General Index to DeSoto County Wills
(Partial listing)

BOOK I 01 Dec 1851 to 02 Jul 1871 - - - - BOOK II 02 Jul 1871 to 24 Jun 1903

ADAMS, Mildred F. II, pg 417
ADCOCK, N.G. II, pg 554
ALLEN, H.O. II, pg 117
ALLEN, Mary E. I, pg 229
ANDERSON, David I, pg 191
ANDERSON, Jabez S. I, pg 228
ANDERSON, John W. I, pg 440
APPLING, Joes II, pg 296
ARMISTEAD, T.R. II, pg 355
ATKINS, Daniel I, pg 144
ATKINS, William S. I, pg 332
AVERA, John C. II, pg 135

BAILEY, Samuel I, pg 274
BAILEY, Wm. Y. I, pg 205
BAKER, German II, pg 163
BALDWIN, Harriet II, pg 144
BANKS, Lemuel I, pg 91
BARBEE, Elizabeth II, pg 204
BARBEE, Henry H. I, pg 36
BARRY, Mary M. I, pg 395
BEAL, Charles M. I, pg 28
BEDFORD, Benjamin W. II, pg 221
BIRMINGHAM, Mary A. II, pg 167
BLACKMAN, C.A. I, pg 310
BLOCKER, Milton - Probate Final Record Book 4, pg 389
BOGAN, R.H. II, pg 78
BONNER, Wm. T. I, pg 444
BOON, Bryant I, pg 454
BOON, Bryant II, pg 171
BOREN, Wm. A. I, pg 276
BOWEN, Reese I, pg 347
BOWERS, Franklin I, pg 70
BOX, Wm. M II, pg 301
BOYCE, Ker II, pg 55
BOYD, Austin I, pg 434
BOYLES, Robert II, pg 198
BRANCH, Reuben I, pg 199
BRIDGGORTH, John B. I, pg 23
BRITT, Jesse I, pg 393
BROWN, Bedford II, pg 242
BROWN, James C. I, pg 421
BROWN, Matilda I, pg 73
BROWNLEE, Joshua S. I, pg 43
BROWNLEE, Lucinda I, pg 223
BROWNLEE, Sarah A. I, pg 46
BUCHANAN, B.B. I, pg 418
BURGETT, Elizabeth I, pg 456
BURTON, R.A. II, pg 258
BUSTER, S.M. II, pg 200
BYNUM, A.W. II, pg 42
BYNUM, Bettie F. II, pg 207
BYRAM, Ebenezar I, pg 128
BYRAM, John H. I, pg 297
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