Capture of Members of
the 46th Mississippi Regiment
at Fort Blakely, Alabama, April 1865

In transcribing the cards, there is a conflict as to when the men of the unit were captured at Fort Blakely. One card would indicate April 1 and another would state April 2, 1865. Most were transferred to Ship Island prison and then on to Vicksburg. All were privates unless otherwise noted.


COMPANY A James Douglas April 1-2 Thomas Dunn April 1-2 J. M. Rawson April 1-2 (Rassen) John A. Shaw April 2 To Ship Island April 4, to Vicksburg May 1 William Stinner April 1-2 To Ship Island April 4, to Vicksburg May 1 Peter Taylor April 1 William Trigg April 1 COMPANY B J. C. Dykes April 9 F. M. Howell April 9 F. M. Hamer Co. A. Filed with F. M. Howell F. M. Hamil, Co. A. Filed with F. M. Howell F. M. Hamill, No Co Filed with F. M. Howell F. M. Hanell, No Co Filed with F. M. Howell C. G. Hall April 9 D. G. Hall Filed with C. G. Hall J. W. Keys April 1 Listed in Co. H on the Fort Blakely card J D. Philan No Co April 9 E. Sullivan April 9 T. J. H. Sullivan April 9 COMPANY C John W. Hooter April 2 Confined, Listed in Co. E B. O. Sanford G. P. Sanford W. W. Williams April 1 COMPANY D J. M. Conner April 2 E. J. Grantham April 2 E. F. Haynes (Hanes) April 9 S. H. Mangum April 1-2 A. J. McLeon April 9 COMPANY E H. H. Wildy First Lt. (Ensign) F&S G. H. Brumfield April 9 W. H. Causey April 9 E. Dupriest April 9 W. Ellen April 9 J. B. Hart April 9 R. H. Hendrick April 9 H. T. Irvin April 1-2 B. Shoemaker OK W. Ellen Coe April 9 Filed in Co. B COMPANY F C. S. Allen April 1 P. A. Davidson April 9 R. E. Davidson April 1 Sgt. T. L. Davidson April 1-2 W. A. Henderson April 1-2 Corp. J. T. Hunter April 9 O. F. Hunter April 1-2 F. E. Moore April 1-2 W. F. Reed April 1 Dated March 26, Fort Blakely A. Taylor April 2 COMPANY G David Heslep April 1 Capt. A. M. Anderson April 1 William Anderson April 1-2 Calvin Barber April 1 D. (David) Black April 1 B. B. Bowling April 9 Oath signed B. B. Boling F. M. Boykin April 1-2 T. M. Boykin April 1-2 W. Boykin April 1-2 J. S. Brockenton April 1-2 J. J. Burns April 1-2 Sgt. David Chambers April 1-2 R. G. Chisholm April 1, 9 W. J. Daughdrill April 9 John Davis April 1 Received at Ship Island April 14, to Vicksburg May 1 F. M. Derrick April 1-2 J. H. Drummond April 2 J. (Joseph) Drummond April 1 F. Floyd April 2 E. A. Haigood April 1 E. A. Hagwood M. Haygood April 1-2 W. Henderson April 9 S. M. Lancaster April 1-2 S. Magee April 1-2 R. A. Magee April 9 E. McWhorter April 13 Wounded POW transferred to New Orleans from Fort Blakely. Wounded on April 9 by a cannon ball. W. Morris April 1 W. W. Parker April 1-2 A. J. Roberts April 1, 9 J. H. Sims April 1 M. P. Steward April 9 To Ship Island April 15, to Vicksburg May 1 M. Stewart Wounded April 9, transferred to a New Orleans hospital J. H. Sumner April 2 J. W. Vincent April 9 To Ship Island April 15, to Vicksburg May 1 T. B. Walden W. W. Waldron D. Warren W. Warren April 18 J. M. Williams W. J. Windham D. M. Wood COMPANY H John Fletcher April 9 J. W. Keys April 1 At Vicksburg he was Co. B W. T. Lee April 2 William Stiner April 2 W. H. Storey April 13 J. W. Tilson ? COMPANY I J. M. Cockrell April 9 Barry Creel April 1 J. E. Singleton April 9 To Ship Island April 15, to Vicksburg May 1 COMPANY K D. C. Durham April 1, 9 Capt. John Alday April 1-2 C. N McArthur April 9 Corp. R. T. Vandevender

Special thanks to Sam Wilkes for providing this information to us!

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