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12th Mississippi Cavalry XVIII/2
1865 Loyalty Oath Signers XIII/1; XV/2; XXII/2
1869 Civil War Pensions VII/2; XXIII/2
1890 Census Union Veterans DeSoto County V/1
1890 Union Veterans and Widows Census XXVI/4
1906 Confederate Census - DeSoto XXIII/3
1924 Confederate Reunion Celebration Picture XV/2
1938 Confederate Veteran, Widow & Servant Pension List XXVI/3
2nd Mississippi Cavalry (Misc.) XVIII/2
2nd Mississippi Cavalry, Co. A, CSA XVIII/1
A Confederate Soldier Who Never Surrendered [Robert Bruce Bowe] II/3; XXII/2
An Old Reb (Felix Baker) XII/2
Arkansas CSA Pension Record (John Henry Smith) XIV/3
Arkansas CSA Pension Record (Joseph Walker Cunningham) XIV/4
Arkansas CSA Pension Record (Thomas J. Richey) XV/1
Arkansas CSA Pension Records (John McKinzy Rountree) XIV/2
Arkansas CSA Pension Records (Reed and Byars) XIV/1
Army Record of John T. Malone IV/4
Benjamin James Alexander Coopwood - Confederate Soldier XII/4
Casualties of the 34th Mississippi Regiment at Perryville XXIV/3
Civil War Scenes from Holly Springs XXVI/1
Civil War Veterans in the 1910 DeSoto County Census XVIII/2
Color Guards Dangerous Duty XXIII/1
Confederate Cemeteries in Mississippi - Jones (DeSoto County) V/3
Confederate Enlistments from Hernando, 1st MS Regt., Co. C XVI/2
Confederate Pension Records (Where to Write) XX/2
Confederate Veterans Register - DeSoto County XVI/1; XX/2
Confederate War Record of James R. Chalmers V/4
Deaths of Confederate Soldiers XIII/2
Deaths of Confederate Soldiers XIII/3
Deported Sympathizer XVIII/1
Desolation Itself [Arkansas Delta] XVI/3
DeSoto Chaplains in Gray XXII/4
DeSoto Confederate Soldiers and Widows 1906 - Beat 1 VI/3
DeSoto Confederate Soldiers and Widows 1906 - Beats 2 - 5 VI/4
DeSoto County Confederate Casualties from 1866 County Newspaper XI/2
DeSoto County Confederate Companies XXII/2; XXIII/4
DeSoto County Confederate Pensions 1917 XXIV/4
DeSoto County Confederate Pensions (Acree - Grimes) XI/3
DeSoto County Confederate Pensions (Goad - Myers) XI/4
DeSoto County Confederate Pensions (Oliver - Yarbrough) XII/1
DeSoto County Confederate Veterans - 1927 XIII/1
DeSoto County Pensioners - 1908 XII/3
DeSoto County Soldiers in the Confederate Army - Blythe's Cavalry XVIII/3
DeSoto County Volunteers in CSA XVIII/1
DeSoto Pensioners - 1910 XII/3; XXII/1
DeSoto Pensioners - 1932 XV/3
DeSoto Rebels, Co. F, 22nd Mississippi Infantry, CSA XXI/2
Expedition to the Coldwater and Hernando, Miss. (O.R. XVII/1) XVIII/2
Felix Baker - A Civil War Experience VI/2; XXI/3
Finn's Point, New Jersey, National Cemetery (Dead of 42nd MS) XII/1
Forts Pemberton and Loring XIX/4
Grave Sites of Confederate Veterans Buried in Hopkins, Co., TX XII/3
Hernando's Recovery After the Civil War XV/1
How a Pass Saved My Life (H. C. Stevens) XI/4
Incident near Horn Lake, MS [Sept. 1862] XVIII/3
J. Brown Mooney - Confederate Veteran XIV/3
Julius M. Joyner - Confederate Soldier XII/4
List of "DeSoto Rebels," Co. F, 22nd MS Infantry, CSA XXIII/4
List of Casualties in the Thirty-Seventh [34th]  Mississippi Regiment XIII/4
Mississippi Dead At Gettysburg XXIII/2
Mississippians Paroled at Appomattox Court House, VA XIX/1; XXI/2
Mississippi's Only President [Jefferson Davis] XVIII/3
Muster Roll for Co. [F], Forrest Regiment of Cavalry [3rd TN], CSA XIV/2
Muster Roll of Horn Lake Volunteers V/4; XXIII/1
Northwest Mississippi Confederate Soldiers and Widows Pension List XXIII/3
Not All Yankees Went Home [Ferdinand Schwamm, 7th Indiana Art.] XX/1
Old Hughey, [Samuel A. Hughey, Co. E, 34th MS Infantry, CSA] XXIV/1
Our Confederate Dead I/2; XXII/3
Personal Episode in Mississippi (J. A. Harrell, from Confederate Veteran) XX/2
Poplar Corner Pickups (14 Dec 1911) [Confederate POW Story] XIV/3
Poplar Corner Pickups (April 1916) Incident after Murfreesboro, TN XX/1
R. H. Vance - Confederate Soldier XV/4
Recollections of a Civil War Soldier (R. P. Goar) VI/1; XXI/3
Reconstruction in DeSoto County XXII/4
Records of Some Confederate Soldiers (from Confederate Veteran 1976) XXII/3
Reuben Davis Rifles - Hernando, MS [Co. C, 1st MS Inf., CSA] XVIII/2
Roll of Co. I, 29th Mississippi Infantry XVI/3
Samuel A. Hughey - Confederate Veteran [some POW recollections] XIV/2
Side by Side in Battle [about N.B. Forrest's slave] XIV/1
Soldiers Relief Fund - 1867 XIII/1
The Como Avengers, Co. I, 2nd Confederate Regiment XXIII/3
The Confederate Dead I/2; XXII/3
The DeSoto Beauregards [Co. D, 44th MS Infantry] XXIV/2
The Mysterious William Augustus Raines XXVI/1
The Pettus Rifles, Pt. 1 XXVII/2
The Pettus Rifles, Pt. 2 XXVII/3
The Pettus Rifles, Pt. 3 XXVII/4
The Senatobia Invincibles, Pt. 1 [(Old) Co. I, 9th MS Inf., CSA] XVII/4
The Senatobia Invincibles, Pt. 2 [Co. B, 42nd MS Inf., CSA] XVIII/4
The War in DeSoto (and Tate) County, Pt. 1 XVII/1
The War in DeSoto (and Tate) County, Pt. 2 XVII/2
The War in DeSoto (and Tate) County, Pt. 3 XVII/3
The War in DeSoto (and Tate) County, Pt. 4 XVII/4
The War in DeSoto (and Tate) County, Pt. 5 XVIII/1
Tippah County, MS 1910 Census of Confederate Soldiers XII/3
V. C. Lewis - Confederate Veteran XIII/1
W. G. Edwards - Confederate Soldier XV/4
William Joseph Bynum - Confederate Soldier XIV/2

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