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A group of citizens from Hamburg are attempting to save and restore the Hamburg depot. In the event that we are successful, wed like to use the story on this web site and any others that are available, and any photographs that might exist. Do you know of any such items?   Do you have any other information or advice for us?

Date:  October 31, 2005
Name:  Barry Hutchinson <>


William Pickett born 12-5-1769 and dead on 5-15-1826. He is a son of Micajah Pickett and Kissemiah Henson. He is a father of Mary A. Pickett, a wife of Lewis Stevens, Justice of Peace of Franklin County, MS. I would like a copy of his marriage license. 

Date:  October 11, 2005
Name:  Mary Alice Laird <>  


I am looking for any information on a WILLIAM SCOTT and his wife Clara and their children, William Scott who married Margaret Duffin; Gabriel Scott who married Abigail Griffing; Thomas Scott; Mary Elizabeth Scott who married James Bolls (Boles) (Bowles) I am from Gabriel Scott side but would like to find other family members. I want to find out about William and Clara and their parents and family's. I know that William Sr. was killed in 1793 by Cherokee Indian's I think in Ala, but not sure (no proof). I don't know what happened to Clara and/or what her maiden name was or where they were born. I know that she was in Adams Co., Miss, and the children were also listed in Jefferson, Claiborne, and Franklin Co., Miss. 

Date 28 August 2005
Name:  India J. Wolf


I have a very elusive male ancestor.  The only thing tangible that I have is a marriage record from Livingston parish dated 9/18/1900 for Edgar CORNEGA m. Gussie Kinchen.  Family lore is that "he" rode in on his horse from Mississippi, met Gussie who was working at the Oaks Hotel, had two daughters, and other than wild rumors, his story ends!  I find several families, Kornega, on the Franklin County. 1880 census and a couple of marriage records from that same time period but I don't see them in Franklin County. before or after 1880.  Some old family members remember hearing him referred to as Tom while others remember him having been called Bud.  Do you have any suggestions as to who/what/where I might find information, other than census records on the Kornega family from Franklin County?  Thanks in advance.

Date:  August 23, 2005
Name:  Debbie



Does anyone have any info on children of

Henry Phillip Rowland & Lizzie Mae Russell (b. 6/17/1893 , d. 1/12/1928 Bude, MS.)
married 6/19/1911 probably in Franklin county.

Date:  August 21, 2005
Name:  Peter Gates <>


Here are the families that I am researching:

William Pinkney "Pink" ADAMS 1858-1905 s/o John ADAMS and Sarah STEWART of Lincoln Co.

Harbard B. SMITH 1815-1885 s/o Everett SMITH

Nicholas LAZARUS 1794-1878 s/o Nicholas LAZARUS of Union Co SC

Dr Jose RODRIGUEZ 1817-1889 born Cuba

Date:  March 19, 2005
Name:  Robin Latham


Looking for more information on the family of Dennis Sullivan and Mary Polly Hayes Sullivan of Franklin Co, MS.  View my information at the following web site:


For a look at old rare Sullivan related photographs you may visit:


Date:  May 22, 2005

Name:  Bo Sullivan <>


If anyone is  researching the Lewis's of Franklin County, could you get in touch with me. Thanks. 

Date:  May 19, 2003
Name:  Linda Lewis Meylan <>


I was told that Nancy Godbold Byrd was buried in the
New Salem Baptist graveyard without a marker.  If you know of anything about this, please email me.

Date:  May 19, 2003
Name:  Bob Williams


Looking for a copy of the Will of William Causey, Jr. Date of the will is October 11, 1867. I have information that it was probated in Franklin Co. (Probate Records Vol. 1) This information comes from Oma Gordon via Jim Block. Transcript of the last document found, as of this time, pertaining to the Estate of William Causey, Jr., the heirs named in his last Will & Testament in October of  1867. This page of the Franklin Co.MS. Court records is stamped 451 and headed by the notation "February Term 1868" Would a copy of the Will be included in these records?

Date:  2 January 2005
Joe Metts <>   


I am doing research  on my family in Franklin Co. MS.   Looking for any info on the surnames: McINTYRE, LOFTEN, PORTER, RATCLIFF.  Any help would be appreciated.


Date:  January 10, 2004

Name:  Peggy  <> 




I would like to know where Hominy Ridge is in Franklin County, MS? There is a creek there that is called Wallace Mill Creek.  I would like to know where it is?    Thanks so much.
Date: 3 November 2004 
Name:  Becky Wallace Carroll





I have hit a dead end in finding any information about Christian Hans Vollm who came over from Germany and his wife Erenna Kinnison. The only relatives that I know I still have in Franklin County, MS are the Ezell's on "Harmony Ridge."  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Date:  September 25, 2003

Name:  Sandi  <>


I am researching Franklin County surnames: Armstrong, Calvit, Mundy, Spires, Ford, Hickingbottom.

I copied the 1812 Tax roll for Franklin County awhile back when visiting the

MS archives in Jackson. It's just an index but I thought I'd pass it along anyway.

Date: November 17, 2002

Name:  Michael Guyton <>


Looking for anyone who has information on the Williams, Herring, or other families who lived in the Hamburg area in the early to mid 1800's? I am descended from the Electious and John Clem Williams lines and the Guice line. I still own a small piece of land that originally came into the Williams family in about 1809. I hunt on the land each year, so that area is pretty special to me. I am particularly interested in discovering what the land looked like back then. Most of the area is wooded now, but I wonder whether most of it was cleared for farmland or was most of it left in woods back then? There is evidence of much erosion in the wooded areas now, and I wonder if much of it wasn't cleared back then for farmland, resulting in the erosion. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Date:  March 29, 2004
Name:  Wade Wineman <> in Greenville, MS

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