1813 1931

Barnes Family Letters

Watson, Ark.
Nov. 12 - 25

Dear Aunt Mary,

          Your long looked for letter has been recieved. Yes -i reconized the writing (the address) instantly and cant begin to describe my feelings when I saw whose writing it was. I thought of the piece that says - "Oh, for a touch of a vanished hand, a voice forever stilled". Am sorry to hear of Uncle John's sickness. Do hope he is better by now. (Note: He was no better and died two days after this letter was written.) I have seen Grandpa suffer terrible with bladder trouble. He would just walk the floor sometimes before he got relief. Let me know all along how he is getting alon. I had a letter from Ma a few days ago. She is at Newton now. She gets tired staying at one place long. Well, it rains and rains, and is so muddy here.

          Business is dull, Rufus sold his Drug Store. I am glad he got rid of it, so much Sunday work attached to it. Ma asked about you in her letter to me so I just enclosed your letter in mine when I wrote to her yesterday. Eggs is .50 cents a doz here. Butter (country) 50 cts. My hens never would lay when eggs were high!

          Wish I lived near enough to go see you oftener. I know you feel lonesome now. If I lived near you I could go stay some with you - come when you needed me. Well, will close as I have no news. Love to you all from-

Your Neice
Lou A.
PS Rufe bought a radio. Its a good one. I sure do enjoy it.

Tuesday 8th 5PM

Dear Mother,

          I am going to write you whether I catch up with my work or not. We are all well except colds. I have at last sold the Cunningham Hardware Co. to Petterson McCoy. Did not get what it was worth but thought best to turn it loose as I had more work than I could keep up. We have just bought Stover (?) Lumber Co Plant near Laurel and I am going up there tomorrow to make an inv of the 21 miles of rail. If the weather is favorable I am going to come over to Lumberton Saturday eve and bring you home with me Sunday. I mailed you doz apples & box Stick candy last week and Friday I shipped you a bunch of Bananas by prepaid Express. Did you get them?

          Let me know if you can come home with me Sunday. Will take you back in auto when you get ready to go back.

Lots of love to you all

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