8th Mississippi Cavalry (formerly 19th Battalion)

(Company H, Morris' Company)

Co. H of the Eighth Mississippi Cavalry was recruited in DeSoto and Panola counties in 1863. Some of the men who served in this company were from the Olive Branch and Cockrum areas. This regiment was originally called the 19th Battalion under the command of Lt. Colonel Duff.

Major William L. Duff, formerly of the Seventeenth Mississippi Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, returned to Mississippi and received authority from the Secretary of War to raise a battalion for the defense of Northern Mississippi. Col. R.V. Richardson, commanding in Northeast Mississippi reported on October 28, 1863 that "[t]here are now several new battalions and regiments forming in my district. Lieutenant-Colonel Duff has a battalion nearly ready for the field. They need about 500 guns, and saddles, accouterments and equipments."

General Chalmers secured the battalion's transfer to his command, and assigned it to McCulloch's Brigade, with Chalmers' Battalion and the First Mississippi Partisans. Their first active service was in the raid on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad in December 1863, and several were killed and wounded in the fight at Moscow, Tennessee on December 4, 1863.

The battalion was transferred in January 1864 to Col. Jeff Forrest's Brigade. They were with Jeff Forrest in his repulse of Gen. Sooy Smith at Sakatonchee Creek on February 21, 1864, and aided in driving Smith's command through Okolona, Mississippi and took part in the severe fighting five miles beyond on February 22nd when Col. Jeff Forrest was killed. Duff's Battalion had 8 killed and 9 wounded in the fighting.

The battalion took part in the capture of Fort Pillow, Tennessee in February 1864. In his report of the capture of Fort Pillow, General Chalmers especially commended "the lion-hearted McCulloch, with his fighting brigade of Missourians, Texans and Mississippians."

In May 1864 the battalion was filled to form the Eighth Regiment, and attached to Rucker's Brigade, Forrest's Cavalry. This was officially recognized by Order of the Secretary of War, July 19, 1864: "The Nineteenth Mississippi Battalion, Lieut.-Col.. W. L. Duff, having been increased to ten companies by the addition of four companies raised within the enemy's lines, will constitute the Eighth Regiment. Mississippi Cavalry."

The Eighth took part in the battle of Brice's crossroads, or Tishomingo Creek, June 10, 1864. General Forrest reported that in forming his line of battle he held Rucker's Third Regiment, under Colonel Duff, mounted, as a reserve. As the attack was ordered, he placed Duff's Regiment and his escort at the extreme left of the line. "Colonel Duff and my escort, dismounted, were ordered to charge the enemy's position in front of Newsom's Regiment (after it was repulsed), and succeeded in driving the enemy to his second line." In this famous victory the Eighth had 9 killed and 47 wounded.

The regiment was also engaged with A. J. Smith's expedition to Tupelo in July 1864. General Chalmers reported that in this affair that he attacked with Rucker's Brigade, got possession of the train and killed all the mules, so that the enemy was compelled to burn several wagons, but "his infantry rallied, and by superior numbers forced us to retire." General Forrest, who was in the rear with two brigades, came up, and they moved toward Tupelo. In the battle of Harrisburg, July 14th, Rucker's Brigade made a gallant charge in which many fell from heat and exhaustion, and many were killed and wounded. Colonel Rucker and Colonel Duff were both severely wounded.

In September 1864 McCulloch's Brigade was sent to Mobile. The Union commander at Pensacola reported on October 25, 1864 that McCulloch's Brigade was stationed at Pollard, Alabama and companies of the Eighth Mississippi were at Milton, Florida and Pine Barren bridge. A Federal expedition to Milton, Florida reported a skirmish with 70 or 80 of the Eighth Mississippi Cavalry in October, 1864. The Mobile papers reported that about 50 of the regiment were captured.

A newspaper scrap undated records an accident in the camp of the Eighth Mississippi, McCulloch's Brigade, Forrest's Cavalry. Companies H and D were occupying au old building for shelter from severe cold weather, when it was blown down by the storm about 1 o'clock at night, killing 3 and wounding 15.

General Davidson, U. S. Army, led an expedition from Baton Rouge, Louisiana against the Mobile and Ohio Railroad in the latter part of November 1864. After pontooning the Amite, Pearl and Black Rivers and Red Creek, he sent the Second New York Cavalry across the Leaf and Chickasawhay. The regiment was met by McCulloch's Brigade, including the Eighth Cavalry, and driven back. Davidson finding the river impassable December 9, moved his command to Pascagoula.

In the spring of 1865, the Sixth Cavalry was consolidated with the Eighth, Colonel Duff commanding.

Below is a roster of men who served in Company H extracted from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System of the National Park Service. Because the same soldier was sometimes listed more than once due to variations in spelling his name, the total number given is inflated. The listing has not been changed because there is no way to determine where these spelling errors have occurred.

Last Name First Name Company Rank_In Rank_Out
Allen S. D. H Private Private
Allison N. P. H Private Private
Anderson James H Private Private
Ballad T.A. H Private Private
Ballard Thomas H Private Private
Bancumb M.D. H Private Private
Bankhead J.B. H Private Private
Baucum M. D. H Private Private
Bogan W. B. H Private Private
Boggan W. B. H Private Private
Boggin W. P. H Private Private
Bradley C. K. H Private Private
Bradley C. R. H Private Private
Bradly R. C. H Private Private
Brians M. H Private Private
Briggs R. T. H Private Private
Bryan M. H Private Private
Bull J. H Private Private
Busby William H . .
Buster J. D. H Sergeant Sergeant
Carpenter J.L. H Private Private
Carpenter S.D. H Corporal Corporal
Clapp William B. H Private Private
Cole A. J. H . .
Coleman W. H. H Private Private
Cook J. H Private Private
Cupp U.B. H Private Private
Darby J.T. H Private Private
Duke G.H. H Private Private
Duke Gran H. H Private Private
Duncan J.T. H Private Private
Edwards Thomas P. H Private Private
Epps U. H . .
Forrester A. H Private Private
Freeze F. H . .
Garrett G. C. H 3rd Lt. 2nd Lt.
Gathing J. P. H Private Private
Goforth John H. H Private Private
Graves B. H Private Private
Green J. J. H . .
Guntharp Thomas N. H Corporal Corporal
Gunthrop T. N. H Corporal Corporal
Hail F. O. H Private Private
Hale F. O. H Private Private
Harris B. H Private Private
Harris P. M. H Private Private
Harris P. S. H Private Private
Hassell W.W. H Private Private
Herrington C. H Private Private
Hobgood E.D. H Private Private
Hobgood Thomas H Private Private
Hogan G.H. H Private Private
Hogan Jesse H Sergeant Sergeant
Hollaway J.R. H Private Private
Holloway J.R. H Private Private
Hope W.R. H Private Private
Hopgood E.D. H Private Private
Hopgood Thomas H Private Private
Howel S. H . .
Howell J. R. H Private Private
Irvin D.C. H Private Private
Irvin P.H. H Private Private
Irwin D.C. H Private Private
Irwin P.H. H Private Private
Isom J.A. H Private Private
Jamison C.R. H Private Private
Jemerson C.R. H Private Private
Jobe J.W. H Private Private
Johnson W.T. H . .
Kilpatrick E.B. H 1st Lt. 1st Lt.
Kilpatrick E.P. H Private 2nd Lt.
Kilpatrick J.B. H 1st Lt. 1st Lt.
Langston J.C. H Private Private
Lantrip J.T. H . .
Lee' W.C. H Private Private
Mahan J.R. H Sergeant Sergeant
Mahon J.R. H Sergeant Sergeant
Marshall C.A. H Private Sergeant
McCarly J.G. H Private Private
McDonald J. H . .
McElroy W.A. H Private Private
Morris Thomas J. H Captain Captain
Nicholdson L. C. H Private Private
Nicholson S. C. H Private Private
Nickalson L. C. H Private Private
Pounders P. B. H Private Private
Reynolds J.C. H Private Private
Roll John W. H Private Private
Rook B.T. H Private Private
Rook J.S. H . .
Rynold George H Private Private
Sheffield C. S. H Private Private
Shiffield C. S. H Private Private
Shuffield C. S. H Private Private
Sladen E.D. H 1st Sgt. 1st Sgt.
Slayden E.D. H 1st Sgt. 1st Sgt.
Slayden P.P. H Private Private
Smith H. H Private Private
Smith R.P.K. H Private Private
Stephens R.M. H Private Private
Stevens R.M. H Private Private
Stone H.C. H Private Private
Stone R. H Private Private
Stone Thomas H Private Private
Terry G.A. H Private Private
Tharp C.P. H Private Private
Tyrone A.L. H Private Private
Weaver R.H. H Corporal Corporal
Weaver R.W. H Corporal Corporal
Welch James T. H Corporal Corporal
Welch W.R. H Sergeant 2nd Lt.
Williams F. H Private Private
Williams James H Private Private
Williams William H Private Private
Winborn Alex H Private Private
Winbourn A. H Private Private
Winburn A. H Private Private
Wooten J.P. H Private Private
Wynburn A. H Private Private

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