The following photograph is of the first Grand Jury after Collins became the county seat in 1906. Court was held in a tent where the TWL Store was located for 56 years until it closed in 2000.

Seated, Left to Right:
Unknown, James "Jim" Baker Jordan, Unknown, James Stewart, Unknown, Lott

Standing, Left to Right:
Robert Calhoun, Unknown, James A. Todd, Unknown, Unknown, William Henry Cook, Unknown, W. G(?) Rogers, Rev. Klunch (Baptist Preacher), Unknown, James Williamson

Photo courtesy of Janet Smith. Identification by the late Lucille Rogers Skehan. If you can identify any of the unknown individuals, please contact the County Coordinator.

In addition, Joe Pierce provided the following list of jurors from 1843.

	1.  William Williams		11. Jessie Hinton
	2.  R. M. Webster			12. T. O. Holloway
	3.  Norvall Rogers			13. William Morgan
	4.  John McRaney			14. James Aultman
	5.  James Stewart			15. M. S. Langston
	6.  Shadrack Rogers		16. G. C. Buchannan
	7.  P. D. Speed			17. E. Maples
	8.  James Williams		18. J. D. Kelly
	9.  William Yates			19. J. H. McClain
	10. John Gardener		20. S. M. Stewart  

	1.  W. R. Rutlidge			8.  James Kelly
	2.  James Stewart			9.  William Speed
	3.  W. M. Matheson		10. J. W. Harvey
	4.  W. L. Pickering		11. C. Nelson
	5.  Simon Strains			12. W. Polk
	6.  J. D. Sanford			13. T. R. White
	7.  E. H. Blackwell			14. James Moore

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