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SULLIVANS OF SULLIVAN'S HOLLOW, written by Granville W. Hough and Maxine R. Watts.

Part 1: Sullivans of Sullivanís Hollow: Cousins, Friends, and Neighbors: Generations 1 through 4.
Part 2: Families of Sullivan Grandsons of Thomas Sullivan, Sr.

Description: (A note from the author, Granville W. Hough. 19 Dec 2007) This project really started in 1930, when the co-author, Maxine (Richardson) Watts, was just old enough to help her father, Samuel Luke Richardson, prepare the census for the core area of Sullivanís Hollow. She was very interested in the census work and the fact that most of the people were her relatives. All her adult life afterwards, Maxine actively collected information on Sullivan descendants. Two years ago she asked me if I would help her put the information into a format which would be interesting to read and as accurate as we could remember. Her collection dealt with Sullivan people and life as we lived it in Sullivanís Hollow before electricity, running water, and paved roads. My qualifications were that I had grown up in the area and had known many of the people, and that I had been doing and publishing genealogical and historical work as a hobby since 1959.

In addition, the following sections are awaiting publication:
Part 3: Families of Non-Sullivan Grandchildren of Thomas Sullivan, Sr.(Not yet available for purchase.)
Part 4: Families of Sullivan Greatgrandsons of Tom Sullivan (Not yet available for purchase.)
Part 5: Families of Non-Sullivan Greatgrandchildren of Tom Sullivan (Not yet available for purchase.)

Purchase Information: Volume 1 includes Part 1 and Part 2 combined for $35.00. Please contact Maxine R. Watts, 1343 South Main Street, Poplarville, MS 39470-4215. Ph: 601-795Ė4262


  • BOOK I (Dec 1904 - 14 Mar 1909)
  • BOOK II (15 Mar 1909 - 10 Jan 1915)
  • BOOK III (16 Jan 1915 - 3 Jan 1920)
  • BOOK IV (11 Dec 1919 - 8 Mar 1924)


  • BOOK I - Please inquire about availability.

Purchase Information: $25 each copy, plus shipping/handling. Available through the Covington County Genealogical and Historical Society.

If you have a publication available for sale, feel free to contact the County Coordinator to have your items listed here.

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