1813 1931

Stewart Family Letters

Clifton Texas
September 7th 18??

Dear Aunt,

It has been so long since I have written you a letter that I hardly know how to commence but I feel it to be my duty as I have not written since Barbaras death it is such a painful task that it has been postponed until now there has been a great change in our family. Barbara has died and left a babe she gave it to me before she died she said that she wanted us to raise it as our own to teach it to pray and she wanted the first words it lisped to be God and Christ, she talked a great deal indeed she was an example of patience to us all Dear Aunt I would if I could try to give you a description of her sufferings but pen would fail to tell and tounge could not express the half of it she died with the dropsy - we all knew that there was something the matter with her her health ws bad for more than a year - she thought herself that she would be confined in September last and she went until the third of May she was delivered of a daughter which she called Nancy Catharine she b??????? the 17th of the month and oh that I could ?????? that days suffering of hers she ??labor the first of May Mother ???????? September until she died when ??? sick she sent for me I went and staid until she died which was two weeks and oh what a trying time to bring her home with me to bury her but thanks be to God she was prepared she told us often that death had no fears for her she would look at Mothers care worn face and say God bless you old soul my dear mother I could write all day about her but it would do no good Mother stays the most of her time with me as I have the baby Jane & John lives in Hood County 70 tn miles north here Betsy & Jennette live on the Brazos so did Barbara until she died they live 16 miles from me Hugh has married & lives on the old place about a mile from me Mother is over there now she is breaking very fast but keeps as well as could be expected Mr Archibald is in bad health James health is better than it has been for several years Betsy is getting to be very fleshy Jennet is lean and poor she has a baby 7 month old my Annie is nearly grown she was 12 years old 27 day of July she is large to her age Willie is not so ??? his age Archy lives with Hugh & ??? lives with Jennet Crops are very ???? account of the dry weather we ??? had any rain since May to do (the right hand 1/3 of the rest is missing) I rem?????????? Cath????????????

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