Deaths: Korea and Vietnam

by Tim Harrison

Men and women from DeSoto and surrounding counties in Mississippi have served faithfully and gallantly in our nation's military. Some have been injured in the line of duty while others have made the ultimate sacrifice. Following is a listing of military personnel from DeSoto, Marshall, Tate and Tunica counties who died from hostile action (including missing and captured) in the service of their country during the Korean War, and those who died as a result of the Vietnam conflict. This information was gathered from documentation published by the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration (

KOREAN WAR: 1950 - 1953

Bashem, Ernest E. CPL Army Tunica 8 Jul 53 Died/Missing
Cole, Johnnie B. PVT Army Tate 27 Jun 52 Died/Wounds
Haynes, William C PVT Army Tunica 16 Sep 51 KIA
Hudson, Harold L. PFC Army DeSoto 18 Oct 51 KIA
Jenkins, Howard L. PVT Army DeSoto 25 Apr 51 KIA
Mason, George H. PFC Army Marshall 14 Feb 51 Died/Missing
Mangrum, Lenzie H. CPL Army Tunica 27 Nov 50 Died/Missing
McNeal, O. M. PFC Army Marshall 31 Jul 52 KIA
Tunstall, Adolph Jr. PVT Army Marshall 1 Sep 51 KIA
West, Charles E. PVT Army Tate 26 Oct 51 KIA
White, James E. PVT Army DeSoto 6 Sep 5 KIA

Anderson, Leon Jr. PFC Army Senatobia 3 Feb 68 Died/Missing
Carter, Joe Eddie SP4 Army Hernando 23 Dec 67 KIA
Chalmers, Dempsey Jr. LCPL Marines Nesbit 18 Apr 68 NH/Died
Curry, M. L. PFC Army Holly Springs 5 Feb 68 KIA
Dandridge, Albert PFC Marines Coldwater 19 Feb 68 KIA
Davis, Frank E. PFC Army Holly Springs 29 Sep 68 NH/Died
Harris, Charles R. SGT Arm Lake Cormorant 25 Jul 71 NH/Died
Hassell, Ulysses C. SP4 Army Hernando 22 May 69 KIA
Hill, John Kenny PFC Marines Tunica 27 Aug 68 KIA
Jeffries, Mack S. SGT Army Holly Springs 7 May 68 KIA
Jones, Moses E. PVT Marines Hernando 17 Aug 70 NH/Died
Maxwell, James E. SP4 Army Nesbit 6 Feb 72 NH/Died
McNeil, Willie D CPL Army Olive Branch 17 Nov 69 Died/Wounds
Merriweather, T. Z. PFC Marines Hernando 25 Sep 69 NH/Died
Smith, Benny Leon PFC Army Holly Springs 28 Jul 66 NH/Died
Smith, Robert W. SGT Army Lake Cormorant 20 Jan 69 KIA
Trim, Jack Riley PFC Army Southaven 26 Feb 67 KIA
Wyley, Nathaniel SP4 Army Olive Branch 8 Nov 66 KIA

References used in this article: CPL = Corporal; LCPL = Lance Corporal; PFC = Private First Class; PVT = Private; KIA = Killed in Action; NH/Died = Non-hostile, Died Other, Illness or Injury; SGT = Sergeant; SP4 = Specialist 4.

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