Listed below are some Byrd marriages in Franklin County, MS compiled by Jim Byrd from the Franklin County Courthouse records on September 19, 2001.  Thanks Jim for sharing this with our Franklin County researchers.  If you have any questions, contact Jim at

CUPIT, Alice   STROUD, James M.   1875 December, 28

CUPIT, Alma   WALKER, W. W.   1903 August, 30

CUPIT, Alton   MARTIN, Margie Mae   1947 December, 26

CUPIT, Arthur L.  WHITE, Edna    1943 January, 10 
Son of Carl Cupit Daughter of Grady White

CUPIT, Burch   SMITH, Dona    1906 November, 25

CUPIT, Cage   BOWLIN, Ollie Lee   1924 April, 19

CUPIT, Caroline   KINCHEN, H. A.    1897 August, 9

CUPIT, Catherine  SMITH, John J.    1870 June, 30
Daughter of Alexander Cupit and Lucinda Wilson

CUPIT, Clemons W.  JORDAN, Lessie    1927 November, 18
Son of John Jasper Cupit and Mary Wilson

CUPIT, Cornelius  COWART, Ruby    1922 March, 4

CUPIT, David Leon, Sr  ARNOLD, Edmoney (Edmonia)  1924 April, 27
Son of John Jasper Cupit and Mary Wilson

CUPIT, Dollie   FLOYD, C. N.    1911 December, 25

CUPIT, Duck (Malinda)  WESBROOK, N. B. (Napoleon Bonaparte) 1908 June, 16 (License date) Daughter of William M. Cupit and Elizabeth Smith

CUPIT, Earl   STEVENS, Lela Mae   1943 October, 3

CUPIT, E. E.    MATHEWS, Jessie (F)   1912 June, 2

CUPIT, Emma Jean  CAMPBELL, James R.   1946 October, 5
Son of Luther and Dollie Campbell

CUPIT, E. R.   CUPIT, Phoeba    1909 July, 3

CUPIT, Ernie   PRIEST, Hattie    1917 April, 28 (License date)

CUPIT, Eva   HEMPHILL, Edgar   1912 March, 17

CUPIT, Fannie   SMITH, Tom    1908 July, 19

CUPIT, Felix Lee   TILLOTSON, Eddice   1924 February, 3

CUPIT, F. F.   MCMANUS, Florence   1901 May, 25

CUPIT, Flora Mae  JACKSON, Lewis   1936 April, 11

CUPIT, Francis Jennett  SMITH, James M.   1858 May, 25

CUPIT, Frank    GRIFFING, Emma   1903 December, 20

CUPIT, Henry   WALLACE, Anna   1929 April, 27

CUPIT, H. H.   SMITH, Calley    1931 August, 22

CUPIT, Horace, Jr  SMITH, Bonnie Mae   1940 June, 29

CUPIT, Ida   GODBOLD, T. L.    1902 March, 5

CUPIT, Irene   LEATHERWOOD, Homer   1930 December, 13 (License date)

CUPIT, Irene   MCMILLAN, John    1933 March, 18

CUPIT, James    EZELL, Mary    1863 September, 4

CUPIT, James   WRIGHT, Matilda   1822 March, 14

CUPIT, James L.   WALKER, Florence O.   1899 January, 8

CUPIT, Jane   WOODS, John    1837 April, 15
Daughter of Daniel Cupit

CUPIT, Janet   WOOLSY, John A.   1835 December, 31 (License date)

CUPIT, (John) Jasper   WILSON, Mary    1900 November, 25
Son of Cyrus William Cupit and Nancy Porter

CUPIT, J. C.   MCCAA, Samantha E.   1932 October, 10

CUPIT, Jennett Ann  GALLIVAN, Michael   1844 February, 10 (License date)

CUPIT, John   RUTLEDGE, Mary   1820 December, 23

CUPIT, Johnnie   SEALE, Primrose   1923 August, 5

CUPIT, John T.   WALKER, Dola    1907 September, 15

CUPIT, Junnie   OLIVER, Dewey    1918 December, 14

CUPIT, J. W.    DUCKER, Minnie Mae   1929 November, 30

CUPIT, Lela    HILL, L. E.    1931 January, 31

CUPIT, Leon   WRIGHT, Sallie    1912 December, 15

CUPIT, Letha    FLOWERS, Cecil   1903 December, 20

CUPIT, Lillie Mae  TERRELL, J. E.    1919 July, 5

CUPIT, Lloyd (Rufus)  EZELL, Jewell    1941 December, 26

CUPIT, Lucinda   ARNOLD, James    1867 March, 27

CUPIT, Maggie   HESTER, Marshall   1920 September, 8

CUPIT, Margaret   WROTEN, Thomas   1873 February, 13

CUPIT, Margaret E.  WOOTEN, W. Thomas   1888 January, 17

CUPIT, Margaret Jane  MULLINS, Daniel W.   1873 November, 26

CUPIT, Martha Jane (Ann) PRATHER, James Bailey (Jim)  1858 July, 15

CUPIT, Marvin (Bob)  ROBERTS, Stella (BYRD)  1949 May, 15
Son of John Jasper Cupit and Mary Wilson Daughter of John and Kate Byrd

CUPIT, Mary Helen  MARTIN, Leroy    1946 May, 11

CUPIT, Millie   FLOWERS, Ernest   1907 September, 18

CUPIT, Minnie   ARNOLD, George   1908 April, 26

CUPIT, Minnie   PRIEST, Willie    1916 March, 13

CUPIT, Minnie Bell  EMFINGER, L. H.    1920 March, 22

CUPIT, Minnie E.   WALKER, Robert L.   1896 December, 13

CUPIT, Naomi   Purlia ??    1879 November, 26

CUPIT, Ollie   ALLEN, George    1906 January, 21

CUPIT, Oma   TAYLOR, Robert    1918 February, 10

CUPIT, Percy   IVEY, Josaphine    1930 February, 25

CUPIT, Quentin   COLEMAN, Dorothy   1946 February, 17

CUPIT, Rovilla (Rivello?)  SAXON, H. W.    1908 May, 17

CUPIT, Simeon Ira  STOLTZ, Lillie    1932 July, 8

CUPIT, S. L.   HERRING, E. D.    1898 January, 13

CUPIT, Sousann   PRATHER, William Alonzo  1878 December, 4
Daughter of Thomas Wesley Cupit and Mary "Polly" Sullivan

CUPIT, T. E.    BURRIS, Amie    1924 April ? (License date April 19)

CUPIT, Willard Ross  CLANTON, Mamie Louise  1946 December, 15

CUPIT, William   SMITH, Elizabeth   1867 March, 14

CUPIT, Willie (William)  SMITH, Mary    1907 September, 14
Son of Cyrus William Cupit and Nancy Porter

These marriage records are from the Franklin County, Ms courthouse records as viewed, September 19, 2001

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