(Source: Biennial Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Mississippi for the Years 1898 and 1899)

Submitted by Tim Harrison

Regiment mustered in May 26th, 1898, at Jackson, MS for the period of two years, unless sooner discharged. Mustered out at Columbia, TN, December 20, 1898.

Name Rank Residence Remarks
Coffey, Edgar N. Captain Fayette  
Farrar Jr., Daniel S. 1st Lieutenant Fayette  
Knapp, Benj. C. 2nd Lieutenant Harriston  
Lowe, James M. 1st Sergeant Harriston  
Healy, George W. Quartermaster Sergeant Woodville  
Godbold, Laurence B. 2nd Sergeant Memphis, Tenn.  
Watt, Leonard B. Sergeant Woodville  
Nessmith, Earl Sergeant Martin  
Boyd, Oliver W. Sergeant Summit  
Stames Jr., William C. Corporal Harriston  
Killingsworth, Ray C. Corporal Jackson  
Fletcher, Flavius C. Corporal Fayette  
Cordes, Christian W. Corporal Fayette  
Forman, George D. Corporal Fayette  
Watson, Ben B. Corporal Fayette  
Ferguson, Louis R. Musician Learned  
Whitney, John M. Musician Wennesboro, La.  
Key, Frank H. Artificer Fayette  
Bauer, George Wagoner Vicksburg  
Blurksom, Thomas C. Private Fayette  
Brooks, Charles R. Private McComb City  
Burks, Cullen E. Private Fayette  
Byrd, Hiram F. Private Fayette  
Chamberlain, Duncan H. Private Harriston  
Clark, Arthur W. Private Augusta, Me.  
Cogan, C. F. Private Stonington  
Cogan, Clyde S. Private Red Lick Died Sep. 15, 1898
Cogan, Gordon W. Private Stonington  
Dakin, Henry P. Private Martin  
Dakin, Matt E. Private Centreville  
Darden, Thos. L. Jr. Private Fayette  
Dennis, Kisman D. Private Red Lick  
Edmondson, Walter J. Private Hattiesburg Died August 17, 1898
Ennis, William T. Private Springfield, La.  
Farrar, Robert C. Private Fayette  
Feany, Charles E. Private Carthage  
Firley, George Private Yazoo City  
Grant, George W. Private Myles  
Grant, Thomas Y. Private Myles  
Hammett, Henry K. Private Westside  
Harrell, William C. Private Liberty  
Higdon, Nick C. Private Haslehurst Died Sep. 23, 1898
Higdon, Robert T. Private Hays  
Hinton, Samuel L. Private Hubbard City, Tex.  
Howard, Lawrence Private Way's Bluff  
Humphreys, Luther C. Private Rodney  
Hurst, H. W. Private Washington, D.C. Transferred Co. B
Hutchinson, James R. Private Centerville  
Johnson, Anthony Private Delaware, Iowa Discharged Oct. 26, 1898
Kane, John H. Private McComb City  
Kinsella, William M. Private Vicksburg  
Lauchly, Ben W. Private McComb City  
Lawrence, W. J. Private Vicksburg Transferred to Co. A
Lenon, Joseph E. Private McComb City  
Longmire, James R. Private Pellahachie  
Lossel, Otto R. Private McComb City  
Lowry, John T. Private Woodville  
Maddux, Emory W. Private Harriston  
Maddux, Erne E. Private Wagner, I. T.  
Magee, Theodore F. Private McComb City  
Mardis, Allan A. Private Fayette  
Martin, James C. Private Hays  
McPherson, Brown S. Private Harriston  
McQuaide, John B. Private Vicksburg  
Moss, James E. Private McComb City  
Nesmith, Britton B. Private Martin  
Polk, Paul M. Private Vicksburg Transferred Co. A
Price, Robert O. Private Martin  
Pritchard, John M. Private Fayette  
Ramsey, Albert G. Private Sacramento, Ky. Discharged Aug. 10, 1898
Richardson, James C. Private Hazelhurst  
Richardson, John R. Private Hazelhurst  
Roberts, Percy A. Private Martin  
Rollinson, John W. Private Vicksburg  
Routh, N. J. Private Red Lick  
Routh, Steve M. Private Red Lick  
Rushing, James Private Natchez  
Scott, George C. Private Fayette  
Seal, John H. Private McComb City  
Shannon, Daniel J. Private Martin  
Sharpe, John E. Private Yazoo City  
Simmons, James A. Private McComb City  
Stevens, Francis M. Private Rodney  
Stribling, John B. Private Martin  
Thomas, Wiley P. Private Knoxville  
Thornton, William E. Private Murfreesboro, Ill. Deserted July 24, 1898
Van Buskirk, David Private Magnolia Transferred Hospital.
Watson, Sidney J. Private Fayette  
Wekenman, Thomas Private Germany Trans. Regimental Band.
Whetstone, William O. Private Woodville  
Whitney, Fred F. Private Winnsboro, La. Transferred Hospital.
Wren, Van R. Private Liberty  

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