Marriage Records

Napolion P. Allison to Sarah Catherine Meales 19 Mar 1865 (ALLISON BIBLE)
G.G. Bird, M.D. to Laura Christopher 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Nelson Bumpass to Lucy A. Burford 18 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Lucy A. Burford to Nelson Bumpass 18 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
S.J. Burford to L.S. Dalton 26 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Nancy C. Chesholm to G.W. Garner 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Laura Christopher to G.G. Bird,M.D. 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Ella Craven to Thomas W. Kittle 01 Mar 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
L.S. Dalton to S.J. Burford 26 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Mollie Dameron to Henry Ward 04 Mar 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
G.W. Dubois to Caroline McNeese Dec 27, 1866
Ann Duboy to M.B. Balch Jan 20, 1868
W.C. Elam to Sarah E. Henard 21 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
John F. Garner to Mattie J. Myhen 01 Mar 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
G.W. Garner to Nancy C. Chesholm 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Callie Harrison to J.W. Moore 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Sarah E. Henard to W.C. Elam 21 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Mary E. Howze to R.W. Williamson 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Martha Kennedy to John Partain 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Thomas W. Kittle to Ella Craven 01 Mar 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
J.W. Moore to Callie Harrison 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Mattie J. Myhen to John F. Garner 01 Mar 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
John Partain to Martha Kennedy 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Frank Rowland to Susan Upchurch 11 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Susan Upchurch to Frank Rowland 11 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
Henry Ward to Mollie Dameron 04 Mar 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)
R.W. Williamson to Mary E. Howze 27 Feb 1866 (PEOPLE'S PRESS)

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