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Robert Johnson birthplace

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The Robert Johnson Birthplace
circa 1905, Hazlehurst, Mississippi (Copiah County)

Robert Johnson was born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, May 8, 1911, but spent much of his early life in levee camps and on plantations in the northern Delta. Johnson began playing harmonica and associating with older blues musicians and later abandoned the harmonica for the guitar.

Many have dubbed Robert Johnson the father of modern rock and roll, and he is considered one of the most prolific artists of the early blues musicians. Although he did not live long enough to become as popular as many other blues artists, his music continues to influence musicians. Popular covers of his songs have been recorded by modern artists such as Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many more.

Not only was Johnson a legendary bluesman, he was the subject of legend. Robert Johnson is supposed to have traveled to the crossroads near midnight to sell his soul to the devil, in exchange for being able to play anything on the guitar.

His birthplace was constructed circa 1905 and was moved nearly a mile from its original location when the interstate highway was constructed. The property is currently vacant and is rapidly deteriorating.

Birthplace of Robert Johnson
Robt Johnson birthplace
Robert Johnson birthplace

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