Mississippians Killed at Gettysburg

by Tim Harrison

Adams, James Private A 13 MS
Adams, John J. Private I 2 MS
Adkins, Joshua Martin Sgt. D 42 MS
Akers, Columbus Private E 42 MS
Akers, James L. Private K 2 MS
Allen, William A. Cpl. E 11 MS
Anderson, Thomas J. Private G 42 MS
Andrews, Henry H. Private E 13 MS
Arnold, Nimrod Private G 42 MS
Awalt, William Private I 11 MS
Bachman, Joseph B. Private A 42 MS
Bagwell, Charles Private F 42 MS
Baker, E. G. Private E 21 MS
Ball, Franklin Private I 2 MS
Ball, John W. Cpl. E 11 MS
Ballard, James E. Private A 11 MS
Bamburg, Joseph L. Private A 42 MS
Bardston, S. Y. Private D 11 MS
Barksdale, William B. Gen.
Barrett, James Private D 17 MS
Battley, William H. Sgt.-Major 18 MS
Baucum, William O. Private I 17 MS
Bazemore, William D. Private C 2 MS
Bearden, Hency C. Lt. E 42 MS
Beaty, J. L. Private A 2 MS
Beauchamp, Henry P. Cpl. E 18 MS
Beck, William L. J. Private A 42 MS
Bell, Isaac G. Private I 11 MS
Bennett, M. J. Sgt. B 2 MS
Billingsley, Calvin P. Private I 42 MS
Bird, George W. Capt. K 11 MS
Birge, James W. Private C 17 MS
Blackwell, Michael A. P. Private B 2 MS
Blackwell, William T. Private B 2 MS
Blassingame, James W. Private B 42 MS
Blythe, Lewis J. Private F 2 MS
Boatwright, J. E. Private K 11 MS
Boggan, Paul Private C 42 MS
Bonds, James W. Private A 2 MS
Boswell, Doctor F. Private A 13 MS
Box, George T. Private A 17 MS
Boyd, Nathaniel P. Private B 2 MS
Boyd, Thomas J. Private C 42 MS
Boydston, G. Y. D 11 MS
Bradley, George W. Lt. A 13 MS
Bradley, John M. Major 13 MS
Brandon, Robert M. Capt. D 2 MS
Bratton, George B. Private F 42 MS
Brewer, Samuel M. Private A 11 MS
Bridges, John H. Private I 17 MS
Brister, H. Private I 13 MS
Brown, Jesse S. Private F 42 MS
Brown, John J. Private F 42 MS
Brown, William D 11 MS
Buford, Parham Morgan Private G 11 MS
Bullock, James Private G 42 MS
Burly, James C. Private I 12 MS
Burmingham, John D 11 MS
Burnette, Lucullus Cpl. I 11 MS
Burns, James J. Private G 42 MS
Buzbee, John Private I 17 MS
Cain, James R. Private A 17 MS
Campbell, M. R. Adjutant 48 MS
Carpenter, Nathan C. Private A 42 MS
Carpenter, Owen F. Private L 2 MS
Carr, Thomas Sgt. E 11 MS
Carter, James W. Colonel 13 MS
Cassell, Benjamin F. Capt. C 18 MS
Christman, Emsly J. C. Private F 42 MS
Clark, Albert Henry Private F 42 MS
Clark, Jonathan Private F 42 MS
Clark, Thomas Goode Capt. F 42 MS
Clarke, Nathaniel A. K 11 MS
Clement, A. E. Cpl. E 17 MS
Cloud, Thomas C. Private I 42 MS
Cobb, James K 11 MS
Cobb, William D. Private I 2 MS
Cochran, William Hunter Private A 11 MS
Cole, Larkin C 11 MS
Coleman, Henry L. Cpl. L 2 MS
Coleman,B. G. Private A 19 MS
Colum, William Cpl. G 21 MS
Condrey, Wiliam J. Private K 2 MS
Conley, William B. Private F 17 MS
Conner, William Gustine Major Jeff Davis Leg.
Cook, Columbus M. D 11 MS
Cook, James G. Private D 17 MS
Cooper, Joseph F Private A 17 MS
Cooper, Thomas J. D 11 MS
Cox, Joseph J. Cpl. D 2 MS
Craft, Jacob W. Private C 42 MS
Crawford, William C. Lt. G 17 MS
Crenshaw, Robert A. B 11 MS
Crump, Willis J. Private K 13 MS
Curtis, James F. Private K 2 MS
Dailey, Franklin Oliver Lt. A 11 MS
Davenport, Henry Capt. E 42 MS
Davenport, Thophilus C 11 MS
Davis, Joseph W. Private I 13 MS
Davis, Micajah Private A 2 MS
Dennis, Robert J. Sgt. C 42 MS
Duke, Archibald Y. Private C 17 MS
Duncan, W. J. Private F 17 MS
Duncan, William Frank Private C 13 MS
Durham, John M. K 11 MS
Echols, Stoakly M. Private G 17 MS
Eckford, William J. Capt. B 13 MS
Edwards, George W. Private E 11 MS
Edwards, Wilson L. Sgt. K 17 MS
Estes, W. T. Private A 11 MS
Evans, John Lt. G 13 MS
Everton, David Private I 17 MS
Fagan, George D. Private E 42 MS
Fant, J. B. Private G 17 MS
Farley, Robert J. Private C 42 MS
Farmer, Adoniram J. Private F 11 MS
Fears, Andrew J. Private H 2 MS
Featherston, Daniel A. Lt. F 11 MS
Fisher, Newton Jasper Private E 2 MS
Fisher, P. B. Lt. B Jeff Davis Leg.
Flanagin, Harvey R. Private A 42 MS
Forsythe, James A. B. Private F 2 MS
Freeman, William Cpl. I 2 MS
Frew, William Private F Jeff Davis Leg.
Frost, Hezikiah J. Private H 2 MS
Fulton, Jeremiah Private D 2 MS
Gage, Jeremiah Sanders Private A 11 MS
Garner, Curtis C. Private E 42 MS
Gast, William Private B 17 MS
Gaston, James M. Capt. G 42 MS
Gee, Theodore W. Private I 21 MS
Geoghegan, T. Q. Private D 19 MS
Gibson, Gustavus A. Lt. G 18 MS
Gilmer, Thomas A. I 11 MS
Goforth, Andrew J. Private H 42 MS
Goodwin, John R. Private K 17 MS
Goolsby, Pleasant Lt. E 11 MS
Grant, Willis B. Private I 2 MS
Gray, William A. Private B 2 MS
Green, John W. Private C 2 MS
Greer, Augustus A. Private F 11 MS
Grier, William J. M. Private D 17 MS
Gunn, Radford G. Private A 17 MS
Halbert, Henry P. Capt. E 11 MS
Hall, R. M. Private F 17 MS
Hall, William R. Private A 11 MS
Halley, William Private F 17 MS
Ham, Stephen Private C 42 MS
Hamby, Andrew J. Private G 42 MS
Hamilton, Francis P. Private H 11 MS
Hardy, William F. Private F 11 MS
Harmon, James H. Private A 17 MS
Harmon, William H. 2 Lt. I 42 MS
Harper, P. E. Private G 17 MS
Harris, John V. H 11 MS
Hartsfield, John A. Private H 17 MS
Hays, Ulissus A. Private K 13 MS
Henderson, Daniel T. Lt. F 18 MS
Heslep, Thomas Sgt. A 11 MS
Hill, Thomas W. Lt. H 11 MS
Hindman, N. B. Private A 13 MS
Holland, William B. Private A 42 MS
Hollowell, John T. Private H 13 MS
Houston, William B. Private D 2 MS
Howard, James A. Private A 42 MS
Howard, James L. Private C 42 MS
Howze, George Adrian Lt. D 42 MS
Huckaby, Leander Private E 11 MS
Hudspeth, James J. Private I 42 MS
Huffman, Adison C. Private A 18 MS
Humphreys, Charles L. Cpl. E 2 MS
Humphreys, David W. Lt. Col. 2 MS
Humphries, James M. Private C 42 MS
Isom, Dudley A. Private G 11 MS
Jackson, Robert Private I 42 MS
Johnson, John T. K 11 MS
Johnson, Thomas Private I 42 MS
Johnston, H. C. Private F 48 MS
Jones, Jefferson W. Private K 17 MS
Jones, John Thomas Private E 11 MS
Jones, John W. Private C 42 MS
Jones, Richard F. Adjutant 17 MS
Jones, Richard P. Cpl. H 17 MS
Josselyn, William H. Private I 42 MS
Keel, William F. Sgt. I 42 MS
Kennedy, William A. Private I 42 MS
Kidd, Green L. Private G 2 MS
Kimes, D. J. Private I 42 MS
King, Daniel S. Private A 17 MS
Kinney, James N. Private F 42 MS
Kirby, Calvin Private F 42 MS
Knabke, Benjamin Sgt. D 18 MS
Kyle, James C 11 MS
Lac, Elisha K 11 MS
Lamb, James Private C 2 MS
Lauderdale, John C. Lt. B 2 MS
Lawhorn, William Private A 17 MS
Lawrence, Louis A. B 11 MS
Leaton, William Private I 42 MS
Leavell, John K. G. Sgt. I 2 MS
Lee, Elisha Private K 11 MS
Lesley, James N. Private C 2 MS
Lewis, James P. Private D 2 MS
Liddell, Joseph W. K 11 MS
Liddell, Samuel B. Sgt. F 2 MS
Lile, William H. Private I 11 MS
Little, William M. Private I 42 MS
Looney, Jordan Private I 42 MS
Lumbley, Turner Private A 42 MS
Luna, James W. 1 Cpl. F 2 MS
Lyon, Robert N. H 11 MS
Madden, Daniel Sgt. C 21 MS
Mahan, James L. Private K 42 MS
Mahorner, Bernard F 11 MS
Mahorner, Harris Private F 11 MS
Marable, William H. H 11 MS
Marion, William P. H 11 MS
Marlin, David Lt. H 2 MS
Marshall, James A. Private C 2 MS
Martin, Liberty S. Private E 11 MS
Mason, Joseph Private C 42 MS
Mason, Joseph L. Private I 17 MS
Mason, Joseph W. Private I 17 MS
Maynard, William M. B 11 MS
Mayo, James L. Private A 2 MS
Mays, James F. Private A 17 MS
McCarley, Green Private B 2 MS
McCowan, William C. Private B 2 MS
McDuffie, Norman L. Capt. F 18 MS
McGee, William B. Private C 17 MS
McHenry, Atkins Private B 11 MS
McIntosh, James M. Private B 42 MS
McKay, Trussie B. Sgt. B 2 MS
McKie, Thomas Fondren Private A 11 MS
McLaurin, R. Lewis Cpl. A 18 MS
McMakin, John B. Private A 13 MS
McNeely, James C. Sgt. B 42 MS
McNeely, Thomas V. Private G 17 MS
McPherson, M. M. Private H 2 MS
McPherson, Norvel J. Private A 42 MS
McRaven, William T. Private B 17 MS
McWilliams, David W. Private B 17 MS
Mears, Goldsborough B. Capt. K 42 MS
Mears, Woodson B. Private C 17 MS
Middleton, Frank W. Capt. H 17 MS
Miller, Houson A. Private G 2 MS
Miller, Hugh Reid Colonel 42 MS
Mims, John R. Private E 11 MS
Mims, Thomas P. Lt. E 11 MS
Moore, Bazzeel H. Private G 42 MS
Moore, Charles Private F 13 MS
Moore, Jameson H. Capt. H 11 MS
Moore, Lewis M. Lt. E 17 MS
Moore, William A. Cpl. H 2 MS
Moorehead, James Private E 11 MS
Moores, Jordan R. Lt. E 42 MS
Morgan, Lafayette Sgt. D 42 MS
Morgan, Lucien J. I 11 MS
Murphy, Mordecai J. H 11 MS
Musgraves, Thomas D. B 11 MS
Nail, James M. 1 Lt. C 42 MS
Nance, Thomas H. Cpl. B 2 MS
Neal, William F. Private K 17 MS
Norris, Samuel Private G 17 MS
Norwood, Fletcher S. Private E 11 MS
Nunn, Willian David Capt. B 11 MS
O'Brien, William Private C 11 MS
Ogilive, J. P. Private F 17 MS
Ogilive, W. B. Private F 17 MS
Osborne, William A. Private G 11 MS
Oursler, Robert A. Sgt. F 17 MS
Oursler, W. R. Lt. F 17 MS
Owen, James P. Private D 17 MS
Palmer, Thomas Private E 42 MS
Park, William A. Private K 13 MS
Parker, Elijah Private G 42 MS
Parker, James O. Private H 17 MS
Parker, William J. Sgt. A 17 MS
Parks, Andrew P. Private C 17 MS
Patrick, James M. Private A 2 MS
Patterson, John J. Private F 42 MS
Patton, Joseph M. Private B 42 MS
Peel, Elie H. C 11 MS
Pendleton, Joseph R. F 11 MS
Phillips, James D. Private C 42 MS
Phillips, Robert S. Private B 42 MS
Pierce, Robert R. F 11 MS
Pittman, William H. Private A 17 MS
Poole, George H. Private F 17 MS
Pounders, Albert H. Private C 42 MS
Pruett, Reuben J. Private F 42 MS
Quinn, Hillery L. Private E 18 MS
Ragland, Francis M. Sgt. K 17 MS
Raines, William Augustus 1. Lt. A 11 MS
Ralston, John G. Lt. A 2 MS
Raper, William M. Private K 42 MS
Rawson, John C. Private K 13 MS
Reed, James R. Private A 2 MS
Reed, Zalmon Private C 42 MS
Rees, James M. Private H 42 MS
Reeves, William R. Private E 16 MS
Reynolds, William Private 42 MS
Richardson, Benjamin F. Lt. E 2 MS
Richardson, Elisha N. B 11 MS
Richardson, Hopkins R. B 11 MS
Rickard, Miles M. D 11 MS
Riggs, George W. Private C 42 MS
Riley, James A. Private L 2 MS
Roach, Thomas J. K 11 MS
Robbins, Rufus A. Private C 17 MS
Roberts, Atlas K. Lt. H 2 MS
Roberts, Ruffin A. Sgt. C 2 MS
Roberts, Whitmel P. Private I 42 MS
Robertson, Abiah E. H 11 MS
Robertson, James M. Private B 2 MS
Robinson, William A. C 11 MS
Rogers, William M. Sgt. A 42 MS
Ross, Frank S. Private B 17 MS
Rowell, James H. Private E 42 MS
Royall, Henry C. K 11 MS
Sanders, Robert D. F 11 MS
Sanderson, Daniel B. Private H 42 MS
Sansom, John Private D 42 MS
Saunders, Thomas J. Private F 2 MS
Scoggin, Monroe V. Private A 13 MS
Seals, G. W. Private B Jeff Davis Leg.
Seals, James M. 1 Lt. F 42 MS
Shaw, George T. H 11 MS
Shirley, Newton N. Private I 2 MS
Simmons, William Private H 42 MS
Sims, Benjamin A. B 11 MS
Smith, David N. H 11 MS
Smith, Isaac L. Private G 17 MS
Smith, John E. Private A 17 MS
Smith, Richard T. Private H 17 MS
Smith, William F. Private H 2 MS
Smith, William J. Private G 17 MS
Spencer, John M. 2 Lt. G 42 MS
Spier, Henry H. Private H 42 MS
Springer, William H. Private H 42 MS
Stamps, Isaac Davis Capt. E 21 MS
Steger, Thomas E. 1 Sgt. F 17 MS
Stennis, J. Dudley Private C 13 MS
Stephens, Alexander A. Private C 42 MS
Stevenson, Thomas Private E 42 MS
Stewart, Charles J. F 11 MS
Stewart, Joseph M. Private F 42 MS
Stogner, James C. Private I 42 MS
Storey, Henry H. Private C 2 MS
Storey, John F. Capt. C 2 MS
Strong, Charles I 11 MS
Taliaferro, John W. O. Sgt. A 42 MS
Taylor, Charles Cpl. B 2 MS
Tedder, Newton J. Private D 17 MS
Temple, George C. C 11 MS
Thrasher, William N. Private A 13 MS
Threatt, Joshua D 11 MS
Ticer, J. C. Cpl. B 2 MS
Valentine, Alexander Private F 17 MS
Waldran, William L. 2 Lt. I 42 MS
Walker, George M. Private D 2 MS
Walker, Hardin C. Private G 42 MS
Warner, M. Private K 13 MS
Weatherington, George W. Private H 2 MS
Weir, John F. Cpl. H 42 MS
Wells, David H. Private F 17 MS
Wells, Ludy Young Private I 2 MS
West, William J. Private B 13 MS
Wham, Benjamin F. 2 Lt. B 42 MS
Wham, John G. Sgt. B 42 MS
White, Daniel M. Cpl. L 2 MS
White, Robert M. Private D 42 MS
Whitley, J. J. Private E 2 MS
Whitley, William R. Sgt. C 42 MS
Whitten, John J. Private B 2 MS
Wilkins, David C. Private E 11 MS
Wilkins, Henry M. Private E 11 MS
Wilkins, Newton B. Private G 11 MS
Williams, John D. Private B 42 MS
Williams, William H. Sgt. D 13 MS
Wilson, A. T. Private G 17 MS
Wilson, George A. Private E 2 MS
Wilson, R. J. Flinn Private D 42 MS
Winburn, Jesse Private B 2 MS
Wolcott, Walter W. Lt. A 21 MS
Womack, William E. Private H 42 MS
Woodruff, James E. Private A 13 MS
Worley, James M. Private F 21 MS
Wyndham, John A. Private F 11 MS
Yates, William H. Private E 42 MS
Yeager, Monroe Private I 2 MS

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