Angie (1903-1904)
Arbo (1905-1919)
Aster (1899-1907)
Cape (1898-1902)
Collins (1899-Present)
Curvy Creek (1879-1882)
Dont (1894-1907)
Dry Creek (1841-1908)
Extra (1904-1905)
Flynt (1885-1905)
Gandsi (1905-1910)
Gilmer (1901-1907)
Granby (1901-1904)
Jona (1901-1905)
Katie (1900-1905)
Kola (1899-1922)
Leddrew (1901-1905)
Leeke (1903-1905)
Lux (1899-1924)
Mattie (1902-1905)
Meach (1901-1904)
Moscos (1891-1907)
Mount Olive (1858-Present)
Norfleet (1902-1906)
Oakohay (1850-1906)
Oaktomie (1824-1835)
Ocoha's Bridge (1830-1837)
Ora (1890-1922)
Pickering (1901-1905)
Powell (1894-1907)
Reddoch (1883-1902)
Richmond (1879-1905)
Sanford (1894-1959)
Sanford Rural Station (1959-1977)
Seminary (1895-Present)
Sitka (1903-1907)
Speed (1900-1915)
Station Creek (1869-1886)
Tax (1900-1902)
Thames (1893-1906)
Vex (1905-1907)
Welch (1885-1900)
Wheelerville (1881-1899)
Williamsburg (1891-1907)
Williamsburgh (1827-1891)
Wish (1895-1909)
Yawn (1900-1906)
Zion Seminary (1846-1876)


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