32m   Farmer      200     500    AL
       Mahala               25m                              MS
       Mariah                8f                              MS
       James K               6m                              MS
       Harriat               4f                              MS
       William C         11/12m                              MS
       Elizabeth Evans      15f   Semstres                   MS
40. William Dickerson       44m   Farmer      100     500    MS
       An M                 33f                              AL
       John                 16m                              MS
       James                11m                              MS
       Elizabeth             9f                              MS
       Jane E                6f                              MS
41. N C McLeod              50m   Farmer      500     400    SC
       Mary                 15f                              MS
       Catherine            11f                              MS
       Peter                 7m                              MS
       Daniel                5m                              MS
       John Caten           24m   Farmlaborer                MS
42. Matilda Cooley          51f   Seamster    100    1340    MS
       Adaline              16f                              MS
       Sarah                14f                              MS
       William              13m                              MS
       Elizabeth             9f                              MS
43. George Brown            28m   Laborer                    MS
       Mary                 28f                              MS
       John W                8m                              MS
       Eli                   5m                              MS
       Henry                 3m                              MS
       William            5/12m                              MS
44. W H Curry               25m   Farmer      100     140    NY
       Sarah                28f                              MS
       Julian                5f                              MS
       Rachel E           5/12f                              MS
45. Richard Harvey          30m   Rafter              200    TN
       Mary                 35f                              AL
       Mariah               18f                              MS
       Mary F               13f                              MS
       Alexander            11m                              MS
       Francis               5f                              MS
       Mary McDonald        80f                              GA
46. Lewis Pipkin            38m   Farmer      300     480    GA
       Rena                 20f                              MS
       Catherine             3f                              MS
       Emily E           11/12f                              MS
47. M. Stegall              56m   Laborer                    GA
       Huldy                40f                              AL
       Rubin M.             22m   Laborer                    FL
       Sarah E.             20f                              FL
       Jeremiah             12m                              MS
       Henry                 6m                              MS
       Amelia A.             5f                              MS
       Narcissus             2f                              MS
48. Colon McInnis           25m   Farmer             2000    MS
49. Thomas White            67m   Farmer     1000    8600    GA
       William L.           30m   Laborer                    AL
       J. G. Neel           29m   Laborer                    AL
       Gather? McInnis      26m   Laborer            1000    MS
50. Edward Byrd             45m   Farmer             1600    SC
       Rebecca              30f                              AL
       William F.           13m                              MS
       James W.             11m                              MS
       Martha A.             5f                              MS
       Manuel G.             2m                              MS
51. John A. Byrd            40m   Farmer      300    2650    SC
       Malissa              30f                              MS
       John A. J.           14m                              MS
       Henry D.             11m                              MS
       Jane E.               9f                              MS
       Mazuria A             7f                              MS
       Rebecca               5f                              MS
       Brunetta              4f                              MS
       Narcissus             2f                              MS
       George W.          6/12m
52. Josiah Byrd             59m   Farmer              600    SC
       Mahala               54f                              MS
       Edward               15m                              MS
       Josiah               13m                              MS
       Martha E.            12f                              MS
       Hiram D.              9m                              MS
       Mary A.               7f                              MS
       Absalom               5m                              MS
       Calvin                2m                              MS
53. Mariah Byrd             67f                              SC
       James Byrd           20m   No trade                   MS
55. Hiram Breland           63m   Farmer     1000    6600    SC
       Lucy                 47f                              SC
       Henry D.             24m   Laborer     2150           MS
       Hiram J.             19m   Laborer                    MS
       John C.              18m   Laborer                    MS
       Charles A.           15m.                             MS
       Emeline              14f                              MS
       Sophronia            12f                              MS
56. William Moody           44m   Farmer      150    2500    SC
       Martha               40f                              GA
       Martin               14m                              MS
       Erasmus              10m                              MS
       Caroline              7f                              MS
       Oliver                4m                              MS
       Jane                  4f                              MS
57. John Cowart             67m   Peddler     100     200    SC
       Elizabeth            38f                              MS
       Martha               21f                              AL
       Martha O.             2f                              MS
58. Elizabeth Breland       68f                      7800    SC
59. H. J. Breland           36m   Farmer     1000    2300    FL
       Jane                 34f                              SC
       Elizabeth            14f                              MS
       Mazuria              12f                              MS
       Albert  G.           10m                              MS
       Benjamin J.           8m                              MS
       Lewis N.              6m                              MS
       Mary                  4f                              MS
       Thomas                1m                              MS
60. J. C. Breland           33m   Farmer             1280    MS
       Emily                27f                              MS
       Mary J.               6f                              MS
       Henry                 4m                              MS
       Elizabeth             3f                              MS
       Matilda               1f                              MS
61. Asa Breland             37m   Farmer             1724    AL
       Ann                  35f                              MS
       John                 14m                              MS
       Franklin             13m                              MS
       Absalom              10m                              MS
       Elizabeth             8f                              MS
       Alexander             6m                              MS
       William C.            4m                              MS
       Zenora                1f                              MS
       Elia Harrison        28f   Seamstres                  MS
62. Martin Pipkin           48m   Farmer      100    2260    MS
       Sidney               46f                              SC
       William F.           24m   Laborer                    MS
       Absalom              17m                              MS
       George M.            16m                              MS
       Charles              14m                              MS
       Elizabeth M.         12f                              MS
       Sampson               8m                              MS
       Amos B.               5m                              MS
63. David Hillman           40m   Farmer              460    AL
       Mary                 35m                              MS
       Isabella             10f                              MS
       Nancy                 8f                              MS
       Patittias             7f                              MS
       Charles               5m                              MS
       Osborn                4m                              MS
       Henry                 2m                              MS
64. David Black             23m   Farmer              100    MS
       Mary                 19f                              MS
65. G. T. Y. Breland        27m   Farmer      200     350    MS
       Elizabeth            24f                              MS
       Calvert W.            3m                              MS
       Eran J.               1f                              MS
66. James Walley            60m   Farmer     2600   20000    SC
       Thomas               22m   Laborer                    MS
       James                 9m                              MS
       Jane Mason           38f   Seamstres                  MS
       Angus                16m   Laborer                    MS
       John                 14m                              MS
       Alexander            12m                              MS
       Sarah                 4f                              MS
67. L. K. Meek              47m    Farmer      50     250    SC
       Delila               40f                              AL
       Benjamin W.          14m                              AL
68. Moses Gardner           39m   Blacksmith          300    MS
       Mary                 20f                              MS
       John                 15m                              MS
       George               13m                              MS
       Elizabeth            11f                              MS
       Milley                9f                              MS
       Charity               7f                              MS
       Moses                 4m                              MS
       Jasper                2m                              MS
       Howard                1m                              MS
69. J M Walley              30m   Farmer             1250    MS
       Sarah                28f                              MS
       James C.             10m                              MS
       Thomas B.             9m                              MS
       William W.            7m                              MS
       Mary E.               4f                              MS
       Sarah A.              1f                              MS
       Elam Haris?          20m   Laborer                    MS
70.    James Turner         33m   Farmer              500    MS
       Elizabeth            21f                              MS
       Aletha                5f                              MS
       David                 3m                              MS
       Mary                  2f                              MS
       Sinsarah           5/12f                              MS
71. S. J. Smith             42m   Farmer       50    2450    MS
       Lenora               41s                              MS
       Jehu    S.           16m                              MS
       George M.            13m                              MS
       Hugh                 10m                              MS
       Charles P.            6m                              MS
       Julia B.              8f                              MS
       Alis S.               2f                              MS
       Joseph F.             1m                              MS
       Eda Mason            24f   Semstress                  MS
      John W. Mason          3m                              MS
72. Samuel Breland          43m   Farmer     2700    5000    SC
       Annis                34f                              MS
       Manerva              17f                              MS
       Charles              15m                              MS
       Catherine            13f                              MS
       Caroline             11f                              MS
       Anzonetta             9f                              MS
       Frances               6f                              MS
       Nancy                 4f                              MS
       Rufus              5/12m                              MS
73. Clayton Smith           77m   Farmer      200    7000    SC
       Frances              70f                              SC
       Albert Brown         14m                              AL
74. W. S. Dunnam            38m   Farmer      100     250    GA
       Elizabeth            33f                              AL
       Elizabeth            15f                              MS
       Joanna               13f                              MS
       William F.           10m                              MS
       Thomas                8m                              MS
       Wiley                 5m                              MS
       Manerva               3f                              MS
75. Robert Prine            28m   Laborer             800    MS
       Mary                 25f                              MS
       Martha A.             7f                              MS
       John L.               4m                              MS
       Mary E.               1f                              MS
76. John Smith              37m   Farmer      500    3875    MS
       Rachel               36f                              AL
       Ransom D.            15m                              MS
       John A.              13m                              MS
       Zachry               13m                              MS
       Clarecy               9f                              MS
       Celety                7f                              MS
       Effy                  5f                              MS
       Janetta               3f                              MS
       Mary M.               1f                              MS
77. Ebenezer Dunnam         30m   Farmer      120     860    AL
       Jane                 24f                              MS
       George T.             6m                              MS
       James N.              4m                              MS
       Elizabeth             3f                              MS
       Caroline              1f                              MS
78. Thomas Patrick          35m   Farmer      120     100    AL
       Lucinda              26f                              MS
       Mary E.           11/12f                              MS
79. Josiah Roberts          54m   Farmer              200    SC
       Elizabeth            50f                              SC
       Eli                  20m                              AL
       Benjam               14m                              MS
    .  Rebecca M            11f                              MS
       Calvin               11m                              MS
       Manda E.              8f                              MS
       Eliza J.              7f                              MS
       John T.               5m                              MS
80 Vincent West             43m   Farmer      250     600    MS
       Elizabeth            33f                              MS
       John                 11m                              MS
       David                15m                              MS
       Margaret             13f                              MS
       Absalom              10f                              MS
       Samantha             10f                              MS
       Charles               7m                              MS
       Elizabeth             5f                              MS
       Vincent               4m                              MS
       Lowanna J.            3f                              MS
       Cioss                 1m                              MS
81. Willis Walley           28m   Farmer      300    1000    MS
       Elizabeth            23f                              MS
       Nebrasca              5f                              MS
       Zachariah             4m                              MS
       Manerva               3f                              MS
       James Brewer         75m   Laborer                    AL
82. Goolsberry  Walley      70m   Laborer             425    SC
       Susan                66f                              SC
       Mary                 44f                              MS
       David                16m                              MS
       Jane Bagby           12f                              MS
85.William Walley           35m   Farmer              580    MS
       Armentha             33f                              MS
       Adaline              10f                              MS
       Massa                 9f                              MS
       William               7m                              MS
       Richard               1m                              MS
84. James Freeman           34m   Farmer              800    MS
       Rebecca              55f                              GA
       Nancy                12f                              MS
       John                  9m                              MS
85. Thomas B Taylor         55m   Farmer      560     150    GA
       Fareby               44f                              GA
       Nancy                17f                              MS
       Brazell              14m                              AL
       Elizabeth            11f                              MS
       Sarah                 9f                              MS
       Caroline              7f                              MS
       Ala                   4f                              MS
       Ornell                1m                              MS
86. Harbard Holder          58m   Farmer      200     250    SC
       Pharabely            55f                              SC
       William J.           23m   Laborer                    GA
       David                17m                              MS
       Jane H.               4f                              MS
87. William Hartley         44m   Laborer                    GA
       Nancy                42f                              GA
       William F.           20m                              MS
       Margaret             17f                              MS
       Simeon R.            15m                              MS
       Samuel               12m                              MS
       Anna E.               8f                              MS
       Frances               3f                              MS
88. Henry Brewer            48m   Farmer              350    MS
       Caroline             37f                              MS
       Gilla A.             18f                              MS
       Alexander            15m                              MS
       Hariatt              13f                              MS
       Sarah E.             10f                              MS
       Thomas H.             5m                              MS
       Caroline A.           3f                              MS
89. John Walley             40m   Farmer              700    MS
       Concorda             38f                              MS
       Jackson              16m                              MS
       Washington           14m                              MS
       Jane                 11f                              MS
       Sophronia A.          8f                              MS
       Wiley                 5m                              MS
       Catherine             3f                              MS
       not named          2/12f                              MS
90. Richard Walley          31m   Farmer             2000    MS
       Elizabeth            30f                              MS
       Willis                9m                              MS
       Eliza J.              7f                              MS
       William L.            5m                              MS
       Hardy                 3m                              MS
       Sarah E.              1f                              MS
91. Rees Brewer             25m               300     540    MS
       Martha               18f                              MS
92. Elizabeth Henderson     53f   Seamstres   300    4260    AL
       Chapman              17m                              MS
       Eliza M.             15f                              MS
       Samuel               12m                              MS
       Rebecca               9f                              MS
       Louisa                7f                              MS
       Geo Henderson        19m   Laborer             441    MS
       Mary                 14f                              MS
93. W. L. Henderson         30m   Farmer      110     500    MS
       Elizabeth            18f                              MS
       Nancy                 2f                              MS
       George                1m                              MS
94. J. M. Sowell            31m   Farmer             1000    GA
       Eliza M.             25f                              MS
       Frances               6f                              MS
       Hardy                 4m                              MS
       Charles               2m                              MS
       Mary E.           10/12f                              MS
95. Richard Cochran         40m   Farmer              375    MS
       Martha               38f                              MS
       Oliver               17m                              MS
       William D.           15m                              MS
       Goolsberry           13m                              MS
       John W.              12m                              MS
       Martha J.            10f                              MS
       Margaret E.           8f                              MS
       Susan                 3f                              MS
       Manerva               1f                              MS
96. Clayton Smith, Jr       25m   Labourer            100    MS
       Arcadia              25f                              MS
       Martha E.             6f                              MS
       Malissa               2f                              MS
       Mary                 10f                              MS
97. Rhoda Avera             43f   Seamstres  4000     600    SC
       Massa                22    Seamstress                 MS
       John A.              18m                              MS
       Ebenezer             16m                              MS
       Mary                 15f                              MS
98. Joshua Elliott          42m   Blacksmith          200    SC
       Elizabeth            37f                              MS
       George               19m   Marerider                  MS
       Marion               18m                              MS
       Easter               15f                              MS
       Elbert               12m                              MS
       Simeon                5m                              MS
       Elizabeth A.          1f                              MS
99. William Lott            27m   Rafter              500    MS
       Rachel               25f                              MS
       Mary E.               9f                              MS
       William H.            8m                              MS
       Rachel M.             7f                              MS
       John E.               5m                              MS
       Johuar  H.            4m                              MS
       George S.             2m                              MS
100. H McDonald             49m   Timbrgiter  400     500    TN
       Mary                 42f                              TN
       George W.            18m                              MS
       William              16m                              MS
       Susan                13f                              MS
       Samuel                9m                              MS
       Thomas M.             8m                              MS
       Delila                5f                              LA
       Walter                3m                              MS
       Redin                 1m                              MS
101. Preston Beard          56m   Farmer     3000   18550    SC
       Mary                 36f                              MS
       Mary                 25f                              MS
       Bellary              25f                              MS
       Caroline             14f                              MS
       Ellen                12f                              MS
       Thomas               10m                              MS
       Preston               7m                              MS
       Malissa               5f                              MS
       Elizabeth             3f                              MS
102. James Beard            27m   Farmer                     MS
       Metta   C.           26f                              MS
       William P.            6m                              MS
       Theodicia             4f                              MS
       Mary    J.            1f                              MS
103. Neal Robertson         37m   Laborer                    FL
       Jane                 28f                              FL
       Eliza                11f                              FL
       Catherine            11f                              FL
       Samantha              9f                              FL
       Virginia              7f                              MS
       Margaret              5f                              MS
       Larson             5/12m                              MS
104. Samuel Robertson       60m   Farmer      300    1200    SC
       Elizabeth            54f                              GA
       William              25m                              MS
       John                 21m                              MS
       Samuel               19m                              MS
       Margaret M.          11f                              MS
       Hariett M.            8f                              MS
105. Robert Rounsaville     46m   Farmer      600    5000    LA
       Lavinia              33f                              MS
       Elias                15m                              MS
       Louisa E.            13f                              MS
       Eliza M.             11f                              MS
       Sarah J.              9f                              MS
       Caroline M.           6f                              MS
       Isaac                 4m                              MS
106. Vincent Williams       55m   Farmer     1200    8000    GA
       Argent               45f                              MS
       Mary                 19f                              AL
       Washington           15m                              AL
       Briant Smith         22m   Laborer                    MS
       Louisa E Smith       20f   Seamstress                 MS
107. Benj Williams          33m   Farmer              300    AL
       Nancy                30f                              MS
       Mary J.               6f                              MS
       Joseph S.             3m                              MS
108. L. M. R. Knobles       54m   Farmer     5000    2200    AL
       Margaret             51f                              MS
       Elizabeth C.         12f                              MS
       Henry J.             10f                              MS
       Susan                 2f                              MS
       Lewis N            7/12m                              MS
       O. J. Hood           30m   Physician  1200    2500    GA
       R. P. Hammond        29m   Schoolteacher              GA
109. James Platt            33m   Farmer     2500    4000    MS
       Elizabeth S.         30f                              AL
       Theadore             12m                              MS
       John L.              10m                              MS
       Hezekiah              7m                              MS
       William T.            4m                              MS
       Sophronia             1f                              MS
       Dicy Burch           18f                              FL
110. Daniel Lankford        26m   Laborer             450    MS
       Sina                 25f                              AL
       Daniel P.             3m                              MS
       Mary J.            5/12m                              MS
111. Eleby Lankford         53m   Farmer     1500    1200    GA
       Mary                 52f                              SC
       Elizabeth            24f                              MS
       John                 22m   Laborer                    MS
       William E.           20m                              MS
       Margaret             18f                              MS
       Margaret M.           4f                              MS
       Monnie                2m                              MS
       Allis              4/12f                              MS
112. Mathew Platt           52m   Farmer             3800    MS
       Elizabeth            49f                              MS
       James                25m                              MS
       Bishop               20m                              MS
       Elizabeth Platt      80f                      2100    AL
113. W. P. Avera            37m   Farmer      560    4000    MS
       Mary                 36f                              MS
       William W.           10m                              MS
       Susan E.              9f                              MS
       Samuel W.             7m                              MS
       Rachel S.             5f                              MS
       Lawrence A.           3m                              MS
       Hardy O.           6/12m                              MS
       Alex Kittrell        16m   Laborer                    MS
       Mary J. Coningham    19f   Seamstres                  MS
114. Rasberry Byrd          25m   Farmer      200    3000    MS
       Catherine            22f                              MS
       Effy                  4f                              MS
       Emma                  1f                              MS
115. D. A. Prine            37m   Blacksmith  450    2150    MS
       Margaret             35f                              MS
       Joel J.              19m                              MS
       Margaret E.          17f                              MS
       Rebecca A.           14f                              MS
       Mary A.              11f                              MS
       Daniel W.             9m                              MS
       John A.               7m                              MS
       Drury S.              6m                              MS
       Nancy E.              4f                              MS
       Harriett J.           2f                              MS
116. H. M. Boothe           36m   Farmer              312    MS
       Sarah E.             23f                              MS
       James L.              6m                              MS
       Eli R.                4m                              MS
       Lorinza E.            1m                              MS
       Margaret Byrd        21f                              AL
       Everett            9/12m                              AL
117. W.A. Blankenship       58m   Farmer              825    GA
       Thana                49f                              MS
       Mary A.              27f                              MS
       Evaline              24f                              MS
       Elizabeth            21f                              MS
       William              18m                              MS
       Thana                15f                              MS
118. J. L. Prine            37m   Farmer      200    1000    MS
       Elizabeth            38f                              AL
       Isabella             16f                              MS
       John W.              12m                              MS
       William              10m                              MS
       Harriett A.           8f                              MS
       Eliza                 6f                              MS
       Elizabeth             3f                              MS
119. E. W. Davis            50m   Farmer      450   26500    SC
       Mary                 43f                              MS
       Luarchy              18f                              MS
       Catherine            16f                              MS
       Brison               14m                              MS
       Edward W.            12m                              MS
       Mary                  9f                              MS
       Louisa                7f                              MS
120. Dicy M. Webber         26f   Seamstress         1300    MS
       Cornelia J.           8f                              MS
       Edward B.             6m                              MS
       William R.            4m                              MS
       Albert B.             2m                              MS
121. Eliza McLaurin         44f   Seamstress         1400    MS
       Hugh A.              22m                              MS
       Sarah                20f                              MS
       Isabella             17f                              MS
       Mary                 10f                              MS
       Daniel                4m                              MS
122. A. M. Platt            30m Division Master  370  3075   MS
       Eliza                28f                              AL
       George   L.           9m                              MS
       Angelina              7f                              MS
       John                  5m                              MS
       Dicy               9/12f                              MS
123. James Banks            30m   Merchant   1000    6225    MS
       Harriett             31f                              MS
       Mary E.               5f                              MS
       Judith Byrd          15f                              MS
       Jesse                13m                              MS
124. Jonathan Kittrell      39m   Merchant           2000    MS
       Jane                 33f                              MS
       Margaret B.           5f                              MS
       Jane    C.            3f                              MS
       David J.          10/12m                              MS
125. J. E. Williams         43m   Farmer      200     900    AL
       Sarah                32f                              MS
       Mary  A.             16f                              MS
       Eliza J.             13f                              MS
       Pennina              11f                              MS
       Susan                 9f                              MS
       Washington            7m                              MS
       Rachel                5f                              AL
       Jincy                 3f                              AL
       Thomas J.             1m                              AL
126. Alexander Avera        46m   Farmer             1000    NC
       Nancy                40f                              MS
127. Jesse Stokes           48m   Farmer              600    MS
       Epsy                 41f                              MS
       Daniel   R.          15m                              MS
       Sarah   J.           14f                              MS
       James F.             11m                              MS
       Joseph                9m                              MS
       Margaret              7f                              MS
       Lewis                 2m                              MS
128. Amos Rounsaville       50m   Farmer      100    1940    LA
       Elizabeth            32f                              MS
       Elias                15m                              MS
       Sarah A              14f                              MS
       Mary J.              11f                              MS
       Andrew J.             9m                              MS
       John W.            5/12m                              MS
129. Nathaniel Durham       59m   Blacksmith          100    GA
       Sandanter            36f                              GA
       William T.           16m   Laborer                    AL
       Alabama              15f                              AL
       Martha               13f                              FL
       John                 11m                              FL
       Nathaniel             9m                              FL
       Robert                6m                              MS
       Margaret              4f                              MS
       Louiza            10/12f                              MS
130. William Byrd           52m               800   14000    SC
       Eliza                44f                              MS
       Thomas R.            20m                              AL
       Elizabeth            18f                              AL
       Ira                  15m                              AL
       Sabra                 7f                              AL
       Agnes Euginia         1f                              AL
131. Elizabeth Robertson    70F                              SC
       John J.              32m   Laborer     100     250    SC
       William S.           27m                              MS
       Ransom               26m                              MS
       Liddie J.             9f                              MS
       William B.            6m                              MS
132. David Kittrell         30m   Farmer      474     520    MS
       Margaret             27f                              MS
       James A.              4m                              MS
       John S.               3m                              MS
       Margaret E.           1f                              MS
133. John Robertson         53m   Farmer      300     500    SC
       Keron                54f                              SC
       Mary    E.           25f                              MS
       Thomas E.            21m                              MS
       Ransom P.            18m                              MS
       Sarah   A.           16f                              MS
134. Joseph Robertson       49m   Farmer      300    3900    SC
       Ann                  30f                              MS
       William B.         8/12m                              MS
135. Thomas Kittrell        39m   Farmer     6000    13100   MS
       Catherin R.          27f                              MS
       Alexander             6m                              MS
       Thomas                1m                              MS
136. E. P. Lister           30m   Overseer           1000    GA
       Mary                 25f                              AL
       Wiley                 9m                              AL
       Sarah                 6f                              AL
       Edward                4m                              AL
       Richard               3m                              MS
       Ephriam            4/12m                              MS
137. James Davis            50m   Farmer     2000   35920    SC
       Elizabeth            50f                              SC
       Harriett             25f                              MS
       Eliza                22f                              MS
       Lidda                20f                              MS
       Elizabeth            17f                              MS
       James                15f                              MS
       Rosher               12m                              MS
       Isobella              9f                              MS
138. James Palmer           29m   Farmer      300     405    MS
       Nancy                25f                              MS
       Sarah                11f                              MS
       Mary                  9f                              MS
       Harison               6m                              MS
       Thomas                3m                              MS
       Joseph                1m                              MS
137. John Ezell             59m   Farmer              175    GA
       Nancy                40f                              SC
       Jonathan             21m   Laborer                    FL
       Timaha               17m                              FL
       William A.            8m                              FL
       John H.               5m                              FL
       Nepsy A.              4f                              MS
       Benjamin              1m                              MS
140. Allen McCaskill        60m   Farmer      500     400    NC
141. E. L. Ezell            30m   Farmer      300     600    GA
       Margaret E.          29f                              MS
       Martha J.             4f                              MS
       Nancy J.          11/12f                              MS
142. Bodo Adams             62m   Farmer      500    2000    NJ
143. John Coaker            28m   Blacksmith  100     410    MS
       Sarah A.             27f                              MS
       Eliza J.              3f                              MS
       Julias A.             2m                              MS
       William A.         7/12m                              MS
144. W. B. Clark            50m   Farmer      500   18500    MS
       Sibby                46f                              MS
       John                 23m   Laborer                    MS
       Henry                21m   Laborer                    MS
       Peter                18m                              MS
       Daniel               17m                              MS
       Margaret             15f                              MS
       Andrew               12m                              MS
       Jeptha               11m                              MS
       Nancy                10f                              MS
       Samantha              6f                              MS
       Angeline              2f                              MS
145.Rubin Kittrell          44m   Wheelright 1000    1285    SC
       Mary                 38f                              GA
       William              19m                              MS
       Jonathan             17m                              MS
       Elizabeth            15f                              MS
       Mary                 13f                              MS
       Margaret             11f                              MS
       Spicy                 6f                              MS
       Jane                  4f                              MS
       Eran               3/12f                              MS
146. Alexander McLain       55m   Farmer      100    7500    NC
       Matilda              48f                              MS
       John                 20m                              MS
       Eliza                16f                              MS
       Alexander            14m                              MS
       James                13m                              MS
       Ellen                12f                              MS
       Dicy J.              10f                              MS
       Angus                 7m                              MS
       Isaiah Smith         18m   Laborer                    MS
147. Sina Gossage           53f                              MS
       James Smith          22m   Laborer                    MS
148. Samuel Wade            33m   Laborer     200     150    GA
       Nancy                26f                              MS
       Eliza                 2f                              MS
       Hugh              11/12m                              MS
149. N. A. Nunnam           28m   Farmer              250    AL
       Martha               22f                              MS
       Elizabeth             3f                              MS
       Margaret J.       11/12f                              MS
150. S. M. Davis            28m   Farmer      200     225    MS
       Frances              27f                              MS
       Rebecca B.            2f                              MS
       Mary               7/12f                              MS
151. William Mills          29m   Farmer      200     580    MS
       Dorcas               24f                              MS
       Laford  R.            5m                              MS
       Elizabeth             3f                              MS
       George            11/12m                              MS
152. Jackson Davis          50m   Farmer      100     100    GA
       Lidda                45f                              MS
       William              21m   Laborer                    MS
       Harriett             17f                              MS
       Matilda              22f                              MS
       Jefferson            14m                              MS
       Mary                 10f                              MS
       Martha                6f                              MS
       Spicy                 4f                              MS
       Jane               6/12f                              MS
153. L. G. Bradford         40m   Overseer                   LA
       Elizabeth A.         35f                              MS
       Albert D.            16m                              MS
       Elizabeth            14f                              LA
       Mary S.              12f                              LA
       Octava A.            10f                              LA
       Jula S.               6f                              MS
       Eran M.               3f                              MS
       Linard J.             2m                              MS
       Florence           6/12f                              MS
154. Elizabeth Dantzler     68m              1660    9375    SC
       Washington  J.       39m   Farmer     3580   13400    MS
155. William Harrison       36m   Farmer      360    4425    MS
       Matilda              28f                              MS
       Odelia               12f                              MS
       Charles              10m                              MS
156. A. A. McKay            30m   Farmer      500    7000    MS
       Elizabeth            34f                              MS
       Azaline              14f                              MS
       Melton               12m                              MS
       Sabra                10f                              MS
       Marcus                3m                              MS
157. David Harvison         33m   Farmer              500    MS
       Mary                 32f                              MS
158. N. McLeod              55m   Farmer     22000  85000    NC
       Milisson R.          42f                              MS
       Rufus                23m                              MS
       Margaret A.          21f                              MS
       John K.              19m                              MS
       Alexander            17m                              MS
       Calvin H.            15m                              MS
       Norman L.            13m                              MS
       Daniel W.            11m                              MS
       Catherine             9f                              MS
       William S.            7m                              MS
       Nancy A.              5f                              MS
       Elizabeth McCremmon  70f                              NC
       Nancy McLeod         45f                      1600    NC
159. John Cowart            55m   Farmer             4000    SC
       Mary                 50f                              AL
       Henry                22m                              MS
       Andrew J.            18m                              MS
       James M.             16m                              MS
       Daniel H.            14m                              MS
       John W.              13m                              MS
       Mary J.              11f                              MS
       Nancy C.             10f                              MS
       Sophrania             8f                              MS
160. J. R. B. McIntosh      41m   Sea Pilot   700    6000    MD
       Rachel               38f                              MS
       Nancy                15f                              MS
       William H.           11m                              MS
       John                  7m                              MS
       Mary C.               5f                              MS
       Rachel                3f                              MS
       Margaret E.           1f                              MS
161. J H Thompson           52m   Minister    500     500    KY
       Sarah McLeod         76f                              NC
       Catherine "          35f                              MS
162. B. F. McLeod           44m   Farmer      500   10000    MS
       Mary                 39f                              MS
163. J. D. Thomson          55m   Carpenter   500            KY
       Susan   T.           53f                              MA
       Estes   H.           28m                              Indiana
       James W.             20m   Laborer                    Indiana
       Albert H.            15m                              MS
       Effa                 13f                              MS
       Laura  E.            11f                              MS
164. J. K. Hunt             38m   Wheelright  300     400    MS
       Sarah                27f                              MS
       Lenora V.             4f                              MS
       Florence              2f                              MS
165. Jefferson Hunt         43m   Blacksmith  1700    400    MS
       Nancy                40f                              MS
       Piety                18f                              MS
       Nancy                15f                              MS
       Louisa C.            11f                              MS
       George A.             8m                              MS
       Frances               6f                              MS
       Susan                 3f                              MS
       Lulla A.           3/12f                              MS
166. Margaret Hunt          60f                              GA
167. Mary Cowart            60f                              SC
       Newett               23m   Laborer                    MS
       Mahala               28f                              MS
168. Washingto Cowart       47m   Farmer      140     520    SC
       Beda                 55f                              SC
       Columbus             15m                              MS
       Margaret             13f                              MS
       Needham              11m                              MS
       Emely                 8f                              MS
       Julian Hunt          28f   Seamstress          800    MS
       Shirley  "            5m                              MS
       Rolly    "            3m                              MS
       Sarah                 1f                              MS
169. Martin Cowart          31m   Farmer      500     450    MS
       Mary A.              23f                              GA
       Laura E.              5f                              MS
       Rufus  O.             3m                              MS
       Edward A.          6/12m                              MS
170. Angus Moore            48m   Farmer              300    NC
       Christian            55f                              NC
       William J.           22m                              MS
       Alexander            21m                              MS
       Rachel               16f                              MS
171. J. W. Breland          24m   Farmer      900    6590    MS
       Ellen E.             26f                              GA
       Mary A.               3f                              MS
       Sophronia             1f                              MS
       Margaret           6/12f                              MS
172. Courtney Cochran       58f   Midwife     500     100    SC
       Edward               26m   Laborer                    MS
       Amaziah              24m   Laborer                    MS
       John P.              23m   Laborer                    MS
       Burrell              22m   Laborer                    MS
       Frances              21f   School Teacher             MS
       Henry W.             18m   Laborer                    MS
       Kailer               16f   Seamster                   MS
173. John McLendon          65m   Farmer      600    8000    NC
       Mary                 60f                              NC
       Alexander            26m   Laborer                    MS
       Malcom               21m   Laborer                    MS
       Mary                 18f                              MS
       John W.            5/12m                              MS
174. John Thomas            26m   Farmer             2500    MS
       Catherine            23f                              MS
       John A.               2m                              MS
       Mary C.               1f                              MS
175. Malcom Black           50m   Farmer      600    4000    NC
       Louisa               39f                              MS
       John V.              15m                              MS
176. William Cochran        60m   Laborer             150    SC
       Ann                  53f                              NC
       James                22m   Laborer                    MS
       Thomas               18m                              MS
       Christian            15f                              MS
177. John Shepherd          40m   Farmer      600     500    MS
       Catherine            49f                              NC
       Richmond             20m   Laborer                    MS
178. Henry Cochran          60m   Farmer      220     420    SC
       Mary                 56f                              NC
       Henry                34m   Laborer                    MS
       Margaret             22f   Seamster                   MS
179. A. K. Fairley          43m   Farmer             1500    MS
       Sarah A.             34f                              MS
       Mary V.              17f                              MS
       James C.             15m                              MS
       Peter                13m                              MS
       Sarah                11f                              MS
       Joseph A.             9m                              MS
       David F.              7m                              MS
       Flora                 5f                              MS
       Isabella              2f                              MS
180. Daniel Thompson        42m   Farmer              820    NC
       John Thompson        44m                              NC
       Neal Thompson        70m   Blacksmith          400    NC
181. William Goff           35m   Farmer              230    MS
       Aletha               26f                              MS
       Rufus F.              6m                              MS
       William H.            5m                              MS
       Mary E.               4f                              MS
       Norma J.              5f                              MS
       Margaret A.           2f                              MS
       Richard H.            1m                              MS
182. J. A. Cochran          33m   Farmer      700    1550    MS
       Ruth                 24f                              AL
       Margaret              6f                              MS
       Alex F.               3m                              MS
       William W.            1m                              MS
       Danella Cooley       56f   Seamster                   MS
183. Margaret Broom         60f   Seamster    1200   3700    SC
       Alfred               25m   Farmer                     MS
       Ira                  22m                              MS
184. Caswell Broom          31m   Farmer      640    1000    MS
       Nancy                28f                              MS
       Aubl                  6f                              MS
       Albert G.             2m                              MS
185. Daniel McInnis         37m   Farmer     10000  20000    MS
       Merdock              26m   Farmer      1000  20000    MS
186. Vincent Williams       27m   Ovrerseer                  AL
       Emiline              24f                              AL
187. Alexander McInnis      55m   Farmer      5000  56700    NC
       Margaret E.          35f                              MS
       Singleton A.         17m                              MS
       Josephene            13f                              MS
       Daniel               12m                              MS
       Lauchlin             10m                              MS
       Louisa                6f                              MS
       Nott                  4m                              MS
188. Nancy McInnis          83f                              NC
189. H. A. Ball             59m   Farmer      165     400    MS
       Martha A.            25f                              MS
       Henry C.             14m                              MS
       Charlotte            10f                              MS
       Elbert                9m                              MS
       Edward                6m                              MS
       Malissa               4f                              MS
       William D.            1m                              MS
190. Richard Taylor         51m   Farmer      1000   3500    SC
       Mary A.              38f                              MS
       Ledger               18m   Laborer                    MS
       Rubin                16m   Laborer                    MS
       John                 15m   Laborer                    MS
       Richard J.           12m                              MS
       Anna                 10f                              MS
       Martha                5f                              MS
       Abraham               2m                              MS
191. John Turner            59m   Farmer      400    6000    SC
       Cresy                40f                              MS
       Ransom               19m   Laborer                    MS
       William              17m   Laborer                    MS
       John                 15m   Laborer                    MS
       David                14m                              MS
       Magrma               12f                              MS
       Margaret              9f                              MS
       Sarah                 5f                              MS
       Nancy                 2f                              MS
       George             7/12m                              MS
       Joseph Turner        62m                              SC
       Mary Ard             64f                              SC
193. Osburn Brewer          65m   Farmer      300    1660    AL
       Isabelle             57f                              SC
       Gilla                25f   Seamster                   MS
       Jane                 19f   Seamster                   MS
       Peter                17m   Laborer                    MS
194. John Brewer            29m   Farmer              540    MS
       Mary A               23f                              MS
       Gilla                 3f                              MS
       Nathan                1m                              MS
194. William Turner         64m   Farmer              400    SC
       Nancy                56f                              MS
       George W.            30m   Laborer     500     600    MS
       Lenard               27m   Laborer                    MS
       Sarah Patrick        16f   Semamst                    MS
195. William Turner         37m   Farmer              600    MS
       Margaret             28f                              MS
       Osborn                6m                              MS
       Nancy J.              5f                              MS
       Duncan                3m                              MS
       Mary C.               1f                              MS
196. Catherine McInnis      68f             10000   11400    SC
       John J.              28m   Farmer     1000   15715    MS
       Catherine J.         23f             16568           .MS
       Daniel               18m   Overseer                   MS
       Benj Bunch           17m   Mail Rider                 AL
197. L. S. Wilkins          58m   Farmer     1500    1200    NC
       James   L.           29m   Farmer                     NC
       Mary E.              29f                              NC
       Arabella Williams    50f                              NC
       Alis                  2f                              MS
       Thomas             3/12m                              MS
198. Farquhar McLeod        53m   Farmer      400     440    SC
       Sarah                38f                              MS
       Albert A.            16m   Laborer                    MS
       John J.              14m                              MS
       Martha A.            10f                              MS
       George C.             7m                              MS
       Sarah E.              5f                              MS
       Erasmus V.            2m                              MS
199. Alen McLeod            46m   Farmer      500     750    SC
       Nancy                32f                              MS
       William              12m                              MS
       Nancy J.             10f                              MS
       Sarah                 8f                              MS
       Christian E.          5f                              MS
       John R.               3m                              MS
       Margaret           4/12f                              MS
200. Kenneth McLeod         39m   Farmer      300      75    MS
       Sarah                27f                              MS
       Findley               6m                              MS
       Anabel L.             3f                              MS
       James O.              1m                              MS
201. Rodrick McLeod         55m   Farmer      1600   2000    NC
       Martha A.            37f                              MS
       Alexander            25m   Colporter                  MS
       Daniel               21m   Schoolteacher              MS
       Margaret             19f                              MS
       John                 15m                              MS
       Franklin             14m                              MS
       William               7m                              MS
       Nancy                 5f                              MS
       Sabra                 3f                              MS
       George             8/12m                              MS
       James Woodard        12m                              MS
       Jesse Woodard         9m                              MS
202. William Pipkin         25m   Farmer              406    AL
       Catherine            60f                              SC
203. Sidney Caten           42m   Farmer               46    SC
       Martha               24f                              MS
       Emely                 2f                              MS
204. Edward Smith           60m   Farmer               56    GA
       Eliza                28f                              GA
205. C. F. Harris           56m   Miller                     PA
       Tilitha              21f                              MS
       Daniel F.             1m                              MS
206. P. M. McLeod           44m   Farmer     1000     557    SC
       Margaret             39f                              MS
       Duncan               11m                              MS
       Daniel                9m                              MS
       William               6m                              MS
       Sarah A.              3f                              MS
107. William Shepherd       30m   Farmer      200      50    AL
       Winney               38f                              MS
       Rebecca J.            8f                              MS
       Mary A.               6f                              MS
       John F.               5m                              MS
       Frances               4f                              MS
       Elizabeth          4/12f                              MS
       Susan Shepherd       55f   Midwife                    GA
208. Joseph Green           54m   Sea Pilot   500    1000    Germany
       Ann                  52f                              MS
       Alexander            14m                              MS
       Joel S.              12m                              MS
       Jane A.              11f                              MS
       Rebecca               8f                              MS
       Caroline              6f                              MS
       Rufus                 4m                              MS
       Rockwell              1m                              MS
       Alfred Roberts       56m   Laborer                    MS
209. William Welleford      63m               160     250    England 
       Abbigail             46f                              MS
       William              25m   Laborer                    MS
       Henry                19m   Laborer                    MS
       Joel                 17m   Laborer                    MS
       Levi                 14m                              MS
       Roberson             12m                              MS
       Alexander            10m                              MS
       John                  7m                              MS
       James E.              5m                              MS
210. Joel Dickerson         40m   Farmer      400     500    MS
       Zylphia              60f                              SC
       Sarah O.              6f                              MS
211. Zachariah Blackledge   56m   Laborer            1000    SC
       Martha               58f                              NC
       Rachel A.            18f                              MS
       Richard  F.          16m                              MS
       William F.           12m                              MS
       Zachariah             7m                              MS
212. Jesse Blackledge       29m   Blacksmith          200    MS
       Rachel               30f                              MS
       Caroline              8f                              MS
       Zachariah             5m                              MS
       Ellen                 3f                              MS
213. Stephen Havard         42m   Farmer              500    MS
       Mary                 40f                              MS
       Martha               18f                              MS
       Rebecca              16f                              MS
       John                 11m                              MS
       James                 9m                              MS
       Sela                  7f                              MS
       George                5m                              MS
       Henry                 3m                              MS
       Elizabeth             2f                              MS
214. Thomas Havard          21m   Laborer                    MS
       Susan                20f                              MS
215. William Taylor         45m   Farmer      500    2000    MS
       Pokehontus           45f                              MS
       Richmond             11m                              MS
       Sarah A.              9f                              MS
       Elizabeth             7f                              MS
       Mary                  5f                              MS
       William               3m                              MS
       Eliza                 1f                              MS
216.C. T. Fry               72m   Blacksmith          150    PA
       Winney               52f                              SC
       Daniel               24m                              MS
       Isaac                16m                              MS
       John                 14m                              MS
       Thomas               12m                              MS
       Loritha              11f                              MS
217. A. J. Fry              30m   Blacksmith  100     200    MS
       Deborah              35f                              MS
       Charles               6m                              MS
       Leatha                3f                              MS
       William            3/12m                              MS
218. Mary Gibson            50f   Seamster    200    1374    GA
       James F.             24m   Farmer                     MS
       John                 23m   Farmer                     MS
       Mary                 19f                              MS
       George               17m                              MS
       David                15m                              MS
       Mary L.               8f                              MS
219. James Evans            55m   Laborer             250    MS
       Lavinia              50f                              SC
       Andrew               24m   Laborer                    MS
       Sarah                24f                              MS
       Thomas               22m                              MS
       Winney               19f                              MS
       Tyre                 16m   Laborer                    MS
       Mary                 14f                              MS
       Martha E.            12f                              MS
220. Charles Eubanks        58m   Farmer      100     800    SC
       Elizabeth            52f                              GA
       John                 22m   Laborer                    MS
       Littleton            20m   Laborer                    MS
       James                18m   Laborer                    MS
       Stephen              16m   Laborer                    MS
       Calley E.            15f                              MS
       Malissa              12f                              MS
       Hanson               10m                              MS
       David                 8m                              MS
221. Edward Cowart          53m   Farmer       50     230    MS
       Ellen                32f                              MS
       Henry                 8m                              MS
       Sarah E.              6f                              MS
       Eliza A.              4f                              MS
       Mary P.               3f                              MS
       William C.            1m                              MS
222. Jesse Cowart           47m   Farmer              175    MS
       Mary                 34f                              MS
       William J.           17m   Laborer                    MS
       Ezekiel              16m                              MS
       Miles                14m                              MS
       Margaret             13f                              MS
       Rufus                10m                              MS
       Virginia              9f                              MS
       Mahala                8f                              MS
       Narcissa              6f                              MS
       Mary                  3f                              MS
       Elmira Davis         22f                              MS
       Absalom              21m                              MS
       Ezekiel Cowart       91m                              SC
223. J. G. Cowart           50m   Farmer      200    5000    MS
       Nancy                41f                              MS
       Wiley                20m   Laborer                    MS
       Rebecca              17f                              MS
       Wesley               14m                              MS
       Charlott             12f                              MS
       Tarlton              10m                              MS
       Lucinda               8f                              MS
       Malinda               8f                              MS
       Cornelius             6m                              MS
       Neal                  4m                              MS
       Alfred                2m                              MS
       Julia              8/12f                              MS
224. John E. Miller         57m   Farmer              640    SC
       Sarah                54f                              MS
       Eliza                24f                              MS
       Henry                25m   Laborer                    MS
       Salley               21f                              MS
       John                 20m   Laborer                    MS
       Maher                18m   Laborer                    MS
       James A.             16m   Laborer                    MS
225. L. H. Adams            30m   Farmer              200    MS
       Charlott             30f                              MS
       Nancy                 5f                              MS
       Charles               4m                              MS
       Sarah                 2f                              MS
       Mary                  1f                              MS
226. Elizabeth  Adams       48f   Seamster                   MS
       Susan                 9f                              MS
       Margaret              8f                              MS
       James                 5m                              MS
227. G. W. Davis            23m   Laborer             210    MS
       Mary E.              23f                              MS
       Edward C.             3m                              MS
       Henry H.              2m                              MS
228. Henry Brannon          49m   Farmer             6000    SC
       Mary                 48f                              GA
       Daniel               23m   Laborer                    MS
       Dorcas               20f                              MS
       Sarah                18f                              MS
       James                16m                              MS
       John W.              13m   Laborer                    MS
       Thomas E.            11m                              MS
       Susan                 9f                              MS
       Ira M.                6m                              MS
       Hezekiah B.           4m                              MS
229. Joshua Spooner         55m   Farmer              480    GA
       Ann                  53f                              GA
       Rebecca              23f                              AL
       Eliza                20f                              AL
       Sarah                19f                              AL
       Jane C.              16f                              AL
       James M.             14m                              AL
       William              11m                              AL
       Malissa               2f                              MS
       Alis                  1f                              MS
       not named          6/12m                              MS
       Martin Brannon       35m   Laborer             370    MS
230. H. G. Mills            36m   Farmer      100     800    AL
       Martha               39f                              MS
       James A.             12m                              MS
       Gincy                 9f                              MS
       Sabra A.              7f                              MS
       Lenora                4f                              MS
       William A.            2m                              MS
       Hardy              8/12m                              MS
231. Redin Denmark          52m   Farmer              500    MS
       Lidda                28f                              MS
       Elvira                8f                              MS
       Stephen               3m                              MS
       James                 1m                              MS
232.Stephen Denmark         63m   Farmer      300    1000    GA
       Mary                 55f                              GA
       Seletian             23f                              MS
       Jane                 18f                              MS
       Permelia              7f                              MS
233. Rebecca Lott           35f   Seamster            800    MS
       Houston              15m                              MS
       Washington           13m                              MS
       Josephene            12f                              MS
       John                 10m                              MS
       Luke                  8m                              MS
       Elisha                9m                              MS
       Caroline              4f                              MS
134 W. C. Denmark           57m   Farmer      500    1200    GA
       Julia                44f                              MS
       Mary J.              21f                              MS
       Andrew J.            20m                              MS
       Margaret C.          16f                              MS
       Albania              14f                              MS
       Martha               13f                              MS
       Susan                 9f                              MS
       Louretta              7f                              MS
       Nancy                 3f                              MS
235. T. A. Denmark          25m   Laborer                    MS
       Mary J.              19f                              MS
       Sarah Rhodes         50f   Seamster                   MS
236. Jesse Sheppard         25m   Laborer                    MS
       Elizabeth            21f                              MS
       Maranda               2f                              MS
       Austin                1m                              MS
237. Henry Roberts          37m   Farmer      1500   2000    MS
       Louisa  J.           25f                              MS
       William  C.           8m                              MS
       Catherine A.          6f                              MS
       Loranzo               3m                              MS
       Maranda               1f                              MS
       James Roberts        28m   Laborer             200    MS
238. Malachi Byrd           30m   Farmer              500    MS
       Arvaline             28f                              AL
       Mary                  2f                              MS
       William            6/12m                              MS
239. P. G. Hillman          29m   Farmer              300    AL
       Elizabeth            22f                              MS
       Catherin              4f                              MS
       David                 2m                              MS
240. George Williams        42m   Farmer     1000    1000    MS
       Mary                 58f                              SC
       Nancy                40f                              MS
       David                24m   Laborer                    MS
       David Mills          20m                              MS
241. George Win-            45m   Lawyer     5000    5000    CONN
       Mariah               38f                              CONN
       Edwina               18f                              MS
       Emgie                11m                              MS
       Charles               8m                              MS
242. Christophore McInnis   52m   Farmer     1000    1000    SC
       Miles                22m   Farmer                     MS
243. J. J. Green            55m   Farmer     1500     500    MS
       Easter               50f                              MS
       James                23m Laborer                      MS
       Joel                 21m                              MS
       Easter               18f                              MS
       John                 16m                              MS
       William              14m                              MS
       Juli An              10F                              MS
       Elizabeth             8f                              MS
   James Stephens            6m                              MS
244. R. D. McCain           51m   Farmer    15000   30000    SC
       Margaret             48f                              MS
       Albert               23m   Phisician                  MS
       Sylvrene             18f                              MS
       Junas                16f                              MS
       Eret                 14f                              MS
       J. Parson            60m   Carpenter                  France
       Abner Maples         79m   Laborer                    LA

Transcribed By James Dunnam
(Spelling as appears in original)

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