1890 Union Veterans and Widows Census

Tim Harrison

In 1890, in conjunction with the regular census, the government also took a special census of “persons who served in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors), and widows of such persons.”  Information to be gathered was: 1) name of the surviving Soldier, Sailor Marine or Widow; 2) Rank; 3) Company; 4) Name of Regiment or Vessel; 5) Date of Enlistment; 6) Date of Discharge; 7) Length of Service; 8) Post Office Address; 9) Disability Incurred; and 9) Remarks.  This census is very important because the regular census records were later destroyed by fire in the early 1920s and are no longer available to researchers.  Additionally, it is very helpful in determining what unit a person served in during the war, information not available on other censuses that asked about military service.  Unfortunately, not all of the information was given for every person.  In some cases, the only information provided is the name.

Even though this special census schedule was to be for Union veterans and widows, a number of Confederate veterans and widows were also included.  In some cases the name and information is scratched through with a notation, “Conf.” out to the side.  In other cases only a name is given and the notation “Sol Civil War” written where the service information should have been recorded.  Both instances are seen for those listed in DeSoto County.  Following is a transcription of some of the information from the census schedule.  I have supplied missing unit information when I could find it. Hopefully this will assist others who are interested in the Civil War veterans who once resided in the county, both Union and Confederate.  Information in brackets was generally supplied by me.

Abernathy, Miles P. A. Heavy Artillery
Adams, Walter W. [CS] A 21st Miss Regiment
Albaugh, George W. F 19th U.S. Inf.
Alexander, Sarah A., widow of Matthew McDaurity    
Anderson, Albert A 3rd R.I. Infantry
Anderson, John H 55th U.S.[Colored] Infantry
Anderson, Malinda M., widow of James C. Anderson [CS] [I] [18th VA Infantry]
Argo, Henry D 80th La [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Armstrong, Seaborn C 63rd U.S. Colored Infantry
Asbury, Dug C 13th U.S. [3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery]
Baker, Benjamin H 10th U.S. Infantry
Barringer, Mary, widow   U.S. Soldier
Betts, Sandy B 3rd Heavy [U.S. Colored] Artillery
Bill, Mary A.E., widow of William    
Black, John F 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Blackburn, Archy F 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Blocker, Clay   Cav.
Bogan, Rufus [Boger] K 1st U.S. [Colored] Heavy Artillery
Bolton, Robert A., alias Robbert Blackwell A 3rd
Boon, Washington G 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Booth, John [CS] A [G] 18th Miss. Regiment [Cavalry]
Bowers, Pleasant F 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Bradley, Henry I 3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
Bridgforth, Camilla, widow of Thomas Bridgforth   3rd Infantry
Bridgforth, Isham D 61st [U.S.] Colored Infatnry
Brimmer, Richard    
Broady, James K 55th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Brown, Hiram A 61st Tenn Infantry; 63rd Infantry
Brown, Isaac M. C 20th Michigan [Infantry]
Brown, Martin H. [CS] F Cobb's Legion
Bryant, Nathan, alias Nathan Sewel A 72nd Ohio Infantry
Buchanan, Henry D 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Buckley, Moses C 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Bufford, Jackson F 11th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Carr, William E 120th Illinois Infantry
Carter, Mose [F] 55th Ill [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Caruthers, Nelson, alias Nelson Williams F 11th Tenn Art.
Chalmers, Henry I 74th La [U.S.] Colored Infantry
Chamberlin, John W. [CS] G 18th MS [Cavalry] Regiment
Clay, Henry G 49th U.S. Colored Infantry
Cleveland, John M.   Soldier Civil War
Cobb, Bart    
Cobb, Edward I 3rd U.S. [Colored] Heavy Artillery
Cole, Henderson G 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Collier, Timothy C 57th Ark [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Collins, Noah J. [G] Soldier Civil War [3rd U.S. Colored Cavalry]
Copeland, Salzah, widow of John R. Copeland A 1st Miss Colored [1st Battalion MS Mounted Rifles]
Cottrell, William    
Crawford, Martin [CS] [D] [2nd AR Cavalry]
Crump, Pall C 15th Arkansas Cavalry
Davis, Edmund, alias Ed Hawkins E 138th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Dean, William A 88th Tenn [U.S. Colored Infantry]
Dobbins, Joe [CS]    
Dockery, Daniel   Soldier Civil War
Dockery, Tom C. [CS]   Soldier Civil War [22nd MS Infantry]
Dollehite, Mary, widow of James L., [CS] [G] Soldier Civil War [18th MS Cavalry]
Dollehite, William A. [CS] [G] Soldier Civil War [18th MS Cavalry]
Donald, Adam E 3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
Driver, Robert D 88th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Dunaway, George T. G [K] 49th Ken Infantry
Dye, John, alias John Dyer A 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Eason, Effy K 61st Tenn. [U.S. Colored] Inf.
Ellis, James O. A 5th W. Va. Infantry
Enland, John P. [CS] B 1st [Dobbins] Ark Regiment [Cavalry]
Evans, John W. [CS] D 2nd Miss [Cavalry] Regiment
Ewing, Wiliam J.   4th Ohio Cavalry
Ewing, William J. K 2nd Tenn Infantry; 64th U.S. Infantry
Farley, Eliza M., widow of Robert J. Farley [CS] [C] [42nd MS Infantry]
Farmer, J. Alexander L 3rd U.S.
Farmer, Shepherd H 16th Infantry
Farmer, Virginia H., widow   Soldier
Farmer, Willliam A 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Freeman, Archie   88th Tenn Inf.
Galoway, James L Ind.
Garrett, James [CS] D 1st MS Cavalry
Gilliam, Roughen [Ruffin] A 2 Division Battery [5th U.S. Colored Heavy Art.]
Glay, Isac   Miss. Cav.
Glenn, William L. [CS] D 5th SC [Infantry] Regiment
Goosbey, Bill [H] Soldier [46th OH Infantry]
Gordon, Augustus A 4th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Grant, Stephen K 63rd Ill [U.S.] Colored Infantry
Gray, Tobe   1st La Infantry
Green, John I Miss Cav [3rd U.S. Colored Cavalry]
Guy, Baldy B 55th Ala Inf. [ 55th U.S. Colored Inf.]
Guy, George H 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Guy, John H 23rd Indiana Infantry
Hailey, Jim [James Haley] [D] [55th U.S. Colored Infantry]
Ham, James R. [CS] G 18th MS [Cavalry] Regiment
Handin, James B 49th Infantry
Hapgood, Henry, alias George Wright B 3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
Harness, Nathaniel J. [CS]   [unreadable]
Harris, Joseph    
Harris, Littleton    
Harris, Thomas H 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Hassel, Albert F 55th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Hassell, Jeremiah [Jerry] K 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Hawkins, John I 120th Illinois Colored Infantry
Henderson, Anderson B. [CS] B 42nd GA Regiment [30th GA]
Henderson, James, alias John Henderson A 82nd U.S. [Indiana] Infantry; [Co. F, 22nd Ind Inf]
Henderson, William R. [CS] [A] Soldier Civil War [9th MS Infantry]
Hendricks, Tight [Tite] I 3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
Henley, Clemonds H. B 44th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Herron, Benjamin F. H 3rd U.S. Colored Battery
Holliway, Major   Soldier Civil War
Hood, Robert K 12th KY [U.S. Colored] Artillery
Hooks, William, alias William Whitley E 59th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
House, James T.   Soldier Civil War
Houston, James H 55th Miss [U.S. Colored Infantry] Regiment
Howard, George M.   Soldier Civil War
Hudnall, James S.   General Dustans Cavalry Body Guard
Hull, Lewis D [3rd] U.S. Heavy Artillery
Hutchins, Booker, alias John Booker E 16th U.S. [Colored] Infantry
Isom, Isaac [I] Soldier Civil War [22nd KY Infantry]
Jackson, Andrew H 3rd Miss [U.S. Colored] Cav.
Jackson, George K Miss Inf.
Jackson, Joshua, alias Joshua Morgan D 5th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
Jackson, Mark A. [CS] [I] Soldier Civil War [29th MS Infantry]
Jackson, Nelson [F] U.S. Soldier [61st U.S. Colored Infantry]
Jarrett, Hattie B., widow of Thomas Bradly   9th Texas
Jefferson, Eliza (widow)   U.S. Soldier
Jeffries, Steven [F] U.S. Soldier.  [61st U.S. Colored Infantry]
Jenkins, Abraham C Infantry
Jenkins, Flood   Soldier Civil War
Johnson, Alexander [D] 3rd [U.S.] Colored Infantry
Johnson, Caroline, widow   U.S.Soldier
Johnson, Jackson C 59th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Johnson, John W. [CS] D 1st Miss Regiment
Johnson, William, alias William Carroll B 59th U.s. Colored Infantry
Johnston [Johnson], Kinyard B 59th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Jones, Comodore   U.S. Soldier
Jones, Henry F [I] 59th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Jones, Jane, formerly widow of Henry Walton   Tenn. Infantry
Jones, John   1st Miss Squad
Jones, John H.   Soldier Civil War
Key, Frank B 55th [U.S.] Colored Infantry
Kidd, Caleb I 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Kimons, James H 61st Miss Inf [61st U.S. Colored Infantry]
Kirkman, Nelson G 120th Infantry
Lacklin, Bob L. E Illinois
Larkin, Alexander I 10th Wis Inf. [?]
Lauderdale, Alfred [CS] [F] [3rd TN (Forrest's} Cavalry]
Laughter, William E. [CS] I 17th MS [Infantry] Regiment
Leak, Manuel   U.S. Soldier
Lee, William D. [I] Soldier Civil War [51st GA Infantry]
Lom, John C.   Soldier Civil War
Love, Joseph, alias Joseph Miller I 55th Miss [U.S. Colored] Inf.
Manuel, Joseph, alias Joseph Lancaster F 1st U.S. [Colored} Heavy Artillery
Maples, Austin G 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Martin, Millie, widow    
Matlock, Andrew J. A 61st Tenn Infantry
Matlock, Harriet, former widow of Thomas Maxwell D 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Matthews, William   U.S. Soldier
Maxwell, Jerden [Jordan] A 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Maxwell, Nathaniel I 59th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
McCraven, Archie   U.S. Soldier Waiting Boy
McCraven, Edward E 59th Tenn [U.S. Colored] Inf.
McGhee, William B [A] 136th Regiment Colored Infantry
McIntosh, Benjamin F. [CS] A Marm [Marmaduke's Cavalry]
McIntyre, John   40th Miss Regiment
Meriwether, Sallie F., widow of Henry Meriwether [CS] [A, I] [29th Miss Infantry]
Mims, Jacob H 59th Tenn [U.S. Colored] Inf.
Mitchel, Charles G 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Mitchel, Jacob, alias Jacaob Beacham G 137th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Mitchell, Joe, alias Joe Arthur A 46th Illinois Infantry
Mix, James, alias James Wilson D [A]  6th [U.S. Colored] Heavy Artillery
Mobry, James A 1st U.S. Infantry
Montgomery, William [CS] [A] Soldier Civil War [7th TN Cavalry]
Moore, Alexander B 14th NC [U.S. Colored Heavy] Artillery
Moore, Bettie, widow of Frank Moore E [I] 3rd U.S. Colored Cav
Moore, Walker A 88th U.S. Infantry
Mosely, Alfred [Mosby] K 4th U.S. [Colored] Heavy Artillery
Moyce, Jacob E 37th U.S. Colored Infantry
Nelins, Travis, alias Travis Crutcher [D] 3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery, 1st. Batt.
Nelms, Teed [E] Tenn. Infantry [16th U.S. Colored Infantry]
Nesbitt, J. G. Conf. (erased)    
Newbery, Jonathan J.   Soldier Civil War
Noe, Augustus    
O'hara, Randall E 4th U.S. Cavalry
Olenburg, Etta, widow of Charles Olenburg    
Oliver, Carrey W. B 49th Indiana [Infantry] Regiment
O'Neel, Sarah, widow of Charles Mininstones   Infantry
Outen, Isaac H 12th Ill Colored
Owens, Mat C 54th Kas Inf [54th U.S. Colored Inf.?]
Owens, Quilla [CS] B 44th Alabama Infantry
Parker, Daniel D Ga Infantry
Patterson, Parthenia, widow of Henry A [55th U.S. Colored Infantry]
Paul, Lizzie, widow Peter Bobo [E] [2nd U.S. Colored Light Artillery]
Payne, Louis E [6th & 7th] U.S. [Colored] Heavy Artillery
Perkins, Amy, widow of Harry B 64th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Perkins, Bertha, widow   U.S. Soldier
Perry, Edward A.   Soldier Civil War
Peterson, John M 2nd Illinois Infantry [Light Artillery]
Phillips, Margaret, widow of James D. [CS]    
Polk, Armstead A 59th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Polk, Wesley [K] U.S. Soldier Wagoner [46th U.S. Colored Infantry]
Pone, Lee   Soldier Civil War
Porter, Stephen F 11th Tenn. [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Potts, Charley, alias Charley Smith I 59th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Price, Henderson G 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Price, Peter [A] [63rd U.S. Colored Infantry]
Prother,  Tom J.   Soldier Civil War
Pullin, John T. [CS] [A] Soldier Civil War [18th MS Cavalry]
Raines, William   Soldier Civil War
Ramsey, Edmond B 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Rankin, Giles R. F 88th Tenn [Colored Infantry]
Richmond, Sam D 21st Ohio Infantry
Robinson, Charles D [3rd] U.S. [Colored] Heavy Artillery
Robinson, Charles C 3rd U.S. [Colored Heavy Artillery]
Robinson, Charles   Soldier Civil War
Robinson, Michael I 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Rodgers, Patrick A 4th Regular Cavalry
Rose, Henry D 18th U.S. Infantry
Roten, Allen, alias Allen Kirkland    
Ruben, Martin B 88th U.S. Colored Infantry
Salsbury, Daniel, alias Daniel Caruthers G 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Salsbury, Samuel, alias Samuel Caruthers G 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Sandage, Louis E Infantry
Sanders, George F. [CS]   37th Georgia Regiment
Sarot, Alice, widow of Stanback Powell    
Satchell, David A 3rd U.S. Cavalary
Satchfield, George W. [CS] [B] 5th Battalion [Virginia Infantry]
Saunders, Anna, widow of Allen [D] [12th U.S. Colored Infantry]
Schwamm, Ferdinand   7th Indiana Battery
Scurlock, Henry   U.S. Soldier
Searcy, John F. B. H 1st Iowa Cavalry
Shields, Robert C 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Simpson, Miles E 1st U.S. [Colored] Cav.
Sims, Claborn G 44th U.S. [Colored] Inf.
Smith, Alexander    
Smith, Bob   Soldier Civil War
Smith, Ely E 11th U.S. Colored Infantry
Smith, Francis   Cavalry
Smith, George S Miss Inf.
Smith, John L. [CS]    
Smith, Newton J.   Soldier Civil War
Smith, Pleas D. A 59th Infantry
Soloman, August M. [CS] [C] Soldier Civil War [42nd MS Infantry]
Soloman, Benjamin F. [CS] [F] Soldier Civil War [22nd MS Infantry]
Soloman, Jospeph H. [CS] [I] Soldier Civil War [29th MS Infantry]
Spencer, Val A. [CS] [D] [44th MS Infantry]
Steel, William D 138th Ga [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Steindrid, Henry, alias Henry Odum A 14th U.S. Colored Infantry
Suels [Sewell], Sussana, widow of Evan T. H 21st [182nd] Penn Volunteer Cavalry
Swinnie, Levi [CS] I 29th MS [Infantry] Regiment
Swoop, Jane   U.S. Soldier
Tate, Jere, alias Jeremiah Profit [Prophet] E 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Tate, Peyton I [2nd & 3rd] U.S. [Colored] Heavy Artillery
Tate, Sam, alias Samuel Steward E 55th U.S. Colored Infantry
Thomas, John [CS] D 44th MS [Infantry] Regiment
Thomas, Robert I 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Thompson, Jeremiah G 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Thompson, Robber, alias Robert Dockery F 88th U.S. [Colored] Infantry
Tonahill, Jessie [CS] [I] Soldier Civil War [21st MS Infantry]
Vaiden, Virginia H., widow of Peter F. Vaiden [CS] [Parker's] [Virginia Light Artillery]
Wadkins, Wesley [H] U.S. Soldier [6th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery]
Walker, Charles E 3rd U.S. [Colored] Heavy Artillery
Walker, Leonidas L. K 10th Indiana Cavalry
Wallace, Alexander    
Wallace, Butler G 59th Tenn [U.S. Colored] Inf.
Wallace, Daniel G 59th [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Walworth, Daniel, alias Daniel Johnson B [C] 3rd U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery
Ware, Joseph [M] 3rd [U.S. Colored] Cavalry
Washington, George L 3rd U.S. Colored [Heavy Artillery]
Webb, Abner N 2nd -- Cavalry
Webb, John B 13th U.S. Colored Infantry
West, John B. [CS] [K] Soldier Civil War [9th MS Infantry]
Wheeler, Tom W. [CS] [I] Soldier Civil War [29th MS Infantry]
Wheeler, Zack K 56th NC [U.S. Colored] Infantry
White, Edward, alias Edward Hamlin I 9th Illinois Cavalry
Whitfield, George E 13th Ga Cavalry
Whitley, Albert K 15th TN [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Wilborne, Elias F 61st U.S. Colored Infantry
Wilbur, Richard   NY Infantry
Wilhite, George [F] U.S. Soldier [68th U.S. Colored Infantry]
Wilkins, Alex   59th Miss.
Williams, Ben B 203 N.Y. Bat.
Williams, Charles E 41st Pennsylvania [U.S. Colored] Infantry
Williams, Charlie C 21st Ohio Infantry
Williams, Ferdinand [CS] I 42nd VA Regiment
Williams, George A 1st Missouri Infantry
Williams, Samuel   Soldier Civil War
Williford, Jeff C 1st TN Infantry
Wilson, George    
Wilson, Harry    
Womack, Matilda, widow of Benjamin Womack    
Wostlius, Tom   Soldier Civil War
Young, Alfred M 3rd Tenn. Cavlary [3rd U.S. Colored Cavalry]
Young, Edward [K] Soldier Civil War [55th U.S. Colored Infantry]
Young, Henry   29th Ohio
Young, Lucinda, widow of Henry Watkins J  
Young, Lyphus D 61st [U.S.] Colored Infatnry

Known Union veterans buried in DeSoto County:

Anderson, John 1847 – 1951 Mt. Olive CME Cemetery
Betts, Sandy 1842 – 1912 Pleasant Grove CME Cemetery
Broadie, James 1835 – 1904 Halliburton Cemetery
Church, Joe No dates Halliburton Cemetery
Collins, Noah 1843 – 1943 Morgan Grove Cemetery
Driver, Robert No dates Halliburton Cemetery
Dye, John 1841 – 1911 Pleasant Grove CME Cemetery
Green, Dabney 1822 – 1911 Zion Hill M.B. Cemetery
Guy, John 1832 – 1903 Love Station Cemetery
Haley, James 1807 – 1911 Pleasant Hill M. B. Cemetery
Hassell, Jerry 1831 – 1901 New Hope Baptist Cemetery
Henderson, John 1817 – 1907 Halliburton Cemetery
Maples, Austin 1842 – 1932 St. Paul Cemetery
Payne, Lewis 1811 – 1892 Halliburton Cemetery
Price, Henderson 1840 – 1932 New Hope Baptist Cemetery
Schwamm, Ferdinand 1837 – 1923 Center Hill Cemetery
Sewell, Thomas E. 1846 – 1889 Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Tate, Jerry 1844 – 1917 Halliburton Cemetery
Tate, Payton No dates Halliburton Cemetery
Tate, Samuel L. No dates Halliburton Cemetery
Thompson, Robert 1844 – 1902 Pleasant Grove CME Cemetery
Wilson, George 1845 – 1910 Enon Spring M. B. Cemetery

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