Died at residence of Hon. Sam POWELL near Hernando, Feb 14, 1886, Mary ABBEY, wife of S.F. POWELL of Austin, Miss.(DESOTO TIMES)

Died 8th Apr 1886, Mr. Frank CURTIS (DESOTO TIMES)
Died in Gainesville, TX, Aug 1 1886, Rev Richard GWYN, having just last week gone there for his health with his son R.M. GWYN, Jr. Born in Georgia 11 Sep 1828, preached for 35 years. (DESOTO TIMES)
At Plum Point, Aug 5 1886, Dr. W. G. LESTER, age 39 born Shelby Co TN, grew up in British Honduras, married Miss Sarella, daughter of the late Robert R. DAVIS. (DESOTO TIMES)
Died 11 Apr 1886, in Hernando, Rev S. McCLAMROCK (DESOTO TIMES)
Died at home, six miles west of Hernado, on Feb 11 1886 after a long illness, Mr. G.W. NAIL, Sr., aged 67 years. (DESOTO TIMES)
Died 3 Apr 1886 near Byhalia, Mrs. Matilda NESBIT in her 80th year. (DESOTO TIMES)
Died 10th Apr 1886, in Hernando, Mrs. Fannie F. POWELL (DESOTO TIMES)
Died Aug 23 1886 B.Y. TULLY (DESOTO TIMES)
Thurday, June 2, 1887, Mrs Ace B. DOGGETT, living near Endora, died May 28 and was buried at Oak Grove Church Cemetery. DESOTO TIMES)

List of Dead - 1902 Coldwater Baptist Association J.M. VALENTINE, Austin WOOLFOLK, Dr. J.T.L. CATE, Joe H. SOLOMAN, Jennie BILLINGSLEY, Mrs. Mary WILLINGHAM, H.S. BROWN, Mary THORNTON, Sister Frances PARKS, Mrs. N.E. DECK, Mrs. Annie E. DECK, Mrs E.L. HORN, Mary STONE, Mrs STURDIVANT, Mrs. S.L. HIGH, Job HARRELL, Annie FITCH, A.M. SOLOMAN, Jr, Rev. G.A. GRAMMER, Alford WALLACE, C.E. EVENSON, Mr. M.A. PARKS, Miss Ruby SHORT, Mrs.J.W. ECHOLS, Mrs Lou POWELL, A.P. INGRAM, T.D. COOPWOOD, Miss Janice DOLAHITE, Mary NEVELS, J.C. WILLIAMS, Daniel HARLENEAD, John W. POAG, Sister E.L. SMITH, Mrs. A.D. WALDROP, G.A. HALL, E.J. BELL, Mrs. J.P. STAMPS, Sr.

Died in this place on Monday 5th, inst., after a short illness Dr. D.S. BARBER of the firm of Bryan and Barber, of Memphis Tenn. 15 Feb 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)

Died in this county on the 29th Jan., Dr. Wm. N. RAINES. 15 Feb 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)
Died in Hernando on the 19th inst., at the residence of his uncle D.P. GIDEON, of pneumonia, George Wallace WAIR, aged 15 yrs. 22 Feb 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)
Died near Hernando, on the 6th instant, Eddie Chapman BUFORD. Aged 8 years. 08 Mar 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)
Died at Arkabutla, 07 Feb 1866, Mrs. Eveline WEST, wife of Capt. O.F. WEST 08 Mar 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)
Died on the 26th ult., in the neighborhood of Arkabutla, W.A. WELON. 08 Mar 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)
Died on the 27th ult., Mary Ann DAVIS, wife of G.L. DAVIS. 08 Mar 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)
Died at Cockrum, on the 10th inst., Miss Mollie ENGLISH, dau of Mrs. FETNER, of Arkabutla, Miss. 15 Mar 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)
Died at the residence of his brother-in-law J.S. JONES, on the 26th ult. Richard A. HALL. He was born near Denmark, Haywood Co TN, 12th Jul 1835. Father Tobias B. HALL. 15 Mar 1866 (PEOPLES PRESS)

List of Dead - 1903 Coldwater Baptist Association Mrs. F.E. OWENS, Mr. J.A. LINDSEY, E.A. JACKSON, Mrs. G.E. FARMER, Carl OLDENBURG, Mrs M.E. ROBERTSON, Mrs Nora MOTHERSHED, Mrs Stella COMPTON, John DOUGLAS, Joe RODGE, Mrs. J.B. SMITH, Mrs Eugenia COCKE, Mrs Monassa SNEED, Mrs Mollie HARDY, Mrs J.J. BOWEN, Mrs Sallie BYRD, Mrs Mattie FERGUSON, Mrs A. PHILLIPS, Mrs J.E.P. BOXLEY, John PECK, Mrs Sallie TAYLOR, Miss JANNEY, Mrs M.R. SUDDALLE, J.N. AKINS, Mrs Sallie ROBERTS, Janie CRAWLEY, V.L. McINTOSH, Mrs S.L. WYNNE, Mrs TARLTON, Milton HERRINGTON, L.A. BURESS, Mrs MOORE, Mrs WALLS.

Eliza M (BOYKIN) Cobb

Submitted by Becky McLaughlin
[Note: Eliza and her husband,Dr Pharoah Boone Cobb,raised their family in and around Mifflin, Tennessee.It is said that they moved to DeSoto Co, MS with daughter, Lenora Patience and her husband, Eli Benton Lauderdale. However, Eliza's youngest daughter, Adelia Corrine married Alfred Benjamin Clifton and lived in Desoto Co, MS as welland I have not determined in whose home the parents were living at the time of death.]

Mrs. E. M. COBB, whose recent departure from earth occurred at the residence of her daughter, near Hernando, Miss., March 20 [DeSoto Cemetery records the year as  1884], after an illness of two weeks, was the daughter of Ely and Mary Boykin. She was born in Hawkins County, W. Tenn., Jan. 1, 1807; married Dr. P. B. Cobb, Jan 1, 1823; afterward came to Henderson County, West Tenn., at which place she united with the Old Presbyterian Church in 1843, and from its doctrines of a special Providence derived great comfort. 

Often, during the shifting changes of a long, eventful life, was she called to pass through some of earth’s most trying scenes, yet was she ever buoyed by the thought that her Father led her there; and no path was so dark that his presence could not light. The writer of this has often been impressed by her resignation under heavy burdens of sorrow.  Many have heard her express entire resignation to Divine Will, but never did that Christian grace reach perfection until it shone as a halo around the brow of the dying saint - scattering the spray from the cold river of death as she gazed in the eyes of her loved ones, exacting the promise from each to meet her in heaven. 

To the aged and loved husband, whose arm had warded off many of life’s breakers for a half-century or more, she said, on being asked if she knew him, “Yes; and I shall know you in heaven - there we shall soon meet again.” Truly, her last moments were her brightest, and oft had she wished it thus.  Blended with many accomplishments and high culture there was a native dignity and rare grace which distinguished her queenly bearing in whatever assembly she appeared.  She has gone from us, but is with the pure and blessed above.



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