Probate Court Records

Regular Term 3rd Apr 1837

James MOORE died intestate and Jane Moore the widow, having waved all rite to the administration of said estate. Cyrus HARRIS applied for the admistration which was granted. George W. COCHRAN, Asa JARNEGAN, M. BOYCE, John MITCHELL and Benjamin EDWARDS be appointed to appraise and make inventory of estate. 31-1-8 640 acres. Land to be sold. order to be published in newspaper at Holly Springs for 60 days.

Ordered that Cyrus HARRIS admistrator of Estate of James MOORE, dec'd have leave to sell all personal estate of James MOORE, the slaves excepted on a credit of twelve months. HARRIS directed to advertise said sale thirty days.

Petitioner Cyrus HARRIS administrator of the estate of James MOORE, dec'd sheweth, James MOORE, at death was seized of an estate of inheritance in land situated 31-1-8, 640 acres widow, Mrs. Jane Moore, two minor children, George Washington MOORE and John C. Pryer MOORE. That the widow of minor heirs desire to and intend to move with the Chickasaw Tribe of Indians to their country west of the Mississippi. Administrator advises have land sold.

James MOORE died intestate leaving goods and chattles whereon administration be made and whereas Jane MOORE renounced in open court her right in favor of Cyrus HARRIS, and whereas Cyrus HARRIS being the next enpowered to administer fully the effects of James MOORE, dec'd. 1st Monday of April, 1837 and in the sixty first year of American Independence.

Cyrus HARRIS, Rhody GREEN and Robert ALDRIDGE bound to Hiram COBB, Judge of Probate Cour and his successors in office in the sum of sixteen dollars. 3rd day April 1837. The conditions of above obligation is such whereas Cyrus HARRIS has been appointed administrator of the estate of James MOORE, dec'd.

James MOORE died intestate leaving lands and tenaments 31-1-8, which descends to his heirs. Notify all persons interesteed in said estate to appear at a special term 1st Monday in June next, to sell section of land. To be published for 60 days in the MIRROR a newspaper published in Holly Springs.

Ordered Cyrus HARRIS, administrator estate of James MOORE dec'd be allowed until next term to make his return after appraisement of estate.

1st Monday April 1837, administration of Estate of James MOORE, dec'd died intestate leaving lands, tenaments unbeaueathed and furthermore represented that it woud be for the benefit of the heirs of said James MOORE to have the said land and tenaments in conseauence after probable removal of said heirs west of the Mississippi River. to notify and require all persons interested in said estate to appear before special term 2nd Monday of Sept. To be published in the MIRROR, newspaper of Holly Springs.

Term 1840 2nd Nov pg 247

James DOYLE having this day applied to this Court for naturalization as a citizen of the United States, and it appearing to the Court that he has been a resident of the United States for five years, and has been during the time of two years, a man of good moral character, attached to the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and business of the same, and that for three years preceeding this date it has been the "bone-fide" intention of the said Doyle to become a citizen of the United States, and he believing and declaring that he doth absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegience and fidelity to any Prime Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever and particularly to Victoria, Queen of Great Britain.

It is ordered by the Court, that said Doyle be admitted as a citizen of the United States, and as said citizen to all the rights, priviledges, and immunities thereof.

Fall Term 1846 Book 2 pg 50

In the matter of the petition of Henry Rhine to become a Citizen of the United States of America.

Be it remembered that on this day HENRY RHINE presented to this court his petition to become a Citizen of the United States of America, setting forth that he has resided in the United States for the term and time of five years and more and proved the same by Levi Steinlein and that it has always ever since his first residence in the county been his intention to become a citizen as soon as he could do so by the laws of the county and praying to be allowed to take the Oath necessary to enable him to become a Citizen.

And, whereas said HENRY RHINE has renounced all allegiance which he may owe to any other country and particularly to the Sovereign Bovaria and has also shown by the testimony of Levi Steinlein and George Foote that he has an honest regard and affection for the Constitution and laws of the United States as also for the institutions of this country and also that he has been a peaceful and quiet citizen. It is therefore ordered, adjudged, and decreed by this Court that the said HENRY RHINE be admitted to full Citizenship as a Citizen of the United States of America-whereupon the Oath of Allegiance was administered to said RHINE and the clerk of said Court ordered to issue to him the proper testimonials of naturalization.


January Term 1843

pg 278 Estate of Joseph JOHNSTON:
Allotted Polly JOHNSTON 1 negro man BRADFORD, 1 negro man BIRD, 1 negro girl JENNY, 1 negro girl MILLRY, 1 negro woman MOURNING, 1 negro invalid PALINA; Allotted to Nancy P. PREWITT 1 negro man ISOM, 1 negro woman AMY and her child ANTOYNETT, 1 negro boy NAPOLEAN; 1 negro boy PRESTON; Allotted to James F. JOHNSTON 1 negro man BEN, 1 negro man ROY CRAWFORD, 1 negro girl MARY, 1 negro woman JANE, deduct for negro MASON, an invalid; Allotted to Alfred DOCKERY 1 negro man DAVY, 1 negro woman NEATY and her child, 1 negro girl SUSAN, 1 negro boy BRADFORD; Allotted to heirs of Matilda C. DENTY 1 negro man KINIARD, 1 negro ANNA, 1 negro man SEABORN, 1 negro girl OCTAVIA, 1 negro girl VIOLET, 1 negro girl MARTHA; Allotted to Jesse JOHNSTON 1 negro woman LITTLE AMY and her child, 1 negro girl LOUISA, 1 negro man RIDICK; Allotted to Stephen D. JOHNSTON 1 negro man JEFF, 1 negro man AARON, 1 negro man HENRY; Allotted to Polly JOHNSTON 1 negro man ESSEX, 1 negro boy GEORGE, 1 negro girl MARSHAL; Allotted to Elizabeth WILBORNE 1 negro man JACOB, 1 negro girl CRECY, 1 negro boy PEYTON; Allotted to Samuel JOHNSTON 1 negro WASHINGTON, l negro man TRUMAN, 1 negro man IRIN.

pg 295 Est of Lucy A. MURRAH:
1 Negro man LONDON; 1 negro woman SUSAN; 1 negro woman SHARLOTT; child MARY JANE.

PG 296 Appraisement of the est of Zalmon JONES:
1 negro boy BAKER 25 yrs old; 1 black girl CINDY 15 yrs old; 1 negro GEORGE about 25 yrs old; 1 negro boy RICHARD about 7 yrs old.

pg 301 Report of W. FITZGERALD, guardian of James B. and Martha E. PHILPS, list hire of slaves:
MARY and 2 children; MALINDA; PETER; HENRY; RHODY and 2 children.

pg 306 Will of Ameil CAMP:
to wife Martha R. CAMP JAMES a man; JUDY a woman; HARRY a man; JOHN a boy; SUSAN a woman; GEORGE a man; CAROLINE a girl; MARGARET a girl; TOM a boy.

pg 311 Est of Allen STOKES:
to A.D.STOKES a man JIMMY and child; BOB a boy; HENRY a boy; CLARY a girl. To Young G. STOKES CHANEY and child; MINERVA a girl; JUDY a girl; FILL a boy. To Jackson STOKES ANDERSON a man; LUCINDA and child; HUMPHREY a boy; BELSEY a girl. To Mary A. STOKES PAULINA a young woman; SARAH and child; MARTHA a girl nearly grown; GEORGE a boy. To Charles A. STOKES MOSES a man; EMILY and child; ANTHONY a boy; ALFRED a boy.

pg 320 Elizabeth A. JONES in acct with Mary JONES guardian
Hire of Negro PAT, hire of Negro ANN

pg 320 Thomas B. JONES in acct with Mary JONES guardian
Hire of Negro woman, hire of JULA/LULA, hire of negro woman SRIUP?

Recorded 05 Jan 1847:

Page 173 Estate of James B.DOTY:
HARRIET to Mrs Catherine T. HANKS/HAWKS; DAVID to Mrs Eliza S. COOK and Mrs. Mary A. HAZELWOOD; DOSS to widow Elizabeth DOTY.

pg 342 Est of Edmund ANDREWS

pg 346 Est of Martin COLBERT:
hired out a negro woman VEAY and 3 children.

pg 347 Est of Mariah JOHNSON:
1 negro woman ETNA and child, 1 negro girl MANDER, 1 negro girl ELSINE.

pg 354 Est of Luke L DRIVER:
Assigned to Mary Ann STOKES DICK, a negro man, DELCY, a negro girl; Assigned to Ellen J. DRIVER DAUFSA?, a negro man, LYDIA, a negro girl.

pg 371 Jesse GRAY in account with John W. MALONE, guardian,
list hire BERO?, MONIA and 4 children, boy RAND, OLD JIM

pg 372 Est of Charles A. STOKES:
V.C. STOKES took possession of MOSES, a negro man about 28 yrs of age, EMILY and her child, ALFRED a boy about 10 yrs of age, ANTHONY a boy about 6 yrs of age.

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