Hernando Academy

In 1837, the Hernando Academy of Hernando was the first school in Hernando, was the first school incorporated under the Chicksaw Cession and the first principal of who we have any trace of was Rev. McMAHON, who was one of the incorporators and trustees.

In 1839, the Female Department was opened with Mrs. DOCKERY as the first principal; she was followed in December 1839 by Mrs. Caroline C. JONES, who served as principal until 1845, when Mrs. M.W. SIMMONS was placed in charge.

In 1845, Rev. A.P. HENDERSON, a graduate of Glasglow College, opened a male school in the male Academy.

In 1847, a building containing three rooms was erected, and in 1850, by authority of the legistature, the academy was transferred to the Methodist Church, South, and new buildings were constructed.

Col. Warren M. YATES, an eminent teacher, was called to preside over it, which he did with great success for several years. He was succeeded by Mrs. M.A. MOSELEY, who for several years prior to 1861 maintained a private school, highly approved and numerous attended.

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