This file transcribed and contributed by James Dunnam, who retains all copyright priviledges. It is posted here for your use and convenience. Further use for commercial purposes prohibited without permission.

1850 United States Census, Greene County, MS

       Name                  Age Sex       Acres  State
1. Elizabeth McKay          54f             2000   SC
       Singleton            30m farmer             MS
       Robert               25m farmer             MS
       Sarah                22f                    MS
2. Jeremiah Miller          42m                    SC
       Elizabeth            34f                    MS
       William              16m laborer            MS
       Eli                  14m                    MS
       Jeremiah             12m                    MS
       John                 07m                    MS
       Manerva              04f                    MS
       Louisa             6/12f                    MS
3. Wiatt Adams              40m farmer       150   NC
       Lucinda              35f                    LA
       Martha               14f                    MS
       Elizabeth            l5f                    MS
       Jesse                06m                    MS
4. James Evans              40m farmer             NC
       Lavinia              40f                    SC
       Andrew               16m laborer            MS
       Sarah                14f                    MS
       Thomas               12m                    MS
       Winny                08f                    MS
       Tyre                 06m                    MS
       Mary                 04f                    MS
       Martha               02f                    MS
4. Tyre Roberts             44m farmer      5000   SC
       Lucy                 30f                    AL
       Martha               08f                    MS
       Lucy                 06f                    MS
       Sarah                04f                    MS
       William              02m                    MS
       Nancy              7/12f                    MS
6. Wiatt Williams           27m farmer       300   MS
       Sarah                l8f                    AL
       Columbus             06m                    MS
       Susan                03f                    MS
       James                0lm                    Ms
       James Williams       25m laborer            MS
7. Ludd Williams            41m farmer             SC
       Lizer                43f                    SC
       Axiam                19m laborer            MS
       William              17m laborer            MS
       James                13m                    MS
       John                 12m                    MS
       Ise                  08m                    MS
       Argent               06m                    MS
       Benjamin             04m                    MS
8. Isaiah Roberts           41m farmer       100   SC
       Margaret             23f                    MS
       Mary                 04f                    MS
       Monerva              03f                    MS
       William              0lm                    MS
9. Martin Pipkin            38m farmer             MS
       Sitney               36f                    SC
       William              14m                    MS
       James                12m                    MS
       Moses                l0m                    MS
       Absalom              08m                    MS
       Dallas               06m                    MS
       Charles              04m                    MS
       Mariah               0lf                    MS
10. Henry Clayton           29m farmer       400   SC
       Sarah                30f                    MS
       Mary                 02f                    MS
       Albert             9/12m                    MS
11. James Roberts           58m farmer       300   SC
       Jane                 48f                    SC
       Alfred               24m laborer            MS
       Ira                  23m laborer            MS
       James                21m laborer            MS
       Anna                 20f                    MS
       Harriet              19f                    MS
       Sarah                l0f                    MS
12. William Williams        52m farmer       300   SC
       Winny                32f                    MS
       Edoline              02f                    MS
       Malicia           10/12f                    MS
13. Miss Phelps             30f              400   MS
       David                09M                    MS
       Mary Williams        40f                    SC
       David Williams       17m laborer            MS
       George Williams      29m laborer            MS
14. James Williams          26m farmer       300   SC
       Mary                 39f                    MS
       David                17m laborer            MS
       Sarah                l6f                    MS
       William              14m                    MS
       Nancy                l1f                    MS
       Ludd.                09M                    MS
       James                07m                    MS
       George               04m                    MS
       Elizabeth            0lf                    MS
       Mrs Phelps           60f                    GA
15. William Turner          61m farmer       300   SC
       William              24m laborer            MS
       Nancy                23f                    MS
       James                22m laborer            MS
       George               19m laborer            MS
       Leonard              16m laborer            MS
       Mary                 12f                    MS
16. Moses Gardner           27m farmer       100   MS
       Charity              29f                    GA
       John                 03m                    MS
       Washington           02m                    MS
       Elizabeth          8/12f                    MS
       John Clark           21m laborer            MS
       Anderson Bodes       26m laborer            MS
17. W H Winburn             33m farmer      1000   SC
18. Mrs Hillman             51f                    SC
       James                28m laborer            AL
       Charles              23m laborer            AL
       Pinkney              21m laborer            AL
       Rily                 18m laborer            AL
       Benjamin             16m laborer            AL
       Elizabeth            l1f                    AL
19. David Hillman           30m farmer             AL
       Mary                 23f                    MS
20. Wm B Clark              40m farmer       400   AL
       Sibley               38f                    MS
       Sarah                17f                    MS
       Elizabeth            13f                    MS
       John                 12m                    MS
       Henry                12m                    MS
       Peter                l0m                    MS
       Daniel               07m                    MS
       Margaret             06f                    MS
       Andrew               03m                    MS
       Babe                 0lm                    MS
       Milly Lord           60f                    GA
21. James Walley            52m Farmer      1200   SC
       Sarah                50f                    SC
       Walton               29m                    MS
       Jane                 27f                    MS
       America              17f                    MS
       Martha               14f                    MS
       Thomas               13m                    MS
       Angus                 6m                    MS
       John                  4m                    MS
       Sandy                 1m                    MS
22. James M Walley          25m Farmer             AL
       Sarah                23f                    MS
       Calvin             8/12m                    MS
23. Littleton Coker         45m B Smith       50   SC
       Effa                 46f                    NC
       John                 18m Laborer            Ms
       Catherine            14f                    MS
       Matilda              17f                    MS
       George                8m                    MS
24. Richard Mason           53m Farmer       150   SC
       Eda                  33f                    MS
       Martha               17f                    MS
       Norris               15m Laborer            MS
       Ede                  13f                    MS
       Nancy                11f                    MS
       Sarah                 9f                    MS
       Abagail               7f                    MS
       Fanny                 5f                    MS
       Lydia                 4f                    MS
       Richard               2m                    MS
25. Thomas Gardner          28m Laborer            MS
       Sarah                24f                    MS
       John                  8m                    MS
       Debrah                6f                    MS
       William               4m                    MS
       Jacob                 1m                    MS
26. Rubin Kittrell          32m Farmer             SC
       Mary                 28f                    GA
       William              10m                    MS
       Jonathan              7m                    MS
       Elizabeth             5f                    MS
       Mary                  2f                    MS
27. Lewis Nobles            54m Farmer      100    SC
       Mary                 45f                    NC
       Lewis M              24m Laborer            AL
       Margaret             21f                    MS
       Joseph               11m                    MS
       Elizabeth             3f                    MS
       Henry              8/12m                    MS
28. Berry Stephens          47m Farmer       300   NC
       Elizabeth            18f                    AL
       Melly                20f                    AL
       Thomas               18m Laborer            AL
       Ephraim              17m Laborer            AL
       Lewis                11m                    MS
29 William B Stephens       21m Laborer            AL
       Elizabeth            19f                    MS
       Ellis              5/12m                    MS
30 John McInnis, Sr         81m Farmer      1500   Scotland
       Margaret             70f                    Scotland
       Christopher          34m Laborer            MS
       Miles                12m                    MS
31. Bodo Adams              57m Medical     1000   N. Jersey
32. Arnold Holly            38m Farmer             GA
       Nancy                28f                    AL
       David                11m                    AL
       Margaret              7f                    AL
       Sophronia             4f                    AL
       Leane                 2f                    MS
       Thomas             2/12m                    MS
       Thorsa Lane          19f                    MS
33. Em Brewer               30f                    MS
       Nancy                 9m                    MS
34. William Keys            37m W. Right      40   SC
       Elizabeth            23f                    MS
       Bethany              10f                    MS
       Sarah                 8f                    MS
35.    Sarah Brewer         46f              100   SC
       Joseph               12m                    MS
       John Palmer          68m Hatter             NC
36. Allen McKaskill         50m Farmer       300   NC
       Nancy                48f                    NC
       Margaret             20f                    MS
37. John Roberson           37m Farmer       150   NC
       Mary                 19f                    AL
38. Powel Avera             27m Farmer             MS
       Mary                 26f                    MS
       William               1m                    MS
39. George Roberson         56m Farmer             SC
       Elizabeth            61f                    SC
       William              22m Laborer            MS
       Elizabeth            19f                    MS
       Ransom               17m Laborer            MS
40. John W Avera            29m Farmer       200   MS
       Rachel               24f                    MS
       Rosten                5m                    MS
       John                  3m                    MS
       Margaret           7/12f                    MS
       Isabella Dorcas       3f                    MS
41. John Roberson           43m Farmer       200   SC
       Caron                43f                    SC
       Mary                 13f                    MS
       Thomas               11m                    MS
       Rosten                8m                    MS
       Sarah                 6f                    MS
       John                  3m                    MS
       Joseph Roberson      39m Laborer            MS
42. Margaret Kiteral        61f              200   NC
       Thomas               30m Laborer            MS
       Jonathan             29m Laborer            MS
       Absalom              24m Laborer            MS
       David                21m Laborer            MS
       Margaret             18f                    MS
43 WilliamBlankenship       48m farmer       350   GA
       Thany                39f                    MS
       Joseph               23m Laborer            AL
       Mary                 18f                    MS
       Emaline              14f                    MS
       Elizabeth            l0f                    AL
       William               8m                    AL
       Thany                 5f                    AL
       Mary                 21f                    AL
44. James E Williams        37m Farmer       150   AL
       Sarah                22f                    MS
       Mary                  7f                    MS
       Elizabeth             5f                    Ms
       Pernana.              3f                    MS
       Susan              9/12f                    MS
45 Benjamin Williams        29m Farmer             AL
       Lisa                 25f                    AL
       Mary                  4f                    MS
       Josephine             2f                    MS
       Margaret           6/12f                    MS
46. James Banks             21m Farmer             MS
       Hariett              22f                    AL
       Mary Banks           57f                    NC
47. Edward Davis            40m Farmer       300   SC
       Mary                 37f                    MS
       Dice                 l6f                    MS
       Sarah                l5f                    MS
       Laura                13f                    MS
       Elizabeth            10f                    MS
       Cresa                 8f                    MS
       Catherine             6f                    MS
       Bison                 4m                    MS
       Edward                Im                    MS
48 Washington McCain        25m Farmer             MS
       Susanna              64f                    SC
       Lisinby              19M Laborer            MS
49. Lea West                22m Laborer            MS
       Mahala.              l7f                    MS
       Mary               5/12f                    MS
50. Alexander Avera.        36m Laborer            SC
       Nancy                25f                    MS
51. Thomas Kiteral          43m Farmer             SC
       Easter               40f                    GA
       David                11m                    MS
       John                 10m                    MS
       Vista                 9f                    MS
       Thomas                7m                    MS
       Alex                  6m                    MS
       Babe                  2m                    MS
52. Josiah Roberts          40m Laborer            SC
       Elizabeth            35f                    SC
       Lucinda              l6f                    AL
       Eli                   9m                    AL
       Franklin              4m                    MS
       Calvin                1m                    MS
       Manerva               1f                    MS
53. Andrew McAllen          30m Farmer             TN
       Ailsy                22f                    MS
       William               2m                    MS
       Sarah                 1f                    MS
       Mary Mirack          12f                    MS
54. William Henderson       46m Farmer             SC
       Elizabeth            45f                    AL
       Elizabeth            22f                    MS
       William              19m Laborer            MS
       Janes                l6f                    MS
       Dorcas               14f                    MS
       Laford               12m                    MS
       George                9m                    MS
       Chatman               7m                    MS
       Eliza                 5f                    MS
       Samuel                2m                    MS
55. John Walley             31m Farmer             MS
       Canthanda            28f                    MS
       Jackson               6m                    MS
       George                4m                    MS
       Jane                  1f                    MS
56. Henry Brewer            37m Farmer             MS
       Catherine            29f                    MS
       Galian                7f                    MS
       Alexander             5f                    MS
       Hariet                3f                    MS
       Sarah                 1f                    MS
57. Wm Hartley              35m Farmer             MS
       Nancy                35f                    MS
       Ellender             13f                    MS
       William              11m                    MS
       Margaret              8f                    MS
       Simeon                5m                    MS
       Samuel                2m                    MS
58. James Holliman          50m Farmer             GA
       Matilda              43f                    SC
       Elizabeth            21f                    MS
       Thomas               18m Laborer            MS
       Sarah                14f                    MS
       Oliver               12m                    MS
       Damasus              10f                    MS
       James                 8m                    MS
59. James Freeman           24m Farmer             MS
       Rebecca              30f                    GA
       Eliza                11m                    MS
       Patsy                 8f                    MS
       Nancy                 4f                    MS
       John               1/12m                    MS
60. Thomas Overstreet       31m Laborer            MS
       Sarah Overst         71f                    MS
       John Overst          46m S. Teacher         GA
61. Robert Mannan           53m Farmer             GA
       Sarah                36f                    MS
       Reece                15m                    MS
       Robert               11m                    AL
       Margaret              6f                    MS
62. Richard Cochran         27m Farmer             AL
       Martha               25f                    MS
       Oliver                6m                    MS
       William               4m                    MS
       Gouldsberry           3m                    MS
       John                  2m                    MS
63. Gouldsberry Walley      63m Farmer             SC
       Susannah             58f                    SC
       Richard              32m Laborer            MS
       Willis               19m Laborer            MS
       Arcade               l6f                    MS
       Rebecca          13(23)f                    MS
       David                 5m                    MS
       Mary             27(17)f                    MS
64. Robert Dunnam           35m Farmer             SC
       Catherine            31f                    MS
       Colin                11m                    MS
       Jane                  9f                    MS
       James                 5m                    MS
       Griffin               3m                    MS
       Samuel             1/12m                    MS
65. Notley Norris           66m Farmer       100   SC
       Candas               44f                    SC
       Clifton              13m                    MS
       Aisly                 9f                    MS
       Hester               21m Laborer            AL
       Leroy                13m                    AL
66. Thomas Palmer           40m Farmer             GA
       Elizabeth            30f                    GA
       Mary                 20f                    MS
       Elliz                 7f                    MS
       Christopher           3m                    MS
       Jane                  1f                    MS
67. James Wade              44m Laborer            SC
       Rachel               35f                    SC
       Catherine            10f                    MS
       Mary                  4f                    MS
68. Harbart Holder          48m Carpenter    100   SC
       Pherabee             45f                    SC
       Jesse                21m Laborer            SC
       John                 15m Laborer            GA
       Jefferson            13m                    GA
       David                 7m                    MS
       James                 6m                    MS
69. Philip James            39m Farmer       160   MS
       Mary                 39f                    MS
       Frances              17f                    MS
       Eliza                15f                    MS
       Patrick              13m                    MS
       Mary                 10m                    MS
       Eudorah               8f                    MS
       Hepsy                 5f                    MS
       Isaac                 3m                    MS
       Henry             11/12m                    MS
70. Alex McLain             45m Farmer             GA
       Matilda              35f                    AL
       Mary                 18f                    MS
       Nancy                17f                    MS
       Elizabeth            15f                    MS
       Martha               12f                    MS
       John                 10m                    MS
       Louisa                9f                    MS
       Alex                  6m                    MS
       James                 4m                    MS
       Ellender              3f                    MS
       Dicey              5/12                     MS
       James Brewer         60m Laborer            MS
71. George Clifton          40m Farmer             Unknown
       Susannah             32f                    MS
       Eliza                 9f                    MS
       Adaline            7/12f                    MS
72. Rhoda Avera             23f                    MS
       John                  8m                    MS
       Ebenezer              6m                    MS
       Mary                  5f                    MS
       Ebenezer Dunnam      20m Laborer            MS
73.Vincent West             33m Farmer             MS
       Elizabeth            25f                    MS
       John                  7m                    MS
       David                 6m                    MS
       Margaret              4f                    MS
       Absalom               3m                    MS
       Nancy                 1f                    MS
74. Samuel Smith            32m Farmer             MS
       Lenorah ?            30f                    GA
       Mary                 10f                    MS
       John                  6m                    MS
       George                3m                    MS
       Henry             11/12m                    MS
75. John Smith              27m Farmer             MS
       Rachel               25f                    AL
       Elizabeth             6f                    MS
       Randsom               5m                    MS
       John                  3m                    MS
       Zacheriah             2m                    MS
76. John Miller             27m Farmer             AL
       Dianah               25f                    MS
       Andrew                3m                    MS
       Effa               1/12                     MS
77. Wm Dunnam               25m Farmer             GA
       Elizabeth            24f                    MS
       Mary                  4f                    MS
       Jennet                2f                    MS
       William            5/12m                    MS
       Jackson Davis        40m Farmer             Unknown
       Lydia                24f                    MS
       William              10m                    MS
       Jane                  8f                    MS
       James                 4m                    MS
       Matilda               2f                    MS
       Mary              11/12f                    MS
       James Smith          14m                    MS
       Eliza Morgan          8f                    MS
79. Samuel Breland          33m Farmer             SC
       Annis                24f                    MS
       Manerva               7f                    MS
       Charles               5m                    MS
       Catherine             3f                    MS
       Caroline              1f                    MS
80. Jackson Breland         26m Farmer             FL
       Jane                 24f                    SC
       Elizabeth             4f                    MS
       Masonn                1f                    MS
       Elizabeth Breland    58f                    SC
       Emily Hall           17f                    MS
81. Willim Moody            34m Hatter             SC
       Martha               34f                    GA
       Martin                4m                    AL
       Erasmus            2/12m                    MS
       Nancy Moody          11f                    MS
82. Hezekiah Byrd           60m Laborer            SC
       Mariah               50f                    SC
       Hezekiah             19M Laborer            MS
       Bartlett             16m Laborer            MS
       Michael              16m Laborer            MS
       Charles              12m                    MS
       James                10m                    MS
       Betsy                17f (Mulatto)          MS
83. James Green             33m Tinner             England
       Precilla.            27f                    MS
       Mary                 11f                    MS
       Samuel                8m                    MS
       Thadius               7m                    MS
       William               5m                    MS
       Hannah                3f                    MS
       James                 1m                    MS
84. Hiram Breland           52m Farmer       500   SC
       Lucy                 38f                    SC
       Louisa               l6f                    MS
       Elizabeth            l5f                    MS
       Henry                13m                    MS
       Pricilla             12f                    MS
       Lorene               11f                    MS
       Roberson             19m Laborer            MS
       Hiram                 9m                    MS
       John                  8m                    MS
       Martha                7f                    MS
       Charity               6f                    MS
       ZyIphia               4f                    MS
       Sophrenia.            2f                    MS
85. Joseph Byrd             30m Farmer             MS
       Mahalia              25f                    MS
       Edward                7m                    MS
       Josiah                5m                    MS
       Martha                3f                    MS
86. Elisha Breland          65m                    SC
       Dorcas               58f                    SC
       Timothy              18m Laborer            MS
87. John Byrd               30m Farmer             SC
       Malicia              20f                    MS
       John                  5m                    MS
       Henry                 2m                    MS
       Elizabeth          7/12f                    MS
88. Edward Byrd             33m Farmer             SC
       Rebecca              21f                    AL
       Wffliam               2m                    MS
       James              6/12m                    MS
89. Absalom Hogan           26m Loafer             MS
       Hariet               30f                    GA
       Mary                  2f                    MS
       Durah              3/12                     MS
90. John Hanson             36m Nothing            Denmark
       Madrid               24                     MS
       Mary                  1f                    MS
91. James Breland           35m Farmer             MS
       Mary                 35f                    GA
       Wiffiam              15m Laborer            MS
       Eran                  0f                    MS
       Emaline              l2f                    MS
       Jesse                 9m                    MS
       Andrew                8m                    MS
       James                 7m                    MS
       Mary                  5f                    MS
       Henry                 3m                    MS
       Delila Breland        6f                    MS
       William               3m                    MS
       Vesta                 2f                    MS
92. Anna                    43f                    SC
       Mary                 20f                    MS
       David                17m Laborer            MS
       ZyIpha               l6f                    MS
       Pricilla             l5f                    MS
       Martin               l3m                    MS
       John                  9m                    MS
       Franklin              7m                    MS
93. Bartlet Gavin           36m Farmer             MS
       Martha               36f                    MS
       Margaret             11f                    MS
       David                 9m                    MS
       Elizabeth             7f                    MS
       Charles               5m                    MS
       Catherine             2f                    MS
       George            11/12m                    MS
94. John Daughdrill         32m Farmer             MS
       Sarah                30f                    SC
       Elizabeth            13f                    MS
       Mary                 11f                    MS
       James                 9m                    MS
       Martha                7f                    MS
       John                  5m                    MS
       Manerva               2f                    MS
95. Lewis Turner            27m Farmer             MS
       Winny                21f                    MS
       Winny Daughdrill.    60f                    SC
96. Wm Merritt              27m Farmer             MS
       Sarah                33f                    MS
       Mary                 11f                    MS
       Martha                9f                    MS
       Angus                 4m                    MS
       Erasmus               1m                    MS
97. Charlott Ball           69f              200   GA
       Guttas               29m Laborer            MS
       Martha               22f                    MS
       Henry                 4m                    MS
       Charlotte          9/12f                    MS
98. Richard Taylor          38m Farmer             SC
       Mary                 28f                    MS
       Ledger                9m                    MS
       Reubin                8m                    MS
       John                  4m                    MS
       Richard               2m                    MS
       Mary               7/12f                    MS
       Betty Lundy           4f                    AL
99. John Gibson             52m Farmer       300   SC
       Mary                 42f                    GA
       Robert               31m S. Teacher         SC
       Walter               22m Laborer            MS
       William              20m Laborer            MS
       Nancy                l5f                    MS
       James                14m                    MS
       John                 11m                    MS
       Mary                  9f                    MS
       George                7m                    MS
       Daniel                5m                    MS
100. Willian Spinks         34m Farmer             MS
       Lucinder             30f                    GA
       Azaline              14f                    MS
       Jane                 12f                    MS
       Sebram                8m                    MS
       Rene                  7f                    MS
       Willet                6m                    MS
       Timothy               3m                    MS
       Courtney              2f                    MS
       Jane Cowart          63f                    SC
101. Charles Fry            62m B. Smith           PA
       Nancy                41f                    SC
       Betsy                18f                    MS
       Daniel               13m Laborer            MS
       Eloise               13f                    MS
       Isaac                 8m                    MS
       John                  7m                    MS
       Thomas                3m                    MS
       Lauretta           3/12f                    MS
102 Wm Wainright            27m Farmer       300   AL
       Mary                 32f                    AL
       Luck                  7m                    MS
       Eliza                 5f                    MS
       William               3m                    MS
       Martha                1f                    MS
103. Wm Taylor              32m Farmer             MS
       Pochantos            33f                    MS
       Richmond              1m                    MS
       Verity Taylor        50f                    SC
104. Lewin Adams            26m Farmer             AL
       Margaret             26f                    MS
       Mary                  6f                    MS
       John                  4m                    MS
       Sarah                 3f                    MS
       Catherine             1f                    MS
       Lewis Adams          21m Laborer            MS
105. Stephen Habard         33m Farmer             MS
       Mary                 31f                    MS
       Thomas                 m                    MS
       Martha                9f                    MS
       Rebecca               8f                    MS
       John                  3m                    MS
       James              3/12m                    MS
106. Charles Eubanks        49m Farmer             SC
       Elizabeth            45f                    GA
       William              17m Laborer            MS
       Martha               l5f                    MS
       Charles              l5m                    MS
       Thomas               13m                    MS
       John                 l2m                    MS
       Littleton            10m                    MS
       James                 9m                    MS
       Stephen               8m                    MS
       Elizabeth             6f                    MS
       Malicia               4f                    MS
       Hanson                1m                    MS
107. J B Gramblin           44m Thic--             SC
       Nancy                23f                    GA
       Delila                3f                    MS
       Mary              10/12f                    MS
108. Matthew Moody          58m Hatter             SC
       Vica                 47f                    SC
       Arvin                23m B. Smith           MS
       Robert               21m Laborer            MS
       Rachel               18f                    MS
       Stacia               l5f                    MS
       Alletha              13f                    MS
       Henry                13m                    MS
       Annette               9f                    MS
       William               7m                    MS
       Chelby                6m                    MS
       Frances               3f                    MS
       Ire                8/12                     MS
109. James Cowart           40m Farmer        40   MS
       Nancy                30f                    MS
       Martha               15f                    MS
       Mary                 11f                    MS
       Wiley                10m                    MS
       Rebecca               7f                    MS
       Wesley                4m                    MS
       Charlotte             2f                    MS
110. Washington Cowart      37m Farmer        50   SC
       Beda                 48f                    SC
       Columbus              4m                    MS
       Margaret              3f                    MS
       Keedham               1m                    MS
       Julian               17f                    MS
       Sarah                17f                    MS
111. Ezekiel Cowart         80m Farmer             NC
       Margaret             65f                    SC
       Charlot              23f                    MS
       Edward               21m Laborer            MS
       James Adams          22m Laborer            MS
       Elizabeth            38f                    MS
112. Henry Cowart           23m Farmer             MS
       Margaret             20f                    MS
       Edward             9/12                     MS
       Martha Cooley        l6f                    MS
113. John Brannon           44m Farmer             SC
       Nancy                34f                    MS
       Jesse                 7m                    MS
       Henry                 4m                    MS
       Thomas                2m                    MS
114. Wm Brannan             46m Farmer             SC
       Ana                  39f                    MS
       John                 24m Laborer            AL
       David                22m Laborer            AL
       Ellen                20f                    AL
       Thomas               18m Laborer            AL
       Nancy                l6f                    MS
       Henry                14m                    AL
       Eliza                l2f                    AL
       Alitha.               8f                    AL
       Tomson                6m                    AL
115. Sarah Brannan          60f                    SC
       Thomas               22m Laborer            AL
       Martin               21m Laborer            AL
116. John Nettles           63m Farmer             SC
       Julian               80f                    NC
       Elizabeth            38f                    AL
       Frances               9f                    MS
       Julian                7f                    MS
117. Wm Denmark             46m Farmer       300   GA
       Julian               38f                    MS
       Thomas               16m                    MS
       Media                14f                    AL
       Mary                 12f                    AL
       Jackson              10m                    AL
       Abbany                7m                    AL
       Martha                3f                    AL
118. James Mills            45m Farmer             GA
       Hariet               38f                    SC
       James                17m                    MS
       Sarah                15f                    MS
       David                14m                    MS
       George               l3m                    MS
       Hariet               12f                    MS
       Betty                11f                    MS
       John                 10M                    MS
       Thomas                7m                    MS
       Mary                  6f                    MS
       Eliza                 5f                    MS
       Asburn                4f                    MS
       Pleasant              1m                    MS
119. Henry Mills            27m Farmer             AL
       Martha Mills         29f                    MS
       James                 1m                    MS
       James Mills          22m Laborer            AL
120. John B Dewitt          42m Farmer       200   SC
       Mary                 43f                    SC
       Thomas               15m Laborer            AL
       Calvin               11m                    MS
       Mary                 10f                    MS
       Oliver                9m                    MS
       Franklin              3m                    MS
121. Stephen Denmark        59m Farmer             GA
       Mary                 51f                    GA
       Ruben                23m Laborer            MS
       Elizabeth            21f                    MS
       Aletha               19f                    MS
       Bryant               13m                    MS
       Jane                 11f                    MS
122. John A Denmark         29m Farmer             MS
       Delila.              24f                    MS
       James                 4m                    MS
       Nancy                 2f                    MS
       Willis Mills         14m                    MS
123. Thomas Churchwell      28m Farmer             MS
       Rebecca              25f                    MS
       Louisa               12f                    MS
       Martha               11f                    MS
       Nancy                10f                    MS
       Zilpha                6f                    MS
       Lacia                 3f                    MS
       John               8/12m                    MS
124. McAllen Stegall        45m Laborer            GA
       Hulda                29f                    FL
       Ruben                13m                    FL
       Sarah                10f                    FL
       Sopha                 3f                    MS
       Jeremiah              1m                    MS
125. John McInnis           54m Farmer       250   SC
       Catherine            54f                    SC
       John                 22m Laborer            MS
       Murdock              16m Laborer            MS
       Catherine            12f                    MS
       Daniel McInnis       68m Clerk              NC
127. Preston Byrd           47m Farmer      1000   SC
       Hariet               37f                    GA
       James                17m Laborer            MS
       Mary                 l6f                    MS
       Julian               11f                    MS
       Valaria               8f                    MS
       Hariet                5f                    MS
       Ellen                 3f                    MS
       Thomas                1m                    MS
128. Joel Green             45m Farmer      1000   SC
       Easter               38f                    GA
       Nancy                l6f                    MS
       James                14m                    MS
       Joel                 12m                    MS
       Easter               10f                    MS
       John                  6m                    MS
       Julian                4f                    MS
       William               1m                    MS
129. Samuel Robertson       49m Farmer       300   SC
       Elizabeth            42f                    GA
       Mary                 19f                    MS
       Caroline             l7f                    MS
       William              14m                    MS
       John                 12m                    MS
       Samuel                9m                    MS
       Margaret              2f                    MS
130. Robert Rounsaville     30m Farmer       500   LA
       Lavinia              23f                    AL
       Elias                 5m                    MS
       Louisa                3f                    MS
       Eliza                 1f                    MS
131. Ira Rounsaville        38m Farmer             LA
       Elizabeth            30f                    MS
       William               9m                    MS
       Mary                  8f                    MS
       Wesley                6m                    MS
       Louisa                4f                    MS
       George                1m                    MS
132. Isaac Futch            46m Farmer       700   GA
       Sarah                37f                    NC
       Isaac                18m                    MS
       Jane                 l6f                    MS
       Hariet               14f                    MS
       Mary                 l2f                    MS
       Washington            9m                    MS
       Angeline              7f                    MS
       Cornelius             4m                    MS
       Emma               9/12f                    MS
133. Henry Rounsaville      31m Farmer             LA
       Wesley                7m                    MS
       Sarah                 5f                    MS
       Susan                 3f                    MS
       Eliza                 2f                    MS
     Elizabeth Rounsaville  70f                    AL
134. John Platt             75m Farmer       400   SC
       Elizabeth            70f                    AL
       Alex                 19m Laborer            MS
       Eliza                19f                    MS
135. Amos Rounsaville       40m Farmer       100   LA
       Elizabeth            26f                    MS
       Effis                 5m                    MS
       Sarah                 4f                    MS
       Mary                  1f                    MS
136. Bryant Denmark         32m Farmer       500   GA
       Elizabeth            35f                    MS
       Virginia              6f                    MS
       Alex                  5m                    MS
       William               4m                    MS
       Maliciah              3m                    MS
       Coalman            8/12m                    MS
137. James Platt            21m Farmer             MS
       Elizabeth            20f                    MS
       Theadore              2m                    MS
       Edward Casa          14m                    NY
138. Robt Lott              31m Farmer             AL
       Rebecca              24f                    AL
       Jesse                 6m                    MS
       Houston               4m                    MS
       James                 3m                    Ms
       Susan                 1f                    MS
139. Eleby Lankford         43m Farmer             GA
       Mary                 42f                    SC
       Nancy                20f                    AL
       Martha               l8f                    AL
       David                l6f                    MS
       Elizabeth            14f                    MS
       Christopher          13m                    MS
       John                 10m                    MS
       William               8m                    MS
       Margaret              6f                    MS
140. Jesse Stokes           36m Farmer             MS
       Epsa                 30f                    MS
       Daniel                5m                    MS
       Sarah                 4f                    MS
       James                 1m                    MS
141. Mathew Platt           38m Farmer             GA
       Elizabeth            34f                    MS
       James                14m                    MS
       John                  9m                    MS
142. Susanna Davis          55f              400   SC
       Rufus                22m Farmer             MS
       Thomas               16m Laborer            MS
       Elizabeth            10f                    MS
143. Jesse Byrd             56m Farmer             MS
       Elizabeth            22f                    AL
       Rasberry             17m Laborer            AL
       Ellen                l5f                    MS
       Judith                7f                    MS
       Jesse                 5m                    MS
144. Simon Williams         31m Farmer             AL
       Mary                 31f                    MS
       Elizabeth             8f                    MS
       Rachel                7f                    MS
       James                 5m                    MS
       Benjamin              2m                    MS
145. Thomas Byrd            50m Farmer        80   SC
       Velicia              37f                    MS
146. Cathrine McCaskill     42f              100   NC
       Nancy                21f                    MS
       Samuel               14m                    MS
       Anabelle              9f                    MS
       Jesse Lott           37m Farmer             AL
       Florah               19f                    MS
       Felecia,              3f                    MS
       Permilia.          5/12                     MS
147. Nathaniel Broughton    82m Farmer             SC
       N E Brayton          23m                    AL
148. Farquher McLeod       41 m Farmer             NC
       Sarah                29f                    MS
       Allen                 6m                    MS
       John                  4m                    MS
       Martha             1/12                     MS
149. Theadore Shaw          25m Farmer       500   MS
       Mary                 l6f                    MS
       Hiram                 2m                    MS
       Anna               1/12                     MS
150. Allen McLeod          36m Farmer              SC
       Nancy               22f                     MS
       William              2m                     MS
       Nancy             1/12f                     MS
15 1. Peter McLeod         34m Farmer         75   SC
       Margaret            28f                     MS
       Duncan               1m                     MS
152. Norman McLeod         40m Farmer        150   SC
       Florah              30f                     SC
       Mary                 4f                     MS
       Sarah                1f                     MS
       Kenneth McLeod      32m Laborer             MS
153. Daniel Hall           68m Coach Maker   700   NC
       Ann                 47f                     SC
       Wm Cooley           18m Laborer             MS
154. Susan Shepherd        45f               200   GA
       John                24m Laborer             MS
       Thomas              23m Laborer             MS
       William             22m Laborer             MS
       Betty               18f                     MS
       Jesse               16m Laborer             MS
       James               12m                     MS
       Richmond            10m                     MS
       Samuel               7m                     MS
       Henry                2m                     MS
155. Joseph Green          42m Pilot               Jersey
       Anna                23f                     MS
       William              4m                     MS
       Joseph               2m                     MS
       Jensy             1/12f                     MS
156. Joel Dickerson        30m Farmer              MS
       Zylphia             58f                     SC
       Winny Hall          29f                     MS
157. Wm Welford            50m Farmer              England
       Abigail             36f                     MS
       Mary                18f                     MS
       Sarah               l6f                     MS
       Nancy               14f                     MS
       William             12m                     MS
       Betty               10f                     MS
       Henry                9m                     MS
       Joel                 7m                     MS
       Sampson              5m                     MS
       Roberson             3m                     MS
158. Eli Booth             63m Farmer              GA
       Pherba              50f                     SC
       Elizabeth           10f                     MS
       Mary                 8f                     MS
       Henry Brown         20m Laborer             MS
       Olivia              17f                     AL
159. Yourig Evans          36m Farmer              NC
       Sarah               32f                     MS
       Mary                 8f                     MS
       Caroline             7f                     MS
       William              2m                     MS
       Mary                 2f                     MS
       Oliver               4m                     MS
160. Josiah Brown          69m Farmer        525   NC
       Susan               55f                     SC
       Thomas              23m Laborer             MS
       Sarah               l5f                     MS
161. Thomas White          54m Lawyer        700   GA
       William             20m Laborer             AL
       Moriah               4f                     MS
       Robt Cayton         22m Laborer             MS
162. Rachel Evans          35f                     MS
       Nancy               18f                     MS
       Elizabeth            7f                     MS
163. Win Dickerson         34m Farmer              MS
       Ann                 24f                     AL
       John                 6m                     MS
       James                1m                     MS
       Wm Pipkin           24m Laborer             AL
164. Philip McDonald       63m S. Teacher          NC
       Mary                45f                     GA
       Mary Duin           29f                     AL
       Mariah.              8f                     Ms
       William              5m                     MS
       Wm Curry            16m Laborer             Unknown
165. Zachariah Urguet      23m Laborer             AL
       Jane                19f                     MS
       Mary                 2f                     MS
       Sarah            11/12f                     MS
166. Rebecca Clayton       51f                     SC
       John                17m Laborer             MS
       Eliza               16f                     MS
       Andrew              14m                     MS
       Jane                 9f                     MS
167. John E Miller         47m Farmer              SC
       Sarah               27f                     MS
       Adaline             18f                     MS
       Eliza               l6f                     MS
       Henry               14m                     MS
       Sarah               13f                     MS
       John                10m                     MS
       Mayor                8m                     MS
       James                6m                     MS
       Elizabeth            4f                     MS
168. John Thomson          45m Farmer         50   KY
       Susan               43f                     MA
       Estis               17m Laborer             Indiana
       James               16m                     Indiana
       Albert               5m                     MS
       Effa                 2f                     MS
       Louisa            8/12f                     MS
169. Curtis Cooly          41m Farmer        100   SC
       Matilda             41f                     MS
       John                12m                     MS
       Andrew               6m                     MS
       Sarah                4f                     MS
       William              2m                     MS
170. Charles Box           48m Carpenter     700   Europe
       Mariah              40f                     MS
       Edward              22m                     AL
171. Neil McInnis          64m Farmer        500   NC
       Effa                60f                     NC
       Murdick             23m Laborer             MS
       Colin               19M Laborer             MS
       Dugald              14m                     MS
172. John B McIntosh       35m Pilot         500   Baltimore
       Rachel              28f                     MS
       Nancy                5f                     MS
       Chester              3m                     MS
       William              1m                     MS
173. John McInnis          35m Farmer        500   NC
       Rena                34f                     MS
       Randal              12m                     MS
       Effa                10f                     MS
       Rachel               7f                     MS
       Nancy                6f                     MS
       Daniel               4m                     MS
       Kenneth              2m                     MS
       Wm Sampson          50m Laborer             NC
174. Rinchin Cooley        70m Farmer        400   NC
       Lucy                46f                     MS
       Herbert             17m Laborer             MS
       Mahala              l5f                     MS
       Hariet              14f                     MS
       Sorene              12f                     MS
       Ruth                l5f                     MS
175. Robert Cooley         24m Laborer             SC
       Mary                22f                     MS
176. James Ball            51m Farmer        160   GA
       Sarah               49f                     SC
       Tyre                18m Laborer             MS
       Sarah               l6f                     MS
       Susan               13f                     MS
       James               11m                     MS
       William              9m                     MS
       John                 7m                     MS
       Edward               4m                     MS
       Martha Woodard      26f                     MS
       Wesley               4m                     MS
       James                2m                     MS
       Jesse             3/12m                     MS
177. John Roberts          77m Farmer        140   NC
       Elizabeth           63f                     NC
       Ailsy               30f                     SC
       John Roberts        28m Laborer             MS
178. Malcolm Morrison      43m W Right             Scotland
       Anne                37f                     GA
       Effa                18f                     MS
       Norman               1m                     MS
179. Edward Smith          53m Laborer             GA
180. John Turner           48m Farmer        500   SC
       Cresa               30f                     MS
       Ransom               9m                     MS
       William              7m                     MS
       John                 3m                     MS
       Masouri              2f                     MS
       David             3/12m                     MS
       Joseph Turner       50m Laborer             SC
181. Daniel McInnis        77m Farmer       1500   Scotland
       Nancy               73f                     NC
       Sarah               25f                     MS
182. Alex McInnis          44m Farmer              NC
       Margaret            25f                     MS
       Alex                 8m                     MS
       Josaphine            5f                     MS
       Daniel               2m                     MS
       Lauchlin          4/12m                     MS
183. Duncan Wilkerson      38m Farmer              NC
       Catherine           35f                     NC
184. Daniel McInnis        26m Farmer              MS
       Thomas Shepherd     22m Laborer
185. Chatman Broom         50m Farmer       1000   NC
186. Levi Pierce           33m Farmer        200   MS
       Catherine           25f                     MS
       David                6m                     MS
       Jane                 5f                     MS
       Alexander            2m                     MS
       Margaret          1/12f                     MS
187. Henry Cochran         60m Farmer        160   SC
       Mary                55f                     NC
       John                21m Laborer             MS
       Aletha.             19f                     MS
       Jane                17f                     MS
       Richard             15m                     MS
       Margaret            12f                     MS
188. Peter Fairly          30m Farmer              MS
       Margaret            23f                     MS
       Margaret             1f                     MS
189. Angus Fairly          35m Farmer              MS
       Sarah               26f                     MS
       Mary                 6f                     MS
       Jane                 5f                     MS
       Peter                3m                     MS
       Sarah             6/12f                     MS
190. Alex Fairly           53m Farmer        470   NC
       Margaret            46f                     NC
       Mary                25f                     MS
       John                22m Laborer             MS
       Ann                 19f                     MS
       Archibald           17m Laborer             MS
       Margaret            15f                     MS
       Jane                12f                     MS
       Sarah               10f                     MS
       Peter                9m                     MS
       Alex                 7m                     MS
       Franklin             4m                     MS
191. Neil Thomson          60m B Smith             NC
       John                34m Laborer             NC
       Daniel              32m Laborer             NC
192. Wm Cochran            60m Farmer        160   SC
       Ann                 44f                     NC
       Mary                20f                     MS
       John                18m                     MS
       Sarah               16f                     MS
       James               13m                     MS
       Elizabeth           11f                     MS
       Thomas               8m                     MS
       Catherine            6f                     MS
193. Sarah Black           84f                     NC
       Sarah Black         47f                     NC
       Catherine           44f                     NC
       Malcolm             38m Farmer        640   NC
       Louisa              27f                     MS
       John                 4m                     MS
       Daniel McLendon     23m                     MS
194. John McLendon         59m Farmer        480   NC
       Mary                59f                     NC
       Alex                17m Laborer             MS
       Margaret            14f                     MS
       Malcolm             11m                     MS
195. Wesley Cowart         36m Laborer             SC
       Susanna             30f                     SC
       William             14m                     MS
       Absalom             12m                     MS
       Martin              10m                     MS
       Allevia.             8f                     MS
       Christian            4f                     MS
       Kneedham             2m                     MS
       Babe              6/12m                     MS
196. Burrel Cochran        58m Farmer        500   SC
       Coatney             44f                     SC
       Margaret            20f                     MS
       Edward              18m Laborer             MS
       Amasiah             16m Laborer             MS
       John                14m                     MS
       Van                 12m                     MS
       Franky              10f                     MS
       Henry                8m                     MS
       Kiah                 6f                     MS
       James Shepherd      37m Laborer             NC
197. Edward B Stafford     50m Farmer              SC
       Margaret            39f                     GA
       Sarah               19f                     GA
       Mary                18f                     GA
       Alias               17f                     GA
       Edward              16m Laborer             GA
       Joshua              14m                     GA
       Henrietta           10f                     GA
178. James Moore           31m Wheel Right    50   NC
       Susan               20f                     GA
       Sarah Moore         89f                     NC
199. Wrn Moore             56m Farmer        300   NC
       Jane                54f                     NC
       Christian           44f                     NC
       Calvin              22m Laborer             MS
       Angus Moore         39m Laborer             NC
       William             13m                     MS
       Alex                l1m                     MS
       Margaret             9f                     MS
200. Kneedharn Cowart      64m Farmer        300   SC
       Mary                54f                     SC
       Mahala              26f                     MS
       Martin              24m Laborer             MS
       Kneedham.           23m Laborer             MS
       Mary                21f                     MS
       Elizabeth           19f                     MS
       Newet               17m Laborer             MS
       Jackson             15m Student             MS
       John Equin.         16m Student             Baltimore
       James Housman       11m Student             Unknown
       Hansford             6m                     MS
201. Thomas Hunt           56m Farmer       2100   AL
       Margaret            50f                     GA
       Anna                22f                     MS
       Sarah               20f                     MS
       Samuel              18m Laborer
       Rebecca             l6f                     MS
       Wilson Wheeler      19m  Student            AL
       Edward --olcon      18m  Student            GA
       George              13m                     GA
       Wm Dawson           16m Student             GA
       George              10m                     AL
       Chas Gennings       13m                     AL
       Frank Brother       13m                     LA
       Wm Hunt             16m Student             MS
       Felix               12m                     MS
       Felix               14m                     MS
202. John Rogers           30m Farmer        800   MS
       Mary                24f                     MS
       Sophrinia            4f                     MS
       Virginia             2f                     MS
       John              3/12m                     MS
203. George Breland        19m Laborer             MS
       Gabriel             17m Laborer             MS
       Vanburn             13m                     MS
       Benatton            10m                     MS
       Sealia              l6f                     MS
       Truissa             12f                     MS
204. John McInnis          48m Farmer        100   NC
       Mary                45f                     NC
       Franklin            18m Student             MS
       McLeod              l6f Student             MS
       Mary                13f                     MS
       Ann                 11f                     MS
       David Moore         35m S Teacher           PA
       Robt Shannon        36m S Teacher           Indiana
       Wrn Nicles          19m Student             MS
       Thadius McRae       18m Student             SC
       Mariat Wadkins      17m  Student            VA
       Cin Dickson         15m Student             MS
       George Sumral       16m Student             MS
       John Umphries       15m Student             MS
205. Chr Griffin           45f                     SC
       Bruner              19m Student             MS
       Catherine Carter    39f                     MS
       Erasmus             17m Student             MS
       Eran                12f                     MS
       Catherine            9f                     MS
       Mary                 7f                     MS
       Henry Pierce        45m Colporter           NY
       Sarah Pierce        31f                     Conn
       Mary                 4f                     Indiana
       James                2m                     Indiana
       Tobias Breland      25m Student             MS
       John                22m Student             MS
       David Gains         18m Student             FL
       Thomas Ware         16m Student             AL
       Walter Self         14m                     MS
       Coal                12m                     MS
       Wm Trotter          12m                     MS
       Alex                18m                     MS
       Sabra Carter        13f                     MS
206. Washington Carter     15m  Student            MS
       Printice,           10m                     MS
       Margaret            11f                     MS
       Catherine            7f                     MS
207. Sarah McLeod          69f                     NC
       Catherine           25f                     MS
       Swain               22m Laborer             MS
       James H Thompson    42m Minister      100   KY
       William             12m                     MS
       Sarah               18f                     MS
       Alex                16m                     MS
       Mary                13f                     MS
       Daniel              12m                     MS
       Margaret            10f                     MS
       John                 8m                     MS
       Benjamin             6m                     MS
       Mary Calloway       11f                     MS
       Roderick McLeod     45m Laborer             NC
208. Charlott Bilbow       62f                     AL
       William             27m Laborer             MS
       George              20m Laborer             MS
       Isabella            17f                     MS
       Lewis Goalsby       25m Student             Canada
       John McCaughn       18m Student             KY
       Henry Barber        20  Student             MS
       Jacob Ryan          12m                     MS
       Manuel Gains        14m                     MS
209. John Stafford         66m Farmer        479   SC
       Rhoda               66f                     SC
       John                14m                     MS
       Ned                 40m                     MS
210. Norman McLeod         48m Farmer       2000   NC
       Melesson            31f                     MS
       Rufus               13m                     MS
       Margaret            11f                     MS
       John                 9m                     MS
       Alex                 7m                     MS
       Calvin               6m                     MS
       Norman               3m                     MS
       Babe              3/12                      MS
       John Dias           18m Student             MS
       Joseph Tomson       16m Student             MS
       Ellis Moffit        18m Student             MS
       James Reaves        13m                     MS
       Jacob Reaves        15m Student             MS
       Neal Desot          11m                     Unknown
       Eugene Meaut        13m                     MS
211. John McLeod           97m Farmer              Scotland
       Nancy               40f                     NC
       Elizabeth McCrennan  65f                    Scotland
212. Asa Breland           25m Farmer        460   MS
       Ann                 23f                     MS
       John                 4m                     MS
       William              3m                     MS
       Absalom           5/12m                     MS
       Eliza Harvison      18f                     MS
213. Alex McKay            28m Farmer        500   MS
        Elizabeth          23f                     MS
       Asaline              4f                     MS
       Milton               3m                     MS
       Sabra            11/12f                     MS
214. John L Dantzler       63m Farmer       4000   SC
       Elizabeth           58f                     SC
       Washington          29m Laborer             MS
       Lorinzo,            17m Student             MS
       Sharod A Smith      31m Laborer             MS
       Eran Harvison       13f                     MS
215. Martin Moody          50m Farmer       2500   SC
       Damarius            13f                     MS
       Miranda             10f                     MS
       Winburn Breland     27m Laborer             MS
216. Robt Winn             22m Farmer        800   MS
       W Morgan            45m Laborer             Unknown
       Walter Denny        32m Sherriff      640   MS
217. William McCann        40m S Teacher           SC
       Mary                29f                     MS
       James                9m                     MS
       Mary                 8f                     MS
       Sarah                8f                     MS
       John                 2m                     MS
       Henry Roberts       24m Laborer             MS

Transcribed by James T. Dunnam

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