1st Mississippi Regiment, Co. F
Alcorn Rifles

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Organized in April 1861 for three years or the war.  The First Regiment was completed in August 1861 and ordered into camp of instruction at Iuka, MS. The field officers were elected 10 September, 1861. The First was one of the four regiments sent by Governor Pettus to Kentucky to reinforce Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston near Hopkinsville, Ky., on October 17, 1861.  Regimental officers included: John M. Simonton, Colonel; A. S. Hamilton, Lt. Col.; and T. H. Johnson, Major.  Company F was formed in Marshall County, MS, though it included some me from DeSoto County from around Cockrum, Greenleaf, Flewellen’s Crossroads, among others. Company officers when organized were:

Captain – J. J. Milam
1st Lt – L. J. Wilson
2nd Lt. – W. D. Howze
3rd Lt. – M. L. Mobley

The company was captured at Fort Donelson, TN in February 1862.  After their parole, the company was at Port Hudson, LA were they were captured a second time in 1863.  Once again paroled, the company was in the Army of Tennessee under General Joseph Johnston and John B. Hood, taking part in the Georgia campaign and the battles at Franklin and Nashville, TN.  Afterward the joined General Johnston in North Carolina and were present at the surrender.

The names of men from the 1860 DeSoto census are in italics.

John C. Rietti, in his book, Military Annals of Mississippi Confederate (p. 24), lists the following members of Company A:

Captain – J. J. Milam
1st Lt. – L. J. Wilson
2nd Lt. – W. D. Howze
3rd Lt – M. L. Mobley
1st Sgt – S. O. B. Crockett
2nd Sgt – J. P. Wilson
3rd Sgt – A. S. Yarbrough
4th Sgt – R. K. Byrd
1st Cpl – F. L. Ragsdale
2nd Cpl – C. Harris
3rd Cpl – W. M. Flack
4th Cpl – J. A. Bizzle


Baum, C.
Brumley, C.
Callow, N. P.
Carson, J. W.
Carter, W. L.
Coleman, B.
Echols, H.
Faver, J. B.
Gillespie, J. A.
Hairston, W. I.
Harris, J. M.
Hays, S.
Howard, J. A.
Howell, J. N.
Janney, M. [W.] A.
Joyner, J. M.
Langston, E. G.
Langston, J. P.
Magher, John
Mason, Joe
McAuntly, R. T.
Mims, D. H.
Mobley, D. S.
Neily, N. H.
Parish, W. N.
Parker, W. H.
Parks, L. J.
Ragsdale, H. W.
Rochell, D. N.
Roberson, A. M.
Roberson, W. G. S.
Reddiong, R. M.
Strickland, W. E.
Stricklin, W. D.
Skelton, L. H.
Sanderson, V. P.
Sanderson, J. H.
Sanderson, W. G.
Turner, James
Wetherly, J. S.
Weaver, J. S.
Wilson, W. F.
Watkins, S. B.
Wolf, J. W.
Wolf, S. D.
Yarbrough, G. W.

The National Park Service’s Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System listed the following members of Company F:

Last Name
First Name
Bizzell J. A. F Corp Corp
Bogen John F Pvt Pvt
Brumley Cornelius F Pvt Pvt
Bunn G. Wesley F Pvt 2nd Lt
Bunn G.W. F Pvt 2nd Lt
Bunn Green W. F Pvt 2nd Lt
Bunn Wiley F Pvt Pvt
Callow William P. F Pvt Pvt
Carson J.W. F Pvt Pvt
Carson James F Pvt Pvt
Carter W.L. F Pvt Pvt
Carter William F Pvt Pvt
Chiggett E.L. F Pvt Pvt
Clagett Edward L. F Pvt Pvt
Clark J. B. F Pvt Pvt
Clark J. D. F Pvt Pvt
Coleman Bartimues F Pvt Corp
Cook M. L. F Pvt Pvt
Cormack L.W. F Pvt Pvt
Crockett Samuel O.B. F 1st Sgt 2nd Lt
Davis A. F Pvt Pvt
Davis James H. F Pvt Pvt
Echols Hannibal A. F Pvt Pvt
Faven J.B. F Pvt Pvt
Flack W. M. F Corp Corp
Flack W. W. F Corp Corp
Fluck M. N. F Corp Corp
Ford A. B. F Pvt Pvt
Gassaway J. W. F Pvt Pvt
Gillespie J.H. F Pvt Pvt
Hairston W. J. F Pvt Pvt
Hannah James F Pvt Pvt
Hariston W. J. F Pvt Pvt
Harris J. H. F Pvt Pvt
Harris J. M. F Pvt Pvt
Haynie S. F Pvt Pvt
Hays Samuel F Pvt Pvt
Hicks F.A. F Pvt Pvt
Hicks Thomas A. F Pvt Pvt
Howard J. A. F Pvt Pvt
Howell John N. F Pvt Pvt
Howze Henry L. F Pvt Pvt
Howze William D. F 2nd Lt 1st Lt
Humphreys N. F Pvt Pvt
Humphries Nathan F Pvt Pvt
Hynum Benjamin F. F Pvt Pvt
Janney W.A. F Pvt Pvt
Jenney W.A. F Pvt Pvt
Johnson A.M. F Pvt Pvt
Joiner J.M. F Pvt Pvt
Jones C. F Pvt Pvt
Joyner J.M. F Pvt Pvt
Kyle R.B. F Pvt Pvt
Langston J.K.P. F Pvt Pvt
Langston Thomas F Pvt Pvt
Langston William G. F Pvt Pvt
Mackey T.J. F Pvt Pvt
Magher John F Pvt Pvt
Maher John F Pvt Pvt
Mahon John F Pvt Pvt
Martin James K.P. F Pvt Pvt
Mason Josiah F Pvt Pvt
McAnnulty Robert F Pvt Pvt
McAnulty R.F. F Pvt Pvt
Meachem J.F. F Pvt Pvt
Meachum J.F. F Pvt Pvt
Meenaity R.T. F Pvt Pvt
Miers John F Pvt Pvt
Milam J.A. F Pvt Pvt
Milam Jackson J. F Capt Capt
Milam Jarvis F Pvt Pvt
Milam Jarvis J. F Capt Capt
Mims D.K. F Pvt Sgt
Mims David H. F Pvt Sgt
Mitcham J.T. F Pvt Pvt
Mobley B.S. F Pvt Sgt
Mobley D.S. F Pvt Sgt
Mobley Martin L. F 3rd Lt 1st Lt
Mobley W.L. F 3rd Lt 1st Lt
Morrow J. M. F Pvt Pvt
Moyher John F Pvt Pvt
Neely W. H. F Pvt Sgt
Nelson William E. F Pvt Pvt
Norwood Robert F Pvt Pvt
Nuby W. H. F Pvt Pvt
Parker William H. F Pvt Corp
Parks Lindsey J. F Pvt Sgt
Parrish William N. F Pvt Pvt
Phares J. Howard F Pvt Pvt
Phares John H. F Pvt Pvt
Pharish J. H. F Pvt Pvt
Phelps John F. F Pvt Pvt
Ragsdale F.L. F Corp Corp
Ragsdale Harrison W. F Pvt Pvt
Redding Robert M. F Pvt Sgt
Roberson A.M. F Pvt Pvt
Roberson M. F Pvt Pvt
Roberson W.G.S. F Pvt Pvt
Rochelle D.N. F Pvt Pvt
Rogers J.R. F Pvt Pvt
Rominson J.H. F Pvt Pvt
Sanderson Green F Pvt Pvt
Sanderson J.H. F Pvt Sgt
Sanderson V.P. F Pvt Pvt
Skelton Lewis H. F Pvt Corp
Strickland M.J. F Sgt Sgt
Strickland W.D. F Pvt Pvt
Strickland W.E. F Pvt Pvt
Stricklin W.D. F Pvt Pvt
Thomson H.D. F Corp Corp
Turner James M. F Pvt Pvt
Wadkins J.B. F Pvt Pvt
Wadkins S.B. F Pvt Pvt
Wallis John F Pvt Pvt
Watkins S.B. F Pvt Pvt
Weatherly J.M. F Pvt Pvt
Weatherly J.S. F Pvt Pvt
Weaver J.S. F Pvt Pvt
Weaver John F Pvt Pvt
Wetherby J.M. F Pvt Pvt
Wetherby Joseph F Pvt Pvt
Wetherly J.M. F Pvt Pvt
Wetherly J.S. F Pvt Pvt
White F.L. F Pvt Pvt
Wilson John P. F Sgt 1st Sgt
Wilson L.J. F 1st Lt 1st Lt
Wilson W.F. F Pvt Pvt
Wolf J.W. F Pvt Pvt
Wolf S.D. F Pvt Pvt
Wolfe J.W. F Pvt Pvt
Wolfe Samuel D. F Pvt Pvt
Yarbrough G.W. F Pvt Pvt

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